The Best Bathroom Tiles Ideas Most Wanted in 2021❤️

The Best Bathroom Tiles Ideas Most Wanted in 2021❤️

The bathroom tiles for these year promise please all tastes, from vintage to modern, from classical to boho, from elegant to rustic. But despite all this variety, one thing they all have in common: they appeal to nature and the rescue of traditions and eras.

That is, the bathroom tiles in 2020 have everything to make any home more cozy, welcoming, and cozy.

Want to know more about these trends? So keep following this post with us. We list below the main coatings trends for 2021.

💎 Bathroom Tiles Ideas 2021 🌈

Bathroom Tiles Ideas 2021

At the same time, concerning bathroom tiles ideas in 2021, the highlights are tiles now more colorful and larger and square versions.

The most common coatings are ceramics, porcelain tiles, hexagonal tiles, burnt cement, exposed bricks, tiles, hydraulic tiles, marbles, granites, stones, wallpaper, woody porcelain tiles, and 3d tiles.

Square Tiles And Colorful

Square Tiles And Colorful

The colorful bathroom tiles are one of the favorite ideas and are coming back with everything! He is largely responsible for writing bold and modern environments, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

The challenge is to find a color palette that matches the other elements of the environment. But do not worry that options for bathroom tiles ideas in this style are what will not miss. The tiles can be used both on the walls of the bathroom sink.

Colors That Refer To Nature

Colors That Refer To Nature

With sustainability increasingly in focus, the bathroom tiles ideas in 2020 certainly bring the shades of green, woody, and earthy. Even one of the rings in this regard will be the presence of plants so that the spaces look more natural.

The goal is to create a smoother atmosphere and without so many surface objects. For large bathrooms, a good tip is the vertical gardens with plants that adapt well in humid environments.

Neon Mint

Neon Mint

It is the best of many decorators mint neo will be a color that promises escape the environment decoration in 2020, including the bathrooms. The bathroom tiles ideas in this style is a way of modernizing the space since it is used in various technological games.

A tip to use it is by format “tone on tone”. The nuances that stand out are light green, light blue, light pink, yellow, and lilac.

😍 💎Bathroom Tiles White🌈

Bathroom Tiles White

Speaking of white bathroom tiles opens a discussion heated between those who defend the color and those who hate. The choice of white, especially on the floor, can cause chills in many people as any dirt can be seen from afar.

But among all the pros and cons, one thing is undeniable: white bathroom tiles is a wildcard in the decoration and goes well with all colors and all kinds of material and texture.

White Bathroom Tiles With Inserts:

White Bathroom Tiles With Inserts

Tablets are a great option to match any floor covering. If its floor is tablets, the walls may be the same color or another. If the floor is a neutral porcelain tile, a colored insert can brighten the environment. And if your floor is flashy, the white tile is perfect. As easy to install as the porcelain, the pads are also available in numerous designs, colors, and sizes. They can be glass, ceramic, or resin.

Because they are composed of many small pieces, this style of white bathroom tiles seems to enlarge the environment. It is also good in large environments, but small bathrooms can be a good strategy to give a sense of space.

The disadvantages of this type of white bathroom tiles are the higher price and the larger grout area. Joints always end up faster dirtying the parts, and you may need to redo the grout after a while.

The Traditional Bathroom Tiles

The Traditional Bathroom Tiles

The more traditional coating of bathroom walls has been a little out of fashion, but it is already back. The simple white bathroom tiles 15x15cm has been used in worldwide environments, and changes in placement and grout can leave you with a more modern face. But white is not the only option: there is a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs.

The advantages you already know price, practicality, and beauty. Disadvantage? No, unless you do not like the look cleaner and old and prefer something different. The traditional white bathroom tiles can be placed only on the walls of the box and the bench or on all the walls and matches any type of flooring.

😍 💎Bathroom Tiles Black And White🌈

Bathroom Tiles Black And White

Universal classic, the famous black and white bathroom tiles is a highly used feature in the design and not left out when it comes to decorating. In the bathroom, the duo of colors can leave full of personality environment with bold combinations of coatings.

The choice of color is often a difficult task to decorate the environment. Therefore, the trend of bathroom tiles black and white is one of the top choices in decorating projects. This proposal matches any style: from the modern bathroom to the minimalist. The important thing is always composed of parts and materials of good quality so that the “simple” turns into a charming atmosphere and a lot of personalities!

Contrast Is The Key

Contrast Is The Key

A great way to follow this trend of black and white bathroom tiles issue sanitary ware in white color and contrast with black coatings. The inserts are the most sought after in the market because the variety of sizes fits perfectly into any model and bathroom space.

The bathroom proposal with black and white bathroom tiles is interesting because it fits in several styles, from the most luxurious decorated bathrooms to the simplest, minimalist decorated small bathrooms and also for the toilet decoration. only need to make black and white bathroom decoration in harmony so that the environment gets too warm.

How To Plan:

How To Plan

An easy and very cool way to plan a bathroom with bathroom tiles black and white is investing in detail, you can opt for a black and white bathroom where most of it is white and has received some details in black as the window in the box to the bathroom, pictures or even with black ceramic.

Or take over and invest in a black bathroom where he gets white details like flooring, tableware, and decorative objects.

To create a nice contrast in the bathroom with bathroom tiles black and white look black to leave the details like the black ceramics, bathroom to finish with gum, or even in picture frames or mirrors.

For a black and white bathroom with retro airs invest in white and smooth tiles and taps with more classic design, as in black and white bathroom model below.

To create a more pleasant feel with bathroom tiles black and white is interesting to invest in wood details such as mirror frame, cupboards, and cabinets.

😍 💎Bathroom Tiles Marble🌈

Bathroom Tiles Marble

The sophistication of bathroom tiles marble is timeless. But like every material, from time to time he emerges trend and conquers lovers of design as if it were the first time. The bathroom relaxation reference after long days of work is the ideal environment to receive this raw material.

We’ve put together some ways to put marble bathroom tiles in the environment for those who are building a house now, they began a reform or will only invest in accessories.

Bathroom Tiles Marble For A Small And Simple Environment

Bathroom Tiles Marble For A Small And Simple Environment

For those who have a small little room, the recommendation is to use the bathroom marble tiles that have light, neutral colors as well as any decor, highlighting the breadth of the environment. The choice of color in the coating can appear in some detail like a strip of tablets in the box or on one of the walls.

There are three models of travertine in the market, that differentiate them are the appearance of the stone and the price. Among them are bathroom tiles marble such as Romano, Navona, and Nacional.

On the bathroom tiles, marble can find various kinds of detail in residential projects to enjoy in your home. The natural raw an opaque texture to be inserted without any polishing has also apparent holes. In the resin, a resin is applied to discreetly solve the problem of the hole.

The stones can be worked

You can work with the stone texture and can be sanded, which is more common. Or it can be polished to look smooth and shiny. The travertine can be worked in various ways and sections, sheets, pads, fillets, or size. It will depend on the proposal of the environment.

It is the most used bathroom tiles marble in residential and commercial environments. You can see it in many places, from floors, walls, countertops, baseboards, sinks, etc. It is a beautiful and noble material, so its price compared to other coatings is a little higher.

😍 💎Blue Bathroom Tiles🌈

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Have you thought about having an environment with blue bathroom tiles? If this idea has not crossed your mind, it might be a good time to consider a new style to the environment. The color means serenity and tranquility, so at bath time this will be another point that will help you relax.

Both dark bands as in the lighter, the blue bathroom tiles are a very versatile tone that can be used in any of its shades for walls, floors, furniture, and accessories, creating a balanced and enjoyable stay with style and exclusivity. To inspire you this possibility, separate tips, and photos that can help you in your bathroom tiles blue.

With Blue Tablet

With Blue Tablet

The bathroom tiles with blue glass tiles are one of the most used options to the bathroom, a similar material to the tile, though much smaller in size. Its installation is very fast, as it allows you to place several boards at the same time. Furthermore, maintenance is relatively simple.

The chromatic range of bathroom tiles pale blue and pastel is the perfect choice for small bathrooms. With this choice, you can multiply the brightness of the space, however meager it may be, and the sense of space increases considerably. You can even make a full bet in these tones, creating a monochromatic environment that integrates even with the woodwork and doors in the same tone. The result will be freshness, joy, and a lot of light.


Create a set of contrasts using different shades of blue bathroom tiles, the smoother the darkest, using a coating with a certain retro feel, to follow an iron tub with legs, also in blue or white.

You will have a vintage atmosphere, but super modern. To lightly lighten the chromatic charge. Then we recommend the use of textile accessories, such as towels and bathrobes in white or gray. If you want to bring a lot of light, we recommend that you use a bathroom blue light turquoise tiles in combination with white, which, depending on their use, can also give a touch of Moroccan inspiration to the bathroom, especially the nearest blue tone blue- turquoise or indigo.

In the latter case, complete with pieces of aged wood. Another tone to be chosen would be the serenity blue, one of the “color of the year” according to the Pantone Color Institute.

😍 💎Bathroom Tiles Mosaic🌈

Bathroom Tiles Mosaic

You want to leave your bathroom a new look, more modern and sophisticated, a fast and convenient way? Choose to use mosaic bathroom tiles is a great way to totally change the environment!

How To Use The Bathroom Mosaic Tiles Pads:

How To Use The Bathroom Mosaic Tiles Pads

1. Combine bathroom tiles mosaic with paint walls with ink or with existing tiles.

2. To decorate the bathroom with mosaic inserts, put inside the box, the sink counter, the wall of the tub, or any wall you want.

3. You can still place only in niches inside the box where are the shampoo and soap or put in the niches outside the box if you want something more discreet.

4. Another way mosaic bathroom tiles can be applied is to make a track that circles the entire environment. It is possible, that way, to bring color to the environment without spending too much and less crash.

5. You can also decorate the bathroom with inserts around the mirror. Choose colors that suit you and bring more color to this environment, in an unusual way.

6. Have you thought about using the bathroom tiles mosaic on the floor? Well, you can, if it is of porcelain or ceramic, which are more resistant.

7. All types of insert materials are easy to clean, which facilitates the cleaning of the environment.

8. If your idea is to use the inserts that come with 3 colors, choose the same color but different shades to not let the environment polluted and dowdy. OR even choose colors that match each other and not conflict with each other lot.

9. If you want something more discreet, use only one color of the tablet. Care only with the size of the surface which will be applied as it can become a tiring composition or dull.

Bathroom Tiles Adhesive Pads On

Bathroom Tiles Adhesive Pads On

The bathroom tiles mosaic adhesive are simpler to be placed and anyone can do at home without hiring a professional expert. As they do not dirt and quickly you can leave your most beautiful bathroom to decorate the bathroom with adhesive pads is considered the best option.

The good of the bathroom tiles mosaic adhesive is that you can put on top of the existing tile, requiring no riot in the bathroom. It’s just thoroughly clean the area to be applied, taking all dust, grease, and water that may have on the surface and apply the adhesive.

Bathroom Tiles Porcelain And Ceramics

Bathroom Tiles Porcelain And Ceramics

The bathroom tiles mosaic most common to find is the porcelain or ceramic. They come in various colors, sizes, and formats. You can create drawings with the pads or simply leave monochrome, which will still give a charm to the environment.

Bathroom Tiles Glass

Bathroom Tiles Glass

There are also glass tablets, which end up being more expensive than the other existing options. There are different shapes, colors, and sizes, as well as porcelain and ceramic. You can make a mix of colors or use a color to decorate the room with bathroom tiles mosaic. Typically these glass mosaic tesserae are found in many plates with inserts ranging in size from 1x1cm to 12x12cm.

Use your creativity and transform your bathroom in an environment like the ones in magazines, without much effort and money!

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