23 Destination Wedding Ideas to Escape the Obvious 👰❤️

23 Destination Wedding Ideas to Escape the Obvious 👰❤️

Anyone who is researching weddings has certainly found the expression “destination wedding” out there. This term is used to define a wedding in which the bride and groom and often the guests travel to celebrate the date in another destination, and it is an increasingly common type of ceremony.

Whether it’s a party or a party, marriages never stop popping up in people’s networks and social life. After the conventional wedding, came the mini wedding, which is more intimate, in more creative places and with a very personalized decoration.

Then came the destination wedding, one in which the experience is worth more than anything: you, your love and the guests go to some incredible place to celebrate together.

Regardless of your desire, it is worth taking a look at these destination wedding options that My Easy Decoration has prepared for you!

The Most Incredible Destination Wedding Ideas

The Most Incredible Destination Wedding Ideas

Many hotels, inns, and resorts are options for destination wedding ideas that already offer complete plans for you to hold your wedding. Below we have selected some popular and interesting places, all over the world, for you to be inspired and seek an unforgettable destination for this great day.

1. Las Vegas Destination Wedding

Las Vegas Destination Wedding

Forget the “fake” marriages of American serials and movies. Las Vegas is an amazing destination wedding idea to go with your love, friends, and family to celebrate your wedding in a fun and party-filled way. You can choose one of the classic Vegas chapels and have your wedding celebrated by characters like Elvis Presley.

The reception can be in one of the countless nightclubs or in the casinos of the city, and you will have no trouble finding good photographers from the region who can record everything. A destination indicated not only for weddings but also for renewing vows.

2. Thailand Destination Wedding

Thailand Destination Wedding

Despite being a destination wedding ideas with relatively expensive tickets, accommodation and tours in Thailand are quite affordable, and having a wedding there can be cheaper than you think.

There are packages of all shapes and sizes, with private ceremonies or with guests, in resorts with private beaches. All details such as decoration, type of celebration, photography, and video are defined via email before the trip.

. Italy Destination Wedding

Italy Destination Wedding

Italy is a destination wedding idea that offers different celebration options and different cities, with Venice being the most famous of them. You will also be able to choose beautiful landscapes in Tuscany and the coastline of the boot, which reserves unforgettable landscapes. Although it is possible to arrange all the details directly with suppliers and hotels there, there are already Brazilian travel agencies that make all budgets and preparations for the bride and groom.

4. Brazil Destination Wedding

Brazil Destination Wedding

Brazil also has places prepared to receive you and your guests in this very important celebration. One of the most sought after places today is Trancoso, in Bahia. There, you will find several destination wedding ideas such as inns and restaurants for the reception, or you can even book resorts like ClubMed. However, one of the most charming places is the Square Church.

5. Ibiza Destination Wedding

Ibiza Destination Wedding

The Spanish coast does not live just from a hot summer, but it is because of it that many couples seek Ibiza as a destination wedding ideas. In addition to the paradisiacal landscape and many hotels prepared to receive you and your guests, you will have a type of event with a more lively style, making the wedding a party that can last for days, with ceremony, party, breakfast, sightseeing tours. boat and amazing photos.

6. Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Punta Cana Destination Wedding

Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, can host large, small weddings or even celebrations with just the couple, in the most varied styles. The city has several resorts prepared for destination weddings, with packages of various sizes and prices to choose from. The party can be more traditional, in a place for events, or even by the beach. With all-inclusive accommodation, that is, with all expenses for food and entertainment within the package, it is also easy to calculate the total cost of the experience.

7. Cancun Destination Wedding

Cancun Destination Wedding

Cancún, Mexico, is another Caribbean destination wedding in this selection, which is also increasingly prepared to host weddings of varying styles. Because it is a paradisiacal destination with many activities in nature, it is a great option for those who enjoy walks, diving, and contact with animals. As with other options in the selection, you can choose all the details of the ceremony before the trip and also extend the stay and spend your honeymoon there.

8. Greece


A wedding in Greece, especially in Santorini or Mykonos, can be much more affordable than you might think. There you will also find specialized destination wedding ideas to hold your celebration and you can organize everything with travel agencies here in Brazil. The unmistakable look and architecture of the Greek coast make your big day have a very special setting, especially at sunset.

9 Hawaii Destination Wedding

Hawaii Destination Wedding

Hawaii is the destination wedding of dreams for many travelers, especially those who enjoy surfing. Several agencies are prepared to broker a wedding in the North American archipelago. You can hire ceremonies, celebrities, decorations, buffet, photography, and video with specialized help and each location will guarantee a different experience for the big day.

10. Paris Destination Wedding

Paris Destination Wedding

Of course, the most romantic city in the world could not be left out of this list. A destination wedding in Paris is the dream of many brides and grooms, with the Eiffel Tower as the background for one of the most important moments in life. Despite not having packages as complete and targeted as the Caribbean resorts and paradisiacal destinations, the French capital is also prepared to receive your wedding in the most different ways.

11. Disney Destination Wedding

Disney Destination Wedding

And why not get destination wedding in the land of fun? Whether in Orlando, California, France, or Japan, Disney World hotels are prepared to hold their ceremony that can even feature famous characters from Walt Disney. The wedding can be more romantic or more fun, with the fact that the bride and groom choose. And the honeymoon will certainly be magical, with all the climate that only the parks and scenery there can offer.

12. Cartagena


The historic city on the Colombian coast can be an incredible setting for your destination wedding. It is possible to celebrate at the historic church inside the walled city of Cartagena, using the small, colorful, and romantic streets as a backdrop. Then, it is still possible and extends the trip, spending the honeymoon on paradisiacal islands nearby and enjoying an unforgettable look that only the Caribbean sea offers.

13. Jamaica


Jamaica has been an increasingly sought after place by those who love nature and want to celebrate love. If before it was a good option for the honeymoon, nowadays it is also a great place to celebrate the wedding, with or without guests. As well as Thailand and some Caribbean destination wedding ideas, in Jamaica, you can also find hotels with all-inclusive experience and packages of various prices and styles to hold a complete celebration.

14. Mendonza


Mendoza, a city that is still not among the most popular for destination weddings, but that may just be a matter of time. Having your wedding in Mendoza can mean getting married in a hotel that is located inside a winery, with the Andes Mountains as the backdrop for the celebration. The atmosphere of the event is very beautiful and romantic.

These were just a few tips for destination wedding ideas, be it a big event, with many guests, or even an intimate moment, just with the couple. What is certain is that, wherever it goes, the day will be unforgettable and, therefore, it is important to have good suppliers and plan this even more special trip well. Check out more locations below:

15. Destination Wedding On The Beach

Destination Wedding On The Beach

Relaxed atmosphere, foot in the sand, and a paradisiacal backdrop as a backdrop: so are beach destination wedding. These places become the stage for the most beautiful destination weddings, but the bride and groom must always be aware of the infrastructure and services offered by the location. Make sure it offers buffet, decoration, covers for the ceremony and reception, among other items needed for your big day.

16. Destination Wedding In the Field

Destination Wedding In the Field

One of the main options for brides who dream of a romantic outdoor ceremony. There is a huge range of possibilities, among farms, inns, hotels, and restaurants, but one of the most important details to be considered is the question of location.

Look for destination wedding ideas with easy access and close to the city, otherwise, do a search to find out if the chosen location has hotels and inns to accommodate your guests. Another important detail is to check if space offers an incredible plan B in case of rain or strong suns, such as awnings or covered areas.

17. Destination Wedding Winery

Destination Wedding Winery

Imagine getting married in a place that offers bucolic landscapes, surrounded by stunning buildings, where grooms and guests can enjoy the best quality wines and sparkling wines. If you thought of places like Tuscany or Chile, know that you don’t have to go that far to make your dreams come true.

Destination Wedding Florida:

Destination Wedding Florida

Beach weddings or those that use it as a backdrop, more intimate ceremonies, exotic places, or refined environments. Destination wedding Florida is the ideal setting for all types of celebrations.

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. With its endless sunshine, year-round warm weather, and idyllic scenery, it is the perfect place for those who dream of a romantic outdoor ceremony. And one of the great advantages of getting married in the destination is the possibility to amend the honeymoon without having to leave the state.

18. Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Florida has gardens and outdoor venues where it is possible to celebrate, such as the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum in Palm Beaches, which is known for being an ocean landmark, overlooking the Jupiter Cove, where the land meets the sea.

The nuptials are held in the deck area, at the base of this historic lighthouse, where the natural shadows of the trees make this option of destination wedding Florida even more comfortable.

19. Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters Destination Wedding

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters Destination Wedding

The Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters in Marathon also hosts outdoor parties, but in a different style. There, it is possible to hold an event for more than 300 guests amid natural mangrove nets and also in the Aquarium field – which extends to the Vaca Cut channel.

20. Historic Spanish Point

Historic Spanish Point

For couples who prefer a more traditional Florida destination wedding option, in the Sarasota region, there is the Historic Spanish Point, a property built in 1890, with a small but charming chapel (Mary’s Chapel) that seats 40 people on rustic wooden benches and is in the middle of a garden with gondolas that are often used for weddings.

21. Flager Museum Destination Wedding

Flager Museum Destination Wedding

Luxurious parties and ceremonies are also welcome in Florida. The Flager Museum, in Palm Beaches, is one of the most famous destination weddings when it comes to luxury parties. The place retains the elegance of the 19th century and was already proclaimed as a “property more wonderful than any palace in Europe” by the New York Herald in 1902. The Flager Museum is known for hosting large celebrations.

22. Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata

An alternative option in the destination for couples is to join on cruises, sailboats, yachts, and other boats which is a great option, since Florida has so many channels and the ocean is so close. Hakuna Matata, also in Palm Beaches, is one of those! This catamaran accommodates 43 passengers, has a large bar area, and two bedrooms that can serve as a dressing room for the bride and groom.

23. Tavares Pavilion On The Lake Destination Wedding

Tavares Pavilion On The Lake Destination Wedding

The Tavares Pavilion on the Lake in Lake County is another Florida destination wedding in special locations. Space has a state-of-the-art floating installation over Lake Dora, Tavares. The decoration of the place is a mixture of antiques, works of art, and handmade finishes, all in the best tropical climate. Tavares Pavilion was designed exclusively to make events memorable.

Destination Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding Planner

When do you imagine the dream wedding what comes to your mind? What is the bride and groom’s favorite spot? Who will this moment be shared with? How will the decoration be? What kind of music will be played?

The wedding is a unique moment and leaving it with the bride and groom’s face will make it even more special, fun, and enjoyable. For this, a good place for the party and ceremony is essential.

Currently, the options for a wedding are many: at home, on the beach, on the farm, in a restaurant, hotel, in a historic place, in the party space! With so many options, the bride and groom need to think about some details related to the wedding that will determine the best place for their performance, such as the number of guests, time and type of ceremony, and the cost-benefit ratio. The analysis of these items together with the style of the bride and groom is essential before closing the contract.

Check below the checklist of a destination wedding planner that we have separated for you:

Destination Wedding Planner 1: Number of guests

An important detail when choosing a destination wedding is to know the number of people who will be invited and how many people the intended location will hold. Will it be a party just for family and a few friends? Then choose a place that will behave well to the guests without too much space to avoid giving an idea of “emptiness”.

Now if you want a big party with lots of guests, then opt for a large space, with spacious parking, where people can move around without major limitations.

When choosing, you must take into account not only the number of guests seated but also the spaces intended for the bar, dance floor, stage, coffee and sweets table, buffet points, and lounge. If you choose tables and chairs for everyone, see if they will be well distributed and with enough space for waiters to circulate with ease between them.

If there is a ceremony at the venue, care must be taken with space. Remember that space is needed for the entrance hall, altar, groomsmen, photographers, and musicians.

Destination Wedding Planner 2: Wedding style

Just as there are styles of couples there are also styles of weddings: vintage, rustic, country, fairytale, beach, cocktail, ballad. The styles are varied, but what really matters is that the wedding looks like the bride and groom.

Marriage celebrates love and nothing better than doing it the way the bride and groom always dreamed! Open your mind to think not just of the obvious places of marriage. The important thing to keep in mind is that each wedding style matches a specific place and time, see below.

Destination Wedding Planner 3: Wedding time

Day weddings call for a more open place, outdoors, with greater space for the circulation of guests and that enhances the natural sunlight. Getting married during the day can be an interesting alternative for discreet, quiet couples who do not need to be busy and glamorous. Also, day weddings yield beautiful photos!

Some suggestions of destination wedding for a day are farm, farm, beach, a historic place. As for weddings at night, the most suitable destination wedding for the reception are party room, hotel, restaurant, in other words, a more closed and a little more formal place. The night is very conducive to the atmosphere of the party and dance.

Destination Wedding Planner 4: Cost-effective

The bride and groom already worry about so many things, don’t they ?! Besides clothes, decoration, buffet, music, cake, you don’t want to worry about the Fire Department’s Permit or the Law of Silence, right? Therefore, the important thing is to look for a destination wedding that facilitates your party and that is following the law. According to Fernanda, there are some facilities that party spaces can fulfill and you should be aware of them before closing the contract.

Prefer Destination Wedding With:

Prefer Destination Wedding With

1. Easy access with well signposted and paved roads;
2. Space for loading and unloading;
3. Own work team (receptionists, security guards, valets, cleaning).
Check if these services are already included in the amount charged;
4. Own furniture – tables, chairs, sideboards, sofas. Check the condition of these parts;
5. Pleasant external space, well maintained and organized to receive guests and take photos;
6. Kitchen in good condition and hygiene;
7. Conserved bathrooms and baby changing facilities;
8. Security: parking, location, guest control by list, cameras;
9. Support room for suppliers and professionals who will be involved in the wedding;
10. Air conditioning, air conditioning, ventilation.
11. The locations must also comply with some details established by law. Be aware:
12. Operating license;
13. Fire Department Report;
14. Emergency items (exits, fire extinguishers, and electric generators);
15. Compliance with Law 11,986, of 1/16/96 and Law of Urban Silence – PSIU;
16. Disabled access;
17. Correct destination of the produced waste.


Time for assembly and disassembly: ideally, the hall should be released for assembly at least 6 hours before the event. The party should last from 6 to 8 hours and the dismantling takes place right after the event. Also, check if there will be someone on-site to welcome suppliers during the day.


Look for references from those who have already hired the destination wedding and pay a visit when space is decorated, so you can get a better idea of how it will look for your party. After the decision is made it is important that what has been negotiated is in the contract. Be aware of the “hidden costs” that are built-in. Also, you must inquire about the cancellation policy.

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