🍴 Modern Dining Chairs that became a Trend Alert in 2021 😍

🍴 Modern Dining Chairs that became a Trend Alert in 2021 😍

One of the best (and most difficult) parts is choosing dining chairs. In addition to the various model options available on the market, another factor that is a cause for doubt is the combination of the table with the chairs.

It is also important to note that in times when integrated spaces are almost a rule, dining table chairs must match not only the table but the decor as a whole. To help you choose, we have selected the models of dining chairs that have become a trend in the world of decoration!

Modern Dining Chairs To Be Inspired

Modern Dining Chairs To Be Inspired

Among the different styles for the room, a modern dining room provides refinement, practicality, and functionality. With that in mind, when choosing your modern dining chairs for the dining room that match the decor of the environment, it is ideal that, in addition to a different and current design, they are also comfortable.

A modern dining chair can contain neutral colors to harmonize with the rest of space’s decor. The dining room chairs in this style are finished in metal, to give that modern and refined touch that the room demands.

What Types Of Modern Dining Chairs Is The best?

There are several types of modern dining chairs made from different types of materials. Therefore, before choosing your chair, understand the functionality of each model.

Plastic Dining Chairs

Plastic Dining Chairs

Modern dining chairs made of plastic are lighter and perfect for those who constantly change the decor of the environment. This type of material can be found in the most varied colors, a great option for the person who wants to have a colorful decoration.



If you want to have a more modern environment, modern metallic dining chairs are ideal. In addition, the material is very light, versatile, and matches most decor styles.



For those who want to make a more rustic decoration the bet should be the wooden chair. You can also use it in more natural environments like the balcony, garden, or leisure area.



If you want to make a more traditional decoration, you should choose the modern wired dining chairs. They leave the atmosphere more classic and is perfect for those who don’t like to dare when choosing furniture.



Now if the intention is to mix something more traditional with a hint of modernity, the Eames chair is ideal. So much so that the model became a trend and is being used a lot in several places.

Geometric Dining Chairs

Geometric Dining Chairs

Whoever wants to bet on a more differentiated model, can and should opt for modern geometric dining chairs. The design is extremely modern, both in your back and your seat.

Printed And Colored

Printed And Colored

The modern printed and colored dining chairs make the environment more charming, in addition to giving personality to the room. A good idea is to combine this type of chair with more luxurious decorative elements such as plush carpets.

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Upholstered chair for the dining room that is super comfortable, in addition to being the most used by those who want to put a refined touch on the decor is the upholstered chairs for the dining room.

These dining chairs upholstered for the dining room have the great advantage of their comfort, but in addition, they can also be found in different colors, prints, and designs that offer a great choice of models to suit the most different styles of environments.

There is less dense upholstery, which is used in simpler chairs. And more dense ones, which tend to make chairs a little more sophisticated and expensive. We find chairs with only the upholstered seat part, as well as those that are all made with upholstery, armchair style.

How to choose the best model?

Upholstered Dining Chairs 2

Some models of upholstered dining chairs are cheaper, and because of that, they end up receiving less dense upholstery, whereas other models of upholstered dining room chairs have a denser filling, which provides much more comfort when using them, but of course they are also much more expensive, so it is necessary to do good research on these models of chairs before finalizing the purchase.

When choosing upholstered dining chairs it is also important to remember that it is common to have some accidents in this environment such as spilling drinks or sauces on chairs at mealtimes, so it is interesting to choose models of upholstered chairs for the dining room that are easier to clean, such as ecological leather chairs, for example.

Take care to combine the upholstery with the other elements of your dining room decor. The possibility of mixing plain and printed fabrics should be mentioned, amusing the environment.

It is also possible to bet on dining chairs upholstered with different and chic fabrics, such as leather, for example. While the legitimate one is more expensive and is currently not well regarded by the ecological class, the fake is cheaper and can offer a good cost x benefit.

Dining Chairs Leather

Dining Chairs Leather

When it comes to chairs, whether for residential, commercial, or corporate environments, leather always comes to mind. Noble material and high durability, it has many advantages. We have listed below three reasons that will lead you to choose leather dining chairs in your home.


Leather adapts easily to different styles, everything depends on the way it is worked. A teak leather dining chair, for example, gives a classic air to the environment, while others in lighter forms are synonymous with modernity. Leather is welcome even in the kitchen.


Natural leather is a material that can last for decades. For that, it is necessary to invest in quality maintenance. Simply apply it with a damp cloth to your leather dining chairs and then wipe with a dry, soft cloth to make your chairs last for many, many years.

The best option for those with pets

Dining Chairs Leather 2

The fact that leather is an impermeable and very resistant material makes the material perfect for those who have dogs and cats at home. Do you want to remove hair from pets? Just give it a light brush. Cats’ nails are more resistant to leather dining chairs than velvet or denim, for example.

Cleaning and care of leather upholstered furniture

Leather dining chairs add a touch of elegance and luxury to a dining room. Make them more beautiful by always cleaning them. Leather dining chairs are easy to care for, but you can’t treat them the same way you do other materials. It is important to know how to clean your chairs before trying to clean them.


Dining Chairs Leather 3

1. – Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. If this occurs, it can cause the appearance of cracks, decreasing the beauty and resistance of the leather.

2. – The solvent of any kind or furniture polish, oils, varnishes, detergents, and water with ammonia must be avoided.

3. – Liquids spilled on the upholstery surface must be removed immediately before the leather is absorbed, so as not to turn into stains.

4. – To clean, use water and mild soap.

5. – To moisturize, use liquid petroleum jelly 2 times a year, in vague leather.

Dining Chairs Black

Dining Chairs Black

Dining chairs black also has the great advantage of being easily combined with several other colors, in addition, dining chairs black are also easier to clean, due to their dark hue, which makes them excellent option furniture for this environment, especially in homes with children.

So that the decoration is not overloaded, our tip is to invest in black dining chairs combined with other lighter and softer colors in the environment, from pastels to beige, gray, and white.

Why use black furniture in the decoration?

The main feature of black furniture is that it is elegant and sophisticated. In addition, items in darker shades are easier to combine, because they contrast with different shades: both the lightest and the darkest.


Dining Chairs Black 2

Another advantage of this furniture, including the models of black dining chairs is that they are classic and timeless. Despite having been reinterpreted in 2019, this furniture has always appeared in environments with Scandinavian decor style, for example. This reinforces that: no matter the time of year – black furniture has always been very welcome in the decoration of different rooms.

Remember that black dining chairs are good choices for creating a graphic look. This is because, placing the furniture in the right places, it is possible to create different contours and more daring shapes in the environment.

There are many reasons to bet on decor with black dining chairs. It is important to find the mood that best suits you and apply the trend in the environments you feel like.

Black for energizing an environment

Dining Chairs Black 3

Using black in an interior means giving space for light colors to complement the environment, as an entirely black place may not be visually comfortable. Thus, black will help to create a contrast with the lighter colors, which creates an environment where the eyes are more open, and this will cause the blood pressure to rise.

In this case, it is recommended, then, that black is used in places of greater socialization, such as the living room or dining room.

Dining Chairs White

Dining Chairs White

White dining chairs are widely used in small environments, as they help in the feeling of spaciousness and clarity of the environment, in addition, white dining room chairs are also on the rise due to cleaner decor styles such as minimalism, for example.

A great advantage of using dining chairs white is due to the ease in combining it with other various colors that can be present in the environment, however, it is important to remember that white gets dirty easily, so if you want to use dining chairs white, choose for models that are easier to clean, such as chairs made of plastic materials or even upholstered chairs for dining rooms with ecological leather lining.

How to choose the ideal white dining chairs

Dining Chairs White 2

Before starting to search for dining chairs white, it is necessary to remember that in the market it is possible to find several models of dining chairs white, from super modern with innovative designs to super simple models or the traditional white swivel chair widely used in offices and home office.

Because of this wide variety of models, the first thing you need to think about when shopping for dining chairs white is what your purpose will be, each chair model is developed to meet a type of need and because of that, you need to know how it will be used in the environment before you buy it.


Dining Chairs White 3

Another important tip on how to choose ideal white dining chairs is to pay attention to the decorating style of the environment, as this makes it easier when choosing a model that will harmonize with the decor. In a rustic environment, for example, the white wooden chair and the white iron chair are the most used, already for a modern decoration or that follows minimalism as style the white Eames chair or even some more bold models of plastic chair white are interesting options.

Furthermore, to buy the white chair alone or even a dining table with a white chair you need to look at the comfort and also the quality of the furniture, aiming to invest in items that will bring more convenience to your environment in addition to lasting for years.

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor Dining Chairs

The decor is not just about beauty. So, in addition to the correct materials and the colors that best match the space, remember that outdoor dining chairs will not only work as an ornament: they should be comfortable.

A good armchair, bench, or outdoor dining chair needs to be ergonomic in order to provide the necessary comfort to make the most of the outside area of your home. For this to be possible, pay attention to the formats: opt for the more rounded ones that fit the body better.

Outdoor dining chairs material

Outdoor Dining Chairs 2

In addition to the size and quantity of pieces, the quality of the material also interferes greatly when choosing outdoor dining chairs. When we are talking about the external area, care must be exercised: the chairs that you add to the decoration will be exposed to the weather and will mainly need to be durable and resistant.

In addition to the design of the piece, it is important that you also consider some materials more suitable for this area of the house, such as those listed below:


One of the most used materials in outdoor areas is aluminum, as it is light and highly resistant. For those who live in coastal regions, the outdoor aluminum dining chairs are the most recommended, as they do not rust and hold firm the effects of the salt air.

Natural Fiber

The natural fiber outdoor dining chairs are very charming and combine well with outdoor areas. They are light and delicate pieces that make up the environment, without loading the look of the place.

The only care to be taken is with the resistance of this material: prioritize the use of natural fiber chairs on balconies or other spaces that are not completely uncovered.

Synthetic fiber

An alternative to natural fiber is synthetic, which ensures more durability for outdoor dining chairs. Despite having a slightly higher cost than natural ones, synthetic fibers can be exposed in open places and do not fade over time.


Wood is one of the most sought after options for outdoor dining chairs, as it combines with open environments and directly refers to nature. The only care to be taken is regarding the maintenance of the part, which requires waterproofing and protection against UV rays and termites.


Furniture made of stone also offers incredible durability and combines well with outdoor areas. Because they are resistant to time, they also require less maintenance than other materials.

The most used options for outdoor dining chairs are granite and volcanic stones, which you can still combine with other materials and textures. Thus, the environment will be lighter, because the texture of the stone will not weigh in the decoration.

Tips For Buying Ideal Dining Chairs:

Tips For Buying Ideal Dining Chairs

The design and style of the dining chair set should reflect the characteristics of this environment. Here are three points to consider:


A good set of dining chairs needs to provide enough comfort to preserve our posture while sitting. Therefore, ergonomic design is essential when talking about these accents. This type of model will ensure that the chair set offers the ideal tilt and support for our back.

Space and functionality

Another important aspect of choosing dining chairs is functionality. It is recommended that the models purchased are the ideal size in order to facilitate the flow of people in the room, as well as sitting at the table. Therefore, chairs that are too big or too heavy may not be the best option for a very dynamic environment.

Environment decoration

The harmony with other furniture in the room is also an important aspect of choosing the set of dining chairs. In general, it is recommended that the style and design of the set harmonize with the other furniture in the room.

However, it is good to remember, there are no defined rules when it comes to decoration. In eclectic style environments, it is common to find elements from different segments integrating the composition of the same room.

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