Canopies Beds Tacky or original? Check 27 amazing models!🤩

Canopies Beds Tacky or original? Check 27 amazing models!🤩

Romantic, luxurious, “fairytale,” ancient… Forget all those stereotypes about canopies beds. They are back and renewed!

Forgotten for a long time, and even considered cheesy by some, they are coming back with everything to decor your bedroom.

Whether with the romantic air of yesteryear, now with a light boho touch, or much more modern. Canopies beds give the room a unique charm.

In addition to being very useful in some cases, they help to create the feeling of a small sanctuary. Shelter of your own to relax, whether at the end of a busy day or in your free time.

And to create canopies beds, anything goes: fringed fabrics, printed scarves, ruffles, makeshift curtains, and even little lights do the job.

What matters is to wrap the bed in this atmosphere of warmth and protection.

Do you like this type of bed? So take a look at our gallery and get inspired. It has something for every taste and budget! I want one now. =)

Canopies Beds For Couples

Canopies Beds For Couples

Canopies beds for couples are also a great option to enhance the decor of your room.

And don’t worry about her classic style, as the models can be made according to the climate of the environment you want. Just choose carefully the details that will be part of the double canopy bed.

Styles Of Canopies Beds For Double Bedroom

Styles Of Canopies Beds For Double Bedroom


Styles Of Canopies Beds For Double Bedroom Classic

Canopies beds for double bedroom in wood is usually one of the most traditional materials, and the use of light fabric around the bed brings romantic characteristics to space.


Styles Of Canopies Beds For Double Bedroom Modern

The canopies beds positioned in the center of the room are already a feature of modern decor.

Running away from the traditional concept that it should be leaning against at least one wall. With the presence of a minimalist canopy, the room is even more up-to-date and refined.

Box Bed

The use of canopies beds in the box bed is also an exciting possibility. As the furniture does not have its own structure, an alternative is to have the fabric placed from a plaster structure on the ceiling.

For example, a built-in curtain, or suspend the support utilizing ropes or chains.

Canopies Beds In The Children Room

Canopies Beds In The Children Room

The canopies beds in the children’s room are an essential piece for the comfort and safety of the child.

Considering that the little ones have less resistance to insect bites, the protective veil prevents these animals from reaching the child.

Besides, the cloth maintains the baby’s temperature, preventing problems with sudden cooling during the night.

Canopies Beds In The Children Room 2

That is why canopies beds are ideal for cribs and beds for children of any age. In addition to caring for the little ones, the piece offers delicacy and a gorgeous look to the room.

In any case, it is essential to check in the canopy and the veil the approval of Inmetro (National Institute of Metrology, Quality, and Technology). Only an institution seal can attest to the safety of users of the parts.

How To Combine Canopies Beds?

How To Combine Canopies Beds?

Canopies beds are much more linked to the language of decoration than to the gender of the resident. They even combine more with beach and country houses.

Firstly,for the function of protecting those who sleep from insects, such as mosquitoes. Second, it is easier to have more space in these environments. As for the decoration, it is worth adapting.

If the style is something more minimalist and urban, use a canopy made of very slender and discreet iron.

How To Combine Canopies Beds 2

When the decoration pulls more towards the classic, bet on the wood. In some more modern decorations, canopies beds appear without the famous “curtains” in the structures.

When the fabric is used so that the environment is not so heavy unless that is your goal, the one placed in the canopy has to be light and translucent.

Linen gauze is perfect for this. It has a super relaxed fit and is a light and translucent fabric.

Some people think about using the voal, but because it is synthetic, it holds the heat a lot, which ends up not being comfortable.

Combine Canopies Beds With Environment Decor!

Combine Canopies Beds With Environment Decor

The style and production material of the canopies beds structure define and combine canopies beds with enviroment decor.

Therefore, if you want a more classic space, the idea is to adhere to the structure made of wood. For a more urban or minimalist style, the most suitable canopy is made of iron.

In addition to these alternatives, you can also join the canopies beds with the curtains, with fabric that moves along the structure and creates a more elegant aura to the room.

The fabrics can also vary: a smooth, printed, more substantial, or lighter piece will create different visual effects and air conditioning in the environment.

Canopies Beds And Luxury Decor

Canopies Beds And Luxury Decor

For those who are passionate about more canopies beds and luxurys decor, the furniture are the perfect alternative!

In this case, it is possible to perfect the composition and include a canopy in metallic tones, such as gold or copper.

For the result of your decoration to be even more sophisticated, you can invest in quality products to compose your bedding, from the sheets to the blankets, bedspreads, or footboards.

Rustic Decor With Canopies Beds

Rustic Decor With Canopies Beds

Canopies beds can be correctly used in a more rustic style, especially when they are made of wood.

Here, it is also possible to bet on ethnic prints for the blankets and cushions, resulting in a decoration full of personality.

Another tip of rustic decor with canopies beds is to opt for hand-made products, such as tricot pieces, which can intensify the proposal of welcoming the environment.

Contemporary Decor With Canopies Beds

Contemporary Decor With Canopies Beds

If you are looking for a more contemporary and sophisticated touch, the metallic canopies beds are ideal for creating a modern style. Or even industrial.

For those looking for a more stripped-down and yet charming composition. Then it is possible to bet on fabrics that subtly surround canopies beds. The result will be very cozy and relaxing!

Timeless, canopies beds can be easily adapted to your decor, just balance and common sense when composing the space.

And we already know that exclusive and quality products make all the difference in the contemporary decor with canopies beds, don’t we?

How To Choose Ideal Canopies Beds?

How To Choose Ideal Canopies Beds?

Canopies beds can be too imposing furniture or have a dramatic effect on the decoration of a room.

To choose ideal canopies beds, it is therefore advisable to also take into account the measures of the room, the theme of decoration, and your own tastes and preferences.


Curtains, which frame canopies beds, can make the room look smaller, especially if the curtains have a pattern full of details. If the room is smaller in size, the more massive canopies beds will take up too much space in the place. Then making circulation around the foundation and throughout the room more difficult.

The illusion of a higher ceiling

The curtains of the canopies beds help to create an illusion of greater height in the bedroom. Especially if these curtains hang directly from the ceiling above the bed.

The distance between the floor and the ceiling of the room, when this decoration technique is used, creates the illusion of prolongation, looking like the ceiling is higher.

You can easily hang a luxurious fabric on the bedroom ceiling with the help of a curtain rod, for example.

You can choose to place the fabric on the sides of the bed, as if it were a curtain, creating a more intimate and romantic environment. Or simply place it on top of the bed and the entire length of the headboard.

Choice Of Style For Canopies Beds

Choice Of Style For Canopies Beds

Various models and styles of canopies beds are available on the market. Each of choice of style for canopies beds are with their own characteristics, suitable for different decorations.

Choose the models of canopies beds that best fit the decorating style of the room or, alternatively, choose the one that will create the type of environment you want.

For example, if you are a single woman or decorating a room for a teenager, perhaps a canopy bed in a more romantic style or even a princess is the ideal choice.

If you share a room with your partner, then the best option is to opt for the more traditional and not so feminine style of canopies beds.

Combine fabrics with more geometric patterns with a more rustic canopies beds model.

If the dimensions of the room allow it, complement the decor with a chaise longue lined with the same fabric as the canopy.

Canopies Beds Care

Canopies Beds Care

Before purchasing a canopies bed model or joining a bed with the accessory, it is essential to consider some points. First, the size of the room. As we have already mentioned, a shallow room can feel cloistered.

Besides, another canopies beds care is the visual effect of canopies beds in the decoration can produce a “heavy” appearance on the spot. Thus, the idea is that the room has, at least, a measurement of 4 meters wide, 5 meters long, and 2.6 meters high (4m X 5m X 2.6m).

The choice of fabric for canopies beds is equally essential. The most exciting veils in a canopy are those made with light and translucent materials, such as linen gauze.

Other materials tend to retain excess heat, which can cause a lot of discomforts.

Daily, you still need to keep the fabric of the canopies beds clean. Dust accumulates on the curtains over time, and breathing particles in the air can cause or worsen breathing problems.

So, remove the accumulation of dust every day, lightly tapping the fabric, and leaving the window open for air circulation. Washing the cloth should be done about every two months.

Origin And History Of Canopies Beds

Origin And History Of Canopies Beds

Canopies beds are nothing more than a structure mounted on the side of the bed, traditionally made of wood.

Where the fabric is fixed in a similar way to a curtain that can be opened or closed according to the will and needs of those who use the room.

Origin ans history of canopies beds became in medieval times, where they were used exclusively by nobles, kings, and queens. However, they seem to be much older than that. Since signs of use of the structure have already been found in ancient Egypt.

But why was this element so appreciated by the nobles? In the past, there was no room division, as you can see today. Nobles and servants shared the same rooms.

Therefore, the way the bourgeoisie found to guarantee privacy at bedtime was through canopies beds.

The fabric surrounding the bed allowed the nobles to enjoy privacy within their own rooms. But not only that.

The fabric of the canopies beds was also effective in protecting against insects and nocturnal animals, protecting those who were there. The canopy also served as a barrier against the cold.

Over time, however, the bourgeoisie maintained the use of canopies beds. But with a much higher tendency to demonstrate status than to properly serve the purpose that originated.

Care And Sophistication Of Canopies Beds

Care And Sophistication Of Canopies Beds

Another purpose of canopies beds at that time in history was to protect against cold and insects.

The fabric with which the bed was covered reduced the incidence of wind on the lords of the bourgeoisie, while also preventing insects, such as mosquitoes, from reaching the dormant, disturbing sleep.

For these functions, even when the practice of owning rooms became customary, the canopy remained. The veil that covered the furniture was initially installed on the ceiling.

However, with the evolution of joinery techniques, care and sophistication of caniopies beds it soon became “attached” to the bed’s furniture. Thus allowing it to be moved around and to continue to have its cover.

When Canopies Beds Become Luxury?

When Canopies Beds Become Luxury?

Over the years, canopies beds have become something associated with luxury. After all, if the bourgeoisie used it, it was a sign that the canopy was a perk.

That is why, in historical castles and fairy tales, from princess stories, it is common to see the presence of this protective structure.

In addition to canopies beds became luxury, the furniture offer the restroom plenty of charm to the decor. Especially today, in which the piece is not so present in the houses.

The comfort that the structure brings, however, is a great attraction for its installation, which can be done in any bed.

As its main objective is still protection against insects, the canopy is even more interesting for application in beach and countryside houses.

This is because, in these places, the presence of mosquitoes is usually more voluminous. At bedtime, this can cause discomfort.


The lightness and delicacy that canopies beds bring to the decor are easily perceived and arguably passionate!

Romantic, Provencal, modern, Montessori. Choose any type of decoration and let your imagination run.

Despite being an incredible decorative element for bringing an incomparable beauty, one cannot forget the real function of canopies beds.

That is nothing more than keeping insects and mosquitoes away from the baby, ensuring a peaceful sleep.

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