+ 26 Deck Models Trends For Your Home 😍

+ 26 Deck Models Trends For Your Home  😍

With the right decor, deck can take the place of a large open-air living room. They are perfect for spending the afternoons with friends, having a snack with the kids, relaxing and enjoying the holidays!

The use of deck can be used in several ways, one of which is for the construction of wooden decks.

And those who think this furniture is for the most fortunate are mistaken. The decks can be assembled or even built simply and economically.

Check out the main trends and tips for this space below!

Poolside Deck

Poolside Deck

With a lot of elegance and simplicity, the poolside deck makes the environment very involving and safe for families with children and who love to use the pool to have fun on vacation or on weekends.

There are other possibilities for safe floors, and, because of that, we have separated this content talking about landscaping tips for pools for you to be inspired and apply in your home!

Still, on the accessory, the cool thing is to invest in a large area with this floor. Thus, it is possible to have a cozy environment with places to sunbathe, sofas to relax, and even a space to dine outdoors!

Deck To Relax

Deck To Relax

You can also use the deck to relax to create a unique space to read a book or drink wine with family and friends.

Our tip is to invest in a comfortable environment under a pergola! Use and abuse comfortable chairs, soft colors, and, of course, make the most of the green space around you!

Deck On The Balcony

Deck On The Balcony

For those who like the classic style and beautiful flowers, the deck on the balcony of the house can be an exciting option!

The tip is to invest in different flower styles or even in different colors. To make the environment even more stripped, choose traditional models, that is, non-modular and woody placement.

Deck Night Events

Deck Night Events

In addition to being very good for relaxing and enjoying the daylight, an accessory is also an excellent option for evening events!

Whether for a party, a romantic dinner, or even that moment of contemplation, the decks night events are exquisite by candlelight!

Spread several focuses of this lighting throughout the environment that will host the event. It will be beautiful!


Deck Night Events 2

As these accessories are usually elevated, lighting is straightforward: just run the wiring under the platform.

So, you can place spots or even reflectors on the same level as the floor, creating a light effect coming out of the very cool story.

If your deck has multiple levels, you can explore this by placing the lighting against the steps formed by the platforms. This lighting can be from spots of light to led strips, giving the feeling that the accessory is floating.

Home Interior Deck

Home Interior Deck

The use of wooden decks brings even more comfort to the leisure area. But be aware that they can also be used in interior decoration.

It was a time when this wooden accessory was used only on the floor of the outdoor area. Its versatility allows you to compose the decoration of different environments, bringing sophistication and modernity.

The modular wooden decking is a resistant material and easy to apply. Its closing system eliminates the need to be nailed to the place to be inserted.

Home Interior Deck 2

Therefore, the home interior deck become an excellent option for rental properties, as they can be placed on top of other coverings without damaging them.

Increasingly, these accessories have been used to cover bathrooms and toilets.

The material can be used on the walls as a whole or in the area inside the box, which makes the place less slippery.

In the living rooms and bedrooms, wooden models invade the walls in a charming and cozy way.

Mini Wooden Deck

Mini Wooden Deck

As pieces for the construction of wooden decks are sold in various shapes and sizes. They make it possible to create mini-decks, either to build a garden or to decorate the balcony of your apartment.

Or even to have a small space in your backyard to relax in privacy. The mini wooden deck are ideal for those who want to make their garden more beautiful but do not have much area to place a model with vast structure. An idea for mini decks is to place pillows and upholstery, with the combination of plants will be an ideal place to relax, read, and take visitors.

Just don’t forget to think about the possibility of making a closed model, as the rain can end up damaging your furniture.

Mini wooden deck are also ideal for those who live in condominiums, as they allow the privacy of the resident.

Creative ideas

Mini Wooden Deck Criative Ideas

There are countless creative possibilities offered by mini wooden deck, among them:

1. Wood deck can be placed on an open-air terrace, being stretched and connected to the garden.

2. They can also be raised in a U shape to apply potted plants. Giving more charming air, especially if they are created with rustic elements and handmade decoration.

3. The models can also be installed as a small corridor designed in wood, taking advantage of the freshness and green of the garden.

4. It is also possible to make raised wooden decks in the yard, with different levels and space for a hot tub or hot tub. Thus creating a cozy corner with private SPA in a backyard, allowing great moments of relaxation and rest.

How To Make Deck More Cozy?

How To Make Deck More Cozy?

To make deck more cozy and inviting, comfort is undoubtedly one of the first items on the list to think about when decorating the room.

Bringing the intimacy and well-being of indoor environments is essential to give a more personal touch to the accessory.

Use blankets and pillows on the armchairs and sofas to make them more pleasant. For a relaxed atmosphere, puffs and floor cushions are great for an afternoon of chatting or to catch up on reading.

Decorating Deck With Plants and Flowers

Decorating Deck With Plants and Flowers

Decorating deck with plants and flowers are perfect for giving charm and making decks cozier. In addition to helping to balance the look and still guarantee a parasol for the hottest days.

If your deck space is ample, bet on medium or large ornamental plants and whimsical vases, they are also part of the decor! The flowers adorn the coffee tables and bring delicious natural aromas to pack the summer afternoons.

Deck Accessories And Embellishments

Deck Accessories And Embellishments

Details also make a difference when we think about deck acessories. Use transparent trays and vases to decorate the table for meals.

An arrangement with fruits and flowers or vases with floating candles is enough to delight the guests. It has everything to do with the summer weather.

Bright lighting with lamps in the late afternoon creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere for outdoor dinners.

As outdoor environments are more affected by the weather, use deck acessories with materials that are more resistant to the sun, wind, and rain. To extend the useful life of furniture and decorative objects.

Wood, aluminum, bamboo, and sisal are more resistant materials that go well with the rustic and natural style that cozy decks call for.

Linen, cotton, and twill are light and great for decorative pieces. For colors, invest in the lively and lively tones that are the face of summer.

Tropical and floral prints also go well with the season and outdoor spaces and deck acessories.

The Power Of The Modular Deck

The Power Of The Modular Deck

Modular deck can usually be found in small wooden squares that are fixed to the floor using a fitting system.

Very simple and easy to install. This coating can be applied over other floors, and there is no need to hire a professional for its installation, being one of the most economical options.

The use of this type of deck is most recommended for outdoor areas, such as the garden or around the pool.

For this reason, it is necessary to waterproof the wood so that it does not suffer from exposure to the sun and humidity.

Composition Of Modular Deck

The composition of modular deck consist of boards formed by wooden rulers that have a click-type fitting system. Or male-female order, made through a rubber structure.

This makes its application quick and practical without having to nail the wood for fixing it.

It is a system that offers a clean assembly with great possibilities for personalizing the environments. According to the configuration of its boards and the mounting pattern adopted at the time of application, giving the floor different designs.

The pieces can be installed on the grass, counter-floor. Or other types of coverings without damaging them; the only requirement is that the floor is well leveled to ensure their perfect fit and a beautiful result.

Traditional Deck Models

Traditional Deck Models

Traditional deck models are made with common woods and are built directly in the chosen location. Among the most used woods are Ipê, Massaranduba, Jatobá, Cumaru, and Itaúba.

Its use is recommended for both outdoor and indoor environments. However, as it has a more laborious installation, it is essential to have the services of a specialized professional for its construction.

What Is The Ideal Wood For Deck?

What Is The Ideal Wood For Deck?

To choose the ideal wood for deck, you must take into account several factors, such as environmental conditions and intensity of use.

In general, it is recommended to use noble woods, which guarantee higher resistance and durability, such as Itaúba or Cumaru.

For a cleaner and more beautiful look, the ideal is to work with larger modules that need fewer amendments, resulting in aesthetically cleaner decks.

What Deck Woods Are On The Market?

What Deck Woods Are On The Market?

This is a critical issue when ordering the design of your accessory. Because the durability will depend a lot on this factor,

Currently, there is a wide variety of deck woods that can be found to make decks of different prices and types.

For example, treated Eucalyptus is a wood that has been used a lot in recent years. Becoming a trend increasingly present in architectural and landscape projects.

Other woods also used are Pinus, Ipê, and Cumarú. These last two are the most suitable woods for outdoor decks. Because it has higher resistance against fungi, insects, and cracks.

Other options are ecological woods. Such as Pau D´Arco and Camarú, which have been much sought after for having more exceptional durability and not requiring much maintenance.

Installation And Maintenance Of Wooden Deck

Installation And Maintenance Of Wooden Deck

The pool with wooden decks is something that many people want at home. However, for this, it is essential to know how this element is installed and maintained.

To install the wooden model, the first step is to plan. Only then will you know the measures to know precisely how many rulers or modules will be needed.

To ensure the conservation, you must know that wood for wooden decking is usually treated. So you will only need to do maintenance after one year – and then annually.

To maintain the wooden model with varnish, it will be necessary to scrape and apply the product again. However, if using a stain, this is unnecessary.

Both the varnish and the stain do not come out with water, but the latter also keeps away insects and fungi and blocks UV rays. Besides, it penetrates and is absorbed by the wooden decks, which is very positive.

Deck Maintenance In Summer

Deck Maintenance In Summer

Keep the wooden deck clean;

First of all, to make a deck maintenance in summer, it is essential to always try to keep the decks clean. Washing it with a high-pressure hose, water, and soap. To remove any dirt or mold that has accumulated over time, including between the wooden boards.

Varnish the deck

It is also essential to always apply varnish in two layers on the decks. In addition to giving a renewed appearance, the product also serves to protect the wood against damage caused by water and the sun.

Replace loose or cracked nails

When cleaning wooden decks, take the time to do a careful inspection. Looking for loose or cracked nails, which, in addition to impairing safety and stability, can hurt in the event of an accidental step.

Trim bushes and plants near the decks

The gardens are excellent complements to the decks. However, it is essential to take care that the roots of shrubs and plants do not come into constant contact with the wood. Because they can rot the material or increase the risk of moss.

So, always try to trim your bushes and plants, something that, in addition to protecting the decks. So you also value the environment, avoiding the feeling of abandonment.

With these tips, wooden decks will maintain their high durability and beauty. Thus allowing you to enjoy every moment of the summer with safety, comfort, and fun in a valued and well-maintained environment.

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