Blue Flowers Names: The Most Desired of 2022 ❤️


For those who are attenuated on social networks realized how much blue flowers are the favorites of the moment! Yes, they are everywhere. Whether in the home garden, at parties and events, the flowers in this shade have become the darlings!

We at My Easy Decoration did a long research and together with the professionals in the area we separated the best blue flowers names for you to be inspired!

So know that blue flowers exert a great fascination for people, mainly because they are rare. This arouses curiosity and interest. They are widely used as gifts and certainly surprise those who receive them. They are also offered as a declaration of love, as well as to convey feelings of gratitude, admiration, and respect.

♥ Meaning of Blue Flowers


In addition to being a symbol of romantic nostalgia, the blue flower is associated with the mystical, with the act of conquering something impossible, with what is unattainable. So the blue flower means dream, utopia, mystery, and the infinite.

Blue itself is a cold color and can designate indifference and disinterest. However, it also relates to tranquility, confidence, harmony, and loyalty, generating a calming and relaxing effect. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the blue flower can have different meanings, among which it also changes due to the cultural issue.

In Japan, blue flowers are symbols of admiration, gratitude, respect, and love. The blue flower can also be associated with moments of mourning, as well as the white flowers that are commonly the representation of death and the rituals of passage. Because it is rare, the blue flower is even more desired.

If you think of adding a blue flower in some corner of your home, try to avoid darker tones to avoid arousing nostalgia or melancholy, ok? Anyway, this variety of the flower can be great in decoration for meditation and rest.

♥ Meet Now the most Beautiful Blue Flower Names of Nature:

There are more than 50 blue flowers names that you can plant in your garden! But here we separate only those that have become a trend!

♥ Blue Flowers Orchid:


It enchants our eyes with its stunning beauty and still beautifies any place it passes. Blue flowers orchid are one of the most sought after flowers, and for this reason, they deserve special care and information. After all, why are we so enchanted by these flowers?

The meaning:

The bluish tones represent tranquility and peace. Therefore, offering blue flowers orchid is synonymous with the desires of harmony to the person who loves one another. Other than that, color conveys confidence, loyalty, and gratitude. So, how about showing off the meaning of blue orchids and showing your feelings with these glamorous blue flowers orchid?

How blue flowers orchid came about

Unlike all other orchids, blue ones are not found in nature. They emerged from new technology. Of Dutch and patented origin, it is based on a technique of infusing blue ink into the stem of a Phalaenopsis orchid that is originally white in color.

Upon receiving this application of blue paint, the plant begins to color its flowers. The technique does not cause any harm to the orchids, and after the end of the bloom, the following flowers will return to being white.

How to care for blue flowers orchid?

It is necessary to pay attention to some special care:

1. Water once or twice a week, either by adding ice cubes or adding water and letting it drain for 15 seconds, to ensure that they are wet. Before that, it is important to always check if the root is wet, to prevent the plant from “drowning”.
2. Keep in a well-ventilated place without direct sunlight.
3. Fertilize the blue flowers orchid every 3 or 4 weeks with 10-10-10 fertilizers.
4. Without exposing yourself to extreme heat, give preference to windows and bright spaces.
5. With care like this, blue orchids can have flowers for up to 3 months, although the flowering time can vary a lot, with 30 days being the minimum average time.

♥ Other Dark Blue Flowers:



The daughter of the wind, messenger of a threatened love. The anemone was one of the dark blue flowers full of symbolism in ancient Greece and whose name means “the daughter of the wind”. If we ignore mythology, Zephyr, the wind god who announces spring, fell in love with a nymph, whom his jealous wife turned into a flower. Today, its symbolism is translated by an intense, but fragile, momentary, or threatened love.

How to care for them?

Anemone is one of the delicate dark blue flowers that will look great in any flower arrangement. To preserve them better, it is advisable that they are separated from any heat source and that the water is changed daily.

They also do very well in pots. It is a flower that resists very well on the balcony, on the terrace, and in the garden, even in winter, if you are in an area that is not too cold. Either way, try to protect the plant from frost and extreme temperatures. If you are going to plant in the garden, make sure the soil is well-drained.

Many of the species of this flower sprout in the spring and in late summer you can already collect the bulbs. The time to plant tubers starts in October and ends now in January. So, if you want to have your terraces full of anemones in the spring, you better hurry to plant them.



This short bush forms pretty and fragrant blue flowers that have the color of the sky and the sea. It is often used as a ground cover due to its relatively low height and quickly spread and is a very good option to be used as a foundation cover for taller plants.

It prefers well-drained soil and enjoys limited sunlight, so it is a good idea to plant it on a partial shade where it will still have its sunshine but will also be protected from burning.

However, once the roots and the plant are well established, they are well resistant to drought and need less than moderate watering, which makes it very easy to grow and care.

Hyacinth Flower


Hyacinth is one of the dark blue flowers of Asian origin that symbolizes the sadness and the delicacy of feelings, being very common in wakings in Central Asia. Its mild aroma gives rise to several French perfumes and can look great in outdoor gardens since the plant has an average length that reaches 20 to 50 centimeters.The plant prefers the cold and does not usually adapt to hot regions.

What is your favorite blue flower? It can combine with indoor environments with modern or traditional decoration and you can even create floral arrangements with other plants. Comment with us with your opinion.

Blue Rose

The blue rose was created artificially by genetic variations. Like roses in general, this option also seeks to express romanticism among people. The blue rose is a symbol of trust, fidelity, discretion, and affection. If you have a rose bush at home you can color white roses with a blue tint.

♥ Light Blue Flowers



Hydrangeas deserve more paragraphs in the delicate mission of talking about light blue flowers. The botanical name of these flowers of Japanese and Chinese origin is Hydrangeas.

The color of the hydrangeas varies depending on the pH of the soil, the place of planting, and the care dedicated to plants. So much so that we can find hydrangea in shades of lilac, white and pink.

Although they appear delicate, they are resistant flowers and usually last a long time after they bloom.

In addition to long life, hydrangeas have another differential about other ornamental plants: they bloom together. What provides a harmonious and unforgettable look at the gardens.



The Delphiniums are the stars of a select group of flowers capable of exhibiting the rare blue color. Although blue, pink, and purple can also be found in colors, blue Delphiniums are the most known and admired.

They are typical plants of the northern hemisphere, and can also be found in mountainous regions of tropical Africa. Delphiniums belong to the Ranunculaceae family, the same as Ranunculi,

About 300 species are belonging to the genus Delphinium, named after its nectary (nectar-producing gland), whose shape resembles that of a dolphin (from Greek delphís and Latin delphiniums). Most of the varieties found in the current market are made up of hybrids, with the participation of Delphinium being the predominant one.

Although beautiful, the Delphiniums produce toxic substances in all parts of the plant and must be kept out of the reach of children and pets. In countries in the northern hemisphere, these light blue flowers usually decorate gardens, like borders. However, cultivation is considered difficult.


These light blue flowers can be grown in the garden, in pots it is suitable for growing on terraces and balconies. Absolutely avoid water stagnation and humectant, with water at room temperature. For cultivation in pots, possibly expose in an area protected from the wind. It does not require special care.


In the environment, it grows wild in areas all over the world and is a light blue flower that particularly attracts bees.


It has some properties that have made it sought after as a plant for the purpose of herbal medicine. In particular, for the treatment of conjunctivitis, but also for its tonic and stimulant.


It is mainly used as an additional drug for creating tea mixtures. More rarely used as a bitter digestive.


Thanks to the delicate light blue flowers, they represent a symbol of sweetness, in the language of flowers, it means happiness and lightness. The juice extracted from its petals is used to create blue paint for watercolors. The petals of these flowers are very suitable for the preparation of fragrant potpourri around the house. The color of the petals is spectacular and unique, in fact, gave the name to the type of blue.

♥ Blue Flowers Bouquet


Blue flowers bouquet, as with a yellow bridal bouquet, can be the highlight of your look because it is a very intense color. With this shade, it is good to invest in a simple wedding dress, as this strong color carries a lot of looks.

It can be all composed of identical flowers (yielding a more uniform classic arrangement) or bring together different species generating a more stripped production with varying shades of blue.

Blue dots

If you want a smoother look, the idea is to use color in some details of the bouquet. In this case, blue may be present in some flowers or on the ribbon that surrounds the stems and combine with other details of the bride’s look: if you chose a colorful wedding shoe, blue may be the perfect option for you!

Beach bouquet

There is nothing that makes you feel more than using the color of the sea in the unions that happen on the beach, and in addition to blue wedding decoration, the bride can also carry this style of the blue flowers bouquet until she reaches the altar. To compose a blue bouquet in the beach style, we advise you to use flowers and leaves of tropical species – blue orchids and dolphins are great choices.

Country bouquet

For a style of rustic blue flowers bouquet with wild airs, make use of other warm colors to accompany the blue. Yellow, pink, and small flowers (lavender and are guaranteed choices when assembling a bouquet of field flowers with the presence of blue.

Classic Bouquet

Classic brides should opt for traditional models (like the round) formed by flowers of a single species or a single color. In this case, the champions of choice are the hydrangeas and blue roses that are traditional options for wedding flowers.

Vintage bouquet

As we always advise the use of pastel tones for a romantic composition, in the case of the blue flowers bouquet it would be no different. If you want to know for yourself how to make a perfect wedding bouquet, we also advise you to mix pastel shades of blue with those of other colors to create a perfect delicate arrangement for vintage lovers, and the same advice goes for blue suits.
Guests, for example, who opt for a blue party dress should also be careful with the harmony of colors.

Always keep in mind also that there are other ways to insert it in your celebration, in addition to the bride’s look: from invitations to the wedding cake, blue can be present in all the details of the big day!

♥ Occasions to Gift with Blue Flowers


Blue flowers are offered in various situations. It can be offered with other items in beautiful packagings, such as breakfast baskets, teddy bears, books, etc. See what are the best moments to gift blue flowers:

● wedding anniversary: it is linked to infinite love;
● anniversary: for symbolizing intensity and devotion;
● mourning: used in mourning situations because it is associated with death and passage rituals;
● Valentine’s Day: for the same reason as the wedding, infinite love;
● for thanks: it is related to feelings of gratitude.

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