Eames Chair: The Secret of Matching Designs to Your Home 💗

Eames Chair: The Secret of Matching Designs to Your Home 💗

Today’s post is about the Eames chairs. A specific item that is useful and nonetheless, part of the decoration. In the design world, the Eames couple (Charles and Ray) made history. One of its most iconic pieces is the Eames DSW.

The design of the Eames Chair remains current today and, more than that is one of the most beloved pieces in the most modern decorations.

The Eames Chair concept was conceived by the considered twentieth-century Golden Couple, Charles and Ray Eames. The couple carries this title for their advanced projects for the period, acting in furniture, architecture, design, photography, and multimedia.

So, The Eames Chairs’ notoriety was so significant that it yielded a personal retrospective at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York). Being the first dedicated to a single design.

Thanks to its timeless and versatile design, the Eames Chair DSW can be used with various table styles. Also, it comes in different colors, materials, and shapes.

As Ray Eames said: “What works is better than it looks good. Good looks can change, but what works, works.” And it is not that this chair, besides being beautiful, works in different decorations ?!

Eames Chair In Decoration

Eames Chair In Decoration

The best part about the famous Eames Chairs in the decor is precise that they fit well anywhere in the house.

So if you are looking to decorate the room with desk space, for example, the Eames Chair is perfect. Because they offer the comfort you need, besides being super charming.

Eames Chair Dining

Eames Chair Dining

Finding the perfect chair for the dining room can be a real challenge.

How to find a piece that is proportional to the table, and still matches the colors and style of the rest of the decoration?

So when in doubt, go for Eames Chair Dining! In industrial decorations, the chair is more than perfect! But as the design is clean, the truth is that it combines with various styles.

Some people say she is “beat.” She is not “beat,” she is simply a classic, and like every classic, it is timeless! So here are some ideas from Eames Chair Dining that show its versatility.

Eames Chair Dining 2

The chair in the white version is indicated in cleaner decorations, wooden tables, and when the environment already has a lot of colors in other elements.

The black version of Eames Chair Dining brings elegance to the decor. They look beautiful on lacquered tables, darker decorations, or also on wooden tables, for example.

The colors are indicated when the focus point of the décor will be the chairs, thus drawing attention to them. So they look great on glass, white and wood tables.

Eames Chair Office

Eames Chair Office

Enjoying an inspiring working environment contributes to high results when it comes to productivity.

So to give that strength when it comes to designing the projects. Eames Chair office can be an essential asset in your office furniture. For they bring comfort, elegance, and sophistication, characteristics so characteristic of a design chair.

Thinking about the functionality of the chairs, the Eames couple made this their models were cozy and comfortable enough for those who need to spend a lot of time sitting. So yes, you can easily choose an Eames Chair for your office or home office.

Eames Chair Office 2

Indeed, the proposal to impose more comfort on furniture at lower costs extends, of course, to the corporate environment. So there is a wide range of Eames Chair Office options in the portfolio.

The couple’s intention in designing the pieces was to contemplate various preferences using innovative resources and production techniques.

The Eames Chair Upholstered

The Eames Chair Upholstered

Although the Eames Chair is best known as a simple model, there is still the upholstered Eames Chair. This will surely please everyone.

It is similar to an armchair but smaller in size and different in design. The upholstered Eames Chair is the kind of product that is always very worthwhile.

It is widespread to find those who use the upholstered Eames Chair in dining rooms. Or even as a replacement for armchairs, as it is a cheap and very functional option.

When it comes to such an Eames Chair, the options are many, and it is up to you to know where to put it in your home or apartment decor.

The Eames Rocking Chair

The Eames Rocking Chair

Even more specific, the Eames Rocking Chair is also an exciting variation of more traditional models. Widely used by nursing mothers, the Rocking Eames Chair is a smart option to have in a nursery.

Also, this model offers many functional and decorative advantages, as well. It may be interesting to associate the Eames Rocking Chair with the upholstered model.

This will give you a real substitute for breastfeeding chairs. By the way, they are usually costly.

So investing in the Eames Chair will always be a good deal. That’s why you can always opt for it when decorating your home.

The Eames Chair With Arm

The Eames Chair With Arm

Unlike many people think, the Eames Chair with arm exists and is very popular. For those who bother with the modern design of the traditional Eames Chair, investing in the arm option is the best option.

This guarantees the closest to the traditional types of chairs developed in the market. Thus you guarantee comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Besides, the Eames Chair has an exciting design for different types of decoration. Depending on the model you choose, you can use the Eames Chair with armrest in many ways. So it doesn’t matter if it will be in the living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen.

Advantages Of Purchasing An Eames Chair

Advantages Of Purchasing An Eames Chair

There are several reasons why this chair occupies such a prominent place today. What is the Eames Chair Success Formula?

Once you know each of these topics, you can understand how this chair ranks among today’s top models!

1 Ergonomics Eames Chair

Ergonomics Eames Chair

When we sit in a chair, one of the first things we notice is your comfort. So the back and hip need to be well laid out. So we can relax and not feel any discomfort.

The ergonomics Eames Chair is splendid in that regard. If you have ever sat in one of them, then you know that it seems to hug the body. Because it fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

Best of all, this was possible on a relatively compact model. Because it holds people of all sizes and weights.

Also, the Eames Chair seat flexes more or less according to its weight. But the feeling is always amazing.

2 Differentiated Design

Differentiated Design

The fusion of two designers could be expected to result in a great chair model. So that’s exactly what happened!

So much so that the Eames Chair can be used in various decoration styles. In addition to the curved seat and backrest, the foot detail makes it all the more special.

Because she leaves with that Eiffel Tower face that makes everyone fall in love. The joining of the wood of the feet with the metal that supports it made the model merge fantastic features.

Nowadays, the Eames Chair is most commonly made of plastic, which maintains its elegance for an even better price.

3 Protagonism And Support

Protagonism And Support

The Eames Chair’s features make it as much a central part of the decoration as it is a more secondary item.

But that doesn’t mean she loses her beauty and elegance. Who wants to know how to apply the minimalist decoration may well opt for this chair, for example.

Since it does not draw so much attention and harmonizes perfectly with the environment. On the other hand, those who want an environment with more personality also find in Eames Chair charming features.

Especially in the braided bracket, which is a merely phenomenal detail. Therefore, it should still appear for a long time in interior design projects out there. Both the soberest and the richest in detail, and she does very well in all of them.

4 Versatility


The Eames Chair brings even more versatility with you. Since it can be applied to virtually every room in a home.

Then you can get the models for your kitchen up to your living room. Also, this model is super stylish in shops, restaurants, and the like.

She doesn’t have the face of just one room. Then it can fit what the environment asks for without any problem. Mainly because it is available in a variety of colors and designs, from upholstery to colorless to plaid detail.

5 Durability And Endurance

Durability And Endurance

When buying any furniture, it is critical to ensure that it is sturdy and can last for a long time.

So the investment made in it is really worth it, isn’t it? Although very light and easy to carry, the Eames Chair is very sturdy.

Because it is made of very high-quality materials, which consequently guarantee their durability for a long time.

If you follow useful furniture cleaning tips, such as using a damp cleaning cloth and mild soap when necessary, try to clean any dirt as soon as possible. Then it must last for many years in perfect condition.

6 Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Of course, the pocket also matters when buying a chair. Since it must be affordable and excellent quality. So know that all this can be observed in the Eames Chair.

For all the history it presents, the very high quality of manufacture and even the practicality to assemble. You might think it costs too much, but that is not true.

There are several models, and each one has a price variation. But as a rule, it is super affordable and has several advantages, ie, it has a phenomenal cost-benefit.

7 An Excellent Choice!

Like the Saarinen Tulip marble table, the Eames Chairs marked an epoch.They combine design, ergonomics, comfort, and incredible value for money.

Once you know all the reasons that led the model to success, there is no doubt. So secure your Eames Chair today at a furniture store and have an even more beautiful, enjoyable, and versatile environment!

A Little History Of Eames Chair

A Little History Of Eames Chair

The Eames Chair DSW was created in 1948 by none other than the famous couple: Charles and Ray Eames.

For those who don’t know them yet, Charles and Ray were two American designers who made a significant contribution to world design.

Married in 1941, the well-known “Golden Couple” was a pioneer in several areas. Such as multimedia, advanced furniture designs, architecture, graphic design, photography, and film.

So all the pieces are usually signed by Charles. However, Ray also had a stake in ideas and even project execution. One of the couple’s proposals was to reduce costs and create affordable pieces.

For thus they could be acquired by as many people as possible. That is why they sought to use cheaper materials.

When the idea of the Eames Chair came up

Speaking of costs, the Eames Chair DSW is designed and engineered with a specific and particular purpose: the Low-cost Furniture Design International Competition.

This contest was held by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was where the chair was still presented as a prototype.

They didn’t take the prize, but this piece has become one of the most famous and beloved in the world of design.

Then the model began to be marketed in 1950 and was also known as “Wooden Eiffel Chair” or “Eiffel Wood Chair.”

That’s because it was really inspired by the grand Eiffel Tower. Which adds even more grace and sophistication.

The materials used in Eames Chair

The first Eames Chair DSW was designed by Charles in metal. Also, he used the wire and left it wholly padded to provide more comfort. This eventually increased the cost of the part.

Afterward, the upholstery was placed only in some parts of the chair. Which reminded me a lot of a bikini. This way, the price has decreased a little, and this model is also sold to this day.

Later, new techniques emerged, and they replaced the metal seat with fiberglass and polypropylene.

Today, in addition to these two materials, you also find the polycarbonate model. Which is that clear plastic, and it also looks great on the DSW chair. Of these three options, the best selling is the polypropylene seat. Because the cost is much lower than the fiberglass.

Also, compared to polycarbonate, the color range is much more extensive, and the cost is also slightly lower. The success was such that the Eames Chair DSW was the first large-scale manufactured plastic chair.

Why DSW?

The acronym DSW refers to the purpose and one of the materials used in the chair: Dining height Side chair Wood base. Which is translated as “wood based dining table chair.”

Today, it is used not only as a dining chair but also on dressing tables, home office desks, living room, and so on. From the shell-shaped seat, Charles and Ray developed six more chair models. Are they:

1. DSR: armless seat + tubular steel feet (in the shape of the Eiffel Tower);

2. DSX: Armless seat + X-shaped tubular steel feet;

3. DAW: chair with armrests + wooden feet (same base as used in DSW);

4. DAX: X-shaped tubular steel armrest + feet;

5. DAR: seat with armrests + steel feet (in Eiffel Tower format);

6. RAR: seat with armrests + wooden feet with a swing.

Variety of Eames Chair colors and combinations

The first colors of the Eames Chair DSW, chosen by Ray, were: brown, gray, and beige. Soon after, she added green, yellow, and red.

To our happiness, there are now more than ten color options available on the market. From black, white and nude, to the most vibrant colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, among others.

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