Black and White: 17 Ideas That Spill Over This Year's Trends ♥

Black and White: 17 Ideas That Spill Over This Year's Trends ♥

We can say that black and white is the most impactful and versatile combination of colors.

It is with it that we create an environment with personality and sophistication. Therefore, it passed the time when this tone was seen as a melancholy color for decoration.

Nowadays, black and white are very well used to give grandeur and modernity to the room.

This combination can be applied in a classic or contemporary style without risk. Besides, black and white in the decoration, when used correctly, bring balance and sophistication to space where they are inserted.

Another advantage for black and white it also adapts to different types of prints. From floral to geometric, it can be used in everything. Have you ever wanted to use it at home? Get inspired with our news and tips!

Black And White Decoration In The Living Room

Black And White Decoration In The Living Room

This is a classic color combination! However, there is a method for black and white in the living room decoration to be successful.

The secret is balance. Choose the sharpest blacks and whites for the perfect contrast. And for the transition between the two tones, use materials such as wood or metals.

The contrast between black and white opens the opportunity to highlight details in your environment, such as chandeliers or other decorative objects that deserve special attention.

A little color inside the black and white decorating palette goes really well. In fact, it can make your room even more charming. Small details in flowers can be the perfect bet.

More Black Or White?

More Black Or White?

To find the balance between black and white, the first step is to think about the environment. Rooms are common areas, with a large circulation of people. So they need to be a well-lit space.

Therefore, the idea is that in this room, white predominates, especially if the place is not so big.

Since white enlarges the environment and it is more difficult to get sick or outdated, paint the walls that color. The furniture can be dark. Even the floor. In this case, the secret is to throw a light carpet over it.

Avoid combining black on top of the black, and the same goes for white. Doing so will cause a monotonous feeling without creating the elegant contrast of these two colors.

Is The Black And White Idea To Dare In The Style Of The Living Room?

Is The Black And White Idea To Dare In The Style Of The Living Room?

Do you have a vast room and want to do something different using black and white in the living room?

In this case, there are several possibilities, and everything will depend on the creativity of the resident or professional who is setting up the decoration.

One tip is to paint one of the walls black. Depending on the style you choose, you can even opt for gray paint that mimics a blackboard. That way, it will be possible to write on it with chalk making different drawings every day, always giving a new face to the environment.

Another possibility is to bet on these style wallpapers. Choose experimental designs if you want a more daring or striped look if the idea is to follow a modern but sober style.

If you are also going to innovate on the floor, the idea is that the walls are white so as not to create a confusing decoration, with a lot of information.

Don’t Want To Overdo The Black And White Style In The Living Room?

Don’t Want To Overdo The Black And White Style In The Living Room?

If the proposal is to create a clean environment, without many contrasts, then it is the details that will make the difference. The room can be all white. Floor, walls, and even some furniture. However, they will gain a little more sophistication with a black sofa, for example.

The TV panel can be made more charming by combining with the style. Black objects like lamps, vases, trinkets will also make a difference in contrast with the walls and floors.

Even black and white wallpaper can be applied in this case. What will make the environment more classic or contemporary is the choice of design?

Black and White Combinations In The Living Room

Black and White Combinations In The Living Room

The idea is to leave the whole room decorated only in black and white. But, if you use mirrors, or insert a single object of another intense color, such as yellow, into the environment, the room will look even more elegant.

When placing other elements within the black and white decoration, this combination is highlighted.

So invest in a reddish flower pot, a blue pillow, a yellow lamp, or a mirrored wall. And remember, it must be a single detail.

Now that you have checked all these tips abuse your creativity and make your black and white room a real work of art!

How To Decorate Bedroom Black And White?

How To Decorate Bedroom Black And White?

You may want a black room, but it has the lightness of white, and we will show you many inspirations of a black and white room as well.

Both black and white are neutral colors, but quite distinct from each other. When decorating a black and white room, it is necessary to know how to use balance and common sense so that the environment is pleasant and beautiful.

How To Decorate Bedroom Black And White 2

White can be the basis for decorating the double bedroom. You can have a room with a black wall, for example, but use the furniture and other white objects.

If you prefer you can use black only in details such as curtains for the bedroom, lamp, bed linen and pillow, keeping white in the rest of the room. So you will have a beautiful and well-lit room.

But do not think that the decoration of the black and white room must always be modern. Investing in a classic decoration in a black and white bedroom is a guarantee of refinement and a lovely place.

Black And White Kitchen

Black And White Kitchen

The contrast between light and dark is a classic combination that never goes wrong. The secret is knowing how to measure the correct color tones and create a visual weight balance in the environment.

Therefore, what can vary according to the size of the kitchen and the use of other accessories.

Simple kitchen

Simple kitchen

For those who are afraid to dare or want to start in black and white decoration more slowly.

The ideal is to bet on white as the basis of the colors in the kitchen and the other details in black. From accessories to towels, pots, among others.

Other colors that are also striking amid black and white may also be welcome, such as a red towel on the dining table or a yellow lamp in the kitchen. What about?

The main tip is to make your kitchen all white and adhere to new accessories over time in black.

Black And White Modern Kitchen

Black And White Modern Kitchen

Regardless of size, for a modern black and white kitchen, the choice of furniture design must be paramount.

This should be more linear, minimalist, without many details, leaving only the colors balanced between black and white because of the beauty.

Details in gray, as in the colors of the appliances or iron of some table or chairs in the integrated environment, also reinforce the middle ground between the colors, as well as modern as well.

And never forget: An environment is super well lit, so invest in bright lights throughout the kitchen, including lights recessed below the upper cabinets.

Black And White Bathroom

Black And White Bathroom

The decoration of your bathroom should be well thought out, as it involves very complex work, and not to miss the colors, surely the black and white bathroom is the right choice.

The colors black and white are the wild cards in any room of your house, as they combine very well with the other colors and also close very well together.

For bathrooms, they are the most traditional and used colors, as they are easy to combine with small details in the decoration, as well as they are easy to clean and keep beautiful over time.

You should take a little care when decorating your bathroom with black and white.

You must dose the quantity of each color well, as well as the shades of black, to avoid having a bathroom with a very loaded decoration.

How To Decorate The Bathroom With Black And White

How To Decorate The Bathroom With Black And White

To help you in the mission of decorating your black and white bathroom in a harmonious and sophisticated way, we have separated below a small list with some of the most used styles with the combination of black and white:

Very details

The motto of minimalist decor is “less is more.” This is a clean and functional style, which gives a sophisticated atmosphere to the environment through a few elements.

Burnt cement and some pendants: one of the darlings of contemporary decor, the industrial decoration allows the contrast between concrete.

For this reason, the tiles that resemble more urban finishes, brick, and a more “rustic” finish with sophisticated furniture and decoration.

Granny’s house tile

The retro or vintage decoration allows you to use floors and/or tiles, hydraulic tiles, or whatever you like with prints and textures recovered from childhood memories or even older references.

This touch of nostalgia helps to give more irreverence or make the environment cozier, everything will depend on your purposes.

All lined up

All lined up

If you like everything well organized, another possibility in contemporary decor is the geometric style, which helps us to create points of interest within the environment without making them too crowded.

Black And White Decoration In A Concept and History

Black And White Decoration In A Concept and History

There is a maxim in the decoration that says, “any environment can use a touch of black.”

This statement may seem strange, if we consider a pastel-colored environment, for example, but think about it for a minute. Including the color black in the design adds a focal point that gives a sophisticated look to the environment.

Using black in accessories, lamps, finishes, painting, or in a prominent piece of furniture helps to highlight specific points and refine any decoration scheme. Black, by itself, is impressive!

But, to achieve even more elegance in the décor, mixing black with white is a good option. The black and white decor gives the rooms a fresh, clean, and sophisticated look.

The style is a harmonious combination of colors for any style of decoration. Contemporary interiors often combine black and white with refined metals.

The French style of decoration has a strong influence on this combination of colors thanks to the stylish Coco Chanel, famous for trying black and white in women’s clothing during the 1930s.

Tips For Getting It Right In Black And White

Tips For Getting It Right In Black And White

Decorating in black and white it is contemporary. It can be applied in almost any type of environment, resulting in an elegant atmosphere.

But it is necessary to use common sense not to tend to one of the two colors at the expense of the other, causing an imbalance in the interior design.

Black porcelain tiles in the right measure, contrary to what many people think, do not “close” or “diminish” the environment.

And white coatings, famous for influencing the perception of the range of environments, can make the place “dull” if used in the wrong way.

Tones and decor

The composition of black and white can be combined with vibrant tones in tablets or details, such as red, yellow, orange, and turquoise.

In rustic environments, white and black have the function of further highlighting the wooden elements.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “black goes with everything.” While it is more about clothing colors, it can also be applied to interior decoration.

The style decor involves the use of appropriate furniture tones and simple shapes. Still, it gives you the freedom to experiment with all shades of neutral colors or to accentuate the design of the environment with sharp and bright colors.

Even if the primary colors of the decoration are concentrated in black and white porcelain tiles, it is possible to bet on the tone-on-tone combination or to use contrasting colors in the details of the environment, to give life and a special touch to the place.

In this harmonization, plants, pictures, pillows, rugs, curtains, and other decorative objects can be used.

The Use Of Porcelain Black And White Tiles

The Use Of Porcelain Black And White Tiles

The style decor in the bathroom, for example, can benefit from the application of black porcelain tiles on the floors and walls.

Because they increase the sensation of the height of the right foot, due to the ability that dark colors have to “open their eyes” when used in conjunction with light colors, such as white porcelain tiles.

Some extra tips:

• So that the environment is not cold, use cozy elements in the decoration: yellow lights, furniture, plants or materials that refer to the natural;

• To not only use black and white but also add details in yellow, pink, caramel, red, or purple to create a striking look. Keeping black and white prominent, however, guarantees an elegant effect;

• Mirrors are exciting decorative features to use in conjunction with the black color to influence the perception of the amplitude of the environment to a greater extent;

• In order not to leave the monotonous climate, it is possible to mix smooth patterns, textures prints in the decoration, varying white, and black tones.

Optical illusion and space: tones

In a dark-clad room, for example, light and neutral furniture are crucial elements to bring lightness to the environment.

Besides, dark colors can also collaborate to increase visual perception and, when used well in a project, create the illusion of depth and space gain.

This optical illusion can be especially useful in small outdoor areas. To increase the perception of size in the environment, using black porcelain tile on the wall is the right way out.

Black walls inside the house are also an exciting feature. Dark colors “keep away” the viewer, so black can visually increase space.

Thus they create a good contrast with the rest of the decoration, valuing the brightness and the points of light in the environment.

This classic style decoration is a real wild card. Still, it is also a combination of colors that requires visual planning and balance for an excellent final result.

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