Curtains: Enjoy + 35 Ideas To Choose Your Ideal! ✨

Curtains: Enjoy + 35 Ideas To Choose Your Ideal! ✨

Are you thinking of buying a curtain?

As the market presents various types of fabrics and different color options. It’s really a pretty tricky task to choose, isn’t it?

Good, but before you buy a curtain, know that you need to know some tricks. That’s right!

Depending on the decor and size of the room, there are some correct ways to choose the ideal curtain. So I hope to help you with this article that is full of ideas for you to get inspired!

Here you will find the curtain models that are trending this year! But, you’ll also know which type of curtain will best match the environment you want to install in!

Types of Curtains – Know the Models that are in High!

Types of Curtains – Know the Models that are in High!

Curtains make a big difference in decorating an environment. They provide partial or complete blocking of unwanted brightness. Therefore they improve the visual and even thermal comfort of the environment. Therefore, several types of curtains adapt to all spaces of the house.

You can get a sleek or sleek look that should consider the style and personality you want to convey to those who visit your home. The end result will depend on the architecture of the windows.

Then the curtains become even more interesting, making the environment more beautiful and organized.

Modern curtains with a mix of styles

Modern curtains with a mix of styles

The world of decoration is increasingly open to a mix of styles! It is a way to make the environment increasingly personalized and beautiful. To follow the wave of the moment, the curtains could not be out of this !!



Traditional curtains are the most popular versions. They can be plain or patterned, of vibrant or sober tones. They match all environments, but the fabric should vary with the weather of the city.

In warmer places, for example, linen or voile pieces filter the light without obstructing it. In cold cities, twill, suede, and velvet are more suitable alternatives to leave the cozy space.



The blinds are modern, affordable, and practical curtains. They are formed by blades that open vertically or horizontally.

You can find them in aluminum, PVC, or wood composition. In addition to controlling the light input, they regulate ventilation. They are perfect for those who like practicality and modernity in the environment. A significant advantage of blinds is that they are easier to clean than traditional curtains.

Therefore, you only need to wipe the shutter bars with a damp cloth. While in curtains, it will be necessary to wash all the fabric.

Roman Curtains

Roman Curtains

Roman curtains are vertical and structured with rods, allowing the opening in layers. Rich in detail, this type of curtain succeeds in classic decoration and delight thousands of fans.

The raw materials of this type of curtain are varied. Therefore, you will find from the most common, such as polyester, to the boldest, such as straw.

Curtains Kitchen

Curtains Kitchen

And to ensure everyone’s comfort and privacy, adding a curtain to the kitchen decor becomes paramount. So regardless of whether the window is large, small, or an access door, the model you choose should harmonize with the rest of the decor.

Also, the curtain in the kitchen ensures that people passing by on the street or neighbors do not watch the interior movement of your home.

Not to mention that it also adds that charm and sophistication that every environment should have.

Which curtains to use in the integrated kitchen?

The curtain also plays an essential role if the kitchen is integrated with another environment.

In this case, what needs to be seen is whether the kitchen windows are too close to the living room windows and whether they are on the same wall. If so, it is best to use the same type of curtain that is used in the room.

Therefore, the ideal is to think about choosing the ideal curtain together so that the selected model works well for both the living room and the kitchen. One type of curtain that can work well in both environments is the roller blind, for example.


Curtains Kitchen 2

To use a curtain in the kitchen, the main issue in terms of functionality is maintenance. That’s because the kitchen is a place where fabrics can get dirty quickly, either by grease in the air or by contact with food-soaked hands.

So the curtain fabric should be waterproof or at least easy to wash. So if a blind is used, it mustn’t be absorbent, as the blinds are not easily removed and machine washed, for example.

Wood, PVC, or aluminum versions are some easy to maintain options. And even soft-curtained fabrics can also be waterproof, making cleaning more accessible and also accumulating less dirt.

Curtains Living Room

Curtains Living Room

The room is no different. Here the curtain guarantees the cozy atmosphere for this space of tranquility. So it favors relaxation and provides the right movie screenings.

So, not to be wrong when choosing the curtain living room, there are some factors to take into account. For example, we must study the decorative style so that the curtain harmonizes with the environment.

Another critical factor is whether the living room curtains are easy to clean. Also, the chosen material and size of the environment should be taken into consideration.

Learn how to choose the ideal curtains for the room

Learn how to choose the ideal curtains for the room

Many types of living room curtains can be used. They can be woven, pleated, or pleated of various kinds. Generally, the most commonly used are mounted on rails or rods.

Some models of curtains living room have vertical movement mechanisms of various shapes and models. However, the long curtain ensures more elegance, and warmth is best suited to this environment. This type usually has a good trim, perfectly framing doors and windows.

As for the material, there is also a multitude of possibilities on the market. Therefore, the trends of the decorations lead to the use of curtains in fabrics, such as sheer or linen. For they are visually light, as are horizontal blinds, which are always exciting for their ease and practicality of handling.

Another possibility for both types of curtain living room is to use blackout models. Thus the curtain filters the incidence of light and heat and protects the furniture from the sun’s rays.

Curtains for Bedroom

Curtains for Bedroom

Every well-decorated room needs a curtain to complement a beautiful and elegant look. Therefore, curtains for the bedroom should be made of excellent quality fabrics. Because the product needs to be durable and solve lighting problems.

Also, curtains for bedrooms make the environment a cozy place and also prevent sunlight from invading the bedroom.

There are several designs of curtains and blinds, which vary in style, color, fabric length. So it all depends on the look, function you want, and the resources available in the environment.

In general, curtains for the bedroom can be distributed according to the type of support. Examples are rail curtains, rod curtains and roller curtains. The curtains for bedroom rails may or may not be apparent. Therefore, you can hide the rail with a plaster finish or even using a curtain band.

Curtains Room Divider

Curtains Room Divider

Have you considered turning your rooms into attractive and practical places quickly and stylishly? Be aware that curtains room dividers are versatile pieces that can not be missed in the decoration. Therefore, they overcome the challenge of dressing the windows and assume other roles in the decoration.

Curtains room dividers are well-used to control light input and amplify environments. However, now they also play the role of dividing the spaces of the house and compensating for the absence of doors. They are available in many different colors, sizes, and patterns.

Remember that the pieces that serve as partitions need to be easy to match with furniture, coverings, and decorative objects of the space. Therefore, those who want to use the feature subtly can take ownership of neutral color models or opt for more delicate prints.

Curtains White

Curtains White

In addition to protecting the environment, the white curtain is an excellent choice for a warm and comfortable home. It makes the environment more pleasant and enjoyable to be.

After all, the window alone needs a highlight that enhances it and even more beautiful. If the window sill is free, it fits a long curtain that blends in with lighter fabrics.

Otherwise, you can use blinds, Roman curtains, and heavier fabrics. Because they are easier to move and keep when short.

Curtains Rod

Curtains Rod

Opting for curtain rod models can add real value to your window treatments. The rod has been used for many years as curtain support. Because of the practicality, it offers to put and remove the curtain at the time of washing, for example. So the curtain rod ended up in front of the pure aluminum rails.

The rod curtains that go into the rod can be made with eyelets, hoops, or bow ties. Therefore, all curtain rod models are far more practical than rail types. So this is already significant advantage. Today, all practicality is welcomed in-home care. The reason for choosing a double rod is to put one type of fabric in each.

For example, on the back bar is a blackout and on the front of the curtain itself, the beautiful part, which can be the material you want. Or, on the rear bar is the curtain and on the front the decorative voile. Which can get caught by strings, metallic props, and other decorative details?

Curtains Blackout

Curtains Blackout

Some windows can catch the best time of the sun. So much so that when we choose a home and it catches the morning sun, it ends up being much more valued. This is due to the benefits we can find at this time in the sun. So during the afternoon, it is much stronger, it makes the environment warm.

Then it can even ruin some furniture in the house and even electronic gadgets if they are too exposed to it. The curtain blackout is very welcome in this scenario. This is because it will make the environment very dark.

Also, it will block the entry of external light and promote sound insulation in the environment.

Curtain blackout – tips

A tip to not get too hot where this curtain blackout will be used, put a solar screen to protect the UV rays in the window. Thus, thermal comfort will also be guaranteed. So the heat coming from the room is trapped outside with the curtain blackout.

This means, according to the Spanish site Arkiplus, that the curtain with this fabric can retain 30% of the heat from the outside environment. That’s why it makes your environment very fresh and cozy! Another essential point is noted when the window overlooks a bustling street, for example.

According to the site Arkiplus it is possible to reduce the noise coming from outside when adding a curtain blackout.

Light curtains fabrics

Bet on light fabrics to create current and eclectic compositions. This type of fabric is widely used environments with a classic look, modern or stripped.

The widely used voile slightly prevents the entry of natural light. It gives an incredible charm to the decoration of the living room, for example. Silk, a noble fabric, is perfect for a classic and exquisite composition for any location. Mostly in the double bedroom.

Neutral Curtains Colors

If your decor is already defined or ready, then choose curtains made with neutral-colored fabrics. This way, you will have more freedom and ease when setting them in scenarios with colorful elements.

Curtains with neutral colors such as off-white, white, or beige are indicated in these cases. Therefore, they will not conflict with the decoration of the environment, being in harmony with any style.

Avoid dark fabrics in curtains.

Avoid models of curtains with dark fabrics in windows where the sunlight is intense. Although these fabrics block the light, they also retain heat and increase the room temperature during the day.

In these cases, the best choices are curtains in silk, linen, twill, or even richly, all in light tones.

Curtains Installation

Curtains Installation

Do you know how to put a curtain in the rooms of your home?

Well, know that by installing this item of decoration, the home gains a lot in terms of comfort and charm, besides being extremely elegant!

Although people know the potential of a curtain, they do not know how to hang or install the part. So this can result in a messy environment and the waste of beauty that the article can offer to your home.

To help you have a beautiful, organized home, we’ve selected some tips for curtains installation. Check out!

Curtains installation – What is the right size rod?

The rod has to be 20 to 30 cm MORE than the window. This will give you room to collect all the fabric on the sides. Also, you can leave the window fully open at any time.

Curtains installation – How high should I fix the rod?

You should fix the rod at least 10 cm above the window. However, 20-30 cm is better.

Curtains installation – Step by Step Ceiling Installation:

1. Center the rail and mark the rail where you want the screws to be fixed;
2. Drill the points marked on the rail;
3. Touch the rail back to the ceiling, and with a pencil mark inside the holes where you should pierce the ceiling;
4. Drill the holes in the ceiling and fit the screw anchors;
5. Secure the rail with the screws.

Curtains installation – Wall Mounting (using rail support):

1. If you only want to cover the window, buy a rail, add 15 cm on each side of the window or door size when purchasing the rail.

2. However, if the installation is across the wall, measure the full width of the wall;

3. Purchase rail brackets; if the rail measures up to 2.00 meters, you must install a bracket at each end. However, if the measure goes beyond that, choose to install a bracket in the middle of the rail as well;

4. Center the brackets, and with a pencil mark inside the bracket holes where the wall should be drilled;

5. Also mark with a pencil, with the top of the holder, where the holes will be drilled in the rail;

6. Pierce the wall and the rail;

7. Put the wall plugs in the wall;

8. Secure the rail to the wall with screws and then secure the top of the bracket to the rail.

These are basic rules for installing curtains. Therefore, If you still have questions, seek a professional in your city.

Curtains Installation – Short Curtains Installation:

Installing short curtains is even easier:

1. Make the measurement of the sides, leaving a gap of 15 cm on each side of the window and marking this measurement with a pencil;

2. Position the measuring tape on the mark you just made and mark the height of your curtain. Remember, the ideal is to leave 15 cm at the top of the window and 15 cm at the bottom. Then make this frame starting from the width mark. Touch the support to the height mark and mark where the holes will be;

3. Drill, fit the bushings and screw the bracket; 4. Do the same procedure on the other side.

Curtains Installation – For floor-length curtains.

1. Measure your window and consider an extra 15cm left and right;

2. Place the measuring tape vertically at the 15 cm mark you have left. Ten mark the height of the curtain that is on the packaging, where it reached the height mark. Finally, touch the bracket and mark with a pencil, which will have to be the holes;

3. Stick to the markings you just made. Insert the bushings and screw the bracket;

4. Repeat the process on the right side.

How to Hang Curtains?

Look at the window: Often, you can put new curtains or change old ones to transform the entire environment.

So be aware that you do not need to pay a fortune for a store that specializes in curtains. Do it yourself, or ask a seamstress to hem the curtain fabric. After that, use the walkthrough below:

You will need:

1. Drilling machine;
2. Pencil to mark on the wall;
3. Clip (photo # 4, click photo for a better view);
4. 1 tensor like the one in the picture;
5. 2 hooks and 02 appropriate bushings;
6. Steel cable to the wall plus a leftover of about 10cm on each side;
7. Pliers (to cut the wire rope).

How to make:

1. Mark the two holes in two parallel walls where you want to place the curtain.

2. Drill with the drill, insert the bushing and screw in the hook.

3. At one end of the cable, you will need to make a loop and secure it with a paperclip.

4. Arrange the pieces as pictured (bottom).

5. Secure one side (that of the tensioner) to the wall. Snap the other end into the hook already attached to the wall and secure with the clip.

6. With the wire rope already firm in both walls, adjust/tighten by screwing one side of the tensioner.

Top Mistake People Make

One mistake people often make when hanging a curtain is to install a stick the exact width of the window. Therefore, when installing your curtain rod, always try to leave some room to spare.

The stick should always be more full than the window frame. A more full stick gives the illusion that the window is large and allows more light into the room.

This makes it visually more attractive than a strong curtain. So a curtain panel installed in the correct position should be about 30 cm wide.

Finally, the vertical edge within the curtain is usually 8 to 10 cm within the glass part of the window.

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