Decorating With Flowers: Best Ideas To Bring Your Decor More Life ❤️

On this page, we have gathered a selection of ideas, tips and special suggestions to motivate you to use flowers in your decoration. Here we talk about the species indicated for wedding parties, the meaning of some and ways to decorate the most different rooms and occasions. Check, enjoy and motivate yourself to embark once and for all on the idea of ​​adopting and investing in flowers for your decor!

Check out the tips from My Easy Decoration to decorate each room with the special and charming touch of flowers in a creative and ideal way to highlight them. For this, we indicate some options for using the flowers in spaces such as the living room, kitchen and entrance hall of the house. Get inspired!

It is important, however, that the colors of the flowers to be used in the composition of the arrangements are in accordance with the lighting of the place, that is, environments with low light should be decorated with flowers names in light tones, such as white and champagne. On the other hand, for the decoration of lighter environments it is worth abusing the strong and vibrant colors, such as red, orange and yellow.

Spacious and well-lit environments deserve arrangements with large and striking flowers. In restaurants, the ideal is to use unscented species, which do not contain much pollen, so as not to further carry the smell of the environment and attract flies and mosquitoes. A beautiful arrangement of red roses, for example, goes very well in suites and rooms decorated for honeymoons. Orchids, another species of flower that enchants any environment, can be used in corporate events.

The Power Of Hibiscus Flower Ornaments

The ornamental hibiscus flower has, among other characteristics, fast blooming and an abundance of flowers. The species of ornamental use can be presented in the following types:

1. Singles: they are ornamental hibiscus flower with 5 overlapping petals; 2. Semi-folded: 3 petals that originate from the center (center) of the plant; 3. Folded: 5 petals that come out of the center of the plant; 4. Miniatures: they can be single or folded plants, but they have a small size, about 5cm in diameter.

Blue Flowers In Wedding Decoration

Thinking of decorating your wedding or bridal bouquet with green? See the tips:

1. Choose naturally blue flowers. Although some people say that it works to color flowers with aniline, the result is not enough.

2. Check if the chosen world flowers will be available during the season you intend to get married.

3. Flowers like blue hydrangea are usually expensive, but you can save on the quantity, since with just one of them you can fill a good part of the arrangement or the bridal bouquet.

4. The mix of blue and white flowers is a classic combination, but there are other options that also look great. Try adding a touch of pink and lilac to the ensemble. The result will be a delicate arrangement, especially if the shade chosen is light blue.

5. For those who prefer to leave the environment with a more cheerful atmosphere, adding a little yellow is a great idea. See some examples at the bottom of the page

Colorful Arrangements With Purple Flower

The purple flower can be even more striking with arrangements in contrasting colors, such as orange and yellow.

Another idea is to make cactus arrangements with purple flowers, very small. The green and intense color of the cactus with purple flower contrasts with the purple and creates a rustic and wonderful decoration to decorate home windows, for example. It is worth making different decorations with the purple flower cactus and other cheerful combinations!

Pictures of Red Flowers: Inspirations to Use in Room Decoration

The red flowers are a symbol of love and bring more beauty to both the garden and the interior of houses and events. And best of all: it is not difficult to find flowers in this color, as there are species that bloom throughout the year. The pictures of flowers red are, without a doubt, the most striking and strongest of any other. In addition, they convey so much love and feeling that they are perfect for decorating weddings, interiors or composing floral arrangements for gifts.

White Flowers for Funeral

Using flowers to pay homage at funeral events is a tradition in virtually every country in the world. Full of symbolism and beauty, the flowers are responsible for bringing a little comfort to family members during their loved ones' farewell moments. Offering a crown or a flower arrangement during the wake ceremony is a show of affection, affection and respect. In other words, it is an educated conduct that is part of the good manners and etiquette expected in situations of mourning.

White Rose:

The white flower for funeral rose has a pure meaning due to its color. For being clearer, it is attributed the representation of peace and harmony. Other genuine meanings, such as hope, purity, eternal love, loyalty and innocence, are also related to the white rose.

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