Decorating the Wall: The Extraordinary Tricks That Are Trending 😎

✨ Decorating the Wall: The Extraordinary Tricks That Are Trending!😎

How about changing the face of that dull room with decorating the wall cheaply and easily?

The most practical way to do this is to decorate the wall with creative and cheerful ideas. So the environment is full of personality and with your face! So, it’s worth hanging fun pictures, family photos, posters, embroidered plates … The possibilities are endless to your home decor!

To help you get inspired, here are some creative ideas! So you can do it yourself and start decorating the wall now. Come see and choose your favorite!

Decorating The Wall With Mirror

Decorating The Wall With Mirror

This topic has already been addressed in some posts here, such as the publication on the mirror or vanity mirror. However, this post also presents inspiring, decorating the wall with mirror ideas. Check out the photos and learn how to use this beautiful accessory in your home.

Who has never heard that old jargon: “Mirror, the mirror of mine, is there anyone more beautiful than me”?

The mirror is immediately associated with beauty, vanity, and, above all, the ability to see yourself reflected. This element, so usual in decorating the wall, has infinite possibilities of use. Besides, mirrors go beyond the simple act of reflecting or the function of “enlarging” environments.

In short, decorating the wall with mirrors can favor lighting, enhance the composition of space, fill in gaps. The mirror can also camouflage imperfections, ornament, and even redesign the ambiance proposal.

We can thus say that a mirror is a valuable tool for any decoration and design proposal. So it stops being a complex project or a simple setting.

How To Decorate The Wall With Mirror?

How To Decorate The Wall With Mirror?

vintage, geometric, baroque, modern, creative, solitary, multiple … Mirrors have become decorative elements that can highlight and enhance many spaces in your home.

In the beginning, they were built as symbols of beauty and magic. Since they were able to reflect reality. However, nowadays, thanks to industrial evolution, interiors have been revolutionized. All these thanks to the multiple mirror designs that we find on the market.

Check below ideas on how to decorate the wall with a mirror that has become a trend.

Mirrored Walls:

Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls allow us to cover all flat surfaces, through entire walls or partial walls. This type of coating provides a large amount of light and amplitude.

Large Format Mirrors

Large Format Mirrors

One of the most aesthetic forms of decoration with mirrors is the use of large XL formats. They are usually supported on the floor or hung along a wall. With a metallic or rustic wooden frame, these mirrors always offer elegance to any environment where they are.

Tips For Decorating The Wall With Mirror

Tips For Decorating The Wall With Mirror

What will most define your arrangement of decorative mirrors is your “personal taste.” Yes, this is the most important, because the result will have to please your eyes since you will live with it for a long time. So, what do you like? Stop, think, and answer the questions below.

1) Symmetry: all straight, in the same direction, or do you like the arrangement spread out, without definition?

2) Combination of colors: do you like everything in the same color, tone on tone, or do you like color contrasts?

3) Style: do you think you are romantic, modern, retro, or classic? Look for images on Pinterest from the blog, for example, that you feel have to do with the style you want to create.

4) Models: does the fact that you use different models bother you, or do you like the result?

5) Sizes: will you want to repeat the same model and size, or will you want to mix sizes?

6) Budget: the more units you need, the more you will have to invest, so it’s good to think

7) Support: that is, the wall, the place where the arrangement will be: is it a colored or white wall?

8) Environment: is the place you are going to decorate at risk of someone hitting your hand, for example? Is it a small, large place? It is best to take measurements before buying something.

Decorating The Wall With Pictures

Decorating The Wall With Pictures

Decorating the wall with pictures is a way to transmit your personality to the environment. Organized in different ways, pictures or posters are an increasingly used option. It is an easy way to decorate and does not require significant changes.

Each room in your home is best suited to a different style of poster or picture. Therefore, the first step is to choose the wall that you want to use for this decoration.

After that, the idea is to identify the styles of decoration that is in the environment and define which posters models or pictures best match your space.

If you want to know a little more, visit the link on decorating with picture frames! Check out some tips to avoid making mistakes in decorating the wall with pictures:

Define Your Favorite Subjects Or Themes

Define Your Favorite Subjects Or Themes

A good tip when decorating the wall with pictures is to choose a theme. Or several ideas for the composition. Generally, posters of favorite films and series are used by artists who inspire you, for example. Or even essential song phrases and quotes.

No matter the theme, the key is to define the best model that fits your style and the decoration of the environment.

Mix Sizes And Models

Mix Sizes And Models

A decorating the wall with picture composition that became a trend was the mix of sizes. This bolder option makes the environment more modern and brings lightness to the place. So it is an excellent option to decorate living rooms, for example.

Besides, the idea is to define, whenever possible, a link between the themes represented in the tables. So that no element will be lost in your decoration.

Seek Symmetry And Harmony

If you are looking for a more traditional decorating the wall with pictures, then choose three or four large posters to compose your wall. For this idea, use identical frames and, if possible, choose pictures with the same theme and the same size.

To maintain a more neutral decor, monochrome images are a good option. Another suggestion is to use similar shades. This way, it avoids that the paintings attract much attention or that they can pollute the visual of your environment.

Innovate With Diverse Themes And Many Colors

Innovate With Diverse Themes And Many Colors

Another way of decorating the wall with pictures is to fill an entire surface with frames of different themes and colors. However, this style is more suitable for environments that do not have many decorative elements. So the wall will be the highlight and will attract the attention of those who pass by the place.

A functional space for this application model is bedrooms and offices, for example. They are more personal environments that allow expressing the styles better.

In other rooms where there is a large circulation of people, this decoration model may not suit all tastes. So, look for more secret places when investing in this different decoration.

Explore Different Finishes

Explore Different Finishes

When decorating the wall with pictures, there is the option to use or not frames on the posters. Then, in more stripped-down environments, they can be decorated with posters or pictures fixed directly on the wall. Double-sided tape or colored stickers, for example, can be used.

The more classic environments, on the other hand, require posters with frames, which guarantees more conservation of your paintings.

In any of the options, the ideal is to look for the style that best matches the space and personality. However, remember to adapt each decoration model to the most favorable environment.

Places of excellent circulation, such as the entrance hall and living spaces, are not so suitable for this type of decoration. The choice of posters is always considered the personal taste of each resident.

If you choose to use fewer frames, such as three or four posters, try to put them in the line of your eyes. This will attract more attention.

Decorating The Wall With Stickers

Decorating The Wall With Stickers

No mess, no work, and no expense: decorating the wall with stickers is the best option. This way, it is possible to obtain a differential, escaping from the most common, which are smooth and single-colored walls.

The advantage of wall stickers is the freedom to insert prints or details that will influence the decoration of the environment. Best of all, it can be used in many types of walls. So, you don’t have to put just one. Besides, it doesn’t take as much work as painting, and you don’t have to worry about the dirt that paints bring.

How To Decorate The Wall With Stickers?

How To Decorate The Wall With Stickers?

The first tip to learn how to decorate the wall with stickers is calculating the size of the space. Therefore, it is necessary to know the location available to avoid getting lost in the details.

After that, it is necessary to define an ideal style. That’s because the market for wall stickers is very comprehensive. Then you can find stickers for all tastes. Then, the other tip is to think about the environment that will be decorated. For example, if it is an office, use elements that adapt to productivity and concentration. Or, use some reference to the type of service provided there.

Something to remember is that you don’t need to insert a wall sticker that will occupy the entire base or much of it.Therefore, it is possible to find wall stickers that will provide a high differential, even if they are small. An example is to put a sticker watch, it is small, but it produces a great highlight.

Characterize The Environment

Characterize The Environment

Create a distinctive highlight. For example, If you like plants, you should put something about nature. Place a tree sticker on the wall near a window in the room.

It is still possible to go further and place one of the seven wonders inside your home. Have you thought?

The Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum in Italy, for example. All can be used for decorating the wall with stickers. It will be a great attraction, and can even be placed in the bedroom.

Another valid tip for decorating the wall with stickers is to study the colors. Therefore, the idea is to insert a clear sticker on a dark wall. This contrast always works and will make your home decor impeccable!

Decorating The Wall White

Decorating The Wall White

There are endless possibilities for decorating the wall white. However, the changes do not always have to be very drastic for the whole look to be transformed. Because it is a neutral color, white blends with all environments and style of decoration. Besides, this color can be considered as a basis for new things.

Nowadays, even colorful and hand-painted dishes have seen art on the wall of those who are attuned to decoration trends. They work like small paintings of variable sizes and different pictures.

Let’s go to the first idea to change the look of your home. Learn now how to decorate white walls without having to change everything!

Tricks for Decorating The Wall Large

Tricks for Decorating The Wall Large

Plenty of space at home is a concept that always seems to be fantastic. But it may not be if you don’t know how to decorate the wall large. Especially when you have a large, empty wall in the middle of your room!

However, with a little imagination, it is possible to leave this large wall highlighted and elegant. Here are some tricks that we have separated for you to get inspired!

Decorating the Wall Large Tips 1 – Think Big

Does it have a full, empty wall? Think big! One of the best ways to improve the appearance of a spacious environment is to fill the wall with a proportional work of art. However, the only caveat that professionals warn is that attention should be paid to architecture. So let it shine!

The work of art, even if robust, is an accessory and should not wholly distract attention from the structural details of the house if these are well worked.

Decorating the Wall Large Tips 2 – Decrease the Scale

Decorating the Wall Large Tips 2 – Decrease the Scale

Breaking the rules when decorating the wall is always valid. Therefore, the second suggestion is to ignore the enormous proportions and bet on small works!

The trick is that a decor full of furniture that already makes a strong impression is not overloaded.

One suggestion is to choose small parts in a balanced way. You can position it on a heavy-looking sofa, for example. So the work makes an impact without exaggeration.

Decorating the Wall Large Tips 3 – Bet in the Dark

Using dark colors in decorating the wall will play with the depth and density of the space.

Besides, the idea is to position light and contrasting accessories to a wall with dark paint. A gray or black color, for example, surprises the eye and balances the points of view.

Decorating the Wall Tips – 4 Decorate with Style

A lot of people don’t like using shelves as a focus when decorating the wall. However, the massive walls represent the perfect opportunity!

The tip is to take advantage of the vertical space, filling them with this piece of furniture! So the idea is to opt for a fantastic design piece and cover it with books and decoration.

However, one must move away from heavy shelves. Prefer open shelves to organize your belongings with lightness and style.

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