Smart Interior Design Tips to Inspire You

When it comes to interior design, it is necessary to plan each environment according to the purpose, whether to provide leisure or a professional environment and scaling the budget according to the needs and desires of each consumer.

From time to time, new decoration trends appear in events and specialized publications with numerous suggestions for combinations of decoration articles, organization of spaces and etc. In this equation, personal style is a variable that directly influences the final result of the project.

Contrary to what some people say, following the trends and leaving aside the decision to choose what you like or dislike, is not a good idea.

Women Home Office Decor Tips

Who has never dreamed of having that beautiful and well-decorated home office?

We will show you several supermodels of environments that you can make yourself in your house. So with these tips, you will get inspirations and ideas for setting up your home office that fits your style.

Decorating your home office is simple, just a few minutes of planning and matching colors and objects. Then check out the next photos that will leave you with creativity on the rise.

Large Wooden Crates To Build Sofas Ideas

Large wooden crates make up the base of the sofa. Then, just use a mattress as a seat or lose futons. The coffee table was also made with wooden crates, which received wheels for the displacement of the new furniture. The pallet sofa can follow the traditional model and even have arms made of wood.

The use of wheels under the sofa is a good bet to move the sofa around when cleaning and even to position it in the desired way. Another option is to use the wooden support to make a corner sofa. To give a rustic touch to the environment, you can keep the wooden crates in the original color or paint it to give the item another face.

Oh, and if the tip is to stack the wooden accessory to give more height to the sofa, you can use the same strategy to create different levels on the sofa and create a movie room. The spaces between the wooden crates can be used to store magazines, books, and even TV control.

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