Garden: Tips To Make Outdoor Spaces More Beautiful

Looking for an alternative to include more green areas in your property? One of the best ways is to bet on house gardens, which are available in several options of styles and models, combining with all types of residences.

Those who live in the big city may end up missing a greater contact with nature. And that is where the gardens come in, bringing the possibility of enhancing the house with a space that brings together various plants and is inspired by that pleasant country climate, which also gives a new look to the decoration.

When thinking about having a garden at home, at first, it is recommended to grow plants native to the region, since they are more resistant and are used to its climate and weather. But that does not mean that you will not be able to grow exotic plants or characteristics from another climate, you will only have more work to care for them.

The Power Of The Vertical Garden in Landscaping

The vertical garden is a type of landscaping in which plants are arranged vertically. Therefore, plants need the help of a particular structure or some kind of support. So the primary intention is to make it possible, even in small spaces, to create a lively and very green environment.

The first photo shows how a beautiful vertical garden of life for the living room. In addition to beautifying, plants absorb and purify the air of the environment.

Cactus With Flowers Are Fever And Became a Trend

Nowadays, it is prevalent to find mini cactus with flowers for sale. They are sold like water, sometimes more than the other models, because the colorful flowers really attract attention.

However, according to experts, these specimens have generally been altered, and the flower there is false, not part of the structure of the cactus.

If you buy models like this, the indication is that this little flower is removed to give the possibility of the cactus to develop without restrictions. Otherwise, your plant will not survive as long as it should.

On the other hand, we must emphasize that the cactus do give flowers. They are very delicate and thin, being born almost without anyone noticing and leaving after four or five days.

Know Why Succulents Became Popular

Those who like to unleash their creativity can invest in miniature gardens. The idea is to set up a differentiated environment using only a vase.

In addition to succulents, you can add stones, miniature houses, plaques, garden ornaments, gravel, and other items. The result is magical and can be the highlight of your dining table, a sideboard, or a particular corner in your home.

Know Why Large House Plants Are a Good Idea

Thinking about joining the urban jungle? This is a strong trend that has come to stay for a long time. So we decided to show here large house plants to have inside the house. Do you want to include an urban jungle in your life?

First of all, you need to understand once and for all that the urban jungle is. You have probably seen a lot and a lot of inspiring images. But do you really know how to use this urban jungle in your decoration?

This trend aims to bring nature closer to residents. Nowadays we are increasingly far from the green, we live in urban centers full of concrete. This leaves the place colder and lifeless. That is why urban jungle has become a trend and so many people are adopting it. The goal here is to take the green indoors.

Why She Shed Ideas Are The Most Wanted This Year

Fashion caught on and the ladies, always a step further, gave an upgrade to she shed ideas. Instead of a free room inside the house, they took that space of their own outside the house, literally building modern huts in the garden. They are compact rooms, typically located in the backyard and approximately the size of a regular room.

Even so, there are not many rules when creating such a corner: they can be used as a reading corner, yoga, and meditation studio, or a writing room. The possibilities are endless and some of the creations are, to say the least, charming.

Pineapple Plant Are Easier Than You Think

Pineapple can be consumed in several ways: in juices, jellies, ice creams, liquors, among others, although the healthiest form is fresh.

Among the main nutrients of pineapple is its high concentration of vitamin C (an antioxidant substance that helps increase the body’s resistance). Also, this fruit is rich in B vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and manganese and in fibers, providing 10% of the daily requirement with just one cup of tea from the fruit.

Among other properties of the pineapple plant, it is a great ally in the digestion and hydration of the body, since it is composed of 90% water. Also, as an excellent diuretic, pineapple helps to decrease fluid retention and regulate blood pressure.

Finally, the pineapple plant fruit can help people who want to lose weight, since it helps to control the urge to eat sweets, gives satiety without adding too many calories to the diet and helps the body to recover after exercising.

Why You Need a Tulip Tree Poplar In Your Home

Tulip tree poplar, a.k.a. Tuliptree or Yellow Poplar is a noble native shade tree with fantastic green and orange tulip-like flowers in late spring. Rising straight and true, this large legacy tree quickly lends a majestic air to country estates and spacious suburban lots.

It’s also one of the best trees you can plant to support local wildlife, such as hummingbirds and honeybees, as well as the beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly, which uses Tulip Poplar as a favored host plant to feed its young.

Plant it within view of a second-story window for a first-row seat at the “Tulip Blossom Festival” you’ll look forward to each year!

Avocado tree leaf Benefits

Have you thought about making full use of avocado and not wasting the fruit leaves? If the answer is no, here is a golden tip: avocado tree leaf tea has several medicinal properties and brings together several benefits for the body. In addition to it, there are other reasons why you should not discard the avocado tree leaf. Take a look at the article to find out more!

Avocado tree leaf is rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and other important minerals

Because it is rich in 7 of the 12 fundamental minerals for the organism, the avocado tree leaf adds several health benefits and should definitely not be thrown away. It is a source of iron (a mineral that helps prevent anemia), has the antioxidant properties of zinc, is rich in calcium, magnesium, and manganese (important for bones and muscles) and also has good doses of phosphorus and potassium.

Food is a source of protein, a nutrient responsible for maintaining healthy hair and nails

The avocado tree leaf also has another key nutrient for the body: proteins. They are largely responsible for the construction, repair, and development of our body bone tissue – helping to strengthen nails and hair. That is, eating foods rich in the substance is essential to develop the physical part of the body and to regulate the body’s functions.

Avocado tree leaf tree also has flavonoids in their composition, preventing the development of diseases such as cancer

Present in foods such as onions, apples, and grapes, flavonoids are antioxidants that help keep the body protected from free radicals. They reduce oxidative stress by protecting the body’s cells, being essential, for example, to prevent diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Tree leaf avocado tea has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, digestive and deworming properties

Another advantage of the avocado tree leaf tree is that they have anti-inflammatory, digestive, and diuretic properties that help, respectively, to heal the body, decrease fluid retention, and fight constipation.

They also help to combat intestinal worms due to the plant’s deworming characteristics, further favoring intestinal transit. To take advantage of these benefits, just make a tea with 2 or 3 dry leaves of the fruit and take it at least once per day.

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