Babies Shark - 17+ Tricks and Inspirations to Decorate! 🐠

Babies Shark - 17+ Tricks and Inspirations to Decorate! 🐠

Babies Shark is here to stay, after all, who never heard the song:
Babies shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Babies shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo

I’m sure you read it singing, and you will definitely have that song in your head for the rest of the day. Babies Shark music is charming, fun, and those chewing gum songs that don’t come off our heads, lol. It was not for nothing that won the child over, becoming one of the most requested themes by our readers.

Babies Shark Party Ideas

Anyway, if you are thinking about having a personalized party with the Babies Shark theme. But have no idea where to start, you will love the 60 ideas for Babies Shark Party!

To help Moms make their children’s party with the Babies Shark theme. We did a lot of research, from cake ideas, cake tops, decoration, souvenirs and ideas for sweets and clothes to use on the day. Soon, we will be launching free templates for Babies Shark party, including the much-requested animated invitation.

Babies Shark Trends

Babies Shark Trends

To start, how about thinking about the candy shark party candy table?

Babies Shark Candies

Transparent balloons in blue and white colors give a seabed atmosphere and are super easy to find.

To give life to the marine characters, you can print the images on heavy or photographic paper and paste with double-sided tape on the bladders or on the table itself.

Babies Shark cupcakes and pop cakes

Babies Shark Pop Cakes

Both cupcakes and pop-cakes are a hit at children’s parties. Try decorating these sweets according to the theme of the party, with references from the seabed.

Deconstructed Babies Shark Party Arch

Babies Shark Balloons

Blue balloons, with different sizes, were used to build a deconstructed arch at the bottom of the main table. Besides, figures of the characters appear in the structure.

Babies Shark Cake

Babies Shark Cake

The decor is certainly the main point of any event, but the cake always steals the show, so when choosing the model, do a lot of research and be patient. After all, this is an item that can wait a while.

But if you are already on the eve of the celebration, you must choose soon. I booked beautiful baby shark cake templates for the party!

You can either make one in the shape of a shark, or you can opt for the cake that resembles the sea, and that brings the little shark on top.


Babies Shark Small Cake

Babies SharkCake, The Babies Shark cake, doesn’t have to be huge and imposing, quite the contrary. The model in the image is small, pink, and decorated with marine elements. A perfect tip for girls’ parties.

How to make the ideal babies shark cake?
First, however, you need to know the size of this cake. This should be determined after confirming the presence of the guests. Depending on the number of people, you can define the size of the cake. According to experts, the most accurate calculation is done as follows: 100 grams for each guest. If the party has 30 guests, for example, the cake should be 3 kilos – and so on.

Filling and Frosting:

After determining the size of the babies shark cake, you can think of the filling and frosting. There are many types to be used that are sure to please your guests.

As for the filling, you can use a wide variety, for example, prestige, dulce de leche, icing cream, some fruit cream, some fruit jelly, nest milk, ganache, Nutella, mousse, white or conventional sweet gourmet, etc.

Regarding coverage, one of the most used currently for theme parties is the American pasta. It is a piece that can be modeled the way you want, covering the cake and still being used to make dolls and various ornaments to put this delight.

It is a fact that the American paste gives a beautiful result. However, it is not very easy to handle this material. A tip if you are a beginner in confectionery is to make tests beforehand with this dough to gain skill.

Use the Whipped:

CreamAnother ingredient to make the topping of the babies shark cake widely used is the whipped cream, as well as the icing.

Visually they are very similar. However, the first is based on butter, and the second is based on sugar. Both can be made at home, saving even more at this party.

As soon as they are made, it is white in color. But you can color it using fruit juice or edible dyes. You can use blue, pink, yellow, among other colors that you want to make the cake decoration amazing.


If you don’t want to decorate with American paste or whipped cream/icing. Then you can bet on milk chocolate or white ganache, confection with mm’s, chocolates, chocolate chips, etc.

Remember that the cake can have different shapes and several floors. It can be round, square, form of some character, have one, two, three, or even more levels depending on what you want.

Babies Shark Party Cookies

Babies Shark Party Cookies

The cookies, inspired by the Babies Shark theme, serve to decorate the main table and are also great souvenirs.

Babies Shark Invitation

Babies Shark Invitation

Children’s birthday invitations are crucial, you know why?

Children start to imagine the event as soon as they are invited, and there is nothing more refreshing than having a sense of what the party will be like beforehand. Therefore, the idea is to think of an invitation that is both beautiful and creative.

Think about how the kids like this theme and how happy and anxious they will be when you open the invitation and find out that they are going to a birthday with the babies shark theme.

Babies Shark Invites

The invitation can be simple, printed on a paper of your choice. Still, it has sufficient weight to not crumple easily. Or it can be more pompous, of a chic paper, with envelope and more sophisticated details.

Everything will depend on the budget you have available for this item. The model does not matter, in fact, what will ensure consistency with the party is the color and images used.

Besides, the information must be all correct and accurate on that paper. Enter the type of celebration, name, and age that the birthday boy will complete, the date, the time, as well as the complete address. It is even worth putting the name of the place, if it is a buffet, for example, and a reference point to help in the location.

Babies Shark Party Favors

Babies Shark Party Favors

They are essential for children’s parties, after all, children hope to get some treats before they leave. And it’s a lovely way to thank your guests for coming.

It doesn’t have to be a super gift, so the name “souvenir.” So, think of something that fits in your pocket, and that matches the babies shark decor.

Babies Shark Favors

Some souvenirs are handmade, bought, and ordered. They can be made with recyclable materials, cheap stationery, or customized products. Everything will depend on the style you are looking for and the budget available.

How to Throw a Babies Shark Party

Decorating children’s parties is always a challenge, although many people find it pleasurable. There are many details to think about and spend, that is to say.

The decor should be considered the environment, the main table, the walls, as well as the tables of the guests, to name the main corners that need to be decorated.

Firstly, it’s nice to choose the color palette that will be used in this composition. Thinking about it is essential to make your job easier.

That way, you will be able to buy and make decorative items without breaking your head too much. Namely, the Babies Shark party is usually predominantly blue. After all, we are talking about a theme that refers to the bottom of the sea.

Meet the characters

The characters in Babies Shark come down to Babies and his family. What draws the most attention are the movements of each one at the time of their presentation, in addition to the colors present in the music.

Use and abuse the color chart

The predominant color of the musical Babies Shark is blue. Still, you can use and abuse the colors yellow, blue, green, and even pink. A colorful decoration is the most appropriate for the Babies Shark theme.

Bet on the decorative elements of the babies shark theme

The bottom of the sea is the excellent backdrop for the Babies Shark theme. Therefore, you must bet on decorative elements that are part of this universe. See the main items for you to put on the Babies Shark party.

• Shells;
• Networks;
• Seaweed;
• Anchors;
• Treasure chest;
• Sharks;
• Starfish;
• Seahorse.

Make your invitation super attractive and beautiful!

The invitation is an item that you can use a lot of creativity. There are some ready-made options that you can find on the internet, but it would be interesting to create something new with the sea universe.

Menu according to the theme babies shark

On the menu of the Babies Shark party, it is worth betting on food with seafood. You can also customize the sweets and snacks according to the elements of the party. To drink, serve refreshing drinks.

Invest in the successful soundtrack

Since the Babies Shark theme is a song, the song should be the flagship of the anniversary soundtrack. So use and abuse various versions of the Babies Shark song that children will love.

Different and creative cake with Babies Shark theme

How about betting on a fake cake when making the Babies Shark cake? A good idea represents the seabed in each layer and places the shark family on top of the cake.

Don’t forget the souvenir

To thank the guests, you can’t forget to make a beautiful souvenir with the Babies Shark theme. You can even get your hands dirty and prepare something like an art kit, bags with goodies, and boxes with various items.

Prepare appropriate costumes

How about dressing the birthday boy in the shark clothes? The goal is to make you stand out from the other kids, but following the theme of the party. Another option is to distribute masks with the face of the Babies Shark family.

Babies Shark Party Decorating Styles:

Simple Babies Shark Party

It doesn’t take a lot of work or spend a lot of money to make a pretty decoration with the Babies Shark theme.

As it is a topic that is very fashionable, it is straightforward to find references to edit and print for free. You can go to a print shop or use your own color ink printer if applicable.

You can print the paper characters to put on the wall at the main table, icons to decorate the table itself. The cake and sweets toppers, the rice paper to decorate the cake, the letters to write something commemorative, or the name of the birthday boy, etc.

Choosing balloons is a very cheap tip for those who want to decorate a party beautifully. Just like paper or fabric flags. You can put them on the sides on the cake table or on the panel on a clothesline, which can also be used to put pictures of the birthday boy.

Dedicate yourself to the Cake Table

To make the table very beautiful without spending too much caprice in choosing the trays that will be used to put the sweets, snacks, cupcakes, in short, the food offered.

To make your production costs cheaper, we recommend the use of economical materials, found in stationery and dry goods stores and even those that you can reuse. That is, you already have it in your home.

We can mention crepe paper, tulle, TNT, EVA, felt, cellophane, and laminated paper, among many other types of writing. Besides, among recyclables, you can bet on milk cartons or cans, cans of potato chips, pallets and wooden crates.

Babies Shark Pink Party

Another Babies Shark party model is the one that is done in shades of pink. It is the most sought after to celebrate girls’ birthdays and can be mixed with other colors as well.

You can mix pink with white, with blue, with yellow, with lilac, in short, use your creativity to produce a very original party decoration.

As for the shade of pink, there is no pattern, it can be lighter or hot pink, you decide according to the decorative style you want to create. Remembering that the Babies Shark party can have modern, Provencal, retro decor, etc.

Curiosities about the origin of the Babies Shark

Babies Shark is a children’s song about a family of sharks. The song is three years old and has been translated into several languages. In 2016, the musical version spread through social media and became a phenomenon.

What many people are unaware of is that the music originated in a fire pit. In the song, members of the shark family are presented with different manual movements.

After the first version, other versions appeared to make the babies’ heads. It is possible to find songs of sharks hunting fish, eating a sailor, or whatever the imagination allows happening.

The song that is here to stay!

The most exciting thing is that the song has only nine sentences with the word Shark. But that didn’t stop a meaningless song from making a huge success. So much so that it is difficult to find a child who does not sing “Babies Shark doo doo doo dooo.”

To give you an idea of the song’s success, it reached the 32nd position of the Billboard Hot 100, which is the list of best-selling singles in the United States. It surpassed renowned singers like Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa.

Because of this, the theme has been one of the most sought after to make a children’s party, as it pleases children of various ages. Besides, it is possible to create beautiful decoration with a successful soundtrack.

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