😍🌿The Best Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Turned Trend in 2021! 🏡


Who said that in a country house we can leave everything anyway? The farmhouse decor can be very simple or super sophisticated, but in both cases, if it is well designed it gives a special touch to this haven for rest!

The sound of the wind in the trees, the birds singing, warm coffee, and cake. I even wanted to go to the countryside! There’s nothing better than having a nicely decorated corner, very comfortable for a few days of rest, isn’t it? Therefore, we have prepared for you unmissable tips about farmhouse decor, be it a chalet, farm, farm, or farm. Come on?

Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Turned Trend This Year


In the past, when we thought of a country house, what came to mind was a place with a lot of bush, with no internet signal (a terror for many people), with little to do and, often, a poorly maintained house.

However, that has changed! Today the country house is a place of refuge, rest, and tranquility. So, check out some farmhouse decor ideas that became a trend that My Easy Decoration separated for you to be inspired!

Rustic style is the best option for farmhouse decor ideas to decorate the country house


The elements of the rustic style are one of the farmhouse decor ideas to characterize the decoration of the country house. The use of wood in abundance, in coverings, furniture, and details, makes the environments much more welcoming and with a sense of well-being.

Wood can be present on the country house floor, in furniture, by the way, who can resist a beautiful dining room set made of solid wood with a rustic finish?

The wood can even be on the walls and structure of the house, it is increasingly common, country houses to be made of wood. It is a more beautiful style than the other one!

Farmhouse decor ideas with industrial style

Another style that has gained space in farmhouse decor is an industrial style, which also values the essence of objects and materials.

The industrial style, then, refers to the warehouses and factories abandoned there in the 60s and which became extraordinary spaces, full of style and that tells a lot of history! If you want a country house that carries this magic of objects that tell history, but that has a lot of styles, the industrial decoration can be a good option for you!


The tip of farmhouse decor ideas in industrial style is to take advantage of the structure of the house, the beams, the ceiling without ceiling, the stone walls. You can create your decoration with vintage furniture or with pendant lamps, as well as the possibility to create and explore stone materials:

Nature in abundance


Exploring the landscape is one of the secrets for transforming environments into deliciously cozy and natural spaces. Large windows and doors, or even glass walls, can bring the nature outside. In addition to “wooding” the interior of the house, these farmhouse decor ideas also allow the rooms to be lit with natural light, which makes the decoration much lighter and more pleasant.

In addition to using the outdoor landscape indoors, you can also explore nature by creating outdoor environments! The balcony, for example, is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the local nature. You can bet on very cozy furniture for this environment and create a delicious corner of relaxation.

Many farmhouse decor also take advantage of the outdoor space to create an area with a pool integrated with a balcony or gourmet space. This is a great way to guarantee good moments of leisure on the property.

Farmhouse Decor Kitchen


The kitchen is the main environment to think about farmhouse decor, as this is where we can cook typical farm foods. So you can choose to hang hooks on the central counter to support kitchen utensils which creates a beautiful decoration. Tiled floors with old designs combined with a wood oven are great farmhouse decor kitchen options that make the atmosphere more inspiring.

For the simplest, it is legal to put aside the cabinets and insert shelves in demolition wood to hang crockery composing with loose frames, as they add a touch to both the kitchen and the dining room.

In the farmhouse decor kitchen, it is common to find furniture in which the storage and appliance solutions are encapsulated. In the past, curtains were also common, but today we prefer to expose open storage solutions. In fact, in many of these kitchens, discharge modules are generally dispensed with to replace them with showcases or simply shelves to display tableware.

Large tables can be the difference that was missing:


Tables that accommodate a large number of people are essential farmhouse decor kitchen options when it comes to a place for the family. A good kitchen, with larger dimensions, is interesting for those who like to prepare meals and gather friends and family. It must be a place with several seats, designed to receive many people. This creates a spacious and comfortable environment.

Vintage kitchen


Farmhouse decor kitchen ideas in vintage style also become a great option according to architects and experts. The combination is perfect! Rustic themes, strong colors, lots of wood, retro objects, copper utensils … There are so many possibilities that you can fall in love with the kitchen before it is ready.

The first tip:

It is to leave elements of the pantry visible, to offer a farmhouse decor kitchen of “granny’s kitchen”. Thus, bet on niches and wooden shelves to expose glass jars with lids containing cereals, hanging utensils, and even exposed pots.

As a second tip:

It is worth mentioning the usefulness of personalized furniture. They are ideal for enjoying the whole environment, including compact kitchens. The vertical spaces on the walls can serve as support for several objects. There are shelves, countertops, niches … everything is done to make your kitchen more functional and stylish!

Another tip from farmhouse decor kitchen is the reuse. Do you know that old piece of furniture you would throw in the trash? It can be redesigned with a good patina. In-country houses, the charm is to invest in rusticity. Count on elements made from demolition wood, trellis, and much more!

Very Green!


In addition to wood, betting on a lot of green is essential for a good farmhouse decor kitchen! The flowers and foliage are beautiful throughout the house, as well as giving an even more special charm. Worn metal vases and even rusty watering cans can serve as a support for beautiful floral arrangements, to complement every room in the room.

Cabinets without door


Keeping this idea for the vintage style farmhouse decor kitchen is very interesting. Leaving only shelves and dishes on display is a decoration concept that dates back to the time of our grandmothers. And, between us, for this type of composition, it looks great.

Farmhouse Decor Bathroom


Due to the time we spend in the bathroom, therefore, we must take care of the details of this room and fill it with well-being. A beautiful farmhouse decor bathroom helps us to start the day in a better way and end it even better – preferably with a relaxing bubble bath. Whether in your home or office, bathrooms are increasingly important rooms.


In farmhouse decor bathrooms it is common today to combine rustic furniture with toilets and modern accessories. The work furniture here also stands out. Bet on a cement counter and stone countertops to get a magazine bath.

Decorative ladders for hanging towels, wooden benches, and wicker laundry baskets are essential in the rooms and bathrooms of modern country houses, nor should a large mirror be missing; a modern frameless. In addition to plants or pots with fresh flowers to bring freshness.

Romantic and Vintage Style


When thinking about farmhouse decor bathroom, focus on the details, placing delicate lace curtains on the windows, and always keeping an embroidered towel on the towel rack. If your box is a curtain, opt for the ones with flowers. Invest in a vintage model mirror that can easily be found in an antique shop for a charming look. As for the walls, the Portuguese tile will match perfectly with its rustic decor.

Style spa:


With the right bathroom items, you can turn any bathroom into a dream bathroom. Candles, diffusers, bath oils, elegant towel racks, among others: with these types of accessories it is possible to create personalized bathrooms. Thus, not only the appearance of this room but also the aromas exhaled by aromatic oils, bath salts, and candles make the bathroom an individual spa.

If the space available is large, invest in a farmhouse decor bathroom with a bathtub, a hot tub, or sauna, elements that will make your space even more relaxing. Wood is also a great ally when the objective is to make this environment more comfortable. Therefore, think of decks using this material, which can be used even inside the box, on the floor, or in the sink depending on the quality of the wood chosen.

Also, bet on lighting that offers resources to direct the light to the sides you want the room, which also helps to convey a feeling of coziness, in addition to making your routine more efficient.


To take nature in the farmhouse decor bathroom, you need to be attentive when choosing the species. It is necessary to consider whether or not the bathroom has ventilation and natural light. Moisture and the presence of vapors must also be observed to define the choice.

In general, to have plants in the bathroom you should look for species that adapt to humidity and live well in shade or half shade. Another tip is to avoid newly planted seedlings, as this environment hinders their development. And whenever possible, leave the door and window open, to allow the air to circulate.

Farmhouse Decor Living Room


The room concentrates the largest number of people and is the business card of the house. Therefore, when thinking about farmhouse decor living room ideas, it should represent the owners’ preferences, as well as the style of the entire environment. So if the idea is to have a rustic house, there is nothing better than choosing the characteristic elements already in the living room.

The style of the farmhouse decor living room calls for a more wintry look, so the rustic style in the decor is all about it since it refers to nature and brings a lot of coziness. When decorating your living room, bet on a very comfortable leather sofa – the brown ones are charming.



Also, choose an embroidered blanket to cover the sofa that can be changed whenever you want a new look. Exposed brick or wood walls can also give a rustic feel to your country house, as well as exposed beams. Wooden floors are excellent for country houses.

Decorate your room with a beautiful rug for cold days and for a greater sense of comfort and also choose earthy tones in the rest of the decor, adding frames with themes of flowers and landscapes, cushions with handmade prints, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers typical of the region.

Invest in Wood

The first tip when thinking about the farmhouse decor living room is: get inspired by lots of wood! It is ideal for floor, wall, and ceiling coverings, which offers an air of welcome and comfort. In addition to being present in the structure, furniture projects planned in wood also help to further personalize the environment.

They are ideal for leaving everything in place, according to the specifics of the area. So invest in sofas, coffee tables, and wooden shelves. These elements will already guarantee an atmosphere of instant rusticity to the room!

The power of comfortable furniture

For an extremely cozy and quiet farmhouse decor living room, the living room should be large, with a set of sofas (if you have space) and very inviting, and preferably with wood in the structure, or leather/leather in the fabric. These characteristics give the feeling of comfort and warmth to the environment, which results in a relaxing and pleasant climate.

Wooden bookshelves with souvenirs are also perfect furniture to make up the decoration of country houses. Crochet tablecloths, wicker or straw objects, bells, animal sculpture, and everything that refers to country life, is welcome as an adornment in this type of decoration.

Farmhouse Decor Bedroom


Combining the old and the modern can be a great tip when thinking about farmhouse decor bedroom. And this artifice may be evident in the rooms. A metal or colored bookcase can add more life to the environment.

If the structure of the house is made of wood, it can combine with white details and other light tones. The result is a charming and cozy environment, ideal for rest. Also, the beds in a romantic style, with vocal, are beautiful and functional, perfect for a double room. They are worth the investment for an incredible room!



Depending on the style of the farmhouse decor bedroom, the beds may have wooden structures, cast iron or, even, it is possible to opt for modern box beds, provided that the headboard has a more rustic feel or is created from pictures on the wall – which are also an excellent solution for those who do not want a headboard itself.

Bedding, such as bedspreads, pillowcases, and pillow covers, must-have floral, foliage, animal prints, or tral tonesneu. The decoration with rugs is also very welcome in the country house, essentially the plush models, which provide a lot of comfort for the day to day in the field.



As for the use of carpets, the suggestion is to observe the rest of the environment. Thus, if the walls and furniture have more colorful tones, the rugs should have more sober tones. In the case of a more neutral farmhouse decor bedroom, these pieces can already make the highlight in the environment, through a vibrant color or attractive print.


Demolition wood cabinets are also great for giving that special touch to the farmhouse decor bedroom. They will be harmonizing the whole countryside environment, accompanied by bedside tables made from the recycling of old benches or small stairs used by our grandparents in the past to reach household items in tall cupboards.


It is also important to consider a good lighting design when thinking of tips for farmhouse decor bedroom. Since the place is designed for relaxation, it cannot be too dark during the day or have excessive artificial light at night. Yellow lamps are ideal for stimulating sleep.

Farmhouse Decor Outdoor Spaces


If we like country houses for something, it is the natural environment that surrounds them. To make a farmhouse decor in this environment, simply create a simple outdoor space with some shade where we can sit down to eat or rest. A large table and some fibers or forged furniture on the balcony are all you need. Bet on strong furniture if you want to have them outdoors all year round and invest in mattresses and pillows to make them as comfortable as possible.

More Tips:

For the outdoor area, choose clay pots with colorful flowers, a wooden table for an afternoon coffee in contact with nature or a barbecue, and a comfortable hammock in the shade of your country house’s porch. Invest in wooden benches and padded loungers for a family gathering outdoors.

You can attach hooks to the outside wall of your country house and hang small potted plants that can be hand-colored in different colors. You can also use this space to create a small garden with fresh spices.

In case your country house has an external area with a lake or a large yard with a swimming pool, give these elements a lot of emphases, choosing external lighting fixtures, larger clay pots, planning a gazebo, and always opting for comfortable furniture.

The most important thing when thinking about making a farmhouse decor is that it has its special touch since for being a welcoming place it will bring good memories and will always be synonymous with rest.

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