🌺Know Why Flamingos Will Dominate the Social Networks! 🌺

Know Why Flamingos Will Dominate the Social Networks!

Flamingos, elegant, flashy birds, with pink plumage, beak waders curved, have become trends in the world of decoration.

They appear in the most different formats; in fact, they became a fever this summer. They have a light and delicate style that provides a fun touch to any production or design.

The flamingos not only migrated and invaded the wardrobe but are landing in other environments, such as decoration, carnival makeup, costumes.

To decorate the interior of the houses, items that combine the pattern with shades of gray, light blue, and water green escape the childish aspect and guarantee a lot of style for the various compositions.

Check out below how to decorate with flamingos and get inspired by these ideas !!

Main Trends in Flamingos Decoration

Main Trends in Flamingos Decoration

Whether “hype” or not, the fact is that flamingo decor is trendy. The animal has been the theme and pattern of wallpaper, pillows, bedding, paintings, paintings, lamps, and whatever else creativity demands.

Another combination that is being made with the flamingos is the more tropical style, with a darker, more closed green tone. It is beautiful, and many environments follow this dynamic.

Flamingos Trends

Because it is such a striking element, the idea is to use the flamingo as a detail, a “something else” in the environment, as long as it is harmonious.

The flamingo, whether as a frame, cushion, or lamp, can undoubtedly bring a lot of life to the environment you want to cheer up! The theme can be used by children and adults, without age restriction and with a lot of styles.

How to Use Charming Flamingos in Decoration

How to Use Charming Flamingos in Decoration

The trend to use flamingos in decoration is something that has become a conventional style.

And with that, it is possible to find several reasons inspired by this theme. Like wallpapers, curtains or rugs, for example. If they are combined with the colors of the environment, they form a very charming contrast.

Color Palette to match Flamingos

Color Palette to match Flamingos

Pink predominates in the colors of the flamingo. Still, it is not just any shade, it is vibrant, with nuances of salmon and orange.

Therefore, it is necessary to assume the pink in the decoration! Nothing to treat it just like a girl’s bedroom color.

However, you can contrast a wall with flamingos designs with a plain one so as not to get seasick.

The theme palette is also formed by green plants and black and white, which relieve excess color and are often used together in a stripe pattern.

Details That Match Flamingos

Details That Match Flamingos

If you like flamingos, but don’t want to paint the wall pink, or change the decor, bet on the details.

A curtain, bed linen, and flamingo-shaped lamps are a charm in any room or room and are on the rise.

You can also spread cushions with this theme on the sofa, in a subtle and sophisticated way or choose a discreet picture.

Flamingos Bedspreads and Pillows

Flamingos Bedspreads and Pillows

Flamingos-printed bedspreads and pillows are the first of the ideas for flamingo decoration objects.

The bedding gives all the charm to the look of the room, a new bedspread, and some pretty pillows will make the atmosphere more feminine and cozy.

Tip: A soft rug on the edge of the bed, a bedside book, and a cup of warm tea will help you feel more comfortable and have a great night’s sleep.

Flamingos Wall Stickers and Frames

Flamingos Wall Stickers and Frames

When we don’t want to spend too much, the most relaxed way to decorate a wall is to stick stickers or put cute pictures.

The flamingo paintings are very cheerful and feminine. Besides, they are an excellent way to give life to those flat and dull walls.

The adhesives, being more accessible and more comfortable to stick and remove from any surface, are the most practical option.

You can even stick it on wooden boxes, pencil holders, and even mirrors and windows.

Flamingos Lights

Flamingos Lights

Lamps and blinkers themselves are already beautiful, with flamingos and cute pink shapes that are even cooler!

And a flashing string is a great decorative accessory to put on a bookshelf or around the headboard.

The lamp, besides being a decorative object with beautiful flamingos, is also handy when lighting your room.

Flamingos Vases, Plants and Candles

Flamingos Vases, Plants and Candles

The plant pots already bring a super pleasant freshness to the environment. The flamingos format just makes everything more cute and fun.

So, use succulents, cactus, or the plant you find most beautiful in your flamingo pots, these first two are more comfortable to create indoors since they need little water and do not require frequent maintenance.

Candles are also a very cool decoration item. Because they leave a delicious smell and incorporate a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Choose your favorite essence.

There are MANY other flamingo decoration objects out there, from flamingo sculptures to rugs and coffee tables, seriously!

Give these beautiful birds a chance and also have a beautiful environment full of decorative objects with flamingos.

Flamingos and Pineapples

Flamingos and Pineapples

The pineapple print is the ideal complement to your flamingo decoration, as it refers to the scenery of a Caribbean beach, where these birds are numerous.

The fruit can be in very ornamental decorative objects, in wallpaper, in paintings, pillows and many other items. Hibiscus, flowers that can be found in different colors, form another excellent complement.

Flamingos as a Decoration Spotlight

Flamingos as a Decoration Spotlight

Just because decorating can’t be useful? Of course, yes! Items inspired by flamingos can have this dual function and be displayed in the kitchen and dining room to decorate.

An example of this is the pineapple-shaped pepper trees. And to incorporate the theme once and for all, how about preparing appetizers on these wooden boards and serving in a beautiful snack bar?

The flamingos decor is very versatile and is on the rise, also in the freshest and most stripped birthday parties.

What matters is to use creativity and not be afraid to dare. Take advantage of this fashion to give more color to your home and make it more cheerful!

Flamingos in the Children’s Room

Flamingos in the Children’s Room

If you want to create a pink room for your little one, but want to escape that traditional pattern of girl’s rooms. So bet on the flamingos trend!

Flamingos Kids

In addition to being modern, elegant, and full of personality, the bird is also versatile and goes very well with the most diverse styles: composing from a more neutral and basic environment to a more modern and super colorful look. Check out!

Flamingos in Party Decoration

Flamingos in Party Decoration

Flamingo party decoration is becoming more and more popular. It is a relaxed theme, which brings joy to all occasions, and where colors make a difference, mixing shades of pink with tropical and colorful elements.

An excellent choice for outdoor and pool events, in addition to celebrating several special moments for all ages.

With creativity, the decoration has no limit: straws, cakes, cups, and sweets can be personalized with animals and fruits, all to make the moment more fun and charming.

9 Tips For Decorating Parties With Flamingos

9 Tips For Decorating Parties With Flamingos

The idea is even better with the elements that can be added: pineapples, flags, and items with a tropical footprint.

The proposal is perfect for brides party and others. More discreetly, it can even be part of the wedding.

The trend that gained strength in 2012, when appearing in the magazine Australian House and Garden, has been conquering even the fashion world.

With flamingos everywhere, how about investing? Here are some new inspirations. Enjoy, adapt your way, and have a good party!

1) Prints of Flamingos

There are zillions of flamingo prints! And one of them will surely be perfect for your stationery and visual identity!

2) Flamingo float – The darling of the summer!

Flamingo float – The darling of the summer!

My golden dream is to have a flamingo float! Is there anything cooler? If you are going to have a pool party, how about putting some flamingo buoys for your guests to have fun and catching up on the bronze?

3) Flamingos Party Decoration Colors

The colors for decorating a flamingo party, in addition to being vibrant and warm, are incredibly feminine! Plenty of pink, orange, and yellow to make the atmosphere super happy and relaxed!

4) Pineapple

Flamingos Party Pineapple

Flamingo resembles tropical. Tropical resembles Luau. Luau resembles a pineapple. And you also know my love for pineapple! I don’t think there is anything as simple as accessible and as fun as pineapple decoration! So don’t forget about this delicious fruit in the decoration – and in the clear menu .

5) Fun cake with Flamingos

Fun cake with Flamingos

The theme is already cheerful, so imagine the cake! If it is a bridal shower or a lingerie shower, the cake will undoubtedly be the center of attention.

6) Cupcakes and Flamingos Biscuit

Cupcakes and Flamingos Biscuit

Continuing in the line of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies could not be left out! In addition to being cute, they are super yummy and give extra help in decorating your party!

7) Photobooth of Flamingos

Of course, the fun could not be left out on such a joyful theme! Take advantage of the Photobooth wave and make some accessories, so your guests don’t leave the party without a funny photo on Insta!

8) Enchanting details with flamingos

Flamingo is beautiful! So where you put a flamingo in your party will be beautiful too! Use and abuse this elegant and imposing pet and decorate every corner of the event!

9) Invitations

I already talked about the prints for a visual identity! But I couldn’t leave out one of the most aesthetic reasons: the invitation! There is no way not to fall in love with this theme!

The Truth About Flamingos Color

Flamingos are enormous animals, birds identifiable by their long necks, stretched legs, and pink or reddish feathers, which are very fond of water. They embody the saying, “you are what you eat.” Understand: The pink and red colors of a flamingo’s feathers come from the fact that they feed on pigments found in algae and invertebrates.

Flamingos are pink because the algae they consume are loaded with beta-carotene – and organic chemical that contains an orange-red pigment (beta-carotene is also present in many plants, but especially in tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and of course, carrots).

Mollusks and crustaceans, one of the flamingos‘ favorite snacks, also contain carotenoids, a similar type of pigment.

The levels of carotenoids in their food vary in different parts of the world, which is why American flamingos are usually red and orange. In contrast, flamingos plagued by the drought of the Nakuru River in central Kenya tend to be pale pink.

If a flamingo stops eating food containing carotenoids, its new feathers will begin to grow a paler tone, and its reddish feathers would eventually change.

Flamingos, when babies, are born gray or white. They will become pink within the first two years of life.

Flamingo facts

Anyone who has the opportunity to spot a bird like the flamingo is delighted: they are large, reaching up to 1.5 meters in height, with enormous wings, short tail, and color ranging from red to pink.

Currently, this type of bird is endangered in Brazil. Find below curiosities about flamingos.

1. The bird is known to stand on one leg. This is because they balance body temperature that way. As they live in marine areas, the habit of keeping only one leg in the water helps not to lose the heat of the Body.
2. Flamingos mate with the same individual for life, so they are one of the most monogamous species. Besides, both the male and the female participate in the incubation period of the eggs and help with the first care of the offspring.
3. The color of the flamingo is due to its feeding rich in carotenoids, a substance that, after being absorbed by the organism, gives a reddish tint to the feathers. Crustaceans, which are rich in this type of nutrient, are the favorite food of flamingos.
4. Flamingos, when they are born, stay in a kind of “day care” until, around, one hundred days of life. During this period, the parents can see their young and feed them. After this period in the “day care,” the birds are independent.
5. Flamingos can live up to 40 years and can remain free for extended periods (33 years) or in captivity (44 years).

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