Birdhouse Design Creative and Easy to Assemble at Home! 2023 ❤️🏡

Birdhouse Design Creative and Easy to Assemble at Home! 2023 ❤️🏡

Find out which birdhouse models are the easiest to assemble! Have the birds in your garden with these incredible ideas news! 🐦 ❤️

Birdhouse models are invading the gardens of many people who are interested in decorating and gardening because, in addition to adding charm to your home, they also bring beautiful birds to visit you and make your day more joyful.

If the intention is to embellish and bring more vitality to gardens and balconies, for example, or to guarantee a space for living with these pets, a birdhouse will always be a great choice, since it also has an aesthetic and decorative function. Learn from My Easy Decoration the best ways to work with the piece and the most creative designs and formats that you will love!

Here is everything you will find in this article:

🏡 Creative and Easy to Assemble Birdhouse Ideas;

🏡 Beautiful birdhouse design inspirations by architects;

🏡 The ideal birdhouse model for bluebirds;

🏡 Step by step how to build a birdhouse.

Birdhouse Ideas + Creativity 🐦

Birdhouse Ideas + Creativity

Can you imagine animals cuter than birds to integrate the nature of a home ?! Their presence conveys lightness and a sense of peace, so having an exclusive corner for these little creatures, without losing their freedom, is essential. A birdhouse has more uses than we think. It serves as a refuge for the birds, brings together different birds, stores food, is a shelter for them to lay their eggs, and during the harsh climatic periods.

And the cool thing is that you can make beautiful houses yourself, with various materials and the best, spending very little! You do not believe it? Then, see the various birdhouse ideas that we separated for you to get inspired and start decorating your garden with birdhouses.

Birdhouse In Vintage Style

Birdhouse In Vintage Style

These birdhouse ideas are ideal for those with a taste for the classic. You can use old objects that you have inherited from your loved one and give him a new functionality! The birds will love it! In fact, it seems that birds like any environment like home. Look at the charm of this birdhouse in vintage style old phone, it may even contain a small feeder.

License Plates Birdhouse:

License Plates Birdhouse

The cool thing about birdhouses is that you can unleash your creativity and use various unusual materials, as in this case, in which the license plates became the roof and a doorknob made the turn of the perch.

Then, just make a little house with pieces of wood. It doesn’t take that much skill in carpentry to have these beautiful birdhouse ideas in the garden, does it?

Birdouse In Wood Stumps:

Birdouse In Wood Stumps

For colder places, birds will need birdhouse ideas made with more resistant materials and also that work as a thermal insulator, such as wood.

You can use wooden stumps to build this beautiful birdhouse in wood stumps, see how the bird is loving this new and warm home.

Ceramic Birdhouse:

Ceramic Birdhouse

Exquisite, the pottery gives a special touch to the garden. It is found in specialized houses. Besides drinking tea, what do you use your ceramic teapot for? You can now use it as a creative birdhouse.

Isn’t that a charm? To make it cozier, you can take a walk with branches. I bet the birds will love this space in your garden.

Birhouse Reusing Materials:

Birhouse Reusing Materials

The environmentally friendly house is made with recycled material and other sustainable materials.

Following the trend of sustainability, choose an unused object from your residences, such as cups, kettle, and gourds, and lined with coconut fiber.

Birdouse With Corks:

Birdouse With Corks

If you are a wine lover, why not reuse old corks to make a beautiful birdhouse with corks with them?

Extremely charming, I am sure that the birds in your garden will follow this style of birdhouse ideas.

Birhouse In Popsicle Stick:

Birhouse In Popsicle Stick

Who doesn’t like a delicious popsicle on hot summer days, right? But have you ever thought about reusing the toothpick after the ice cream runs out? Well, there are several ways to make birdhouse with popsicle stick and for that, it is enough to put creativity into play and hands-on.

And contrary to what you might think, there is no need to go around sucking popsicles like there is no tomorrow. In craft and stationery stores it is very easy to find packages with several units of popsicle sticks, usually between 50 and 100 units, which helps a lot those who intend to elaborate larger projects made of crafts with popsicle sticks.

Birdhouse Design: A Touch of Modern Architecture 🐦

Birdhouse Design: A Touch of Modern Architecture

Dogs and cats are always the best pets with different beds and cottages, often designed by world-famous architecture firms. Californian Douglas Barnhard, however, thought outside the box to build models of birdhouse design and they have modernist influences!

Douglas Barnhard is the owner of the decoration company Sourgrassbuilt, designs and builds birdhouse design. Built with reused materials, their designs are inspired by mid-20th-century modernism and pay homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, Joseph Eichler, and Bauhaus, although they also feature elements that reflect California’s rich surf and skate culture.

Birdhouse Design: A Touch of Modern Architecture 2

The creations were very successful, and Barnhard founded Sourgrassbuilt, launching collections of birdhouses inspired by great modernist architects such as Frank Lloyd and Joseph Eichler. Also, the mini-structures have colorful walls, vertical gardens, and ceilings with succulents, built-in gutters for food, perches, and even pools!

The Highlight For The Birdhouse Design Made With Bamboo

The Highlight For The Birdhouse Design Made With Bamboo

Nature architects create nests for themselves, on the other hand, these detailed pieces, made of teak, bamboo, or plywood, offer a bridge with modernism and can be installed in your garden. Some of the models available include vegetable walls and spaces to place food to attract birds – the real users of these small architectures.

The Highlight For The Birdhouse Design Made With Bamboo 2

Some types of birdhouse design with bamboo are influenced by the design precepts disseminated by the Bauhaus school between 1919 and 1933, presenting an orthogonal and very rigid design.

The region’s surfing and skate culture are mixed with modern lines at Kauai House, whose design shows a strong relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Therefore, the bamboo birdhouse is inspired by the Japanese Tea Garden, while the Mixed Media Birdhouse, although made of the same material, mixes inspiration from Bauhaus, Eichler, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Birdhouse For Blue Birds 🐦🏡

BirdHouse For Blue Birds

The Eastern Bluebird and there is a Western species as well. But the Eastern Bluebird is found throughout the eastern part of the US and Canada and down into central Mexico. They need a especial birdhouse for blue birds and breed in the state, but they migrate to warmer climates during the winter.

They’re sexually dimorphic, which means the males look quite different than the females, the males are going to be brighter in color, bright blue, both heads, tails and backs and their wings and then chestnut or red sides and their throats will be a reddish color. And then the females are drabber in color. They’re a light grayish-blue color, but you can still see some of that blue on their tails and on their wings.

What Is The Best Birdhouse For Bluebirds?

What Is The Best Birdhouse For Bluebirds?

To make sure you select a plan designed for the species you have in mind they should be durable. The birdhouse for bluebirds should be made out of untreated wood, so usually, pine or cedar, the inside of the house needs to stay dry so we often recommend a sloped roof and drainage holes are often at the bottom of the nest box as well. And then the interior walls should have a rough texture to them so you can either kind of scratch them up or use a rougher textured wood with that so that the young nestlings can climb out of the box and fledge.

If you already have a birdhouse for bluebirds out, you must clean them out. So you want to remove last year’s nest. And sometimes over winter, you have a mouse as a houseguest and you want to get that nest out of there as well. So now’s the perfect time to go and clean out any existing boxes, put up your new ones, and await the arrival of the Eastern Bluebird.

Birdhouse: How to Build? 🐦 🌈

Birdhouse: How to Build?

You may be asking yourself: Now that I know a little more about the birdhouse subject, how to build?

One of the first options for those who want to know how to build a birdhouse at home is the purchase of a model in MDF, which can be found in haberdashery and craft stores, and allows the use of various decoration techniques, such as painting, decoupage, and much more.

The birdhouse made with wood can have a more rustic shape and finish or it can be made with a lot of details and painting. The key is to create a structure with walls and enough space for the birds. Remember to add a large hole so that the bird can enter the birdhouse.

A few boards are enough to make a very simple birdhouse. Build your little house and after ready decorate the way you like best.

Before looking good, the birdhouse has to be resistant and of quality:

Use water-resistant wood, like oak or beech, as well as water-resistant plywood. Place the birdhouse at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from the ground, to protect birds from predators (such as cats). For better protection from rain, it is advisable to place the birdhouse on the north side of the tree.

See everything you will need:

In this example, we will adopt a size suitable for small birds, such as finches and its mills. A 15 cm wide board may be sufficient for all the walls of the birdhouse. The ideal thickness is approximately 20 mm. The roof must have a slope that allows the water to drain.

1. 1 rear wall 38 cm long

2. 2 sidewalls measuring 22×26 cm

3. 1 roof 18 cm long (or a little more to ensure water drainage)

4. 1 front wall 23 cm long and an entrance hole with 32 mm in diameter

5. 1 base 12 cm long

6. 1 support post with a pre-drilling (if possible, placed in the birds’ flight line)

7. wood glue

8. nails

9. screws

Build Birdhouse Step By Step

Set The Size Of The Entry Of The Birdhouse:

Build  Birdhouse Step By Step

The type of birds you will attract depends on the size of the house and the entrance hole. For birds like finches and chickadees, the ideal diameter for entry is 3.2 cm; for rooks and crows, it should be 15 cm.

Step 2: Saw The Wood To Measure

Step 2: Saw The Wood To Measure

Mark the dimensions of the pieces on the board and saw them in the appropriate size for each case.

Step 3: Finish Off The Wooden Pieces

Step 2: Saw The Wood To Measure

Smooth the sawn edges with sanding paper.

Step 4: Drill the entry hole

Step 4: Drill the entry hole

Using a 32 mm hole saw, drill 18 cm from the bottom edge of the front board. To prevent the wood from splintering when being worked, place the board on a piece of wood that remains. Drill the board and, when you notice that it has reached the wood that is being used as a base, drill a little more. This will give you a smoother finish.

Step 5: Assemble The Side Panels Of The Birdhouse

Step 5: Assemble The Side Panels Of The Birdhouse

Mount the side panels against the rear wall, using water-resistant wood glue, nails, and screws. To avoid splinters, pre-drill the wood. Then, pre-drill the holes for mounting the birdhouse.

Step 6: Assemble The Front Panel

Step 6: Assemble The Front Panel

Attach the front panel to the side panels, using water-resistant wood glue, nails, and screws.

Step 7: Place The Roof

Step 7: Place The Roof

Saw, scrape or file the rear roof panel with a 20 ° tilt. Thus, the roof will fit better on the rear wall.

Step 8: Finishing The Housebird

Step 8: Finishing The Housebird

If desired, place hinges on the rear of the roof. You can also mount additional boards under the roof. These boards must be 5 mm less than the internal dimensions of the walls and the front so that the roof is more or less fixed. Then cover the roof of the birdhouse with roofing felt or laminated lead.

Step 9: Base

Step 9: Base

To allow the water to drain, drill several 10 mm holes in the base of the birdhouse. An alternative to the circular entrance is to place the front panel lower so that the birds can enter. The advantage of this option is to allow different types of birds to use the house.

Step 10: Birdhouse Décor:

After making the structure of the birdhouse you can choose how to paint it or line it. It is possible to use adhesive printed fabric or even adhesive decorated paper. To paint your wooden birdhouse you can use any water-based paint. There are some great alternatives like PVA paint and acrylic paint. Remembering that the acrylic paint has a brighter finish. PVA ink is matte.

Another way to make the birdhouse look pretty is just by applying varnish or bitumen. The varnish works well to waterproof the house and increase its durability. And bitumen is perfect for giving your house a vintage look.

What Is The Ideal Place For The Bird House?

What Is The Ideal Place For The Bird House?

The decorative effect of the birdhouse deserves a separate chapter, as this is a versatile piece and it adorns delicately. One of its advantages is that it takes up little space in the decoration, being small and, at the same time, graceful. Thus, they are ideal decorative objects for apartments, where they can be hung on the balcony.

To decorate the external area of houses, such as gardens or leisure areas, a birdhouse is perfect when attached to fences, trees, and even on top of the beams to support networks. As for the models, there are simple birdhouses, without colors and details, and the most ornate, with painting and roof, with doors, windows, fences, chimneys, and even a “welcome” message!

In the composition of the landscaping of a green area, another feature helps a lot choose de ideal place for the birdhouse and mix the birdhouse with other design elements: the material with which it is produced: wooden houses give a vintage and cozy look; bamboo is lighter; ceramic ones offer elegance and are more resistant; recyclable ones are rustic and refer to the retro. Another example of adornment is the birdhouse sticker, which helps to compose the environment with style and charm.

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