Dressers: Don't Buy Before You Read This! +26 ideas that are in High! 💋

Dressers: Don't Buy Before You Read This! +26 ideas that are in High! 💋

The great appeal of the dressers made her survive (firm and secure!) In the decoration. Time has transformed her.

Today it is possible to find functional models, which fit into rooms of any size and more modern. As you can still find traditional models, with details and the romantic air that the piece originally had. Originating in the 15th century, the dressers were and remain an icon of feminine beauty. The magic corner where women can spend hours taking care of themselves and immersed in their own world.

Although old, dressers are an item that never goes out of fashion and over time, it has gained a more modern and functional look. Check today’s post for inspiration to introduce the piece to your environment!

Dressers Trends

Dressers Trends

Let’s agree, every woman deserves a corner of beauty. It is so good to be able to have a comfortable place to train your skills when making makeup.

Test that hairstyle on your hair or even to keep the cosmetics. For children and adults, dressers can be the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom or bathroom, as it always brings a perfect design.

Dressers Black

Dressers Black

À dressers are perfect for, in addition to organizing cosmetic belongings, helping to decorate your room or closet. But, if you want a more modern touch, the tip is to invest in a beautiful black dressers. With black dressers for sure, this will be your favorite corner of the house; after all, it will be all dedicated for you to take care of yourself.

Having black dressers is the touch of style and glamor that many women desire, but do not know how to decorate and harmonize it with the total environment.

Black dressers are a luxury and sophistication for your room or closet. If you think that black dressers can only be found in the old and Provencal style, you are wrong. You can also have black dressers with more geometric, square, and more modern shapes to call yours.

The tip is to plan well everything that will be stored in your black dressers so as not to lack space and keep everything in its proper place after all the idea is to keep everything well organized.

Creating a Decoration with Black:

Creating a Decoration with Black

With dressers black, the advantage is that black because it is a neutral color, you can abuse pieces such as trays, boxes, and vases to organize brushes, perfumes or flowers, without worry.

For your black dressers to be even more glamorous and chic, use golden, silver or mirrored trays and jars to decorate. Your black dressers will be charming and well equipped with very few accessories, so there will be plenty of space for you to place your products and get dressed very calmly, and of course, without watching time go by.

To finish off all the elegance of your corner, put yellow lights under your black dressers and around the mirror. The lights, in addition to bringing the feeling of comfort, will contribute to excellent lighting for your makeup to be impeccable regardless of the time you need.

With black dresses, your room or closet will be complete and always very well decorated. And you will have everything you like and need to get ready for those special moments!

White Dressers

White Dressers

Having a corner himself to do makeup and grooming is the dream of many women. When the opportunity arises to have that particular space, the white dressers become one of the darlings to have a makeup corner.

Dressers white is a piece of furniture that has already entered the female taste, and there are many advantages of adopting this type of furniture for the maker space. Among the advantages are the variety of models, the clean style of the white furniture, and the versatility to combine with different designs and decorations.

Dressers White Tips

Dressers White Tips

The models of more modern white dressers have straighter shapes, with or without specific drawers and compartments, many of them even resemble contemporary desks. This allows dressers white to be more functional, serving not only for various uses within a home but also for several (if not all) residents.

Among the ideas of modern dresses, one approach is to have furniture that mixes materials, like this model in white wood and glass. The piece is predominantly in white wood, and one of the glass sides is enough to make the proposal more current and with a clean design.

Tip 2 – Planned Furniture

For those who are considering making furniture designed for the bedroom, one idea is to include dressers in the project. And as an idea, this project brings dressers white as an extension of the bench. The white furniture has simple drawers and clean design. To complement the space, the mirror on the wall is perfect.

Dressers White Decoration

Dressers White Decoration

The white dressers can be used mainly in the decoration of the bedroom, bathroom, and closet. However, depending on how it is organized, it can also fit into the living room and office, if you have smaller areas in other places. Regardless of the environment, it is essential to keep the surface of your white dressers free from any mess.

Still, it is possible to leave some products close at hand, such as brushes in thin porcelain cups and perfumes on a beautiful tray. For those who like a presentable space always, leave all makeup and select care products stored and organized in the drawers, and decorate the surface of the dressers with picture frames, flower vases, and even aromatic candles.

The mirror overlay, and these items create an incredible effect, and you can take the time to make the dressers colorful with these decorative accessories! You can still choose not to use anything about dressers white so that the furniture really stands out on its own, and this is more indicated in decoration with classic dresses, which usually has more details to fill your eyes!

Avoid crowding lots of furniture next to your white dressers, it deserves to be highlighted in your decor. If you don’t have a lot of space, prefer to work with a custom made multipurpose bench, creating specific areas along with it for each function, including dresses! Either way, bet on the class and elegance of white dressers for your home!

Dressers Mirror Hollywood

Dressers Mirror Hollywood

The dressers mirror hollywood is inspired by the backstage of (Broadway) or Hollywood, where the idea is to recreate these environments with a modern style.

Dressers Mirror hollywood are the darlings of the moment! Their lamps are installed next to the mirror and are great for illuminating the face when applying makeup, without shading. Holds eight lamps (not included), and there are seven drawers to organize your makeup and also accompanies an outlet.

With lamps around the mirror, it is an excellent piece for women who often do makeup. This piece is also great for those who have many objects to organize because it usually comes with a considerable number of drawers.

The table with hollywood mirror became famous along with the success of the bloggers, and are great for teenagers and modern and stripped women.

Dressers Mirror in Provençal Style

Dressers Mirror in Provençal Style

The dressers mirror Provencal brings a touch of romanticism to the decor, with its turned finishes, leaves its classic and elegant environment. The Provencal pieces are usually white or in light tones. Still, if your idea is to bring a rustic touch to the decor, the ideal is to bet on furniture with a patina effect.

When composing your own, it’s worth abusing the theme: pastel tones (the lighter ones), small ornaments, and jewelry on display are always welcome.

To complete the countertop, place the most delicate perfume bottles on top. The green touch comes from plants, which add a unique atmosphere.

Dressers Mirror in Scandinavian Style

Dressers Mirror in Scandinavian Style

Dressers mirror in Scandinavian style combines simplicity and comfort, combined with a touch of modernity. This piece features straight lines, with few elements, great for practical women! They usually have light colors or woody patterns, which combine very well with different styles of decoration.

Mirror Dressers in Modern Style

Mirror Dressers in Modern Style

A modern dress is reminiscent of Scandinavian style due to its straighter lines. Still, it can come in different materials, such as glass, mirror, metal, and so on. Its differential is also due to its colors, nothing of traditional white dressers, contemporaneity is given by modern tones, from the sober to the most striking.

Dressers Mirror Suspended

Dressers Mirror Suspended

Dressers are an excellent option for those who want to save space without giving up this piece, as it is fixed on the wall and has no feet, this model of dressers leaves the environment cleaner and more fluid. Usually, this piece comes with drawers to store your items and save even more space.

Dressers Mirror with Desk

Dressers Mirror with Desk

The dressers mirror with desk features the built-in mirror, that is, when the mirror is open, it becomes dresses, and when you lower it, you get a top continuous to use as a desk. This is a great model for those who have a compact space but need both parts.

Improvised Mirror Dressers

Improvised Mirror Dressers

If the free corner of the room serves as a desk and also as a dressing room, don’t worry. The improvised dresser mirrors can be both. Just follow this step by step.

1. Choose a bench or sturdy table with drawers and place it in a bright place and place the large mirror just above it;
2. Organize: if the priority of the space is the study, put the jewelry and makeup items in the drawers; 3. If the corner was designed to have time just for you, keep your notebook, notebooks, and pens, showing the brushes and perfumes;
4. If you have a table or desk leftover, you can turn it into dresses! As long as the change is appropriate;
5. The mirror does not need to be elaborated, a square and straightforward mirror look super cool;
6. Most importantly, do you have a lot of makeup and brushes? If so, put them all on display! They will decorate the environment, there is nothing more beautiful than the exposed makeup;
7. A beautiful chair or puff works well; after all, you won’t be there for long, just while putting on makeup;
8. If you don’t have drawers, use colored cardboard boxes to store everything.
9. And use your imagination to innovate and leave the dressers to your face!

Which model to buy?

Dressers are a super democratic piece of furniture, and it’s up to your style to choose the one that best suits your needs. However, at the time of purchase, choose those with movable dividers inside the drawers. So you are not “hostage” to a small space to accommodate your belongings and, even if you have offal like earrings, you can easily adjust them according to your preference.

This one in the photo, for example, has a retractable mirror and a large glass drawer where objects are placed inside boxes and jewelry boxes. When closed, the dressers become a side table. Ideal for small spaces.

Dressers for Kids

Dressers for Kids

Nowadays are great options for creating spaces adapted to children. And it is not uncommon for little ones to want to repeat the attitudes of adults, as is the case of girls who love to be inspired by their mothers when it comes to dressing up.

And considering this factor, a great option is to bet on children’s dresses, which creates a children’s corner for girls to dress up like mothers. The children’s dressers, in addition to creating a specific and suitable space for the child, is still an excellent bet for furniture to decorate the girls’ room.

Have a Beautiful Decoration

Dressers For Kids Decor

All dressers for kids usually have the following characteristics: a table for support, drawers to store your favorite items, such as accessories and makeup, mirror, and lights. For children’s dresses, this is no different.

When choosing the best children’s dressers with a mirror, you should pay attention to the height of the mirror, so that your daughter can easily see herself in the model. And if you buy a children’s toy dress, the model’s mirror won’t be real.

It is just a silver film that simulates the material. So, if you want a slightly more realistic model, the type that will last longer, invest in children’s dressers with mirror and MDF.

Bet on the character models!

If you are not sure that the children’s MDF dressers will be the best option for your young daughter to play in the bedroom. Then the children’s toy dresses, usually made of plastic, are a good alternative. The sizes of the children’s toy dressers are smaller than the wooden ones and much lighter. You can take her to different environments in the house and make sure that, while your daughter plays, someone can keep an eye on her.

Besides, you can buy children’s dressers that have a theme. The princess’s children’s dressers, for example, is one of the most popular furniture options for children’s rooms.

Choosing the ideal dressers model – Room decoration

Dressers are definitely all about bedroom decorating projects. However, although this piece of furniture is an old acquaintance of society, it has raised some doubts. An example is a right way to choose the model that best suits the style of each environment. So, let’s see the following tips to set up an ideal beauty space for you!

Let’s start with this, answer how much free space you have available in your room for dresses. This will really influence a lot in all the choices you make from now on.

Analyze your Space

For example, is it ideal to buy ready-made furniture or have it custom made? If the available area is tiny, you may want to consider the second option. Currently, the market offers several dress options, different materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes.

If you research, you will be surprised and fascinated! There are dressing rooms, Provencal, classic, modern, suspended pieces, and more. They can be neutral or flashy, shiny or satin, with rounded edges or straight lines. It doesn’t matter, because they are all beautiful!


Generally, architects and designers usually design dressers about 120 by 80 cm. This is an ideal measure to ensure that the person feels comfortable and can easily reach, with his body, close to the mirror. The size of the chair is also essential. It needs to fit inside the table space, not disturb the circulation in the environment and offer excellent support for the back.


Both the dressers and the chair or stool that comes with it need to match the style of the room’s decor. Things need to follow a pattern. The best thing is that these pieces are close to the bed or the TV panel.

It is also essential that the space receives natural and artificial light, warm white, without causing shadows on the person’s face. Which would cause errors in the application of the products?
Dressers, in addition to being elegant and very functional, can make all the difference in the decoration of your room. Try it!

How to Decorate Dressers?

1. Decorate the mirror with collages if you want more personality:

Since the mirror is the protagonist of the dressers, it is worth giving a personalized one. To decide how to do this, the first step is thinking about how your space wants to be cleaner and full of details that say a lot about your style. Have you decided that you prefer the second option? So, a good tip is to bet on trendy collages around the accessory or even opt for flash tattoos.

2. Lights around the mirror are perfect for cleaner decor:

Colleges don’t have much to do with the effect you want, but you still wish to detail in the mirror? Then, you can exchange the photos and cutouts for some lamps or LED strips around the object! In addition to helping you when making makeup. Since lighting is everything to hit the base, the tone of the blush, and facilitate the cat eye, this effect will leave your space very shiny and delicate.

But, beware: even if you don’t want the glowy touch around the mirror, don’t give up a good light in the space of your dresses, ok? You can, for example, bet on lamps or on those trees full of lights.

3. Flower pots are perfect for decorating the space with a romantic touch:

A tip for those who want to make the dressers very romantic and girlie is to bet on plastic flower pots! You can’t think of a more delicate option than that, can you? And everything will be even more beautiful if you choose florets of colors that match the decor of the room.

The vases can be made of glass for a more “chic & clean” effect, but you can also use your creativity and use decorated mugs or cans to make everything more fun.

4. Bet on aromatic candles for a plus in your corner:

For those who want to add an extra touch to dresses, how about investing in aromatic candles? In addition to having a relaxing function that is perfect for beauty sleep. It will still leave you feeling a pleasant smell in the hours when you need to stand in front of the mirror to make up and comb your hair.

5. You can replace acrylic organizers with objects you already have at home:

Finally, it is also refreshing to think about how you will organize the makeup and all the other products that you will leave in the dresses. Like hairbrushes and nail polishes, for example. A good option is to use specific acrylic organizers. But, if you want to save money, the tip is to take advantage of what you already have at home and customize it your way.

You can place your brushes in jars, mugs, trays, and decorate them all following the mood of the rest of the dressers to achieve a very stylish result.

And to make it easier to find everything you need. The golden tip is to separate the products according to their function: hair with hair, skin with skin, eye makeup with eye makeup, and so on.

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