😍Meet the 18 Most Wanted Celebrity Homes of the Moment!🏡

😍Meet the 18 Most Wanted Celebrity Homes of the Moment!🏡

They say that seeing wealth attracts wealth, so there’s nothing more pleasurable than looking at pictures of celebrity homes and imagining living in them.

Well, I don’t know, we start to vibrate energy of wealth, and the universe presents us with extra money in our account the next day (it doesn’t hurt to try, in despair goes everything!).

Jokes aside, those who like the design or simply enjoy good taste will love this article.

Here we will show you a little of what Hollywood’s mansions look like. Did they invest well in the money they have? Just have a look!

1 Madonna


After spending four months with her family at the Pestana Palace hotel, Madonna finally moved into a 12-bedroom house in Lisbon, Portugal.

According to some sources, the 59-year-old diva is already living in Ramaquê Palace, 92 Janelas Verdes Street. The 17th-century building is opposite the National Museum of Ancient Art and features a heated pool.

Madonna’s room is approximately 35m² and is one of the most significant places in the palace that belonged to the Taborda family. The Queen of Pop was living in the Pestana hotel until New Year when she traveled to New York, and as soon as she returns, she will unpack her new mansion.

Looking for a quieter life, she finally found the perfect place. Ramaquê Palace hosted tourists until the end of December 2017, but from next year it will be closed for Madonna’s stay.

According to the site of the site, she will be in the “oasis of peace.”

2 Kim Kardashian


Described as a coziness cathedral and designed following the premises of minimalist Belgian architecture by top designer Axel Vervoordt, the second mansion are the definition of immense, calm, and clean.

She has a kitchen for the team of chefs and helpers, where she, her three children, North, Saint and Chicago, and her husband Kanye West, spend most of their time together. Also, mansions have yet another extraordinary ‘guest’ kitchen.

It has a central island as large as a dance floor and a breakfast corner that comfortably seats about 20 people.

Another exciting element is the spacious central hall, which has a wall, ceiling, and floor coverings in the same material, texture, and color.

In this way, the decoration plays with perspective visitants. And yet it creates the illusion of walking toward infinity.

The room, in turn, is the size of an airplane hangar and has a bathroom that accommodates an entire basketball team in the box.

One wall of the room is made of glass and features incredible landscaping, creating the feeling of bathing in the middle of a jungle.

3 Calvin Harris


The highest-paid DJ in the world, according to Forbes magazine, has put his Hollywood mansion up for sale.

Calvin harris calls for $ 5.7 million, about $ 22.2 million. The property can also be rented for R $ 96 thousand per month

The residence has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, plus a separate two-story guest house and a studio.

The place is all painted black, with a pool, bar, fireplaces, and an excellent view of Los Angeles. This is not the only mansion Calvin has in California.

The artist usually invests in real estate and is now building his dream mansion.

This home is also in Los Angeles, on land that cost the bargain $ 13.8 million, about $ 32 million

4 Ed Sheeran.


Sing ‘s a singer is planning to buy a stunning California oceanfront mansion, so he doesn’t have to stay with famous friends.

Ed is estimated to have a net worth of 9.3 million euros. He has one of his homes in his native Suffolk. And another at Tennesse, which bought last year for more than 2.2 million euros, near Taylor Swift’s house.

The mansion, which is in Malibu, costs over 6.6 million and has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, wine cellar, and a living room overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Ed, who usually stays with friends Jamie Foxx and Courteney Cox when he visits California, said he felt like a “homeless bum” and had long been looking for a house to call his own in Los Angeles.

5 Taylor Swift


Taylor is the highest-paid celebrity in the world in 2019. The list released this July by “Forbes” magazine reveals that the 29-year-old has grossed $ 185 million ($ 578 million!).

Like a fool, she has nothing, the singer spends part of her millions on several stunning mansions. See some of them below.

Only talk about Taylor Swift. The singer marked a new era in her career with the release of the new single Look What You Made Me Do, which garnered 34 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours alone.

And it’s definitely not far behind when it comes to room and decor: Taylor has six properties in the US. And each of them represents different moments of your ever-evolving career.

His first home is on famous Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, while his most recent purchase was a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion in September 2015.Finally, it renovated its apartment in New York. What will be the singer’s next destination?

6 – Lady Gaga’s Sea Views


The always incorrigible Lady Gaga has been criticized by admirers and detractors, but it is quite clear that she leaves no one indifferent.

Perhaps thanks to that, she managed to capture enough media attention to achieve fame and obtain one of these luxury ocean view mansions.

You may not like your musical style or bold fashion designs, but possibly no one would mind living in one of your mansions.

Lady Gaga’s mansion is located in Miami, overlooking the sea.

Although the house looks very serious and unattractive on the outside, it is totally different on the inside. In addition to a movie theater and a games room, the house even has a bowling alley!

7 – Rihanna – Beverly Hills


One of Rihanna’s mansions is located on a hill in Beverly Hills. When you see it from afar, you may find that it is an oasis in a desert, after all, the region has deserts indeed.

The sparkling blue waters of the pool and sun loungers create the atmosphere of a luxury resort. And just to make jealousy worse, Rihanna also has a house in her home country, Barbados.

8 Justin Bieber


At 2,800 square meters, the mansions impresses with its modern architectural design. Check out the photos.

Justin Bieber’s taste for real estate is unquestionable. His acquisition in Hollywood has given him the say: he bought a $ 10,000 square foot mansion for $ 10.8 million in the Hollywood Hills

A privileged area of Los Angeles, where only the highest standard mansions and houses are found. Justin knew where to invest his money.

The house, formerly owned by actor Ashton Kutcher, has five bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, movie theater, gym, massage room, bar, and a beautiful view of the Lake Hollywood dam.

Most rooms have giant glass, some retractable, to make the environments clear and highlight the landscape.

All this in modern architecture with straight lines, highlighting the playfulness of those who have been there. Great taste, isn’t it? Justin Bieber has undoubtedly acquired a beautiful residence.

According to the Daily Mail, the mansion would be home to Justin’s house and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

9 – Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson, who saw his career take off with action films such as “Lethal Weapon” or “Mad Max,” and thus managed to perpetuate his name over the several decades he was in the movies thanks to a significant reinvention of himself…

And how could it be otherwise, the accumulated success made him acquire this huge mansion of vast and manicured gardens.

Because of the size of his house, that must be why he could not really retire. Mainly because the invoices are not paid alone. The rest of the houses are not bad, either.

10 John Travolta


That John Travolta is an excellent actor and dancer everyone already knows. But besides being a pilot, he is a big fan of aviation and everything related to airplanes.

Looking at it from view, your hauses looks more like an airport.

It seems not, it’s an airport! The airstrip is located so that your plane can approach the house, making it easier to board and disembark.

How does he take his children to school?

11 Beyonce & Jay-Z


One of the mansions of Hollywood’s hottest couple is in New Orleans, United States.

You can see luxury and taste in every little detail of the decor of the environment. The house cost about $ 2.6 million.

They also have another mansion in Bel-Air, Los Angeles. You can choose which one to spend the weekend on!

12 Naomi Campbel


No, you did not read it wrong. One of Naomi’s homes is located on Cleopatra Island in the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. From above, the building resembles the Eye of Horus, and the taller you look, the more it will look.

This eco-friendly house saved the most energy and was a little reminder of her boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. She deserves it!

Famous supermodel Naomi Campbell, who, despite her 48 years of age, still works with the most prestigious fashion houses and squanders the new generations of beauty, has also shown great taste in homes.

In this case, thanks to an eccentricity of the architect Luis Garrido, who built this sustainable “Eye of Horus” on the Turkish coasts. She does not need external sources of light or water to give the English woman a standard of living far beyond what the rest of us could afford.

13 Tom Hanks


Anyone who is raising money to invest in real estate should keep an eye out for Tom Hanks has sold two mansions and everything in them. Tom Hanks is an actor in film classics such as Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, Waiting For A Miracle, Castaway, and many other titles.

The property was acquired by the actor in 1988, the year Hanks received his first Oscar nomination for the movie I Want to Big.

This 580- square- foot mansion is located in Pacific Palisades, California, one of Hollywood’s favorite places of residence. What else is he selling?

14 Arnold Schwarzenegger


The former mansion of the previous universe governor, former governor of California, and still a strongman along with his wife cost the $ 11.9 million trifle and, of course, is in a city in the state of California called Brentwood which has a population of only 60,532 inhabitants.

Does everyone know each other over there, just the way we see it in the movies? It sounds like a great place to relax, but what will happen to them and the house now that they are apart?

15 Will Smith


Anyone who is used to seeing Will Smith living with his uncles on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-air, may be surprised to see in Malibu, California, the singer’s “modest” $ 20 million residence/actor hardly fits in the framing of the aerial camera:

A little renovated castle with a private lake and official sized tennis and basketball courts. They say that when you enter, you get a map. Will it be?

16 Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts, the little girlfriend of the United States, has been seen on many occasions as one of the most beautiful women in the movies.

Since breaking the box office in films like “Steel Flowers” or “A Beautiful Woman,” her rise to the Hollywood pantheon has been wholly maintained.

Thanks to this, he was able to raise enough money to buy two houses that she later merged into a single giant mansion.

The style and structure of the building denote the class that always accompanies it. Gone is the teenager we were born in her first film.

The actress was looking for a home in Hawaii and eventually found two beautiful mansions that were next to each other.

Of course, she didn’t think twice and was soon buying both and turning it into a complex!

As the actress is dedicated to caring for the environment, the roof of the house was made with recycled tiles, and the floor with ecological bamboo. The mansion has sea views and a tennis court.

17 George Clooney


One of George Clooney’s riverside houses in Berkshire, England, appears to have come out of a fantasy movie.

The 17th-century property, purchased in 2014, has been completely renovated.

In addition to the 9 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, a movie theater, gym, swimming pool, a complete games room, and a charming terrace have been added to the premises. He can suffer from many things but boredom!

18 Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage is not only a fan of comics but also of architecture. It complicates our list because it collects old houses, and it is challenging to choose the best one. So far, his collection is quite modest: it consists of ‘only’ three mansions.

But in addition to the authentic houses, the actor also buys stylized dwellings that look like old ones. Ah, the sweet taste of success! Despite a stable career in Hollywood, his interest in real estate led him to be in bankruptcy and owed millions of dollars despite being one of the most lucrative movie actors.

Although it has moved several times, this castle has been one of the most impressive that it has owned.

And we’re not just talking about one because he not only managed to buy this one, but he has several palatial mansions.

Of course, many had to escape their hands to pay taxes … Decorating the house inspired by celebrities: 7 inspiring ideas for any style, any space.

We all need a little inspiration when it comes to decorating ideas. And I love to research about it and I have already found many cool inspirations that I have used and will share with you in the next topics.

Maybe you have recently moved in and are not sure where to start turning your new home or small apartment into a home, or maybe your space is a little old, but you have no new idea for redecorating it.

Celebrity Homes Decoration Tips:

Next, you’ll be able to get inspired by some ideas for decorating your house that will help you get started, whether you just need a new touch or a complete overhaul of the decor. Above all, though, don’t forget to hug and enjoy the journey!

1. Place some decorative tiles:

Decorative tiles, like this artistic malachite mosaic, are an attractive way to add patterns and colors to spaces that traditionally haven’t yet. There is a huge variety of decorative tiles available, from the geometric solid to the mosaic tile, all of which is a trend of chic and current decoration in the universe of decor.

You can start slowly with a backsplash or even a table top, or use decorative tiles on the floor or walls.

2. Bring the metallic for decoration

Metallic touches on everything from lamps to furniture, from gadgets to art are a popular idea at the moment to decorate the home.

Although blended metals are perfect for use, it is not about immersing their place in chrome and silver. Golden metallic tones like brass, copper and even rose gold are other current options to use.

3. Overlay your carpets

It is essentially luxurious, regardless of the type used, when you overlay your carpets.

Some methods that involve this strategy for decorating the house include placing a larger carpet, often natural, on the floor and centering a smaller carpet, often patterned, on top.

Or, you can place rugs so that only the edges and corners overlap in a more casual appearance. Either way, it is a beautiful way to give your space personality and style

4. Use a cohesive color palette

You can love a color so much that you want it in every room, all the time. But your decor will be better organized if you determine your color palette for the space and keep the decor cohesive throughout the palette. This does not mean that you can only use three colors (or anything else) in your space, but more colors do not result in a cohesive design when decorating the house.

5. Flirt with feminine décor

The elements to decorate the house that are traditionally more on the feminine side of the spectrum, such as florals, curves and roses, are gaining space in the decoration for any style and for anyone.
Add a touch of pink to a space for a fresh look and a nod to your softer side.

6. Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls have been a popular idea for decorating the home for some years, probably for several reasons.

You can display a variety of pieces without having to choose just one. You can also create flow, color and themes through the walls of your gallery. In addition to being a dynamic option to save on the budget with smaller parts.

Make sure to keep some point of cohesion on your gallery wall – you can keep the paintings in the same style and color while varying the art content, for example, or vice versa

7. Watch decoration series

Netflix is full of inspiring programs that you can (and should!) Watch to decorate your home with taste and sophistication.

The platform has original programs with homes and real homeowners that feature incredible interiors and smart designs that are totally worth your time.

This Netflix series focuses on the popularity of vacation rental services like Airbnb. The designer Genevieve Gorder together with real estate guru Peter Lorimer transform below-average properties worthy of a 5-star rating.

The renovations bring a unique perspective and new challenges to design the home decor. The team of professionals helps owners to put their customers first to make their properties stand out from the competition.

In the pilot episode, Gorder and Lorimer renovate a houseboat that more than doubles their starting price. The best part of the series? These are real rental properties that you can stay for a weekend or longer if you accidentally fall in love with them.

New House Tips!

Moving and want a new look for your house? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is probably one of the most fun parts of moving.

The process itself, for some people, is usually exhausting, but being able to choose every detail is rewarding, because the new house needs to have our face and, more than that, pass on our essence.

And that’s what we came to talk about: tricks to decorate your new house. And don’t be thinking that everything is going to be expensive. Good taste goes far beyond that.

As we have already shown in several texts, decoration is one of the most fun themes, as there are huge variations, which certainly will please you.

Some little tricks can help, especially for those who are out of ideas. And if that is your case, this text will be a great help to you.

Believe us: we all know that decorating is difficult, such a variety, but some paths can make it easier.

First of all: bet on your personal taste

Make use of all the points you always dreamed of having in your house, be it the color of a wall, a decoration, a painting or even furniture. This is much more important and will personify the environment.

Do not overdo the amount of furniture

Avoid accumulating too much furniture in one environment. This, in addition to impairing aesthetics, can hinder the movement of people and give a connotation of “junk house”. And that’s not what you want to go through, is it?

Value natural lighting

We have already talked about this topic on our blog, but it is always important to emphasize, especially when we are talking about new houses.

Curtains are important, but enhancing natural lighting is much more. In addition to leaving a healthier appearance for the room, it prevents molds, molds and directly helps in heating the house.

A home that receives more sun during the day, in the end it will be more warm and cozy.

Speaking of coziness, bet on this characteristic

Everyone wants to live in a comfortable house. Furniture and props that convey this impression are essential.

A good sofa and a good bed are very important acquisitions. People deserve a good place to rest after an exhausting day.

In addition, some items such as rugs and pillows help to create that impression of warmth.

Put your tokens in the preferred room

If you are going to spend more money in some room in the house, put it in the one that will do you the best. Do you like to cook and it makes you feel good? So, equip the kitchen in the best way.

Do you prefer to sleep and stay calm inside the room? A good bed and a television are extremely useful. What if the TV room is the best option? Follow the same concept and transform it into the best environment in the house.

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