Over 35 Balloon Decorating Ideas! Get Inspired! 🎈🎊

Over 35 Balloon Decorating Ideas! Get Inspired! 🎈🎊

When from afar we spot balloon in a specific place we automatically know that there is a celebration there is not it?

The decoration with balloons makes a difference; they bring color and life to your party !!! From a small celebration to a big party, everything gets a touch of joy when using balloons.

From the simplest to the most modern and sophisticated, the decoration with balloons gives all the classic charm and particular color to any party.

But let’s combine that nowadays we can make much more elaborate decorations with balloons, isn’t it?

So to learn how to use balloons at your party, keep reading this article!

Balloon Ceiling Decoration

Balloon Ceiling Decoration

We hardly ever think about it, but it is exciting to invest in the decoration of the ceiling of the party. So nothing better than whimsical decorating with balloons on the ceiling.

You can find ballons dive of RSOs shapes, sizes, and colors. So it’s interesting to define what kind of impact you want to have on guests. If the environment to be decorated with a balloon is small, then you should avoid letting it loose on the floor.

The ideal is to let them hang on the walls so that they do not disturb the movement of people.

To fix the balloons on the ceiling, you may need to rent a gas pump. However, if it is not possible, use a double-sided tape also serves to secure them.

Balloon Decoration With Photos

Balloon Decoration With Photos

For this photo balloon decoration, you will need to fill your balloons with helium gas so that they get stuck to the ceiling.

So fill the balloons and hang a decorative ribbon on each of them with a picture of the birthday boy, friends, and family at each end.

This decoration is lovely and gives an extra touch to your party!

Balloon Decoration with PomPom

Balloon Decoration with PomPom

Have you ever imagined little pompoms in the ballons? They have a beautiful effect and are super easy to make. Then and HOICE ballons three transparencies and more rounded.

After that, fill the balloons. Then glue the little colored pompoms (can be bought in haberdashery or internet) on each of them. These balloons will make all the difference in your party. !!

Balloon: How to Decorate on the Wall

Balloon: How to Decorate on the Wall

The decoration with balloons forming a panel is a great idea to enhance the theme chosen for the party. Therefore, it is not always necessary to buy balloons decorated with different designs and shapes to enhance the event.

The panels with ballons are classic birthday parties. They usually get behind the cake table and add another face to the photos at the time of congratulations.

Besides being able to match the panel with the table details, of course. But to change the conventional panels, you can invest in different colors and shapes, for example.

Balloon: How to Decorate on the Wall 2

You can create drawings with word s and to fill the panel with flowers if you want a more delicate result for a party during the day.

Although the panel ballons traditionally is r logo located behind the main party table. Be aware that this is not a rule.

The ballon panel can also be used to decorate the entrance of the event, on the sides of the hall, or even to decorate the altar of a wedding.

Balloon Led Lights Take Over!

Balloon Led Lights Take Over!

The transparent balloon with led is the big news of the decoration market and is already successful in various types of events. These are corporate, weddings, and even New Year’s Eve party, for example.

Today, people want relaxation for their events and seek elements to make the environment even more original, and the led ballons came with everything. Therefore, they confirm the newest trend in the world of decoration. And some say that after this model, the balloon is no longer used the same way as before.

The LED balloons at your event can help to create a very charming set design. Made with a plastic balloon (similar to birthday party balloons), some LED light points are placed on the inside or bottom of the aircraft, emitting light.

Therefore, this new balloon style can have a beautiful effect on the environment. Its flexibility also allows creativity to flow.

If in the past, children begged their parents to buy famous personage balloons filled with helium gas. So know that today not only children, but adults also want to know about LED balloons.

This new style of balloons brings many possibilities. Also, it is considered a cost-effective investment compared to other party decoration items.

Balloon Round Format

Balloon Round Format

Having a party with a theme that takes light colors? So what about betting on transparent round balloons in pink or yellow? They look like pearls and can be glued to the wall with the help of tape, giving a beautiful effect.

Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

The balloon arch makes the party or event so much more fun and fun. Therefore, there are many ideas and combinations that can be done to decorate the place.

The balloon arch can be composed of one or several balloon colors and can be developed in a spiral or square.

The decoration can be used in any party or event. However, the balloon arch usually placed with a specific structure for ballons.This provides stability and symmetry to the decoration.

More abundant or smaller, with many color combinations or monochrome. There are numerous balloon arch options and combinations that can be assembled to make your event much more creative and charming.

Balloon Arch Deconstructed

Balloon Arch Deconstructed

Ballons of different colors makes all the difference in decorating a birthday party. Therefore, balloon arch experts have found a very creative way to innovate in the setting of modern celebrations.

In place of the traditional circular rim that is placed around the cake table, many decorators are betting on new shapes.They are different designs with balloons to make children’s parties more fun. Called deconstructed bows, these unusual designs of balloon ornaments are increasingly popular.

So, as the name suggests, the unrestrained balloon bow has as its main feature its shape. Which is “misshapen” that runs away from the most conventional circular style?

Be it accompanying the cake table, the guest entrance, or even a backdrop for the photos.They can be assembled with plain, patterned, matte, metalized, transparent balloons. So there are no rules!

The advantage is that, in addition to working around the main table, the adornment can also be placed on the floor or given specific shapes, providing a new face to the environment.

Balloon Numbers

Balloon Numbers

This is a balloon model that could not fail to cite. Mhaphazardly having been used much in recent years, this style promises to remain for a long time.

And this type of balloon makes the decoration a lot easier because they are large and draw a lot of attention.

Also, you don’t have to create as many items to make up the table panel background, for example. They also look really cool, writing a scenario.

Generally, the number s balloons are used to decorate children’s and adult parties. They bring extra beauty to the decoration, with a lot of brightness and glamor.

Balloon Numbers 2

This type of balloon is used both at the party entrance and in place of the traditional panel.The most common colors for the number of balloons are golden and silver.

However, it is also possible to find in other colors that have everything to do with the theme chosen for your party. Cotton pink and blue, for example.

To have a beautiful and complete decoration, most people choose to use an impressive metallic number of balloons. Both children and adults love this type of balloon, they are lovely and make the decorated space much more fun.

Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals

Have you heard that imagination is everything? So, this is the right time to use it!

Only with a balloon, you can make several pets, such as dogs, cats, or even the Painted Chicken. Plus, with animal-shaped balloons, you get the flap and pen details that make them even more perfect.

If you want to vary the models, then you can even make flowers and other objects that your decor requires. See what suits your theme, and get to work!

Balloon Tule Decoration

Balloon Tule Decoration

The tulle is a thin, half-transparent net around the balloons that looks beautiful when worn right. Therefore, the idea is to coat the balloons with tulle and finish with ribbons, pearls, flowers, bows. This new idea gives a new face to the balloons we love so much and makes your party look more sophisticated and romantic.

The balloons with tulle can be made from either f these male and female. Besides, they can be used as a centerpiece, a party table ornament, a floor ornament, or whatever you think will best suit your event.

Balloon For Birthday

Balloon For Birthday

Then it becomes easy, birthday we can really care about decorating with balloons. Plus, with the colorful balloons, you don’t have to be any seasoned pro.

You can decorate a birthday party yourself in a real but cheerful, fun, and colorful way.

See how simple and easy. Also, the balloon loses nothing to arches, waterfalls, trees, and dolls, the simple is also beautiful.

Balloon Flowers

Balloon Flowers

You can use the balloon of all kinds to assemble your flowers, balloons to sophisticated, such as a metallic balloon. If you use the flower balloon, your party will be even more special and look very interesting.

By making several flowers with balloons, you can set up a panel just behind the cake or candy table, for example.

In addition to the panel, you can also attach between the balloons with a long barbecue stick. After that, just paint it green and imitate it as if it were the stem of the flower. This decoration can be used on guest tables as well as on candy and cake tables.

If you want, you can turn these flowers into cherry blossoms. So just buy pink rose petals, white crumbs, and black Durex balloons to make the petals bursts.It looks amazingly beautiful!

Balloon Flowers – How to Assemble and Decorate in 10 Steps

Balloon Flowers – How to Assemble and Decorate in 10 Steps

1. On one of the sheets of paper draw a large circle with the pencil, as this will be the mold for the petals;

2. On the other sheet of paper, draw a slightly smaller circle that will be the template for the crumb balloon;

3. Cut out the centers of the paper drawn with a circle to make a hollow hole in the middle;

4. Fill one of the 5 balloons that will be the petals, measure them inside the petal mold and see if it fills the entire circumference. All these balloons must be the same size to give an exact flower shape;

5. Fill also the balloon that will be the crumb of the flower, which will be smaller according to its mold. The bit must be much shorter than the petals;

6. Take two balloons of petals and tie them with the string if necessary; otherwise, you can only join their beaks;

7. Make a string of the 3 recent petal balloons;

8. Join the pair of balloons tied with the trio of marbled balloons, arrange for the 5 petals to be in their correct places;

9. Finally, secure the smaller balloon in place of the flower core, if necessary, use the string.

10. Finish, the balloon flower, will be assembled and ready to decorate.

How to Decorate Balloon at Parties and Events

How to Decorate Balloon at Parties and Events

Gathering goodwill and creativity, you can decorate and make a jaw-dropping decoration for your guests. So know that the s balloons can not miss, as they symbolize the celebration of something.

Their colors and moods make all the difference in a party, making everything more colorful, cheerful, and pleasant, just as a party should be.

Decoration companies usually charge a little expensive to make a panel and decoration with balloons in children’s birthdays. That’s why we’ve put together the information you need and a simple step-by-step guide to decorate with balloons.

The balloon in itself is a charm, but the flowers made of balloons are fun and call more attention.

Knowing the balloons and equipment

The balloons of the brand Happy Day, professional line, are divided according to the following permits :

260 “, Big 250 and 350, 05”, 08 “, 09”, 11 “Plain and Decorated, Heart 6” and Heart 11 “.

Equipment and tools are essential parts of the making, assembly, and installation of balloon services. So keep everything from sticky tapes to sophisticated inflators at your fingertips.

The equipment is divided into 5 categories:

1. ELECTRICAL: inflators, multimeter, extension, quick extension (alligator), electric wires …

2. SAFETY: gloves, goggles, ear protector, belt.

3. STRUCTURE: bases, PVC and aluminum pipes, rebar, SDS, PDS and RMS screens, rain, and flight nets.

4. MOUNTING: nylon, silver tape, double-sided, plain tape, tape, money elastic, paper clips, balloon glue, pressure stapler, etc.

5. TOOLS: scissors, stylus, pliers, tape measure, balloon meters, hand pump/inflator, screwdriver, wrench …

Helpful hints

Worry about correctly measuring your balloons to get a similar final job. So it’s always good to use a meter/template for this task. We recommend inflating the balloon to 90% of its original size.

Example: inflate the 9 “balloon with 8”. This will increase the durability of the balloon, reducing the chance of blowout or air leakage.

Before you begin your work, make sure you have enough balloons. Set roles for each member of your team: who will inflate the balloons, who will tie them to the nylon thread, and who will install them.

Store balloons in locations that are not exposed to direct sunlight and moisture. When it comes to tying up the balloons, don’t make too many knots and turns. One or two is enough.

Therefore, I prefer the use of nylon with a diameter of 0.80. The use of stringers and strings is not recommended, as they strike the balloon in friction, causing micro-holes that will wither it after a while.

Climatic factors

Exposed to the sun, any balloon undergoes an accelerated oxidation process, decreasing its life and brightness.

So when inflating them outdoors, three situations can occur:

• In the sun: balloon bursting or withering (mainly dark tones)
• In the rain: balloons keep their original shape;
• In the shower followed by sunshine: balloons burst or wither

Classic Decoration: “Garlands” The most widely used decoration mode among professionals is the garland. It is the basic principle for any and all decoration.

The classic decoration combines the speed of assembly with the practicality of installation, thus generating more significant gain in a shorter time.

Inflating and measuring the balloons

Balloons are formed by pores like our skin, which dilate when we inflate them. So when inflating and deflating a balloon, we realize a considerable change of its original size ourselves.

When we inflate a balloon, its pore expands, making it more vulnerable to gas exchange and bursting.

Then passing the balloon through the balloon meter causes the pore to “close.” preventing gas exchange and thus increasing its elasticity (every balloon when inflated with “air” must comply with the maximum limit of 90% of its original size – eg, 10 “balloon, maximum 9” boost).

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