The Best Guide to Home Decor

Want tips on how to decorate the house? We have prepared content inspired by a lot of trend, practicality and optimization of spaces for you to plan your home decor!

Decor is the soul of a beautiful home. The decoration enhances the architecture of the environment, bringing more cosiness and comfort. If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your corner. Then the best decoration will always be the one that best represents your style! And your style is your space for personal expression, which makes you feel good through your choices.

My Easy Decoration wants to be close to you in this very pleasant and important task. For that to happen, we offer a wide variety of tips for you to choose those that best suit your purpose.

The Best Sticker Paper Trends For Your Home Decor

Using sticker paper trends is one of the best choices in the area of decoration. They are extremely versatile decorative objects and combine with different styles of decoration. Sticker paper trends have the power to change the look of an environment, giving life, movement and style to the space.

One of the reasons for the rise of sticker paper trends is the ease of application, which is simple and does not generate much dirt in the environment and can also be used even on plaster walls. Another big factor of the great use of the sticker paper trends is the amount invested is low, when compared to other decorative coatings.

Simple Home Decoration Tips: Tricks to Apply at Home

The search for ideas and project references is essential for those who want to innovate or renovate the home. After all, we found everything on the internet, right? But most of the time, combining the pocket with our tastes is one of the most complicated tasks for those who want to invest little. Therefore, we separate simple home decoration tips to apply in your home:

As it is a difficult task, follow this selection of simple tips for you to apply in your decor! The first step is to keep in mind the intended style, even with a low cost proposal, the environment can be with the face of the residents

It is important to combine personal taste with practicality, functionality and comfort to obtain the expected result.

Learn Why Round Rugs Never Go Out of Style

Every year new features come to add even more ideas to the sector and renew the styles we already love. However, there are decoration trends that never go out of style and that are known to beautify any environment.

These decoration trends are known as timeless trends, which have been perpetuated and kept alive by their charm and beauty.

Thinking of comfort and warmth for the environments, the round rugs are pieces of interior design capable of transforming spaces. Its role as one of the timeless decor trends needs to be highlighted. In addition to assisting in the delimitation of spaces, rugs are decorative items that can bring life to environments and transform the entire atmosphere of the space.

Pillow Textures Collections Are Trends In Decoration

Varying the types of materials and textures in the environments is one of the favorite bets to hit the decor. The different textures can appear on pillow colections fabrics, rugs, sofa material and even on walls and tiles. In fact, the idea of ​​mixing different fabrics and materials has gained more strength and is almost indispensable for the creation of a current and harmonious environment. It became a trend!

Balcony Mobiles Are a Hit in American Homes

Known mainly for their use in children's decorations, mobiles came out of this exclusive universe and are increasingly being used in other environments in the house.

High on contemporary decorations, the balcony mobiles give a modern and charming style to the environment and can be made of countless materials - and even house plants, such as succulents, arranged in small terrariums.

Discover The Minimalist Style of Decoration

Few and good furniture, lots of space, practicality and functionality, the minimalist decor is increasingly popular all over the world. The minimalist style decor is based on sobriety, purely decorative elements are almost absent in this type of decoration. Extravagance and excess are carefully replaced by an atmosphere based on simplicity where each piece of furniture, object and element has its function and its reason for existing in the room.

Decorating With Wall Stickers

If there is a very practical and also versatile trend in the field of interior decoration, this trend is the decoration with wall stickers. They can completely change the look of an environment or room, filling the space with personality, giving more movement and life in the style you desire. In addition, when compared to other decorative elements, the wall sticker does not require large investments. The wall sticker must enter as a viable composition element, if there is already a decoration or, at least one style, in the environment in question. That's because the result needs to be harmonious with everything you want to keep in place. For example, a room with lots of decorative elements may not require a wall sticker. A more "clean" room, which needs life, can be completely modified with good use. If the environment follows a certain style, classic, modern, rustic or vintage, for example, the wall sticker should accompany that style, so that the result is not a confused aspect in the chosen decoration.

Vintage Decor: For a Charming And Nostalgic Home

Elements that bring back good memories or refer to past times, whether because of fashion, music or historical context, are a priority for lovers of nostalgia. And you don't have to give that up when choosing a style to compose your home. Deriving mainly from the 40s and 50s, vintage decoration is a fusion of different styles, which can print exactly the soft and nostalgic personality you want for your home.

Curtains Trends and Rugs Can Make All The Difference In Decor

If you are one of those people who do not give importance to curtains, it is time for you to review the possibilities that this piece is capable of giving to the environment. In addition to being an important ally in light control, curtains are loved by architects and decorators when it comes to putting a final touch on the environment.

There are many models available on the market, with numerous sizes, fabrics, colors and materials. This diversity allows them to be used in the most diverse rooms, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the living room.

Small Sculpture That Give a Different Touch To The Environment.

Small Sculpture is the art of transforming raw material into meaning and, no matter what museum you are visiting, in any country in the world, it is an outstanding art that catches our attention!

But anyone who thinks that these objects are exclusive to museums and galleries and that the sculptures need to be a huge work of art adorning the gardens of a large property is mistaken! Sculptures for decoration can be of the most diverse shapes, materials and sizes, and are a great way to express your style and display shapes that fit your personality!

And decorative sculpture is not limited to classic styles. The options are the most diverse and include modern, realistic and minimalist works that you can highlight as focal points in your home or as a complement to the decor.

Glass Vases Decorated With Colorful Dots

For those who like crafts, having new ideas can be a big challenge. However, inspiration often comes from easy materials that we have at home. These materials can be decorative objects or items that we no longer use, which turns crafts into a delicious and creative activity. Therefore, colored glass vase is perfect for decorating a stylish environment.

Fun Flower Vase Is The Sensation Of The Moment

Small customizations can make small vase plants truly works of art!

A delicate face, an amusing phrase, an unusual format or material are enough to transform a dull object into super cute vases, capable of filling the house with life and joy.

Diy Picture Frames Are Up

Have you ever imagined reserving a whole wall just to save your best photos? To do this, take your foot off the picture frames and fix it to the wall. You can use the good old folds or buy a sturdy double-sided tape.

The idea is to put photos and frames of different colors and sizes. In addition to making your living room or bedroom happier, you will have more space on your shelves and counters.

Another tip is to mix the photos with other objects such as comics and mirrors in fun frames. If you have colored walls, the result is even cooler. Try without fear!

Diy Picture Frames Are Up

Have you ever imagined reserving a whole wall just to save your best photos? To do this, take your foot off the picture frames and fix it to the wall. You can use the good old folds or buy a sturdy double-sided tape.

The idea is to put photos and frames of different colors and sizes. In addition to making your living room or bedroom happier, you will have more space on your shelves and counters.

Another tip is to mix the photos with other objects such as comics and mirrors in fun frames. If you have colored walls, the result is even cooler. Try without fear!

Decorating The House With Photos Can Be Easier Than You Think.

Decorating the house, after a work or just to upgrade is one of the best moments in this transformation. The decorative objects impress personality and define the tastes of the residents, so the theme of the time is the decoration with photos. Before limited by portraits, nowadays it has been gaining other ways to ally in decoration.

Combining photographs with works of art, such as prints and posters, ensures a cool and youthful look. For best effect, bet on the mix of frames with different shapes and sizes!

Another trend is the DIY-style photo mural (Do it yourself), which provides a simple and practical solution for those who want to invest little. One of the options is the clothesline, the office boards, the cork mural and the colored ribbons. All offer a way to fix the photos in a creative and fun way, just use your imagination to create your own composition!

Of course, only photographs do not decorate an environment! The rest of the ambience, such as furniture, lighting, colors and distribution, make the look nice and beautiful!

The Gold Ornaments You Will Ever Need

Functionality continues to dominate the backdrop of furniture and gold ornaments trends this year. Especially because optimizing spaces and reconciling beauty with utility is increasingly fundamental. Therefore, 3D applications, industrial style, copper, and rose gold are the stars of the world in the decoration world. To make everything even more beautiful. So the new season suggests the use of wallpapers in contemporary patterns, geometric painting, and painted tiles. Some specific ornaments are also highlights. So check below the models that are being used most in the environments.

Decorating The House With Photos Can Be Easier Than You Think.

Using bottles as wedding decoration items has become a trend in recent years. They can add a romantic and delicate touch to the atmosphere that will make your party even more beautiful!

So follow these 5 tips, and you will not go wrong when decorating your bottle:

1. Bet on the appropriate colors with the wedding theme;
2. Use candles or led to inside the bottles;
3. Decorate the bottles with glitter if they are white, gold or silver;
4. Use thinner flowers as they are more appropriate for the occasion;
5. Use materials such as pearls, flowers, rhinestones, and tulle that are most appropriate.

Why Everyone is Obsessed With Room Dividers in Bedroom

Integrating spaces is a trend, and in addition to the aesthetic look of this modern style of construction, integration is still a great bet on expanding areas. Even in dorms.

And if you are thinking of a modern way to integrate spaces and create smart and contemporary boundaries, you can bet on room dividers for your bedroom.

Room dividers are very common in different environments. In new projects, it is increasingly common to use the element as a delimitation of spaces in the bedroom.

Decorating the Wall with Mirror Became a Trend

Who has never heard that old jargon: “Mirror, the mirror of mine, is there anyone more beautiful than me”?

The mirror is immediately associated with beauty, vanity, and, above all, the ability to see yourself reflected. This element, so usual in decorating the wall, has infinite possibilities of use. Besides, mirrors go beyond the simple act of reflecting or the function of “enlarging” environments.

In short, decorating the wall with mirrors can favor lighting, enhance the composition of space, fill in gaps. The mirror can also camouflage imperfections, ornament, and even redesign the ambiance proposal. We can thus say that a mirror is a valuable tool for any decoration and design proposal. So it stops being a complex project or a simple setting.

Small Mudroom Ideas for Storage & Organization

If you want to deal with limited space in your home, choose a small place for your mudroom. There are white walls with a wooden shoe rack in the mudroom, along with a wall-mounted hanger. The large glass panel on the outside allows sunlight to enter and you can provide a bench for the session preparations.

Wooden Wall Panel You'll Love

Increasingly present in interior decoration, wooden wall panel are a great choice to renovate an environment without completely reforming it. Just coat the wall, which will gain an excellent highlight.

The panels are manufactured from various wood options. It is essential to research before choosing the material, as the type of wood directly influences the color and style that the wall will gain.

Laundry Room Ideas Colors To Be Inspired

Space can immediately gain personality when it stops being white. Generally, monotonous, laundry room ideas projects work well with more cheerful colors.

For those who do not want to or cannot paint the wall, other alternatives are viable. Wallpaper and stickers make this transformation even more practical and cheaper.

For those who have tiles, square stickers are a great option for laundry room ideas that also work.

Outdoor Fountains – Backyard and Garden Water Fountains

The ornaments and decorative objects in the garden make the exterior of our houses look more complete and beautiful. Thus, the water fountain garden, to be placed in backyards or terraces and even inside the houses are very original decorative elements

The Beige Color in Home Decoration:

Make you a protagonist or a secondary tone? Whatever what really matters is to harmonize! It is possible to make the tone the base color, painting walls and choosing furniture within the tone, in addition to different colors for accessories, such as pillows, bedspreads, vases and more; or, on the contrary, the beige color can be in the accessories and another tone of your choice as the base tone.

Patio Ideas In Rustic Style Became Fever on The Internet

The models of rustic patio ideas can go through a series of inspirations. If you have a house whose design and architecture have been developed to bring this rustic feel. Having rustic patio ideas in this sense is a great idea. A good example of this model, are wood appearing, decks to create a comfortable space, flowers, and foliage, wooden sofas, etc.

Diy Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room Can Increase Your Creativity

As cliché as it may be, paintings remain the first option for diy wall decor ideas for living room. The point is that, in most cases, what makes the difference is not even the content they present. Neither is the number of pieces, but the way the pictures are distributed is what makes the difference. Have you tried a mosaic of paintings? Exactly: that irregular distribution between large and small pieces, forming a mosaic. This technique is modern and a wildcard among decorators, because it always works.

Gorgeous Outdoor Rugs to for Patios Liven up Your Backyard

Outdoor rugs for patios are easy to maintain, after all, they are washable and for daily cleaning, the broom will be enough. Some reasons why you should choose an outdoor rugs for patios today:

• Built for battle: these carpet models are designed to be functional. Although, they are at the same time beautiful for the environments. They are water-resistant, resistant to mold and mildew, and UV stable.

• Economy: Do you want a new decoration for your home? Or protect your floor? Outdoor rugs for patios are inexpensive options. Just one to give another life and extra protection to your floor.

• Outdoor comfort: This type of carpet is what makes your home comfortable. It is what allows your children to play on the floor without having injured knees. Now the exterior can be just as comfortable to play and relax as the interior!

Scandinavian Designs - Quality Modern Contemporary Home

Scandinavian design, in its composition, Nordic references that include aspects of local crafts and the landscape and cold climate of that territory, the region is cold with a prolonged winter and short cloudy days, marked by prolonged darkness.

In this sense, as a way to circumvent the climatic conditions and give a more cozy air to the environment, this type of Scandinavian design seems to adapt to low temperatures.

This is because it is based on the use of with large windows that let in natural light. Also, the decor adopts a rustic and minimalist air and the colors follow the style of the region more pale and neutral coloring, highlighting white, gray, and black.

Affordable Country Farmhouse Decor

The kitchen is the main environment to think about farmhouse decor , as this is where we can cook typical farm foods. So you can choose to hang hooks on the central counter to support kitchen utensils which creates a beautiful decoration. Tiled floors with old designs combined with a wood oven are great farmhouse decor kitchen options that make the atmosphere more inspiring.

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