Feng Shui: The Secrets That Really Work in Your Home ✨

Feng Shui messes with the energetic influences of the house, so there are several ways to use Feng Shui for decoration.

Knowing about this art, you will make more informed decisions to achieve balance and well-being in your rooms, such as the bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom.

Applying feng shui to a building causes good influences to spread throughout the building to be felt by its patrons. When we are in a positive environment:

• we have achieved peace of mind;
• our mood improves;
• we gained strength to fight disease;
• we feel stimulated to face challenges;
• increases our productivity and financial gain, among others.

To use Feng Shui in decoration, it is interesting to know that objects interfere with the movement of energy in environments, either positively or negatively.

Also, this technique is adept at minimalism and therefore says that excesses are not right. This is because the accumulation of objects retains energy and, if the flow is blocked, life also stops.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

A bedroom is a place where you sleep, rest, and recover your energy. Therefore, he addresses the idea of intimacy, love, and relationship.

Also, the bedroom will reflect the view that you see the world. Given this scenario, we will present you with some feng shui tips for you to leave your room with the proper vibration.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 1: Mirror in the Right Place

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 1: Mirror in the Right Place

You can have a mirror in the room as long as it is not in front of your bed. Why not change the energy balance, especially at bedtime.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 2: Choose Sober Colors

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 2: Choose Sober Colors

Remember that the bedroom is the space in the house to replenish your energy and relax. Therefore, choose walls, furniture, and objects in soft tones, such as blue and white, among others.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 3: Good Vibes Decor

Feng Shui Bedroom Tip 3: Good Vibes Decor

The bedroom was made to keep the good memories. Such as photos, travel memories, or a world map. Besides, candles also make this list. If they are not aromatic, better get them out of the house.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips 1: Align the Furniture on the Wall

Feng Shui Living Room Tips 1: Align the Furniture on the Wall

Furniture against the wall gives a greater sense of security, stability, and protection. It also allows us to have an open view of the room, which gives us a feeling of protection.

Of course, not all the furniture is leaning against the wall, we don’t want an aligned room. But try to organize the main ones.

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 2: Match the Colors

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 2: Match the Colors

According to Feng Shui, we should privilege in our living room the whites and earth tones (brown, beige, green). This must be respected because they are colors that promote tranquility and well-being.

However, not all people want a Zen living room. Therefore, there is always the possibility to combine these colors with more vibrant ones, giving life and joy to the environment.

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 3: The Water

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 3: The Water

We know that, according to feng shui, water attracts money. Therefore it is essential to have an aquarium or small fountain in the living room. It is beautiful and brings luck.

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 4: Use Flowers and Plants

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 4: Use Flowers and Plants

Plants create the most beautiful and attractive spaces. Also, they absorb the negative energies of the environment. So put a few for your living room and home.

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 5: Lighting

Feng Shui Living Room Tip 5: Lighting

Lighting is a way of giving life to space and consequently leaves the room with another mood. In addition to taking care of natural lighting, you must create multiple points of artificial light.

Second, Feng Shui, enlightenment represents yin yang, with the darkest lights representing yang and the brightest lights representing yin.

Bathroom Feng Shui Tips

Bathroom Feng Shui Tips

We know that bathrooms are vitally important, as water in these environments must be abundant and wasteful. Also, water represents good health and prosperity.

Next, the plants are always welcome in the bathrooms, and the most recommended are the bamboos. Another critical factor is good lighting, preferably with plenty of natural light.

Poorly lit bathrooms can create sadness and depression for those living in the house, as well as bad energy.

Lastly, the essential elements to maintaining balance with Feng-Shui are the water and metal which are in the bathroom.

Also, we can use elements such as soap and essences (represent the wood element), such as plants. The fire element can represent with candles and incense.

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips

For feng shui, the kitchen is one of the most essential areas of the house. It symbolizes integrity, prosperity, and spirituality. Therefore, these are aspects of our lives that deserve special attention.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tip 1: Keep Everything Organized

Organize cabinets and drawers, keeping only what is in good condition and useful. The accumulation of still things generates an increase of dense and negative energies in the environment.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tip 2: The Stove

Kitchen Feng Shui Tip 2: The Stove

Keep the stove always in perfect condition. The stove is considered the “Great God” of the house, working the wealth and flow of money in our lives.

So no clogged burners, burnt oven light, or gas leaks. A good tip is to rotate the stove’s mouths when cooking.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tip 2: Use the Color White

Kitchen Feng Shui Tip 2: Use the Color White

The white color should predominate, especially on the walls, to give the feeling of cleanliness, which also attracts the right fluids. However, the kitchen can have intense colors in the decoration details.

Green makes the atmosphere cozy, and yellow gives you an appetite. Also, colorful utensils raise the vibrations and give inspiration when preparing the dishes.

The 9 Top Feng Shui General Rules for Your Home

The 9 Top Feng Shui General Rules for Your Home

Here are the nine feng shui rules for leaving your home with the energetic vibration that will bring prosperity to your life.

Feng Shui First Rule – Environment Organization

Feng Shui First Rule – Environment Organization

For you to generate well-being and prosperity within your home, the first thing to do is to maintain the order and organization of your environment. The more orderly and organized your environment is, the better you connect with your mind.

In other words, your mind will feel more comfortable and will make room for additional information that is useful for your life. So the order of your environment is significant.

So with the right objects in the right places, there is a better circulation of energy and also generates more speed and practicality in your daily life.

Feng Shui Second Rule With Cleanliness of the Environment

Feng Shui Second Rule With Cleanliness of the Environment

The second rule is to keep clean and sanitizing, nothing dirty home!

Do you like to get dirty? Do you like to hug someone who doesn’t take a shower?

Is bad. So try to keep the physical clean, ie, once or twice a week or every day take the space and do the cleaning.

If you noticed that bookshelf a long time ago, you do not organize or clean. So take some time and clear that space!

The more cleaning you do in the house, the more energy movement happens in the environment. Although cleaning is essential, remember that it is not for you to work and clean all the time. In other words, if you over-clean, you get the good vibes out of the house.

The excess ends up directly affecting your health of the immune system. Therefore, the idea is to keep the environment clean every two days

Third Rule Feng Shui With Perform an Energy Balancing Ritual

Third Rule Feng Shui With Perform an Energy Balancing Ritual

Firstly I want to draw your attention to the energies you produce within your home.

Know that everything you say, that is, every spoken word has power, and the sound of those words also has potential.

Then you begin to pay attention to what you say and what you feel and what you vibrate within your space. In other words, it begins to bring a little more of the positive phrases to a positive mind.

So when you think or say something negative, I recommend that you shake your body.

By shaking the body, you break this negative energy and consequently prevent this negative vibration from entering your environment.

By doing this, you are already beginning to maintain more crystalline and positive energy produced within your home.

Fourth Rule Feng Shui Closing the Holes

Fourth Rule Feng Shui Closing the Holes

These Feng Shui rules have to do with restrooms and are one of the first standards to follow. The rule is that you keep the doors and toilets closed for as long as possible while you are not using them. This makes the bathroom not steal vital energy.

Also, we know that there are other cures other elements that complement the isolation of the dense energies in the bathroom.

But you can already have excellent results by keeping the doors closed and the holes plugged. That way, you can already have control of the vital energies created by these rooms.

Fifth Rule Feng Shui Isolating Radiation from Electronics:

Fifth Rule Feng Shui Isolating Radiation from Electronics

For you to maintain a healthier environment in your home, the fifth rule is to isolate radiation from electronic devices.

When you have an electronic device very close to you up to five feet away, know that you need to protect yourself from being sucked into these energies.

The exciting thing is to push the electronic farther away or to place it further away from you. Also, you can disperse this radiation with two elements:

• Using a white quartz tip next to this electronic. Druzes of the same stone or crystal may also be used.

• Using a copper plate that kills all the radiation emanating from the electronics. Install a card for each device and stick them behind them.

Feng Shui Sixth Rule Using Symbols and Elements

Feng Shui Sixth Rule Using Symbols and Elements

The sixth rule is to use mystical symbols or elements that can promote protection.

So if you have any philosophy or religion that you follow, position the object in front of your home’s front door. The object symbolizes your belief in religion and, at the same time, works your protection.

Feng Shui Symbols and Amulets

Feng Shui Symbols and Amulets

Another alternative to energizing your home entrance would be to use some magic symbols like the pentagram, for example.

Regardless of the object you choose, as long as you know it and know its meaning, it is welcome. Next, we will suggest natural plants to filter the energies that come into your home.

You can use the plants inside and outside the house entrance door. And lastly, you would also work with water sources.

Moving water can filter out the denser energies and keep the power of your home protected and more balanced throughout the day.

So her protection is essential, and she is one of the powerful elements of feng shui to maintain energy balance.

Feng Shui Seventh Rule Preserving Your Bed

Feng Shui Seventh Rule Preserving Your Bed

The first step to follow is to preserve your bed. You need to maintain it from some things, such as excess elements under it.

In other words, one of the fundamental rules of feng shui is that you do not deposit anything under your bed.

Feng Shui Step Two in Bed

The second step is not to offer your bed to anyone other than your privacy. So if you have a spouse, the bed should only be used by the couple.

Although some couples have children, know that the bed is not for the child to go up with friends and jumping on.

Most importantly, you should avoid calling friends and inviting them to sit on your bed and chat. If you do that, the energy your friend is vibrating begins to get sucked into the bed.

This is because the most porous elements, such as fabrics, mattresses, and pillows, are energy sponges.

So be very careful what you vibrate around these elements. Therefore, the bed is one of the leading furniture that you must preserve to replenish your energy during the night’s sleep.

Eighth Rule of Feng Shui Keeping Practical

Eighth Rule of Feng Shui Keeping Practical

The last rule to be followed by feng shui is to take care of the physical structure. In other words, you should take care of everything that exists and make up your physical structure of the house, such as:

1. walls
2. doors
3. windows
4. glass
5. lighting
6. others

Understand that your home is a living organism and should be functioning correctly. So I recommend that you look at whether your house needs a paint job or if it’s time for you to change that light bulb that’s about to burn out.

In short, the more you take care of the structure, the better the vibrational pattern of your space. So the last and not least rule is that you take care and take care of your physical space.

Finally, with these new rules, I’m sure you already have a really excellent job of feeling that you can already bring another vibrational plane to your space.

7 Things Not To Have At Home By Feng Shui Rules

7 Things Not To Have At Home By Feng Shui Rules

From now on, we will explain the 7 things you should not have in your home. In other words, let’s name a few things and explain to you why they are not cool for you to put in your space.

First Thing Not to Use with Feng Shui

The first of these is the famous sink cloth that you put on the stove. So one has a habit of cleaning the kitchen stove, then he lowers the lid and then puts a cloth there God knows why.

Importantly, your stove is the God of the house and the God of the kitchen. Therefore, it is he who generates prosperity and creativity in your life.

So avoid using that rag over your stove resting there being damp, dry, or beautiful.

Therefore, the ideal is not to put objects on it and always leave it clean. Also, it is essential to keep the lid closed when not in use.

Second Thing Not to Use with Feng Shui

The second thing concerns the objects under your bed. The essential tip here is: Never leave anything under your bed.

Remember that the oriental’s own bed is much closer to the floor. This is so that it can draw more of the energy of vitality that the earth brings.

But if you put something under your bed, then some of the object’s energy will be absorbed by you.

So avoid putting shoes, bags, mattresses, but, do not put anything under your bed. Try to keep this bed clean with nothing underneath.

That’s why feng shui also created the box bed. So if you have a litter box, know that it is a feng shui creation. It is designed to prevent you from depositing anything under this bed.

Third Thing Not to Use with Feng Shui

The third thing is three plants that you should never use inside your home. Remembering that you can use these plants outside, but never inside.

Do not use Cactus in Feng Shui.

The first of the plants is Cactus. It is not recommended because it is a thorny plant, and it holds a lot of water.

So everything that holds a lot of water also contains a lot of emotion. So it turns out that this plant stirs your feelings too much.

Try to use money plant at your home!

Do not use boa in Feng Shui

The second plant you don’t use indoors is the famous boa constrictor. This plant is not recommended because it is a moving plant that coils around that tree trunk.

This curl can cause gossip and a lot of intrigues. Therefore, it is a dangerous plant that will cause friction and problems between the family, between the couple. If in doubt, do not use boa within your home.

Do Not Use Pending Plants in Feng Shui

Finally, we can mention the hanging plants that were not made at least by feng shui to stay indoors.

This is because everything that generates the fall will create a feeling of depression. So for you to avoid depression, you must also avoid these hanging plants inside. Prefer to use them on the balcony, on the terrace or outside.

Fourth Thing Not to Use with Feng Shui

The fourth thing is the pictures or negative messages that may be on your wall. But how to analyze if this is a picture, this image or this picture is negative?

The secret here is to think about the emotion that the object gives you. If you have a picture of a boat, for example, notice if it is broken or in a turbulent sea.

So the idea of this picture is not to bring joy but destruction and evil. So keep an eye on the details. Regarding the phrases, many of them we buy ready already in a frame.

Therefore one must also analyze what the true meaning of this sentence is. Ideally, consider whether the phrase has to do with what you would like to attract in your life.

The Fifth Thing Not To Use With Feng Shui

The fifth thing that is also critical to eliminate from your environment is broken objects. Be aware that broken objects are not definite and do not attract good energy to your home.

So if you look at that object that is incomplete, you are internalizing that sensation. To avoid all that is broken. But if you want to restore and rebuild that piece, then the energy becomes positive again.

The Sixth Thing Not To Use With Feng Shui

The sixth item that should be taken into consideration is the pots with dead plants. Although we often do not notice that the plant has died, it is essential not to leave the pot empty.

In this way, one avoids the negative effect because the empty vessel emits a sense of non-life and non-growth.

So look at your home, and if you have a vase with these characteristics, immediately remove from the room. This way, you avoid generating the non-prosperity process.

The Seventh Thing Not To Use With Feng Shui

The last and not least is the rubble we accumulate over time in our home. If you bought building materials, for example, and leftover materials.

So you left the stuff in the corner of your house, and no one moves, it’s all dirty and dusty. Clean up immediately because the material has already deteriorated, and you will no longer use it.

Another situation is also that mess room, know that it should be as well organized as the other environments. So avoid the rubble and rubbish thrown on your porch or in front of the house.

Finally, if you follow these rules, you will be able to bring a positive vibe to your home and your life.

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