17 Bathroom Design Ideas Most Wanted in 2021 ❤️

17 Bathroom Design Ideas Most Wanted in 2021 ❤️

Want to know which are the most desired bathroom design of the year? Although it is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom has the potential to receive a different decoration and enhance the look of the rest of the residence.

Being able to follow the decorative style used in the other rooms, or even standing out with varied elements, some factors directly influence the choices for the decoration of the bathroom, such as its size, functions to be performed, dishes and ventilation.

However, it is possible to leave any bathroom well organized, with plenty of functionality and breathtaking decor, just planning and a good dose of creativity. Check out a selection of 17 bathroom design ideas, in the most varied styles, and get inspired:

1 Rose Gold Or Golden Metals In Bathroom Design Ideas

Rose Gold Or Golden Metals In Bathroom Design Ideas

The interior of the bathroom design ideas style. When it comes to bathroom design ideas, the first trend that became a fever this year is to use golden metals in the bathroom or the toilet. The color gives a touch of contemporary and luxury to the environment, combined with the innovative design of the pieces. But care must be taken not to overdo it and create environments with dubious decoration, which become tiring to the eyes.

Metals also appear in different versions of gold, such as aged or matte, which makes any decoration more sophisticated. Copper and bronze versions are also on the rise.

In order not to make a mistake, the tip is to use gold as prominent points, as in metals or small decorative objects, and bet on discreet coatings, in neutral tones. The same goes for crockery, those with clean design tend to combine more easily with golden metals and create more elegant environments.

2. Bathroom Design Ideas With Wood

Bathroom Design Ideas With Wood

Yes, wood is one of the most requested bathroom design ideas in homes in the world. It can be used to add a touch of spa and warmth to this room, even though wood is not the most common choice when decorating a wet area – such as bathrooms and kitchens.

We will be able to sail on bathroom furniture, of course, but also on countertops, floors, or coverings that imitate this finish, achieving greater warmth. Remember that not all types of wood are suitable for all surfaces or bathrooms. Get a professional to help you choose the right wood.

For the use of wood, which is a material that suffers a lot with the action of time, it is necessary to be attentive to surface treatments such as previous waterproofing and periodic maintenance, thus being able to be used to coat from the walls to the floor.

3. Bathroom Design Ideas With Geometry

Bathroom Design Ideas With Geometry

We can see in the prints of the tiles and on the floors. Whether in matte or enameled finishes, geometry inspires bathroom coverings for years to come. We will also be able to see in accessories such as lamps, or even in the mirror frames (circular, square …) Would you dare to mix gold and black? These are two colors that for years we have avoided in bathrooms but come back with a lot of force.

4. Industrial Style

Industrial Style

The industrial decor has not escaped the range of bathroom design ideas collection and is back !. Industrial sinks are expected to be used a lot this year and will offer a unique style for bathrooms.

5. Bathroom Design Ideas With Dear Plants

Bathroom Design Ideas With  Dear Plants

The concept of bringing nature into the homes pleased many fans. Known as Urban Jungle or even Tropicalia, bathroom design ideas in this style incorporate plants, natural materials, and shades that resemble nature.

They transform environments by bringing the color and climate of an “urban forest” into the home. In this concept, the quantity and sizes of the plants create the scenario: plants whose leaves hang out of the pots on long branches, such as ferns and various vines.

6. Marble


Natural stone appears again with bathroom design ideas of all sizes and styles, you can use candles on countertops, on the floor or on the walls. We can even find sinks made with this material. Finished in white, black, imitating cement, smoother, or with a rough appearance. Marble offers a multitude of finishes and designs. Remember that neutral tones go very well in the bathroom, especially if it is small.

7. The Bathtub

The Bathtub

Let it be independent! With or without feet, classic or more modern design. A shower can be more practical, but taking a quiet bath with foam is a worthwhile whim. If you have space do not hesitate to invest in a beautiful bathtub. Invest in gold and copper accessories that are a trend, but also exist in other high-gloss finishes or painted in white, black or very flashy colors.

8.Bathroom Design With Tiles

Bathroom Design With Tiles

Some architects and interior designers often use bathroom design with tiles to make the environment more beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated. The bathroom is one of the most important environments in a home, but many people do not know how to choose the ideal covering to decorate this space.

Bathroom design with tiles is one of the most popular coverings for this type of environment and there are more and more options for models to use within the most varied styles of decoration. Here, we will give you tips to choose the one that best fits what you want and we will also bring you lots of images to inspire you!

9. Bathroom Design Ideas With Neo Mint

Bathroom Design Ideas With Neo Mint

Hard not to fall in love with neo mint. The color, which has appeared in many projects, bathroom design with tiles. Even with the great use of the light shade of green, the space was not childish or romantic, but modern and relaxing.



It is not today that the subway tile has (re) conquered the hearts of those who think of building or renovating. But in 2020, this coating comes with a new face, gaining more vivid and vibrant colors, precisely to create a counterpoint with the classic white subway tile. The size and shape, don’t worry, remain the same (75 × 150 mm), although some brands bet on narrower and thinner models.

The difference now is to bet on this material to create environments full of life, but still with that irresistible vintage touch. Another novelty about the bathroom design with tiles subway is that they have a more matte finish, unlike the iconic shiny and enameled finish.

The subway tile also gained glass versions. With a cleaner appearance, these models are ideal for those who want to expand their environments.

11. Black And White

Black And White

The composition of bathroom design with tiles in black and white can range from the modern to the minimalist. Everything will depend on your style and on how to combine pieces and materials that transform the simple into something extremely elegant. In contrast, it is possible to opt for clear coatings, while the black color is used exclusively in the pieces, giving a minimalist and intimate air.

12. Bathroom Design Ideas With Tablets

Bathroom Design Ideas With Tablets

A strong trend in bathroom design with tiles is the bathrooms decorated with tiles. With this coating, the environment gains a different style, more sophistication, and glamor. Get to know this material better and get inspired to transform your bathroom into a bathroom decorated with tile!

Bathroom Design Small

Bathroom Design Small

In bathroom design small, the organization is one of the key points to achieve success. After all, everyone wants a clean and fresh space, where everything is easily found.

Without neglecting aesthetics, finishes, dishes, accessories, and decorations are equally important. Remembering that it is not recommended to plan colors and decorative pieces in excess so that the environment does not have a heavy aspect.

13. Mirrors Always:

Mirrors Always

The mirror is that wild piece when we talk about expanding small spaces, especially in the bathroom. Bet on the large frameless mirrors for the sink area that reaches the ceiling in a vertical line or that fills the sink and toilet area in a horizontal line.

14. Colors for Small Bathrooms

Colors for Small Bathrooms

One of the first things you should think about when designing bathroom design small decor is what colors will look best in that environment. Commonly neutral and light colors are the best for bathroom design small, this because they help to give visual amplitude to the environment and also increase the visibility facilitating when cleaning.

Because of this, colors like white and beige are the most used for decorating small bathrooms, but of course, other colors in light tones can also be used in furniture such as pastels, gray, and others.

Therefore, whenever choosing colors for decorating bathroom design small, opt for light tones in most of the environment that can be used both in bathroom tiles and ceramics, furniture, or even in the bathroom stall, which are the items that most stand out in the room.

15. Bathroom Design Small With Bathtub

Bathroom Design Small With Bathtub

Most people dream of having a bathroom with a bathtub and in some cases to install bathtubs even in apartments or houses that are already finished, but in others, the installation of the bathtub is not possible.

Fabulous Bathroom Design Shower

Fabulous Bathroom Design Shower

Bathroom design shower is the perfect setting for the best singing performances, and we all find ourselves an artist or singer among the soap bubbles. However, it is important to have an environment that is not only beautiful and comfortable but mainly safe and bright.

The shower/shower area is totally separated/camouflaged from the basin and counter area, which in turn have a more elaborate décor! The materials used to make this separation are generally: sandblasted glass, reflective glass, mirrors (with internal protection), slatted wood, cobogós … check it out!

16. Stylish Boxes

Stylish Boxes

A crucial part when thinking about bathroom design shower that is often overlooked during decoration is the box. In addition to being part of the decoration, the bathroom stall is of great importance to maintain the organization of the environment. The bathroom stall is responsible for blocking the water that comes out of the shower and keeping it within an area that is easy to drain into the drain.


To save on bathroom design shower, many people choose plastic curtains, which are usually hung on a rail that divides the bathroom. This solution is indicated if your bathroom has close walls and the shower is in the last part of it. There are quite sophisticated models in this style, which vary the type of fabric.

17. Modern Shower Area

Modern Shower Area

Will you say that one of the best parts of your daily life is not the bath? Getting home after a stressful day and taking a shower is extremely invigorating. But it is not enough for the shower to have an intense waterfall, it also needs to bring all the charm to the bathroom design and can even become the main protagonist when it comes to bathroom design shower.

They gain more and more space in the bathrooms design around. They have several different shapes and jaw-dropping design. These types make the bathroom more “clean”, with no wires and cables showing, and can be combined with the most different floors and tiles. Also, it is extremely powerful and looks charming in small boxes. The tip is to combine the color with the finish and opt for the rounded size gives a modern air to the bathroom design.

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