Celebrities: Decor Ideas Selection For You To Copy Now

Celebrities are always on the radar of fashion trends and the same goes for architecture. If you are looking to give your home a new look, check out our special Decoration of the Famous, with the favorite corners of the celebs and a selection of super cool products to copy now!

Luxury, simplicity, extravagance, strong colors, neutral colors, works of art… there are several styles of decoration in the home of the famous. And, it doesn't matter, decoration is a subject that interests many people, besides being a theme that always remains renewing.

When it comes to renovating a house, choosing a new style or even deciding how to decorate a new house, you can always beat a doubt.

Exactly for that reason we have separated an incredible list with the decoration of the famous ones for you to be inspired, after all, who never had that curiosity to know where they live and how is the corner where they relax with the family?

The environments range from the most luxurious to the simplest, with some furniture and objects that are easily found in decoration stores at an affordable price. Follow!

The Magnificent Apartment of Taylor Swift in New York

he information comes from the newspaper “The New York Times.” The four-bedroom, 480-square-meter property underwent a complete renovation at the hands of architect Leopoldo Rosati in 2012, according to public records of the sale made at the time.

The woodwork of the rooms is Italian, and the windows would have been changed recently. On the lower level, there is a private cinema, gym, hot tub, and bar.

While the kitchen has underfloor heating, the living room has its own fireplace. The master suite of Taylor Swift also has a small bar, double walk-in closet, and a warm and...

Beautiful outside viola, inside… I found it intriguing. Taylor hasn’t lived in this apartment for a long time (less than a year, maybe), but it seems she didn’t have time to renovate. I found the decor with haunted house touches, a bit of rustic Victorian… in the middle of the trendy Tribeca neighborhood.

Minimalist House by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

When it comes to interior design, the Kardashian-West family is very minimalist. The interior of Kim and Kanye's house has a neutral palette, mainly white, complemented by furniture of the same tone scattered around the place.

"Everything in the outside world is so chaotic. I like to go into a place and immediately feel calm," explains Kim Kardashian to "AD" magazine. The house in Los Angeles was purchased in 2013 and with the help of Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt, the family adopted a simple design.

Angelina Jolie Has a New Home

Angelina Jolie is the newest owner of a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, United States. The Hollywood star bought the former home of film producer Cecil B. DeMille - the founder of Paramount Studio - for an amount of US $ 24.5 million.

According to Variety, Angelina's new home cost more than double the previous highest-paid record for a home in the area. With an Italian style, the residence was built in 1913 and acquired years later by DeMille, who lived there until his death in 1959.

Located in the Los Feliz gated community, the actress' mansion has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, two pools and a gym. Angelina Jolie new neighbors include Lauren Graham, Natalie Portman, Ellen Pompeo, Casey Affleck, Will.I.Am and David Fincher.

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