Cactus: The Best Ideas Trends and Inspirations 🌸🌵

Cactus: The Best Ideas Trends and Inspirations 🌸🌵

The cactus came with everything because of the Mexican culture. Another trend that is literally beginning to emerge in the decoration and that promises to avenge!

In addition to being beautiful, cacti are super easy to care for and perfect for indoor cultivation or garden. Because they are plants capable of surviving in extreme conditions of temperature, drought, or light.

They are also an excellent option for those who have little time to dedicate themselves to taking care of a bit of plant.

Because they have a high capacity to store liquids, and need to be watered once a week in the summer, and once a month in the winter. Check out some fantastic cactus decoration tips:

Cactus and Feng Shui

Cactus and Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui: cactus is considered Guardians because they are purifiers of environments.

Besides, according to experts in this ancient technique, cactus acts as a barrier to the gamma rays emitted by computers and TV sets.

Because they live in arid and isolated regions, they help people to know their inner strength in moments of loneliness.

The thorns may seem hostile, but they are part of the plant’s survival strategy, transmitting protection and security to its bearer.

Having cactus around is a reminder of vitality, persistence, and integration with everything around us.

Miniature Cactus

Miniature Cactus

The mini cactus are super trendy, but no wonder, no.

Besides being cute, they can fit in any space and are an excellent option for those who want to bring some green to their home, even without having time to care. They are also excellent for gifting and giving as party favors.

Cactus in a mini garden: positive spirit

Cactus in a mini garden: positive spirit

People with positive personalities maintain some habits that strengthen and stimulate positivity.
They appreciate much the little things that happen around them daily and always manage to find something good in any situation.

The positivists, because their senses are heightened, feel good just because they are in a comfortable, cozy place.

They admire and appreciate the beauty of what they see, perceive pleasant sounds, and smell aromas that bring back good memories. The mini gardens show how vision can be in the smallest details.

Cactus with Flowers

Cactus with Flowers

The best known and used cactus with flowers are those that have artificially coupled flowers in their structure.

Not allowing the plant to continue to develop. But we also found models with beautiful natural flowers.

Fake and True Cactus with Flowers

Fake and True Cactus with Flowers

Nowadays, it is prevalent to find mini cactus with flowers for sale. They are sold like water, sometimes more than the other models, because the colorful flowers really attract attention.

However, according to experts, these specimens have generally been altered, and the flower there is false, not part of the structure of the cactus.

If you buy models like this, the indication is that this little flower is removed to give the possibility of the cactus to develop without restrictions. Otherwise, your plant will not survive as long as it should.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that the cactus do give flowers. They are very delicate and thin, being born almost without anyone noticing and leaving after four or five days.

Cactus in geometric Earthlings: mystical and intelligent personality

Cactus in geometric Earthlings: mystical and intelligent personality

Some people only believe in what is proven and proven by science. Others are naturally open to perceiving mysteries in the world.

People with a mystical personality are usually intelligent because they see beyond what they see. They believe more in their instincts, in the balance of things, and are curious and very detailed.

They like environments full of color and feel good when close to nature; they value living in a harmonious and peaceful place.

Therefore, geometric cactus are present in the lives of people with this personality. In addition to being a beautiful trend in interior decoration today.

Extra Large Cactus

Extra Large Cactus

As we said earlier, the current trend is to combine several cactus small. But, cactus large also need to be taken into account.

If you want to have a large plant in the room or in the lobby, but do not have much time available, a cactus giant is the best option.

However, the cactus will be the protagonist of the room. Due to its size and not being a widespread plant, it will attract all the attention.

If you take care of it properly, you can enjoy your cactus for many years. Choose a large and showy vase, which will be the ideal complement for your plant.

You can choose a vase with wheels to move it quickly. Or, for a bronze vase, a material very used today.

Cactus Shaped Candles

Cactus Shaped Candles

Another example of decorating with cactus is candles. In the decoration shops, you can find small candles in the shape of a cactus.

They are perfect both for decorating and for lighting and enjoying its pleasant aroma. Besides, due to its small size, it fits anywhere. You can place them on a shelf, on the table or in the hall.

These types of candles are usually very well shaped and painted. They go so far as to be mistaken cactus for real when viewed from a distance.

Cactus Print

Cactus Print

If you want to give a relaxed touch to your home, you can choose a print cactus to create an original atmosphere.

As we said before, cactus are in fashion, so it will not be difficult to find <decorative objects with this pattern.

We especially like the cushions or blankets for the sofa with this pattern. If you want something more flashy, you can also put wallpaper in a room or in the hall.

But, be careful when choosing cactus prints for decoration, so as not to overload the environment. We cannot exaggerate.

Cactus Decoration for Baby Room:

Cactus Decoration for Baby Room

The cactus decoration is super hot! The fashion that is here to stay has aroused the curiosity of many people!

They are enchanted with the charm and the unique personality of a decoration inspired by this extraordinary plant.

How did the cactus decoration for the baby room come about?

How did the cactus decoration for the baby room come about

According to the Financial Times, the trend has been in the air since the summer of 2016. The decoration started to be on the rise since the Millenials generation started using the plant’s emoji frequently.

This generation started to interpret the cactus as a symbol of freedom and optimism. To get an idea of how famous this little plant is, #cactus has almost 10 million mentions on Instagram.

All this popularity made the cactus serve as an inspiration for clothes, shoes, accessories, and even for the decor of environments, such as the baby room.

Cactus in party decor

Cactus in party decor

The cactus can be used as the theme of children’s party or even teenage birthday. So much versatility shows that the item does not just please lovers of these rustic and resistant plants.

Decorating ideas for cactus parties: Don’t give up green!

Decorating ideas for cactus parties: Don’t give up green

This color should appear in balloons, drinks, napkins, and many other details.

You can even combine green with other colors, such as light pink and white, but never give up on the decoration.

Real cactus and succulent plants

Use small specimens of real cactus to decorate the main table or any other corner of the party.

Succulent plants are welcome, as is the case with the stone rose. The great advantage of this type of vegetable is that it does not need so many rules; therefore, it is not complicated to maintain.

Transform the balloons

There is a straightforward (and free of charge) way to customize the balloons for the cactus themed party.

Use a black marker to make small “V” on the green bladders. These drawings symbolize the thorns of the cactus.

Clothesline with paper cactus

Provide the mold of a cactus. Then mark it on the green card and cut it out.
Repeat this step by step until you have enough pieces to make up the clothesline. Once ready, this ornament can decorate the bottom of the main table or any wall of the event.

Cactus cupcake

Cactus cupcake

Looking for a Cactus themed party favor? Then bet on the cupcake inspired by the plant.

You just need to have right pastry nozzles to work with the green icing on the cookies.

Handpainted cupcake

This candy, carefully painted by hand, is perfect for those looking for a more sophisticated and minimalist idea for the party.

Decorated cake

Decorated cake

The cake cactus does not need to be all green, quite the contrary, it is possible to work with other colors in the decoration. One suggestion is to use yellow and peach tones for a lovely effect.

Cactus pot

Cactus pot

To make the event unforgettable, remember to give each guest a mini cactus in a vase. This little plant is straightforward to care for and contributes to the decoration of the house.

Watermelon Cactus

Use watermelon to carve a cactus, as shown in the image below. Then decorate the sculpture with toothpicks to simulate the plant’s spines.

Green juice

Is the idea to involve the guests with the theme (and colors) of the party? Then bet on a green juice. The drink can be placed in a clear glass container.

Cactus in the center of the table

Cactus in the center of the table

In doubt about the centerpiece? Very simple: use cactus real, inside pink pots, to decorate. Try to combine the colors of the arrangements with the dishes chosen for the occasion.


Few elements and behaved colors: this is the proposal of minimalism. You can set up a beautiful minimalist table for the party with a cactus theme, using the colors white, green, and pink.

Types of Vases to Decorate with Cactus

Types of Vases to Decorate with Cactus

Small cacti are beautiful and look perfect in any space. They are even more beautiful combining several vases; in three, for example.

To give the first touch, we recommend that you do not choose conventional vases, but look for something more unique. Here are some ideas:

1. Glass vases. Buy several glass vases to see inside. Fill them with stones of different colors and sizes, creating an original composition.

2. Vases lined with rope. Starting from a plain vase, you can create a very original and self-made jar. With the help of glue, wrap a string until the entire vessel is covered. Another similar idea is to cover it with fabrics whose tones are identical to the predominant mood in the room.

3. Recycled vases. The DIY trend is increasingly in fashion, and we can apply it to decorating with cactus. A good option is to paint bottles or other containers so that they have the function of a vase.

How to Care for Cactus?

How to Care for Cactus

Cactus are common in dry and arid environments, as they can store water for long periods, surviving in places with little rain.

This fundamental characteristic of cactus that allows, even for people who forget to give water to their plants, they remain firm and robust with watering so widely spaced!

And what would be this spaced rule? Just think: watering always kills the cactus, as well as never watering!

The tip is to put your finger on the earth and feel if it is dry or wet. If it is scorched, it is time to water.

Just put the water in a corner where it will not come into direct contact with the leaf cactus. Because of the leaf gets wet, it can start to rot and die.

The Best Vases

As for the vases, the best ones are the ceramic ones (his style of decoration depends on your taste). Especially those that have a hole in the middle for draining water.

So if you put too much water in the pot, what is left will drain through the hole, and this will prevent your plant from being flooded and dying.

Pottery is better than cheaper plastic pots. Because this porous material prevents the water from drying out so fast or the earth from getting too hot, establishing an ideal temperature for your plant.

Another cultivation tip has to do with the sun and lighting: it is undoubtedly the second reason why these plants are the darlings of interior decoration!

Although they are native to arid climates, some species of cactus live very well in half-light indoors.

However, do not forget that the environment should have good circulation and that the ideal is that they spend a few hours in direct contact with the sun. After all, these plants need to do photosynthesis to continue living!

Substrates and Fertilizers

After the basic rules, we go to substrates and fertilizers. It is essential that, from time to time, these substances are administered. To help the earth renew itself and have more elements so that your cactus grows well, firm, and secure.

For the substrate, the most porous lands are ideal. With an amount of sand or stones that facilitate the flow of water that is not absorbed by the roots, avoiding the possibility of them rotting.

And about fertilization, there are special ready-made fertilizers for cactus and organic recipes that can be made at home.

Whichever you choose, always maintain a fertilization frequency of 1 or 2 months to keep your plant healthy.

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