Bridal Shower Games Funny To Escape The Obvious! +Prizes❤️

Bridal Shower Games Funny To Escape The Obvious! +Prizes❤️

Nobody wants guests to be bored that day, so bridal shower games are an excellent alternative to cheer up the staff.

The first thing you need to set is the tea time (2h, 3h or more hours). Opt for at least 2 or 3 games to not get tiring and that everyone has time to talk, eat quietly, and have fun.

Ah! Knowing the guests well, look for games that best fit their profile. It is a delicate task, but important to not embarrass anyone. Check out a list of prizes and prizes to inspire you and make your bridal shower memorable!

Bridal Shower Games Funny:

Bridal Shower Games Funny

Check now the best bridal shower games funny suggestions that you can choose:

1. Love Story

Each bride and groom have to tell their version of the couple’s love story, while friends and family, one at a time, suggest objects or situations to be used in the story.

2. Knowing your love’s hand

With the participation of everyone at the party, two lines are formed separating men from women. These types of funny bridal shower games work with the newlyweds trying to guess which hand is your future husband or wife.

When you think it’s the right hand, you need to put a toy ring or any ring on your chosen finger. If you get it wrong, the bride and groom need to pay a mico.

3. What celebrity am I?

Stick a celebrity’s name on the back of each guest. The idea is that each guest tries to find out what celebrity she is, only by asking questions whose answer can only be yes or no.

4. Warming up ice

A few hours before the party, the person who is organizing the tea needs to fill up some ice pans. Before taking them to the freezer, she must place a small plastic piece inside each box. When all the guests are present, each receives an ice cube in a plastic cup.

No one can touch the ice with their hands or any other object, it is also prohibited to remove it from the glass. The person can only warm the glass with his hands or with any other part of the body. Whoever drops the ice is disqualified. In the end, the first one who manages to melt it and deliver the piece wins a prize.

5. Image and action

This is one of the most requested bridal shower games funny. The event organizer writes the name of a wedding film on each role and divides the guests into two teams. Each participant takes a piece of paper and mimics it or draws it so that the others can guess the name of the film.

The maximum response time is one minute. If no one on the team gets it right, the points go to the other group. The team that wins the game gains the right to impose a penalty on the losing team.

6. Hot potato

This kind of bridal shower games funny everyone knows, right? The difference is that you will put fun props (hat, glasses, shower cap, strange clothes, etc.) in boxes (one prop in each box).

At each round, a box is passed from hand to hand between the guests, to the sound of a song. When the music stops, the guest with the box in hand should dress / wear/iron / eat what’s inside.

7. Classifieds

This one is very funny and helps the bride to share the monkeys because they all participate! At the beginning of the party, each guest receives a sheet of paper on which she must write something she wants to get rid of (shoes, car, bicycle, etc.) setting up a classified ad with her qualities, condition, etc.

After everyone has done this ask them to form a circle where everyone should read their ads replacing the name of the product with the name of the groom/boyfriend/husband/brother/father. It’s really funny!

8. Who sings worse?

This type of funny bridal shower games can be done in two ways. It can serve as a punishment for the game of guessing the gift or be a game to liven up the guests. The idea is to choose the music and style that those who sing the least like. If the bride and groom get the gift right, the guest sings the song.

9. I never

The organizer distributes the same amount of M & M’s or peanuts to the guests and suggests that they form a circle.

Starting with the bride, she describes a situation or something she never did, for example: “I never dyed my hair”. Guests who have dyed their hair eat an M&M and so on. At the end of the game, whoever has more, that is, ingested less M & M’s, win a gift.

10. He said – She said

Ask the bride and groom what they think about matters like love and marriage. Then write down several funny and random quotes from them. At tea, guests have to guess whether the phrases were said by the bride, groom, or both and mark the correct option. The fun thing is to give two signs, one in the form of a mustache and the other in the form of a mouth so that the guests inform the option they deem correct. Whoever makes mistakes pays a penalty.

Meet Some More Bridal Shower Games Ideas You Will Love!

Meet Some More Bridal Shower Games Ideas You Will Love

11. The Spell Turns Against the Sorceress

Ask the guests to create gifts for the bride to pay and write down on paper. Do not forget to inform you that all papers must be signed. The purpose of these bridal shower games ideas is for each to pay their own punishment. The person who wrote that the bride should dance with a broom, for example, is the one who will dance!

12. Designers: A Creative Bridal Shower Games Ideas!

Divide the guests into 3 groups and give them raw materials to create a bridal look (toilet paper, crepe, TNT, makeup, artificial flowers, masking tape, tiaras, carnival mask, etc.).

Teams will have 20 minutes to create a dress. There will be a parade and the bride will be the judge (or the model).

13. Stock Bingo

Purse bingo is a bridal shower game ideas that women will love! Each guest places the bag in front of them while someone reads a list of things that can be found in a women’s bag.

Whoever takes the item out of his bag first wins a prize (alternatively, whoever doesn’t take out pays a gift). Start the list with normal items like lipstick or a brush, and put very different items at the end, like a needle or toothbrush.

14. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Him or her? (with men)

Days before the tea happens, someone in charge of the organization asks questions of the couple and writes everything on paper. It may be questions and answers or phrases that they have mentioned. Then, everything is written down in several individual papers, with speeches from the bride and groom, everything is inside a box. On tea day, one person on the team takes one paper at a time and reads to guests who need to guess whether he or she said that phrase. And whoever misses, gets a gift.

15. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Who is the groom?

Gather the men present and place them around the bride. Blindfolded, she must guess who her fiance is. To make it difficult, try to put those who have the same height in the groom, to really confuse. Ah! They cannot speak at any time, lest she recognizes the voice.

16. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Love Quiz

This game has become very popular, here the bride and groom sit with their backs to each other. Someone asks a question of the couple, who need to write their answers on board, with a few seconds to answer. Both should raise the board together when the time is up. If one of the two misses, he must pay a penalty.

17. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Gogoboy Groom

Imagine the scene! The bride is blindfolded and the bridesmaids say there will be a surprise for her, a dancer (go-go boy) to liven up the party. But in fact, it is the groom who enters and (if he wants) can dance for the bride.

18. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Hunt

Separate friends into teams and give them a list of things they need to find by the end of the party. You can hide random things before tea or ask them to find their luck. If you think gymkhana is a child’s thing, you were wrong! May the best team win!

19. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Forbidden words

Choose three words that cannot be said during the party. When the guests arrive, each one receives five clips, but it can be something else, like beans, for example.

When talking to each other, forbidden words cannot be pronounced. Each time the participants spoke a prohibited word, they must hand over a clip to the person with whom they were talking. The purpose of this game is to make sure that you get as many clips as possible. Whoever receives more clips wins a gift.

20. Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Wedding ring

This game is for singles and earns a good laugh. Combine with the ball to put several ribbons under the cake, but on one of these ribbons, it must tie a ring (of fake) on the end. Whoever takes the ring will be the next to get married.

21: Bridal Shower Games Ideas: Customize the bride’s apron

Assemble a basket with fabric glue, themed buttons, letters, pens, scraps, threads, ribbons, and ask the guests to customize an apron for the bride. It will be a lovely reminder of the bridal shower.

11 Bridal Shower Games Prizes Your Guests Will Love!

Bridal Shower Games Prizes Your Guests Will Love

The hostess of the bridal shower will have all of the activities ready for their guests to enjoy. There will be competitive games and should be wonderful prizes. There are so many bridal shower games prizes ideas out there to choose from.

1. Flowers And Plants Are Always Welcome!

Flowers And Plants Are Always Welcome

Now, I don’t claim to be a green thumb, and I’m sure some of the women attending the shower are not either. So, you may want to get a plant that is hard to kill like aloe or other succulents. Bamboo is also pretty hard to kill. Fresh flowers are another prize option.

Grab a bouquet and a standard vase and you’re all set. There are a couple of cons with buying flowers, though. They die like a few days after the winner gets them. You pretty much have to buy them on the day of the party so they’re fresh. But they’re really pretty and usually very appreciated. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

2. Gift Cards:

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a good gift card? It’s free money in a pretty package! That’s what makes it the perfect option for your bridal shower games prizes! Yes, anyone can use them. Not to mention it’s simple for you to buy and package.

As far as the amount goes, that’s totally up to you. We recommend keeping bridal shower game prizes under $ 20 apiece so as not to empty your pockets (planning these pre-wedding festivities is expensive enough as is) but feel free to set the amount at whatever you’re comfortable with.

As far as the where keep it relatively generic. Think of popular places like Target, Amazon, and Starbucks. If your game crowns only one winner, use the full amount all on one location. If there’s a chance for multiple winners, spread the amount onto a few different gift cards so no one is left without a prize.

3. Mini Bottles of Wine or Sparkling Wine These are the Bridal Shower Games Favorite Prizes!

Gift Cards

You can always ask around ahead of time if the group has a favorite wine or sparkling wine. Even though the mom-to-be can’t drink, wine is still one of my favorite prizes for bridal showers games.

If you don’t want to give out actual wine, maybe pick up some wine glasses (or margarita glasses) as a prize instead.

4. Smelly Stuff

Smelly Stuff

Okay, so you must be thinking that never been a fan of giving “smelly stuff” because it’s so impersonal. But at the same time, People love getting shower gels and lotion because then they never have to buy it!

Candles are also a great idea for bridal shower games prizes. For some reason, we as women love candles. They smell amazing, and they’re perfect for a luxurious bath.

5. Baked Goods

Baked Goods

You can send the winner home with a homemade pie or batch of cookies or banana bread! No one said you had to buy the gifts! Of course, if you’re bad at baking like me, you CAN go down to the store and pick up something from the bakery.

Cookies are cookies. And no one makes fancy donuts like professionals. The winner’s family will also thank you for this wonderful bridal shower game prizes option!

6. Coffee Gift Bag

Coffee Gift Bag

Keurigs are about as common as Netflix. Pick out a cute mug, get some k-cups, and you’ve got yourself a little coffee gift bag. If you would rather go the traditional route, pick out a bag of coffee grounds to go with the mug. This is something People definitely love to win.

7. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs

Another bridal shower gamers prizes is a mug warmer. They’re really affordable and very useful. My coffee always goes cold unless it’s on my mug warmer.

They’re a very few people who don’t run on a cup or ten of coffee a day, so what better bridal shower prize than a new mug to sip from.

Choose your favorite online store and opt for a mug that features a cute or funny quote like coffee before talkie or coffee is my love language. Take it up a notch by adding this personalized coffee or K-cup favors with each mug.

8. Books


Books are fantastic options for bridal shower games prizes. You can choose to give themes that work with the bridal shower theme. You can also choose to give books written by the brides’ favorite authors. The choices are endless.

9. Home Spa Basket

Home Spa Basket

Another great bridal shower games prizes is a Home Spa Basket with scented lotion and body wash. This is an excellent bridal shower prize because there are a lot of products in it. The elegant scent and indulging usage is a perfect prize and the winner would love to treat themselves to it later.

10. Pedicure In Jar

Pedicure In Jar

Pedicure in a jar is a creative and inexpensive bridal shower games prizes. It is simply a mason jar with nail supplies in it. The mason jar could be stuffed with nail polish, nail files, pumice stone, and more. This is a good prize because it is a creative way of making a unique gift with everyday female items.

11. Stuffed Oven Mitt

Stuffed Oven Mitt

Stuffed oven mitts are another creative bridal shower prize. A stuffed oven mitt is generally filled with kitchen utensils and wrapped with a bow. This is a great prize if the bridal shower is a kitchen theme. It doesn’t take much to make.

Materials inside the oven mitt could be wooden, metal, or plastic utensils. The most popular stuffed oven mitts for bridal showers are typically filled with wooden utensils.

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