Bar Area Ideas Most Wanted 2021 For You To Be Inspired! 🍾

Bar Area Ideas Most Wanted 2021 For You To Be Inspired! 🍾

Having a bar area at home a few years ago was a privilege for the few. In general, designing and decorating a bar area in this style demanded a good space. Also, there was a small supply of objects in the world to compose the place.

But, to everyone’s joy, many things have changed. Receiving family and friends at home has become more frequent. With the increasingly constant presence of gourmet spaces and balconies, cooking and drinking at home just got more fun.

Bar Area Trends

But, to everyone’s joy, many things have changed. Receiving family and friends at home has become more frequent. With the increasingly constant presence of gourmet spaces and balconies, cooking and drinking at home just got more fun.

After all, it is good to enjoy a moment of leisure with friends in our favorite bar area or restaurant, isn’t it? So, how about bringing that atmosphere into the house?

A bar area is the best solution to integrate fun and leisure. That is why, welcoming friends for a happy hour, party, or celebration is much simpler and more pleasant when we have the appropriate furniture and utensils to prepare cocktails, store and serve drinks.

Where can I put my bar area?

Usually, the bar area is close to the living room, dining room, or kitchen. But as the gourmet areas are on the rise, if you are also a lover of this type of environment, it is a great idea to set up your bar there.

Bar Area Trends Composition

So remember that you can set up your bar area anywhere. Being able to create several situations, that will fit perfectly.

So, if you prefer to hire an Interior Design, save the models you like best and show them. Check below the most desired bar area ideas of the year that have become a trend:

Bar Area Ideas That Turned Trend This Year:

There is no lack of reasons to invest in homemade bar area ideas. The care in personalizing them based on the users’ needs is what allows the inclusion of this type of project in any free space of the residence. See why the solution attracts so many people.

Bar Area Ideas

Bar Area Small

Small Bar Area:

No major renovations or changes are required to have your bar. In the decoration of small bar area ideas, a sideboard with cups and trays can fulfill the function perfectly. To decorate, you can bet on elegance with crystal glasses and polished bottles. In romantic situations, complement the composition with flowers!

The first step when thinking about bar area ideas small is to choose its placement. The most suitable option in the living room. However, the balcony or terrace also appears as good alternatives. Make a quick analysis of the environment, consider its use and harmony with the furniture present there.

Despite being a decorative element, don’t forget that the bar area idea small needs to be functional. So, in addition to a good selection of drinks for the preparation of drinks, do not forget items that can help you in their preparation and tasting.

Bar Area Ideas with Tea Carts:

Tea carts are great options when we think of bar area ideas. They can be seen as old, outdated, or outdated pieces, but they are great allies if they are used to serve or store drinks.

As they usually have wheels and are easily transportable, the cart is a practical and charming option to serve you and your guests well in any location in the house. In the stores, you will find several models: the “vintage” gives a classic and friendly touch to the environment. The most modern ones are capable of giving a refined and sophisticated touch.

When they are not in use, just place them in the living environment of the house and be careful that the carts do not become obstacles in the circulation area of your room.

Bar Area Tea Cars

Finally, you can also use decorative frames to store beverage bottle caps. What would go to waste can become a stripped-down and functional element for your home bar.

Using the space under the stairs:

If your house has a spot under the stairs, it’s a great alternative to think of bar area ideas there! Since in addition to enjoying the location, it will give an upgrade to your home decor!

Bar Area Under Stairs

Bar Area With Bench

Home Bar With Bench:

You can have a Home Bar with a counter in conjunction with the kitchen. This can also be a room divider between the living room and the kitchen. Also, the proximity to the functional area of the house, causes a feeling of intimacy, since there everything is prepared and served in the same environment, with the guests.

The ideal height of the bench is between 90 to 110 cm, the plug that will go on the counter can be 40 to 60 cm wide. As the countertops are higher than conventional dining tables, stools are ideal to accommodate users in more comfort.

To highlight and highlight the bar area ideas, you can use lighting with pendants and also with LED strips. Because these elements have a very nice visual impact. Making the environment even more attractive and elegant.

Bar Area in Living Room

Arrive from work after a long hard day and find drinks at your disposal at home. A bar area in the living room is a great investment, especially for lovers of a good drink, to decorate the home entrance room with style, personality, and creativity.

Adopting specific furniture to display special bottles, cups and glasses is one of the traditional ways to set up a bar in the living room, but, also, there are other good and original ideas.

Bar Area Living Room

Bar Area Sets

How to set up a bar area in living room:

Having a bar area in living room is a great way to make the home decor more cozy and attractive, especially when it comes to receiving friends or family.

The problem is that, sometimes, there is not much space to shelter a “happy hour corner” and that ends up making it difficult. If this is your case, take advantage of the tips we have separated on how to set up a compact and attractive bar area in the living room practically and simply!

Enjoy the sideboard in your living room:

Take advantage of the sideboard of the room, install shelves on the walls of the area. Or even leaving a gourmet cart in the space are great and creative ways to set up a bar area in living room with practicality, beauty, and style.

In any of these cases, it is necessary to use a tray to use as support on furniture and accessories. This is a very organized way. So you can choose to leave bottles, cups, and glasses available for use.

Niches are another great option to bring a bar area in living room. Both the internal part of the piece and the upper support. Because they can serve to house the accessories, articles, and other items used to prepare and serve drinks at home.

Bar Area Sideboard

Bar Area Acessories

Bar area in living room and its accessories:

Regardless of which bar area in living room idea you choose, several accessories can be used in both cases. Cup holders, napkin holders, and a led board with a very characteristic look found in bars are some examples of perfect products to complement the decoration of the bar area in living room.

Use your creativity, get inspired with our tips, and build your bar in the way that best matches your decorative style, personality, and taste!

Outdoor Bar area:

The outside of the house is also a great place to put an outdoor bar area. Because it is a space already destined for leisure, receiving friends, or even relaxing.

The suggestion here for your outdoor bar area would be to install a wine cellar. If it is not possible, it is advisable to have a small stock of drinks in the internal area, to better maintain your warehouse.

Thus, the social area will serve as an entrance, with a proposal of continuity: “shall we go to the balcony?”

The only thing to be careful about with the outdoor bar area is that our friend, the sun, can be an enemy. So, a minibar would be a good option to guarantee the conservation of drinks.

Outdoor Bar Area

Outdoor Bar Area

Find the ideal space for your outdoor bar area:

First, you need to choose a place to install the outdoor bar area. Ideally, it should be somewhere where there are sun and shade. This may mean adding an umbrella or two, or it may mean placing your bar under a tree, awning, or pergola. You want to have options to keep drinks in the shade, but you can enjoy the warmth of the sun if you want. Then look for level ground.

Drinks spill. It is important to have a flat place to set up your bar to keep things as stable as possible.

Gourmet balcony:

Having an outdoor bar area on the balcony is an increasingly common idea for those who enjoy cooking, receiving friends, and having a conversation. Barbecues, for example, are cultural, and having a space available is almost a requirement when looking for a place to live.

With the trend of gourmet balconies, this space has also become a strong candidate when deciding where to make the bar at home. As it is a room designed to bring people together, this association makes perfect sense.

Bar Area Gourmet

Bar Area Balcony

Bar on the balcony:

For those who have a balcony with space, how about creating an integrated environment where the outdoor area merges with a bar? It is perfect for those who usually receive friends in the environment or simply want to make the place more modern.

Bar Area in Kitchen:

Choosing to install a bar area in kitchen can also be an excellent option. Because a bar requires some things that the kitchen provides, and that will guarantee better drinks and moments, so, pay attention to some items. Fruits, ice, salt, and sugar are needed when making a few drinks.

If you are going to make a mojito, a drink that uses mint in the recipe, it is still cool to set up a mini vegetable garden at home. Therefore, a solution that a vertical garden within the kitchen offers.

Besides, when drinking, you will also need snacks such as olives, peanuts, cheeses, among others. Therefore, invest in small plates and snacks-holder, which are used to group several foods in one dish. And don’t forget the napkins.

Bar Area Kitchen

Kitchen Suspended Bar Area

American bar area in kitchen with a suspended bar:

The bar area in kitchen with suspended furniture has appeared as a trend that is here to stay. They are simple pieces, which can be adapted in most houses or apartments, whether large or small and which are not limited to kitchens.

To have a bar area in American kitchen, just create a kind of suspended shelf that can be attached to the ceiling or even to the wall. You can arrange the cups and glasses of drink on the shelf or even provide support for them to be exposed upside down

If you are looking for a smart and creative option when planning this space, it is recommended to search extensively for references from the different wall bar area in kitchen designs. Different styles adapt to various environments and preferences of the resident.

Enjoy the kitchen furniture:

Taking advantage of ready-made cabinets, in the same environment, without having to renovate is just one of the best options to start setting up the bar. Think about what it’s like to finish a meal and enter the drink, in the same place. Practical, isn’t it?

Bar Area Kitchen Furniture

Bar Area Decor

Bar Area Decor:

The bar area decor is always a special charm in any apartment or house. It is no wonder that restaurant bars have their special beauty, with all those drinks and glasses on display. Follow the tips to set up your bar area decor and ensure a great decoration for your environment!

Wall bottle openers:

A basic bar area decor item, but currently redesigned. Bottle openers are now on the walls, in a variety of shapes and materials. They can be made of aluminum, wood, and glass. Of different sizes, surely one of them will be perfect in your bar.

Decorative stickers:

A practical and easy installation option, stickers are increasingly present in the decoration. The stickers can be applied to doors, walls, and even some items such as refrigerators and mini-fridges.

Bar area decor with pillows:

In addition to being charming, the pillows are perfect for good composition of images and colors, bringing more personality to the style of your home bar.

Supports and coasters, cups, and mugs:

A bar area decor item is very well known in professional bars, now the supports and bases are also more present in the home bar, in different colors and sizes.

Drinks tray and glasses:

Super democratic, the trays are perfect for small spaces and ideal for cupboards, sideboards, buffets, and beverage stands.

Drink buckets:

Essential utensils to maintain the correct temperature of the drinks. The aluminum, glass, and wooden beverage buckets are in high shape (in the most artisanal style). Portuguese mosaics and tiles are still in evidence.

Bar Area Essentials

Bar Area Vintage

Glasses, cups, and mugs:

Have some options available in glasses, cups, and mugs. It is a tip to collect some glasses of your favorite drinks. Some items can be displayed in cabinets, cupboards, trays, and niches.


With the rise of craft brewers, having a growler is essential for anyone who enjoys making their own beer and tasting many craft beer labels.

BBQ Boards:

For those who enjoy good meat, wooden barbecue boards are a good choice. Several board options are totally appropriate and following strict cleaning and hygiene controls. The boards are now more modern and usual, stealing the show to serve your guests. Quality knives are sure to have their place too.

Bar area decor with fixtures and pendants:

Essential in the bar area decor. The correct choice of lighting objects can be the highlight of the place. Consider sconces, fixtures, and pendants. Good lighting is always welcome, bringing warmth and comfort. Among the highlights of the year, industrial lighting continues to lead in the choice of decorative objects.


A practically mandatory item when it comes to the bar. Very characteristic of professional bars, the bright ones bring the atmosphere of bars, pubs, and pubs home. High, bright with batteries, in the best American bars and cafeterias.

Decorative plates and frames

With a wide choice of models, sizes, and themes, decorative plates and frames are indispensable in the bar area decor. Among the favorites are the license plate style models, in addition to relief and special paints. In addition to more robust frames and noble frames.

Bar Area Decor Luminous

Decorative clock:

Models will not be lacking for your choice in this regard. Clocks remain very important in interior decoration. You can choose a more discreet model or look for more opposing models to highlight in a specific location. Metal watches are among the favorites, especially train station style watches.

Bar Area Furniture

Bar Area Furniture

With the idea in mind, it’s time to start choosing the bar area furniture as well as the type of material and design. In addition to furniture ready and designed to be a living room bar area, other furniture options were not made for this, but they serve just as well.

Often you can even have a little old bookcase at home. It just needs a “slap on the look” to be used as a small living room bar area.

Have you ever thought about it? In addition to this option, wooden or metal sideboards and trolleys are excellent models of bar area furniture. The style, the details, the color, and especially the size must be enough to gather the drinks you want to have at your disposal without losing functionality.

What is the ideal bar area furniture?

The bar, like other rooms in the home, is a space adaptable to the personal taste of each one. With the right furniture and utensils, any space can be transformed into a bar. Above all, the bar must match the style of the rest of the house, further enhancing the decor. If the goal is to enjoy a counter for coffee after work, a kitchen with an adapted island may be the solution.

Games are among the accessories that help to create a home entertainment atmosphere. If space allows you to place a pool table or even a card table. Then set up your bar in the same area. If not, place it in front of a wall. Another very interesting idea is to install a TV on the wall to watch your favorite shows without leaving your home.

Bar Area Furniture Ideas

Bar Area Furniture Modern

Bear area furniture in a modern style:

Contrary to what many think, the modern style does not need to be composed only of objects and bar area furniture with futuristic design. Some of its main features are simplicity and practicality, offering a clean atmosphere to the environments. ”

So this is what you should put when thinking about bar area furniture. A hint of lightness + a handful of functionality = a modern and organized environment. You can bet on burnt cement, neutral colors, and some geometric shapes, as they are some of the characteristics of the modern environment.

Vintage charm:

One of the most suitable concepts to be used in bar area furniture at home is this reference to the vintage line. In it, the return of the classic through a reinvention in its definition is, surprised by the quality with modern use. Its decoration becomes soberer with aged tones, also seen with the use of wood in furniture and its bolder decoration items.

Industrial style furniture is on the rise:

The industrial style is more present in homes, for submitting the pub line in its concept. In it, it covers the sample of a more “cool” space, mainly because it is common in studios or flats. Decorative items are used, such as leather and wood. Its use is remitted through antiquity, starting from the more contemporary concept.

The power of the benches to compose an American style:

American style refers to the concept of reciprocity, especially for new guests. It is very well seen as something cozier, which favors interaction with everyone at the place.

The characteristic of the bar area furniture in this style is to reproduce the scarce lighting, the use of long benches with round stools, and the exposure of drinks facilitating greater access.

Besides, it is common to highlight a wall with exposed bricks. Those more worn or in aged tones, passing the language of something old.

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