The Best Bathroom Ideas Trends to use as Inspiration 💋💎

The Best Bathroom Ideas Trends to use as Inspiration 💋💎

Today the topic is about bathroom ideas that are circulating on the internet and in the world of decoration.

It may seem strange, but the bathroom is the favorite part of the home for many people. In addition to being a place that needs tranquility, it must be cozy so that the bath becomes more relaxing.

Besides, it also makes a difference in the business environment by positively impacting the customer.

So, the time when the bathroom was a neutral and standardized part of the house or company was left behind.

To show this, My Easy Decoration has separated a list with examples of bathroom ideas to inspire you.

Retro Bathroom Ideas

Retro Bathroom Ideas

Retro bathroom ideas are increasingly desired. And if you identify with this style, why not try to insert it in your bathroom?

It is worth it, and you will see that it doesn’t take much to have this dream bathroom. Just invest in the right accessories.

Therefore, I bring here tips of elements, such as hydraulic tiles, tiles, colored tiles, bathtubs, wood, mirrors. And how they can fit in your bathroom, adapting it to retro bathroom ideas.

Tiles That Resemble Bricks

Tiles That Resemble Bricks

Brick tiles remind us of ancient times and are grace in the decoration. From bathroom ideas retro.

If you are renovating, take advantage of the momentum and bet on this tile. A cheaper option is to apply tile stickers with brick design 🙂

Colors In Bathroom Ideas Retro

Colors In Bathroom Ideas Retro

The white color is also a dominant feature in retro bathroom ideas. So invest in white furniture and crockery.

You can bet on the white textured curtains, which were used a lot in the past, bringing a romantic air to your retro bathroom.

The blue and pink colors can also be responsible for this retro touch in your bathroom. In this image, the vase with flowers also gives that touch of the time.

Retro Bathroom Ideas On Decoration Objects

Retro Bathroom Ideas On Decoration Objects

Some of the objects that you can add to the decoration are the perfume bottles or lavender with large and colorful labels.

Another object that is easy to find, and that is a charm, are these signs written bathroom. If you already have a bathtub, enjoy it, as it is essential in this style.

Another item, which also favors a lot in retro bathroom ideas, is the copper lining, which you can use in the shower and even in the towel and paper holders.

Also, invest in pictures with drawings, which refer to old shapes and objects or even in black and white (or sepia), as they, by themselves, can already give a retro bathroom effect.

The wood

Wood is an effortless touch, which you can easily apply in this environment. A closet, a chair, a chest, among other things that you can add.

Retro Bathroom Ideas In Mirrors

Retro Bathroom Ideas In Mirrors

For retro bathroom ideas, mirrors are also important. Choose oval models, round, or with beveled edges, they will give the most the desired effect.


And lastly, the well-known wallpaper, which can give a completely different look in the room. You can certainly invest in them.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern Bathroom Ideas

A trend for modern bathroom ideas coverings is a hexagonal shape, both for inserts and for ceramics. Another novelty is the porcelain tiles in large sizes, imitating noble stones, marbles, and granites.

Even though they are a little more expensive, they are nowhere near the value of a real piece of marble. But the graphics quality is incredible!

Modern Bathroom Ideas 2

Porcelain tiles that imitate wood, cement, and even copper are also trends in the tile market that can be used in modern bathroom ideas.

In addition to pieces in high relief that create beautiful textures in any modern bathroom ideas.

It is not necessary to cover the entire environment with impermeable materials (ceramics, porcelain tiles, tiles, stones, or varnish paintings).

In reality, only the front of the sink and the shower need protection from excess water.

In other areas, materials such as wallpaper, water-based paint, wood, bricks, and other permeable coatings can be used.

Faucets Are Highlighted In Modern Bathroom Ideas

Faucets Are Highlighted In Modern Bathroom Ideas

Faucets can also give a new and elegant charm. Whether they are wall-mounted, which are installed on the wall, or the countertop taps, which can be installed on the countertop or in the sink itself.

The Countertops

The Countertops

Countertops with cabinets are essential in modern bathroom ideas. They can be dispensable in toilets, now in bathrooms, it is a necessary item for storing towels, cleaning, and hygiene products.

The floating benches without feet is an excellent choice of bathroom ideas modern. However, the height between the floor and the seat must be high enough to facilitate cleaning.

Otherwise, it is better to opt for cabinets down to the floor and with the front closed, so as not to accumulate dirt under the office.

Modern Bathroom Ideas With The Use Of Technology

Modern Bathroom Ideas With The Use Of Technology

Technology is everywhere. From fog-free mirrors, heated floors, heated towel racks, toilets with mp3, seat heating, quick flush.

Even showers that control how long you stay in the shower, for example.

Much of this technology is related to water saving, which is very important to reduce financial expenses.

Besides, the technology also reduces the impact on the environment. A toilet with a box attached, for example, uses between 3 and 15 liters of water per flush, depending on the model.

But a conventional flush toilet uses more than 30 liters for each flush.

Now imagine how many times the flush is pulled per day? How many liters of treated water is literally thrown in the toilet when choosing a vase without a box attached?

The same goes for the faucets in modern bathroom ideas. Because the use of aerator reduces water expenditure and reduces splashing. Sensor or pressure taps are also good options for saving water.

Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Colorful Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to bathroom decor, there is always that question: can I use color or not?

Generally, most people opt for more neutral colors and light tones, as this combination gives a sense of spaciousness to the environment.

However, colorful bathroom ideas are gaining more and more fans. Using colors in the environment brings a different touch and personality to the place!

It is possible to opt for warmer tones and leave the bathroom with a different touch.

How To Bring Color To The Bathroom

How To Bring Color To The Bathroom

Colorful bathroom ideas can be the wish of many people. But the main question is how to make a decoration in this style, without having to be something extravagant. Here are some tips on how to bring color to the bathroom.


One of the colorful bathroom ideas is through wall coverings. You have the option of using tiles, wallpaper, or just a painting. You can be sure that it is something that transforms any environment.

Using Tiles

Using Tiles

If you want to add color to the environment, then one of the best options is to bet on colored tiles.

There is also a wide variety of differentiated prints that highlight the environment.

Colorful Bathroom Ideas Using Wallpaper

Colorful Bathroom Ideas Using Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another perfect option for colorful bathroom ideas. However, the material should not be used in wet areas like the box.

But you can use it in other areas of the bathroom, preferably choose a water-resistant product.

Making a painting

Painting is the simplest and most common way to find colorful bathroom ideas. Currently, there are several vibrant and fun color options on the market that you can combine with some designs.


Do you want to add color to the environment, but without having to touch the coating? Investing in good joinery may be the best option. That way, you can choose furniture in the colors you want to decorate the room.

Colorful Bathroom Ideas In Accessories

Colorful Bathroom Ideas In Accessories

Now, if you want something more discreet, bet on colorful bathroom ideas in the accessories.

You can do this by changing the color of the sink, toilet, shower glass or curtain and mirror. They are small details that can make a massive difference in the decoration.

Decorative objects

Colorful bathroom ideas can be present in decorative objects. In this case, there are the options of carpets, set of towels, lighting, among other purposes, for example. The intention is just to leave the environment with a colorful touch.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Who has never dreamed of a large and sophisticated house? And to have the right decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail, even when thinking about luxury bathroom ideas.

And even though this type of environment is not yet part of your reality, it is worth reading the post for inspiration.

Luxury bathroom ideas bring together several features that leave the environment elegant, such as:

1. Marble countertop;
2. Chandelier;
3. Persian carpet;
4. The 3D cementitious coating on the wall;
5. Mirrored plant pot.

The idea of decorating the bathroom with sophistication can also extend to smaller environments, such as this space.

On the wall, the tile coating is delicate, and the mirrored box, in addition to being stunning, also helps to enlarge the environment.

Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Hot Tub

Luxury Bathroom Ideas With Hot Tub

The bathroom with hydromassage can also follow the decorative line of luxury. For the floor, marble ensures elegance, and in the bath area, there is a panel with a television.

In luxury bathroom ideas, it is also worth creating a comfortable space with a puff to make the area cozier. And of course, you can’t miss flowers to decorate the countertop.

The hydromassage located in the center of the environment is the highlight. Besides, it contributes to contemporary decor.

Choosing to place a column lamp is ideal for creating a cozy feeling in the bathroom area.

In luxury bathroom ideas, it is also worth mixing refinement with green and creating a chic environment that values well-being.

For this, the project valued the decoration of the green walls that include plants in the environment.

If luxury bathroom ideas are part of your dreams, be sure to look for this achievement.

Go including elements that enhance your space, but without creating doubts, of course, after all, the bath will not be relaxing at all when remembering the bills to pay.

Bathroom Ideas Decoration Tips

Bathroom Ideas Decoration Tips

Bathroom ideas decoration must convey, above all, the idea of organization and cleanliness. Then, comfort, tranquility, and well-being.

These are the characteristics most desired by people for this type of room, and nothing less.

And when the property is small, like an apartment, then the bathroom needs to be more pleasing to human eyes.

It is not because the bathroom is a space in the house where there is no socialization between people that it needs to be boring. On the contrary, after all, does everyone go to the bathroom or not?

The Influence Of Architecture On Bathroom Ideas Decoration

The Influence Of Architecture On Bathroom Ideas Decoration

Before thinking about bathroom ideas decoration, a person needs to do an in-depth study of how to make the most of all the space available.

Perhaps she will need the opinion of an expert, such as an architect or interior designer.

Why that? To improve the circulation of the environment, to have a more adequate distance between the equipment and a bigger box and sink counter.

The designer needs to ensure, at the same time, that there are style and functionality. He needs to think about the whole.

For example, where will the tub, toilet, and shower be located? How many points of water, sewage, and lighting will be needed?

What already exists, can it be maintained, or needs to be modified? And how to make these changes without compromising the harmony of the building and the structure of the building?

Bathroom Ideas Trick Decoration Into Increasing The Ambiance

Bathroom Ideas Trick Decoration Into Increasing The Ambiance

To make a small bathroom look more prominent, the owner can invest in several things. First, in many mirrors.

Also, in transparent sheets and sliding into the shower area. Good lighting, both diffuse and focal.

And finally, custom-made furniture. An example is a cabinet below the sink, known as the cabinet.

When it comes to the feeling of spaciousness, another essential factor to highlight is the color tones of the finishes.

The lighter ones, like beige, are better for those proposals in traditional style proper for those who do not want to take a risk in the decoration.

However, there is also a multitude of dark and vibrant hues that go well with bathrooms and lavatories, such as blue and green.

In fact, to renew the look of any corner of the house, sometimes a good coat of paint is enough.

Of course, in the bathroom, this would be no different. There are specific points to pass over the tile, for example.

Now, if the person has more money, he can invest in other finishes, such as porcelain tiles, granites, and tiles, or just adhesive tiles.

Planning The Bathroom Ideas Decoration

Planning The Bathroom Ideas Decoration

To break with the monotony of light colors, generally used in bathrooms, nothing better than more colorful furniture pieces.

The addition of certain accessories is also favorable. Thus, it is easier to create a beautiful and functional decoration for this environment.

Therefore, any small detail will make all the difference in bathroom ideas decoration.

To change the look of the bathroom, you don’t need as much as you think. The good thing about it is that, from time to time, everything can be reinvented by exchanging just a few items.

Each of the items must match the taste and mood of the homeowners and not the designers. And there are a lot of cool things that can be on that list.

See 12 Practical Tips To Change The Face Of Bathroom Ideas Decoration

See 12 Practical Tips To Change The Face Of Bathroom Ideas Decoration

1. Mirrors, from the most classic to the modern;

2. Flower pots and natural plants – preferably species that adapt to humid environments, such as aspidistra, balsam, and chamaedorea;

3. Flavored candles and diffusers;

4. Colored curtains, if possible or necessary, both for the box and for the ventilation window – better to prioritize those with intense and printed colors;

5. Niches and shelves;

6. Baskets and organizing boxes to store towels, toilet paper, and hair items;

7. Tray, soap dish, trinket holders and other jars to store makeup, cotton and cotton buds;

8. Sconces;

9. Decorative frames and plates;

10. Magazine rack, stool, and basket for dirty clothes;

11. Towel holder, for toilet paper and hooks for hanging clothes;

12. Stickers and adhesive pads – a very affordable trick to personalize bathroom furniture, mirror, shower glass, toilet box, and other elements;

Extra tip: finally, a simple solution, and almost always unthinkable, which is to change the toilet lid. For a more colorful version, in wood, and even transparent with prints.

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