Baby Shower Ideas: 53 Best Tips To Be Inspired 👶 ❤️

Baby Shower Ideas: 53  Best Tips To Be Inspired  👶 ❤️

The baby shower is one of the most delicious parties we can have with friends and family. After all, the main objective is to celebrate the arrival of a child and the birth of a family or to see it grow. It is a moment of pleasure for all, especially for a mom who can count on the affection of her guests. Also, you will have help to set up the baby's layette, with the gifts you will receive.

Even if you choose a baby shower, you will have the guarantee that your baby can come into the world safely. And as a party is always special, nothing better than decorating the environment where everyone will stay. My Easy Decoration can help you with that. Our trend tips will inspire you when creating a charming and cozy place for your guests. Our ideas can transform your room into a magical party space to enjoy this special moment.

Check out everything you will find in this article:

❤️ Baby Shower Ideas; ❤️ Boy Themes; ❤️ Elephant Theme; ❤️ Themes For Girls; ❤️ Favors; ❤️ Invitation; ❤️ Cake Templates; ❤️ Food Ideas; ❤️ Dresses; ❤️ Creative Games.

Baby Shower Ideas That Are The Feel Of The Moment:

Baby Shower Ideas That Are The Feel Of The Moment

Without spending a lot, you can put together an amazing baby shower. Invest in different colors, materials, and adornments for a charming result and impress your guests. Check out our selection of baby shower ideas that worked and were the most successful:



The unicorn theme at children's parties is on the rise. The mythological being calls attention for its cuteness, sweetness, and purity, in addition to some elements added to its presence, such as the colors of the rainbow that gain even more shine in the interaction with golden tones.

Anyway, everything that goes with the party! If you feel like making baby unicorn baby shower ideas, understand all the symbology involved and creative tips to help decorate spaces and sweets!

Unicorn 2

the creature is associated with the incarnation of God in Mary's womb. His trademark, the spiraling horn in the middle of his head, supposedly has magical powers, which has made him an icon of many works of art and fantastic literature.

So you can quietly adopt a unicorn baby shower without fear of bringing bad energy to your party!

The fame of the unicorns greatly stirred the creativity of party decorators. The secret is to always associate the white of the coat and clouds with pastel tones of the rainbow and golden tones, always with a lot of cuteness.

Double Delicacy With Clouds:

Double Delicacy With Clouds

The baby shower decoration is very simple and versatile and can be used for both boys and girls. In the composition of colors, anything goes! From the most colorful to the most neutral, matching the taste of the parents.

Among several baby shower ideas, this one, in addition to being beautiful, still has a charming meaning, a shower of blessing, and a lot of love in the life of the little one to come.

To use baby shower ideas for boys or girls, invest in more neutral colors or a colorful decoration. Of course, blue and white cannot be left out, since we are talking about elements of the sky. The clouds with eyes are a charm in the decoration.

The Cuteness Of The Zafari Theme

The Cuteness Of The Zafari Theme

Because the theme is for both girls and boys, it is also a great option for baby shower ideas for those who want to make a baby shower for twins, especially if the mom is expecting a couple.

We are already looking forward to exploring this forest! Is that you?

Baby Shower Boy Themes Most Wanted In The World

Baby Shower Boy Themes Most Wanted In The World

Now it's the boys' mommy's turn! Choosing a good theme for your child's baby shower decoration is super important, and is related to everything in organizing the party. So, we've separated 10 beautiful inspirations for his baby shower, all well illustrated to help you choose.

The cool thing is that you can let your creativity flow and think of countless ways to adapt each of the ideas to your baby shower boys' themes and, who knows, you can prepare most of the decoration items yourself. After all, it's not because the party is so beautiful that it must have cost a lot, is it?



Thinking of the special person who will come to the world, nothing better than choosing baby shower boy themes with elements that resemble a prince.

With a simple crown on the center panel of your candy table, for example, it will already give a great highlight to your decor.

For this style, you can choose more vivid colors, such as navy blue for example. This will match the theme and make your celebration beautiful and joyful.



Traditional, cute and delicate, bears are one of the most used baby shower boy themes at parties.

There are several ways to decorate your baby shower with bears. From the simplest to the most sophisticated. Everything will depend on your budget and your preference.

Therefore, the great advantage of choosing this style of decoration is that it is super easy to find the items.

So this style of decoration is a great option for those who want to order items and objects over the internet. You will find numerous models and options for stores and items.



The balloon is considered a traditional element when talking about baby shower boy themes. Therefore, we could not ignore this very important item.

In addition to the traditional decoration with latex balls, there is also the new trend with balloons in the most varied forms.

As an example, we can mention the cutouts and prints with images of balloons with the babies inside. Or even balloons that form words.

So use your creativity to decorate your baby shower with balloons that are your preference. They will look beautiful and will attract a lot of attention in your celebration.

Surprising Ways Baby Shower Elephant Are More Coveted

Surprising Ways Baby Shower Elephant Are More Coveted

Have you thought about this decoration to celebrate the puppy's waiting? As charming themes are always welcome for this type of celebration (after all, the party photos are beautiful!), A baby shower elephant is all about the moment and the result is very cute!

Baby Shower Elephant Decoration:

Baby Shower Elephant Decoration

In the decoration of your baby shower elephant, you cannot miss images of elephants, of course! They can be made of paper, cloth, plush, biscuit ... The figures can decorate the cake table or appear on the panel behind it.

The baby versions of the animal are usually the most sought after for this party, as they give the childlike touch that the baby shower asks for. About the colors, it's nice to combine the elephant's gray with pastels and other highlights.



To make your baby shower elephant cake, it is nice to play with the animal figure, either on top of the cake or on the side, cut out of American paste. In addition to the classic elephant, you can add details of balloons, clouds, tiles, dice, and more.



Bottles of water and candies, with personalized packaging with the pet, can serve as beautiful and practical memories of the baby shower elephant. Another very cute souvenir tip that you will see next is the containers of spices in the shape of an elephant - the mother and the baby. Beautiful!

The Best Baby Shower Themes For Girls

The Best Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Just find out the sex of the baby to start buying all the characteristic products of boys or girls. With a baby shower, it couldn't be different. And when the discovery makes the world more pink, baby shower themes for girls also tend to be colored by this palette. Is not it?

But not only that tone is limited to decorating the baby shower for girls. Many other options can inspire parents to make a different decoration, with different elements and themes. This is not to say that a pinch of rose cannot be part of it.

For those who like this shade, the time to dive in is now. Even a completely pink decor is worth it.

To help a little, we have separated some baby shower themes for girls inspirations:



If you already know that your baby is a girl, then the princess theme is perfect for decorating baby shower themes for girls.

With a multitude of choices of elements, don't forget to include the crown and princess dress in your decor.

Pink and gold colors also talk to each other and make the space more beautiful.

Also, the theme refers to a lot of delicacy and charm that goes very well with this very special moment.



One of the most practical baby shower themes for girls and that makes tea a charm is the baby theme. It can be made using the elements that make up the universe of babies for decoration. This means that the party can be decorated with baby bottles, rattles, and clothes, for example.

Rain Of Love

Rain Of Love

Another idea to decorate the baby shower in a beautiful way that is in high demand is the rain of love, which brings the message of wishing that the baby's life is full of love. It is made using clouds behind the cake table, which drop colorful droplets or little hearts. The rest of the decoration also follows the idea of colorful elements.

Best Baby Shower Favors Ideas To Choose From

Best Baby Shower Favors Ideas To Choose From

Are you organizing your baby shower and don't know what to give baby shower favors? Options abound! And that ends up being one of the main reasons that leave parents even more in doubt about what the ideal treat for their guests to take home.

Thinking exactly about the guests, it is important to choose baby shower favors that are useful and not just another item to discard or accumulate at home. My Easy Decoration prepared an exclusive article talking about the best baby shower favors ideas, to access it just click here!

Candy In Pot

Candy In Pot

How about sweetening the lives of your guests with a delicious sweet in the jar? Here is worth candies, chocolates, pot cake, among other more treats. It will make your mouth water, won't it?

Baby Smell

Baby Smell

Is there anything more delicious than baby smell? Imagine taking it home with you! This option of baby shower favors is sure to mark them. The baby-scented soap is always a good choice. In the shape of a foot, an angel, a heart, or in tea themes, such as a bear, they will be useful for guests after tea!

Souvenir With Bullets

Souvenir With Bullets

This baby shower favors option is a great option, due to its simplicity and to please most of the guests. After all, who doesn't like to sweeten their mouths at the end of the party?

Bet on jars, cones, and bags with jelly beans, heart-shaped candies, confetti, among others. Colored candies make the jar even more charming. Another great option is bottle-shaped pots. It is a treat!

Plants Or Succulents:

Plants Or Succulents

In the climate of nature and environmental awareness, how about giving your guests plant or succulent seedlings? The gift may come with a TAG saying, "Plant a tree and make a better world for our children." What about?

Want more baby shower favors tips? Then click here and access our article with simple baby shower favors that guests will love!

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation

A baby shower or baby shower is a very special moment in the couple's life, especially for future moms. And among the most important preparations is the choice of the invitation, which can vary widely in format, colors, and themes.

With that in mind, we have selected a variety of baby shower invitation templates so that you can choose the best option for your party in advance. If you are in doubt, this is the time to decide!

Diaper Model:

Diaper Model

In diaper format, this baby shower invitation template is super cute. Also, it contains the baby shower information inside the diaper. Inside, it is also possible to see the design of a clothesline with baby clothes.



Super creative, this invitation can serve both to announce the date, the place, and the gift that the guest must bring to the baby shower, or be used as a souvenir of the event. The invitation involves a lollipop and has the child's name on the front, above a super cute little bird.

In Baby Clothing Format

In Baby Clothing Format

How about inserting baby shower information into a jumpsuit invitation?

If the baby shower is for a girl, a good idea is to invest in the baby shower invitation of a ballerina.

The invitation, simple to make, is cut into a body shape - there is information about the party. In the collar, pearls give a more sophisticated look and, in the part of the skirt, the famous "tutu" or tulle gives the final touch to the invitation.

What To Write On The Baby Shower Invitation?

The baby shower invitation should be very objective and practical. Then just put the basic information on the invitation. You can specify the date, the location, the time, and the type of gift or food that the guest should bring.

If you have the time and spirit, you can design and print an invitation on your own. However, you can also choose to send a virtual invitation. It can be through WhatsApp, email, or the social networks you prefer.

Creative Baby Shower Cake Templates To Make The Party Tastier

Creative Baby Shower Cake Templates To Make The Party Tastier

Cutting the baby shower cake is always a magical moment for mothers and the whole family that will be part of this very special ritual in celebration of the arrival of this new member to the family.

Decoration of the place is always very important, no more than receiving your loved ones, however, it helps to set the tone of the environment and make people get into the party atmosphere.

For this, there are many ideas that you can find out there that will contribute a lot to make your party great and that it is also very well decorated.

But none of these pieces of decoration surpasses the importance of the baby shower cake. Not only is the cake tasting, but it will also make you able to win people over the stomach.



As we used to say, teddy bears are that classic children's theme, for those who want to escape what is in fashion. It is a timeless and delicate proposal.

We have separated for you a beautiful example of a baby shower cake made of American paste, which guarantees an impeccable decoration. It is also worth betting on reliefs, which will contrast with the smooth surface of the roof.

Pink And Blue

Pink And Blue

It is common for this type of baby shower cake to use a mix of pink and blue, which helps to increase the suspense regarding the child's gender. In that case, prefer colors in pastel tones to give a more delicate look.

One idea is to make a pink cake and a blue one. In the case of a cake with only one floor, the tip is to divide it in half, making each side in one of the colors that represent boy and girl.



A very nice idea for the baby shower cake is to put confectionery inside it. Thus, when it is cut to reveal the baby's gender, a shower of pink or blue confectionery will plummet into a colorful shower. Surely the guests will love it!

Baby World

Baby World

A baby shower cake with clothes is very cute and looks like a traditional baby shower. Use your imagination when choosing your dream cake.

Another idea that is part of the children's universe is to use the crib or stroller as cake customization. The result will surprise you! How about chubby little feet on the cake? Passionate!

Baby Shower Food Ideas: What to Serve?

Baby Shower Food Ideas: What to Serve?

When preparations for the event begin, the question immediately arises: which baby shower food ideas to serve? Indeed, there are so many options that it is difficult to decide the best menu.

The purpose of the baby shower is to celebrate the arrival of the new member of the family, but also to get hygiene products for their first days of life, so the simple and inexpensive menu is the most successful.

The options for food and snacks are extensive and for all tastes. To help you, we have separated some good options for you to serve and make your baby shower incredible and delicious.

Appetizers and snacks:

Tomato with buffalo mozzarella on a stick, assorted canapés, fruits on a stick, cold cuts on a stick.


They can be made with the most varied types of bread - baguettes, Syrian, French, loaf, ciabatta - and with different fillings - the pates are great to make the sandwich tastier. Don't forget to think about a vegetarian option.


It is important to think about fried, roasted, and vegetarian options, such as chicken drumstick, corn rissole, and patty.

Fast food:

Mini burger, mini pizza, French fries and chips, crepe on a stick, among others.

Baby Shower Food Ideas With Healthy Food:

Vegetable sticks - like carrots and cucumbers - with dressing, fruits on a stick, natural sandwiches, and fruit salad.


They can be of various flavors, such as chicken, the heart of palm, and vegetables.

Baby Shower Food Ideas With Sweets:

Candies, Beijing, assorted chocolates, mini pumps, cupcakes, pop cakes, chocolates, and decorated cookies.

Baby Shower Food Ideas According To Schedule

Baby Shower Food Ideas According To Schedule

The first point to think about before choosing the menu is at the time baby shower. Food and drinks may vary depending on the period the party is held.

♥ Morning: between 10 am and 11 am, it is worth serving a brunch, a kind of breakfast with lunch, being a more complete snack. Therefore, here are worth bread, cheeses, cakes, fruits, cold cuts, omelets, pies, canapés, and salad.

♥ Lunch: if the tea gets well at this time of the meal, it is important to serve a menu that further supports the guests, since probably none of them will have lunch. The tip is to serve a single dish to facilitate, like pasta, and put some appetizers. Savory pies with salad are also great options.

♥ Afternoon and evening: this time is usually preferred by moms. In it, you can serve a lighter and more varied snack, with snacks, snacks, and sweets. If you find it necessary, serve small portions of food already in bowls and plates, like hidden or even mini pizzas.

Baby Shower Dresses To Rock The Look

Baby Shower Dresses To Rock The Look

After you decide the style of decoration and the souvenirs for your baby shower there is no doubt about your clothes, right?

With that in mind, we have separated some baby shower dresses for you so you can get inspired before you buy.

The main idea is for Mom to be comfortable in her clothes. After all, the baby shower will last about 4 hours or so. So the dress cannot be tight and uncomfortable. That way, Mommy can make the most of her special moment.

It is also worth remembering that the idea is to opt for fabrics that are malleable and flexible so as not to run the risk of tightening the belly.

Pink Dress:

Pink Dress

Pink baby shower dresses are perfect for anyone who receives a girl in their life. To rock this beautiful color, just choose between soft tones for a chic and feminine look or brighter tones for a fun and vibrant aesthetic.

Blue Dress:

Blue Dress

Are you going to have a boy? Why not wear a blue baby shower dress to show the new little man in your life? Use baby blue for a classic look or try navy blue or cobalt for a more modern look.

Tube Dress:

Tube Dress

Pregnant women can use fair models yes. If you want to mark your silhouette, opt for the tube dress, which is a hit in the final stage of pregnancy.

Long Dress:

Long Dress

Longer models also go well with this phase, in addition to preventing mosquito bites in the legs.

Plus Size:

Plus Size

For future curvy moms, there are some beautiful plus size pregnant dresses available. The maxi dresses with imperial waists are particularly flattering and can look great in colors and block prints.

For those who are having trouble finding plus size maternity clothes, you might consider trying a plus size dress general with an elastic or bow at the waist to accommodate your growing bulge.

♥ Flat-heeled shoes: at the end of your pregnancy, when you will probably have your baby shower, you may not be able to stand wearing high heels. So, prioritize your comfort and opt for sneakers or flat shoes.

♥ Accessories: do not forget the earrings, maxi necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets, which give a lookup. Scarves also make you look more modern and fun.

♥ Hats: they are super hot. And there is each beautiful model!

Creative Baby Shower Games That Will Get Guests Out Of Boredom

Creative Baby Shower Games That Will Get Guests Out Of Boredom

In addition to the tips being super cool, we will give ideas for baby shower games with items that do not spend a lot of money.

It is worth remembering that it is also necessary to buy some gifts to make the game even more delicious and motivating.

Baby Shower Games Measuring Mama's Belly

The idea is to use strings or satin ribbons to carry out this game. So if you choose to use the satin ribbon, you can use it in your decor too.

The game consists of moving from table to table and asking the guest to cut the size that he thinks measures the circumference of the mother's belly.

So whoever comes closest to the size of the belly gets a freebie as a reward.

It is also worth remembering that at this moment it is interesting for you to have a helper to assist in the measurements.

My Bag Burst

Already for this type of game, it is recommended to run it right at the beginning of your baby shower.

It consists of distributing baby dolls to each guest and asking him to hold the doll in his hands.

Then the guest will not be able to leave the doll or even put it on the table or in the bag for example.

In other words, if the doll is dropped somewhere, then another guest can pick up the doll to look after.

Finally, the person who has the most dolls in their hands takes the prize.

Baby Shower Games Decorating Clothes

The idea here is to distribute paper molds of baby clothes for the guests to decorate according to their preference.

The ideal is to make a table with various items such as pens, glitter, and decorative items available to guests. So they customize the mold and then put the name behind the drawing made.

Then make a clothesline and hang all the molds of clothes that the guests made. After that, mom must find out whose art is made from the clothes hanged. Then, for each hit of the mother, the guest who made the decoration of the mold wins a gift.

Diaper Changing Competition:

Prepare some dolls and some diapers for play. The goal is to be able to change the doll's diaper as soon as possible. Therefore, the most agile guest wins the prize.

Remember that you can involve all guests in this game, including men. They will have fun like never before!

Baby Shower Games With Bingo:

Finally, another cool game suggestion you can do at your baby shower is bingo.

In addition to being practical because you will only need to print the cards and arrange the numbers to draw, the guests will enjoy receiving the gifts!

Instead of numbers, you can use words that have to do with baby care. This way you will improve the fun with the party theme.

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