Dining Table: The Secrets Before Choosing Your Ideal 😍💎

Dining Table: The Secrets Before Choosing Your Ideal 😍💎

The dining room is a perfect setting for those who are going to dine together, love welcoming friends and family. Therefore, the protagonist of this space, of course, are dining tables.

Let’s talk about this item that is essential in residence. Desks come in many designs and shapes that can fit your space and your needs.

Also, the most commonly used materials for these are wood, polycarbonate, glass, iron, aluminum, and stone. You can make this choice based on beauty, but not forgetting functionality and durability.

To help you choose the ideal for your environment, we’ve broken down some ideas that are high in the decorating world.

Here you will find the best market trends to inspire you! So look at everything you will find in this article:

• Round;
• Small;
• Glass;
• Table;
• Rustic;
• Table;
• With Bench;
• How to Choose the Ideal Set?

Dining Table Round

Dining Table Round

Choosing a round piece of furniture is like making a vow of coziness for space.

That’s because a desk round brings supper together, talking, laughing, and having a drink. Have you ever thought about it?

But the charm and elegance of a dining table round bring that sense of intimacy and closeness that no other table has.

Also, downtown dining table rounds combine well with larger rooms with plenty of circulation space. If you do a quick search on the internet or buy some home decor magazines.

Dining Table Round 2

Then you will find that there are more and more combinations of more than one desk round in the center of the room.

These tables are, for the most part, of different heights and materials. They are composed of glass and wood, iron and wood, or wood and granite.

So the result is a stylish, charming, and personality house. Therefore you should choose the dining table round according to the predominant decor in your environment.

Regarding decoration styles, the wooden dining table round is classic and timeless and can be used in any decoration proposal. Glass or metal tables fit better with recent proposals.

Dining Table Small

Dining Table Small

With smaller and smaller homes, it is common that the demand for more compact furniture is increasing every day.

Therefore, your dining room deserves special attention. It is the place where friends and family are welcomed to share pleasant moments together.

So there are several desks, small models that can fit your dining room right. Thus it brings comfort and style in your decoration.

The rectangular desks small is best suited for narrow rooms, following the shape of the room itself. When dining room space is restricted, it is possible to create a bespoke desk small, for example.

Just observe that each person occupies between 70 cm to 100 cm of table space. Suitable for rooms with small to medium size. There are also retractable desk low options and German corner models.

Generally, these desk models are 100 to 120 cm and accommodate 4 to 6 people.

German Corner Dining Table

German Corner Dining Table

With its sleek look, German singing has its origins in Germany. These dining table models have brought a design alternative and flexibility. At first, it was used in restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops.

However, nowadays, the use of the German corner sets has expanded and is increasingly present in living rooms.

There are several different designs of the German Corner desk that you can choose from. So the model varies according to the style that best suits the decor of your home.

There are desks that are ideal for more modern and contemporary environments. While others marry perfectly with a more rustic inspiration.

Also, the modern German corner dining table may have a kind of floating wall seat. To decorate it, a suggestion is to include colorful and comfortable pillows to decorate more contemporary environments.

Dining Table Glass

Dining Table Glass

One of the main features of dining table glass is to make any piece or environment more modern.

However, versatility also allows this material to be incorporated into the most different decoration styles to make the house wider, brighter, and cleaner.

Everything a big piece of furniture like the table needs to offer, isn’t it?

Therefore, desk glasses are the most successful since transparency is a trend in the decoration universe.

To follow this modern line, for example, it is worth betting on pieces with glass top and metal frame.

Dining table glasses blend perfectly with contemporary décor. And they can gain even more prominence with well-designed lighting.

Also, the dining table glass has a glass top to protect the surface from the weather and make cleaning easier. To complete the picture, upholstered chairs are welcome.

Dining Table Modern

Dining Table Modern

Much can be done to make a more modern dining area. The main thing is to bet on a modern dining table, full of style and personality.

Certain pieces, due to their size or function, may gain special prominence. For they are responsible for dictating almost any decorative proposal.

There is not a single type of modern dining table. So in today’s interior design and architecture proposals, furniture follows very different trend lines.

Therefore, the most common dining table modern ones are those with well-defined strokes, neutral colors, and dull finishes. But the options don’t stop there.

There is a modern dining table that is naturally straight. Some have tops and feet made of natural wood planks and some feature metal and glass components.

With the advancement of technologies, factories began to innovate, even more, featuring parts in materials such as acrylic.

Generally, such furniture is often used in minimalist, clean, and futuristic looking designs. In this case, the dining table modern is the furniture that adds the crowning touch of elegance and personality to the environment.

Dining Table Rustic

Dining Table Rustic

This is the right style for those who are attached to their roots or value the simple things in life!

The rustic decoration is inspired by nature, forests, countryside to create environments beyond cozy. So it all starts with the color palette, which often blends earthy tones and vibrant colors like red and orange.

Generally, rustic dining tables are made of materials such as stone, leather, and iron. Wood, for example, is a perfect classic to ensure a rustic feel.

Dining table rustics with this material can be round or rectangular, in various sizes, to bring together many people. To break the heavy weather of wood a bit, it is worth investing in upholstered or colored chairs.

Therefore, this guarantees more joy in space. And who doesn’t like to have a play for life?

Furniture made from demolition wood is the most suitable for dining table rustics because they combine sustainability and authenticity.

To further highlight a dining table produced with this type of material. So those with the glass top present themselves once again as a great ally.

Dining Table With Bench

Dining Table With Bench

A new fashion that is emerging is replacing the traditional dining tables with chairs with wooden benches.

That’s right! These are those that are commonly used outdoors, such as balconies, backyards, and barbecue grills.

Whether saving space or better accommodating guests, dining table with bench is a great choice to complement the dining room furniture.

So the super tip is to put creativity to work and dare. You can merge the dining table with bench and chairs, for example.

Another suggestion is to cover the wooden bench with some fabric, giving it a more country look, or to paint the bench, bringing a spot of color to the environment.

Another advantage of choosing the dining table with a bench is the price. With the bank, you save money and space as more people fit into the pic-nic bank. Also, it is much more enjoyable to have meals together, especially in winter!

Dining Table Outdoor

Dining Table Outdoor

On warmer days, welcoming friends or family to an fresh meal is a high-spirited program.

Stimulating environments seem to make meals even more delicious. So an outdoor dining table will not be missing on your balcony!

When the purpose of the environment is to get together frequently with several guests, and the space available is sufficient. Then consider using a large outdoor dining table for dining in your outdoor design.

In addition to being more ergonomic for meetings accompanied by brunch, lunch, and dinner, this option allows all guests to stay together longer.

To prevent the veranda or garden from looking like just a dining room outside the house, go for informality and lightness.

So the tip is to choose chairs with removable cushions or benches as a rectangular table seat. Also, the outdoor dining table made of wood, glass, fiber, and metal is widely used in balconies and gardens.

However, you need to be aware of variables that may impair the service life or safety of parts, such as:

• Make sure that the wood used has been properly treated to be weather resistant;

• Do not include glass-topped tables near pools or other wet areas;

• Prefer synthetic materials and stainless steel when using fiber and metal parts, as they are the most resistant and durable alternatives.

Dining table Chairs

Dining table Chairs

The mission of choosing chairs for the dining table is challenging but fun.

There is currently a massive variety of models on the market. So when it comes to buying, you have to evaluate which options also match the dining table.

Another point to consider is if your home or apartment has integrated spaces. So the chairs must harmonize with the decoration as a whole.

Nowadays, there is no limit to creativity when choosing dining table chairs. His wisdom shows that everything can be combined, just a little study and a dose of common sense. Sometimes an old piece next to a new one can generate an exciting decorative group.

Therefore, all furniture is likely to receive high value when it comes to interior design, including dining table chairs.

Dining Table Chairs With Different Types

Dining Table Chairs With Different Types

The wave of the moment is to opt for chairs of different models for your dining table. So it’s a great way to make the décor more attractive and less monotonous.

Dining table chairs need not all be the same or the same color. Then you can keep some old chairs and add new ones. So you mix your environment with vintage and modern style at the same time!

Just be careful that the dining table chairs you choose are in harmony. A good tip is that they have a common material.

How to Choose the Ideal Dining Table?

How to Choose the Ideal Dining Table

If I could give just one advice to anyone who wants to change the dining table would be this:

“Choose a desk that works for your lifestyle TODAY, not a lifestyle you’d like to have.”

You don’t need an outdoor dining table-seater if you never get anyone, you know?

So follow these steps to make no mistake when choosing your ideal dining table:


Rounded dining table formats are high for compact spaces. While the traditional rectangular table caters to both larger and smaller spaces.

Provided the size of the furniture is proportional to the size of the room. Then follow the rules of movement and allow a minimum of 60 cm of space between the table and the wall.

Size for comfort

Eating meals squeezed, bumping elbows with your neighbor or crushed between the table and the wall no one deserves, right?

Consider that a person occupies 60 to 75 cm when sitting at your dining table.

So the round tables with tops from 100 to 120 cm in diameter are the best choice for small spaces and accommodate from 4 to 6 people.

A small rectangular dining table of 80 × 120 to 140 cm also seats 6 people. However, it needs a larger circulation space around it.

Measure your space. Like this:

1. Cut out pieces of the newspaper the size of the dining table you consider buying. Then position on the floor in the dining area.

2. Leave 70 to 90 cm free (90cm is ideal, less than 70cm not recommended) between the dining table and other furniture (such as sideboards and buffets) and walls.

3 If the desk is next to a passageway, it is best to leave at least 100cm free. So you allow one person to pass comfortably while another is sitting.

4 After that, also measure the space occupied by the chairs to make sure that the model you have chosen is not too bulky.

5 Prefer to save space with “dry” chairs or using a bench on one side of the table.

Define size by considering the number of people

Usually, the rule is always to choose a dining table that can accommodate two more people than those who live in your home.

For example, if you have two residents, the desk should ideally have at least 4 seats. So if you have 4 residents in the house, then choose a table of at least 6 seats.

Think Finish

In addition to adding to the decoration, finishing should be practical and promptly meet the daily activities of residents. Think about these two characteristics before choosing the best material for your desk.

Choose your location.

If your space is small, embrace it and prefer to create a cozy corner instead of squeezing a large dining table into it.

Then use a low pendant on the table or a floor lamp and cushions to accentuate the intimate corner character.

In addition to the format, it is interesting to study where the desk will be positioned.

Therefore, Integrated Spaces, for example, allow the desk to be placed to assume the continuation of the kitchen countertop. Another option is to position it in the center of the room.

Study Your Environment Color Chart

Observing all the colors present in the space where the desk will be is also important.

This ensures your harmony and makes meals and meetings much more enjoyable.

Use what you already have!

Before you withdraw your credit card, ask yourself: Do you really need to change the dining table? If changing only the chairs, or some chairs does not solve?

Remember, desks are expensive furniture and are always half-hidden by chairs. Therefore, often changing the chairs for more charming models already changes the face of the decoration.

Not to mention that the chairs can fulfill a dual function, serving as seating in the living area.

Prioritize comfort always.

Choose beautiful dining tables. But as long as they make you and your guests totally comfortable for those long Sunday lunches.

Check seat height so that no one kneels on the dining table top or gets the head by the neck when sitting down. On average 45cm is a good seat height for a 75cm top.

Then make sure no one is bothered by the feet of the dining table. Therefore, in small spaces, a table with the center foot is more comfortable than another with 4 stools.

The right desks may be the missing detail for you to finally become the great hostess you’ve always dreamed of. Ready to receive the compliments?

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