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A safe place to store your car, away from heat and humidity is the only thing the garage is for, isn't it? Wrong! The garage is part of your house and for that reason it can be a well organized place and why not, decorated? Yes, garage decoration is entirely possible and, in addition to its usual usefulness, it can still be a pleasant place.

It is important to dismiss the idea that a garage is a place to store unused old objects. It is possible to make a nice garage decoration. Start with a general cleaning, find out what you really need, after all, garage is not a pantry. As you take good care of your car, you should also think about maintaining an organization ritual in the place reserved for your car. There are a few options for garage decorations that you can make, invest!

The decoration possibilities are endless. It can be totally closed, with the sides open or still completely uncovered, it is worth using materials and coverings to make your look even more interesting.

Environment Tips to Do in the Garage

Do you know that place where we always put things that don’t have space inside the house? The messes, the bicycles, unused boxes? It’s usually the garage, but it doesn’t have to be! With care, research, and organization, we can transform the garage decoration into a beautiful, organized, and functional space. Let’s go to the tips?

Games Room And Fun Garage

The ideal option for the family looking for a garage conversion, especially a large family, is to turn it into game room ideas and fun room for children.

Again, a small change is necessary, and it is just a matter of adding a few touches here and there to create a safe place where children can play and relax.

Plenty of natural light and ventilation are essential, no matter what purpose the new space will serve.

Garage Entertainment Room

A garage individual generally does not provide the perfect space for creating a home entertainment room. However, use the use of insulation in the ceiling space. Such as rugs or carpet, upholstered furniture or some plushes, cushions. That way, you have a room where you can sit back and relax while you want to watch a particular movie, or listen to your favorite music.

New Garage Bedroom

For a growing family, where moving house is not an option, a converted garage can provide space for a new family room. Where the family can get together, or children can use for games, relax or entertain friends. Fill the space with sofa-style furniture and cushions on the floor to create a versatile space.

Work At Home In The Garage

If you think about all the comforts of working at home and prefer to set up the office without making a series of radical changes. And even if you don’t need to share the space and don’t mind leaving the door garage in place, you can quickly make valuable use of the area that a garage offers. A garage unused is considered significant for a home office because it is usually isolated from the rest of the house. Make sure space has plenty of natural light. And you can invest in adjustable curtains to insulate the area, you can also add windows or a skylight in the absence of light.

Extra Income In The Garage

Another use for times of crisis in times of modernity. If you do not want to use them anymore garage and have resources for investment, is to search the internet for the words “rooms for rent.” So you can find some sites with ads where students, professionals, and tourists pay good money for temporary and even monthly rent. If the value is favorable to this practice that is already widespread in developed countries, how about turning the garage into a source of income and building a beautiful suite for rent.

Craft Room – Atelier

Or even if you don’t need extra space and still have a garage that you would like to make better use of. Then you can think about turning the space into a craft room, atelier, or hobby. For this, a kit with cabinets, shelves, and benches is enough to use the space to serve almost any activity.

Double Use

If the garage is in an easily accessible place in the house, you can create a laundry or general service room. Or, divide the room using dividers to create a dual-use space, perhaps half for laundry and the other for games.

Open Garage Decoration

The open garage decoration can contain several different styles, and you can choose the style you want for your garage. It’s just not worth leaving this space a mess, full of junk. Whenever it is talked about decoration, many people think that it takes a lot of effort, excessive spending. And a lot of labor to achieve a beautiful final result for their environment. However, what few know is that it only takes a lot of creativity, goodwill, and a game of waist to create a beautiful decoration in the chosen space. This goes for decoration garage open, which, if you use a lot of imagination and creativity, you achieve spectacular results, even to make the space functional.

Open Garage Decorating Ideas

Regardless of whether your garage is fully open or partially open, you can create exciting decor for this space. Both to make it more beautiful and to make it more functional if you need extra space. Potted plants are the most comfortable pieces to use in decorating a garage. More elaborate decorations for garages can include cabinets, shelves, and panels with spaces for hanging tools. The floor of your garage may also contain a more comfortable coating to be cleaned or a different pattern for part of the car, to make the environment more charming. Enjoy more examples of open garage decoration without moderation, to achieve similar or even better results in your garage. Making it much more cozy, welcoming, and beautiful, to improve your well-being and, consequently, improve your health.

How to transform the garage into a useful and pleasant environment?

Set the Garage Role The garage is a different room from the others in the house, but its decoration starts at the same point: the function. After all, what space will be used for? In practice, the primary function of the garage is to store the car, but it can be used for various uses when your vehicle is not there. For example, space can be used for the weekend get-together with the family if you have some tables, chairs, and a portable cooktop. Another use is to transform the garage into a creative studio, both for sewing projects, as well as electrical works, in wood or other materials.

Transforming Garage into a Warehouse

There is also the possibility of using the garage as an organized deposit, small gym, or space for leisure and rest. Whatever the function, it will need a specific decoration for use. In the case of a space to eat, the garage must be very well lit, and the floor and wall covering must be easy to clean. This makes it easier to deal with fat and other elements of the situation. A garage as a reading space also needs a lot of light but will require a more cozy floor. So, start your project by defining what the function is garage‘s, and then write down on a paper what the unique needs of that use are, to think about how they will be addressed by decoration.

Use wires, shelves, cabinets and boxes

For its space, the garage can be used as a deposit for your home. Not in the way most of them are used, with the objects thrown and scattered, but in an organized and tidy way. To do this, you can use a selection of functional shelves, boxes, wires, and cabinets, to use the horizontal and vertical spaces of the garage more efficiently. Remember that these objects are also critical aesthetic elements for your decoration and must work in harmony. For example, a light wood cabinet looks excellent when used in conjunction with a floor that reproduces a dark stone and a wall of exposed bricks. Meanwhile, a darker wire can work very well with a floor that reproduces wood.

Use good lighting in garage decor

Lighting will be an essential part of your garage decoration project, especially if the environment is closed. Because of this, you should spend considerable time thinking about the particulars of this element. The first point to consider is that, in most cases, you will need good lighting. This means having lamps with the right amount of lumens to guarantee a lot of light in a traditionally closed environment. This raises a problem with the expenditure of electricity with the room, so it is recommended to use the current LED lamps, which are more economical. The second point is how the light will impact the other decorative elements. For example, one option is to put a coating that reproduces industrial bricks on the wall (it looks very charming in a garage gourmet, for example). In this case, it is ideal to use a yellowish light, which makes the environment cozier. In a more neutral environment, it is better to have a white light.

Choose the right floor for garage decoration.

As we said, the garage can have several functions. Store the car of the owner of the house, be an organized deposit of the house, serve as a space for social gatherings, a design studio, rest and leisure room, etc. Because of this, the garage requires objects and coverings that are versatile and offer solutions for each case. Let’s start with the most difficult: the car. On an average day, we drive the vehicle through the floor garage at least twice (once in the morning and once in the evening). This means that the flooring chosen for the room floor must be strong enough to withstand the vehicle pressure without cracking or breaking. Based on this requirement, we have some coating options. If we are going to use the garage as a gourmet space, the coating must be easy to maintain and not stain with grease, soft drinks, or other liquids.

Make your environment comfortable.

A leisure environment, on the other hand, needs to have thermal comfort and cannot have a heated floor that holds the heat on the surface. Therefore, we recommend our floor garage, a PEI 4 ceramic for, suitable for use in garages. In addition to the resistance required to withstand the impact of the car. This ceramic is easy to clean and maintain, in addition to being considered a cold floor (which does not hold the heat on the surface). The ideal is to use a model that has slip resistance so that there are no accidents when the floor is wet.

Explore the garden and green in the garage

A garage open has different scenarios than a closed one. The presence of sunlight during the day, for example, is one of them. Another is the possibility of having a garden, primarily vertical. In a trend in big cities, the vertical garden is a creative and beautiful way to add green and nature to the decoration of any environment, especially in a garage. There are a few ways to install it in your space. Follow! Separate one (or more) walls of the garage and set up the vertical garden using the plants of your choice. There are dozens of options, such as ferns, bay leaves, parsley, basil, rosemary, chives, friendship plant, anthurium. The size of the garden will depend on your available space and your will.

The Charm of Climbing Plants

Another option is to use climbing plants to cover some walls or trellises separated by you. Such as the Springs, the Red Jade, or the False Vineyard – each with its own needs and bringing a different color to the decoration. Do not forget to harmonize the environment to receive a vertical garden. Therefore, an exciting option is to use a floor that reproduces wood, such as Native Imbuia, which combines naturally with plants. With this information in mind, you have everything you need to start planning a good garage decoration project. And transform this space into an environment that will be praised by family, friends, and neighbors. If you feel like decorating your garage, share this post on social media and tag your friends so they can give you project suggestions!

Learn tips and basic ideas for conversions garage

Approval and Planning : Any structural changes to the existing construction will require approval from your municipality. This means that you need the services of an architectural designer or interior designer who is qualified to reorganize the space by preparing the drawings and plans necessary for presentation to your municipality. However, aesthetic changes, such as plastering, new coatings, and minor modifications, often do not require permission from the government. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the planning and urban planning department of your city.


After meeting with a designer and having the plan with the design or necessary modifications projected in hand. Then see what needs to be done to make the garage a habitable and useful space. Once you have an estimated budget, you can then decide how to proceed with the project and where to start first. Reserving the necessary money, hiring the service provider, purchasing materials, among others.

Removing a garage door

Many garages have doors that operate with steel springs mounted both in the center and on the sides of the gate. Producing a torsional force, which facilitates the opening and closing movement. Special care must be taken when removing a torsion spring. Since these are actively tensioned and need to be released for safe removal. Consider calling a technician with knowledge of these doors garage to do this for you. Generally, instead of these doors, new walls are built with smaller doors and windows for ventilation and ambient lighting. This may require new foundations or a new beam at the top.

Electrical and hydraulic problems in the garage

Consider calling a technician with knowledge of these doors garage to do this for you. Generally, instead of these doors, new walls are built with smaller doors and windows for ventilation and ambient lighting. This may require new foundations or a new beam at the top. Painting and decorating are natural touches for most people to handle on their own. However, some things need to be done by a professional. Have a qualified electrician to install switches, power outlets, or new lighting nozzles to service appliances and equipment for the new functions you have chosen for the environment. Before adding new electrical points to the existing power grid, make sure that you are not overloading the wiring and putting the entire electrical system in the house at risk. The best option is to add a new circuit with the proper protection of a specific circuit breaker in the switchboard. If you have the original electrical project, consult the project manager about possible changes. The same care applies to any plumbing that needs to be added to a new bathroom that receives the water pipeline or the sewer pipe directed to the pit or public sewer.

Roof fittings

In some cases, the roofed garage needs to be renovated to ensure that it remains waterproof. This can happen since minor repairs to the existing roof, or in a total or partial replacement with the use of materials that match the main roof. If you decide to replace or redo the roof, consider adding a roof skylight to the project if you need more ventilation or lighting.

Structural changes

It is necessary to pay attention to repairs that involve complicated work, and that takes time. Such as removing bricks from walls or finishing plaster, adding or replacing windows, cladding with new floors, or building new walls. These processes must be taken into account the addition of new loads on pillar beams and foundations of the house. When in doubt before any adjustment involving the part of the structure of the house, it is necessary to consult the responsible professional who executed the original house. Or else have the opinion of a qualified professional, in order not to compromise the resistance and security of the residence. We hope you enjoy some tips!

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