Bathroom Vanities: Learn How to Choose Your Ideal Model!

Bathroom Vanities: Learn How to Choose Your Ideal Model!

Have you defined the details of the bathroom vanities? Be aware that bathroom vanities are protagonists as they take up a lot of space and will be the most used part.

Although they are an essential structural element, bathroom vanities can also play a crucial role in decorating.

Therefore, choosing a beautiful, comfortable, and practical model will make all the difference in your daily life. The development of new technologies and materials has brought to the market some novelties.

Bathroom vanities have been revamped to help make engaging environments. Want to know more? So keep reading!

Bathroom Vanities Trends

Bathroom Vanities Trends

Here are some of the top bathroom vanity trends that are up this year. Modern models with bright colors and rounded areas stand out in the decoration.

For those who like more discreet bathroom vanities, minimalism along with industrial style take over the market.

Bathroom Vanities Small

Bathroom Vanities Small

Small bathrooms may seem a little harder to decorate at first. However, a small, renovated bathroom can be very charming and cozy when well organized. Therefore, opting for small bathroom vanity is critical to saving space.

Although they are small, be aware that there are several super stylish and stylish models of small bathroom vanities. Also, they are super functional and will be part of your bathroom decor.

How to Organize a Small Bathroom Vanities?

How to Organize a Small Bathroom Vanities

You might think it will be impossible to put anything else in your bathroom, as space is small and does not give much choice of organization. Or moving furniture or anything inside the bathroom.

So, to solve this, you must remove everything that is not essential there in your bathroom. For that just about space for you to go putting the necessary items. The tip here is to buy bathroom vanity and decorate with small details that will leave your small bathroom decorated and beautiful.

Put in small decorative details, or use the bathroom itself as a decoration. An example is to change the tiles and the floor, the decoration objects, and so on.

Bathroom Vanities Small Tips

Bathroom Vanities Small Tips

The first tip for making your small bathroom more comfortable is to choose lighter shades. You can use the tones in the coatings and the wallpaper, for example. Or even opt for the neutral colors in the bathroom vanities.

Therefore, the white, beige, gray, and nude tones work very well and give a feeling of spaciousness and comfort in the space.

Although lighter colors are best for you, you can also opt for more vibrant tones. The key is to apply these vivid colors to just one wall for contrast.

So the super tip for small bathroom vanity is to use colors like mint green or millennial pink that are super high.

Bathroom Vanities Small With Mirror

Bathroom Vanities Small With Mirror

Another tip for small bathroom vanity is to use large mirrors on top of the bathroom vanities. Then bet on those frameless sink area mirrors that reach to the ceiling.

Position it on a vertical line. Or it fills a sink and toilet area with a horizontal line. In this way, the mirror will give an optical illusion. This creates an environment that creates a broader feeling in your bathroom.

Also, there are several models of small bathroom vanities that come with built-inn wall mirrors.

Bathroom Vanities Modern

Bathroom Vanities Modern

Modern bathroom vanities are furniture for those who already follow the contemporary line in the rest of the home. Also, the idea transforms the corner of the house that is often forgotten.

Modern bathroom vanities usually prioritize straighter shapes with more neutral colors. They are characterized by having a few decorative elements and prioritizing the functionality of the environment.

This is why modern bathroom vanities often appear in the minimalist style decor. They have elements in stainless steel, stones, and glass.

Another advantage of modern bathroom vanities is that they can also impart more warmth and personality to your environment. Without losing your style, of course!

Bathroom Vanities Rustic

Bathroom Vanities Rustic

The style of rustic decoration can be part of the ambiance of various environments. Generally, rustic bathroom vanities are composed with a rustic touch of natural materials.

Then it is possible to combine these elements with other attributes of modern decor to have an excellent visual result in a rustic bathroom.

The use of wood and stone coverings is the highlight of this style of decoration, and in the bathroom, there are no different.

In the market, there are many options for rustic bathroom vanities, with different colors, sizes, and variations.

You can find it even in the type of wood used, which may be either traditional MDF or hardwood itself. Which is also widely used in long-lasting furniture.

In short, rustic wooden bathroom vanities are a very functional item and perfect for different purposes.

Bathroom Vanities Mirror

Bathroom Vanities Mirror

Many items that are part of the decoration, besides the aesthetic character, still have grand and functional importance. Therefore, one of these items is the bathroom vanities mirrors.

The bathroom vanities mirror is the perfect example of an item that combines aesthetic visuals in decor, action, and functionality. So when choosing the type of mirror to use in your environment, you need to go beyond functionality.

So you also need to consider what style you want to go with a particular type of bathroom vanity mirror.

When decorating your bathroom with bathroom vanities mirror, analyze the style you want to give the environment. Also, choose the model that best fits the proposal. Frames (or their absence) help set the tone of the decor.

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Up to the Ceiling

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Up to the Ceiling

No matter what the style of the bathroom vanities mirror. However, one type of mirror that fits different proposals is the mirror to the ceiling.

This type of bathroom vanity mirror extends to the ceiling and can start from the countertop. Or It can also be whole from the ground.

In short, the mirror to the ceiling helps to increase the size environment. It also makes the space more modern.

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Round

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Round

A round mirror is an excellent option for bathroom vanities mirror. They are quite delicate. Also, they convey the idea of relaxation and the personality of the bathroom.

It is also worth remembering that this format combines very well for those who like modern decoration.

Bathroom Vanities Mirror With Lights

Bathroom Vanities Mirror With Lights

The mirror is an essential item in the bathroom, so it deserves extra attention when choosing. This accessory helps broaden the environment and create a beautiful look anywhere.

Therefore, it can help you to decorate: simply choose the model that matches your bathroom proposition. When you aree going to put on makeup, brush your teeth or shave your bathroom vanities, mirror lighting is essential!

Therefore, consider having a light in the mirror that is effective in accomplishing these everyday tasks. Since the leading light illuminates only superficially, leaving shadows on the face. When installing, try to keep the entire bathroom vanity well lit.

In the market, there are several models of bathroom vanities mirrors. They range from the traditional ones like the rectangular, the square. Even with the most sophisticated design.

However, you can also choose an irregularly shaped bathroom vanities mirror for a bold proposal.

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Rectangular

Bathroom Vanities Mirror Rectangular

Rectangular mirrors are featured when talking about bathroom vanities mirror. This is because they can create different environments that will depend on their positioning.

Rectangular placed in a horizontal position will convey a sense of tranquility and order.

But those who are positioned vertically will create an idea of strength and power, as well as creating the feeling of spaciousness in space.

Bathroom Vanities Tops

One element that deserves all the attention is the vanities tops. Why it reigns in the environment. Therefore, it is possible to give any style to the bathroom if you know how to choose the bathroom vanities tops well.

In this task, the account should be taken, for example, of the materials with which the workbench is made. It is also essential to analyze the material that can be of granite and marble, through porcelain and Silestone.


Bathroom Vanities Tops

Granite is super famous among architects. With a vast range of textures and colors, you can choose according to your preference.


Bathroom Vanities Tops 2

The bathroom vanities timber is more recommended for installation in toilets since such materials take much moisture.

So if you are going to use it on the workbench, you should apply a waterproofing agent once a year with marine varnish. So the wood will be preserved and resistant.


Bathroom Vanities Tops 3

Marble is a more porous stone, so it is ideal for the bathroom. Bathroom vanities marble tops have a wide range of textures and colors, as does granite. The disadvantage is a higher price.

Nanoglass and marmoglass

Bathroom Vanities Tops 4

Bathroom vanities tops of this type are nothing more than a mixture of granite and marble. In other words, they are the most expensive stones on the market, and they have that super white tone for your countertop.


Bathroom Vanities Tops 5

Porcelain tile is widely used in bathroom vanities tops. It has a particular cut for application on benches. If it is extensive, then the use of splices is required. Viewed from afar, the material visually resembles nanoglass if a white porcelain tile is used.

Silestone or Quartz Stone

The Silestone is an industrialized stone more expensive and has a wide range of colors. Therefore, an alternative to Silestone may be quartz stone. That is nothing but a more affordable version, but still more expensive than granite. Glass

For those who like transparency and easy cleaning, glass can be an excellent choice for these tops. So the tip is to choose a durable glass to support the support bowl.

Lights For Bathroom Vanities

Lights For Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom can be an easily underrated room. It is not always a priority in the decoration of a property, and the lighting of the environment ends up being only functional.

However, it is a personal space and will also be used by any guests. With that in mind, it is worth paying more attention to decor and lighting for the bathroom. So that you have a cozy room that harmonizes with the rest of the property, right?

How to position the lights ?

The basics for a well-lit bathroom (or toilet) is that it has plenty of light. So the lights for bathroom vanities should be uniforms.

In other words, they should illuminate the entire space very well, especially in the bathroom vanity. This warms the environment to a minimum (generally small and with few openings) and creates a minimum of shadows.

Also, lights should be placed, but are not required for efficient lighting.

Generally, the most commonly used lights for bathroom vanities are yellow light bulbs. For it is they who create that warm and welcoming atmosphere in space.

Finally, the lights should be used in specific and targeted places. In the area along with the tub, behind the mirror, or in niches, for example.

Bathroom Vanities with Decoration Rustic

Bathroom Vanities with Decoration Rustic

As we mentioned earlier, the rustic style is based on the purposeful composition of an environment reminiscent of country sensations. This style resembles field environments, such as farms, for example.

Among the most used materials in this style, wood, and concrete stand out, both simple to work with and with a very apparent texture and color.

Bathroom Vanities with Minimalist Decor

Bathroom Vanities with Minimalist Decor

This type of decoration features well finished finishing materials. Therefore, the use of many decorative elements is encouraged.

Among the most common colors in style, white, black, and gray, stand out. Among the materials, the use of wood, granite, and glass is recommended.

With Classic Decor

With Classic Decor

The classic décor is inspired by elements that remain in the interior ambiance. Also, over the years, this style survives changes in decorating languages.

Among the strategies, we highlight the use of mirrors, flower jars, wooden furniture, and the use of marble. In the bathroom, this style can be adopted by inserting large mirrors, plants on the countertops.

The most commonly used material is wood and marble in the bathroom vanity composition.

With Retro Decor

With Retro Decor

The retro language is based on other times, varying according to the taste and needs of the environment owner.

In general, it refers to the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, which were very important for the creation of cultural symbols. So they influenced our society to the present day. The use of the materials will depend on the reference. However, it is essential to insert in the environment the decorative elements of exuberant colors, such as red and yellow, for example.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanities?

To choose the best bathroom vanity, we must consider the layout of the main elements. In other words, the shower, toilet, cabinets, and other objects must be in harmony with the bathroom vanity.

There are various materials and styles that can be adopted, and each one aligns with a profile and a need.

Among the primary materials used in a countertop, we can mention the classic granite, for example. It has excellent moisture resistance and good color variation.

Another surefire suggestion is glass, wood, and concrete, the latter being a trend that creates a more rustic and urban look.

There is also the possibility of making the bathroom vanity with a mix of materials. This combination ensures style, beauty, and warmth to the environment.

To make it right, the bathroom vanity is a crucial element in determining bathroom quality.

Therefore, the choice of material to be offered in the store must follow criteria that favor quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

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