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Let’s talk about the main kitchen backsplash trends that have already dominated the world of decoration and homes.

Using kitchen backsplash stones in kitchen decor is nothing new. After all, they have been used for this purpose for tens of years.

The big difference is to keep up with the new trends that appear in the market, and that brings much more sophistication, beauty, and practicality to the environment.

So anyone who enjoys decorating and likes to keep the house always up to date with the leading trends knows that every year. Ikea releases a catalog filled with inspirations that promise to pump up the new cycle.

This time, the bets of the largest democratic furniture retailer in the world are bold. Also, they indicate more disruptive behavior by consumers.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Check below the kitchen backsplash ideas that have become a trend and see which material fits best in your kitchen.

1 Monochromatic Tile Kitchen Backsplash


Pointed as a trend for 2020, geometric tiles are increasingly used in the kitchen backsplash. They return this year with a mix of prints and can be used with combinations of styles.

For a more modern environment, we can harmoniously apply retro tiles in specific areas, such as a single wall, for example.

Or above the countertop of the sink or even in a strip on the floor, without attacking the prevailing style.
Generally applied in kitchens and bathrooms, they can escape the conventional, presenting different colors, designs, and even uses.

2 Square and Colored Kitchen Backsplash:


The square and colorful tiles that have been part of several household decorations come back with all their might!

However, with a difference: now they are bigger! These kitchen backsplash models will be a hit in 2020. Therefore, incorporating them in different environments will make your home more contemporary.

Decorating Tips

1. Choosing the right grout color can make a massive difference in the overall aesthetic of an environment. Choose a contrasting color for a dramatic look, or a soft one for a more subtle look;
2. Be sure to clean the grout frequently to ensure it continues to look new;
3. Colored grouts have also been among the coating trends. The colorful grout options can serve to highlight the chosen tile!

3 Kitchen Backsplash 3D


The 3D backsplash kitchen is widely used in modern home decor. It is sold in a variety of formats, types of volumetric and sizes.

Different adaptable kitchen backsplash models on the market also serve for living room, bathroom, bedroom, and outdoor areas.

If you want to convey a feeling of depth and movement, 3D kitchen backsplash can entirely replace traditional wallpapers.

Color palettes and inert materials will create a subtly sophisticated scheme that will allow the tile texture to be the protagonist. Sconces and directed lighting will help to highlight the wavy surface.

Taking the tiles up to the ceiling can create a dramatic effect, and discreet accessories can match the finish without stealing the spotlight.

Decorating Tips:

1. tiles Sculptural can be challenging to clean, so use them in dry, easily accessible areas;
2. Choose to the floor with measures that fit perfectly in the area to reduce the number of pieces that need to be cut;
3. Finally, minimize the accumulation of dirt and mold in the grout by applying a sealer or use a grout that contains epoxy.

4 Kitchen Imitation Wood Backsplash


Wood imitations in the kitchen backsplash are on the rise and should win even more space! This is one of the trends in kitchen backsplash that really can’t be ignored!

Wooden surfaces and damp spaces are not best friends. Since moisture damages the wood. But that doesn’t stop us from adding a little touch of nature to the design of a bathroom, for example.

Wood-looking coverings offer the visual warmth and organic appeal of real wood planks, but with the durability and ease of maintenance of porcelain tiles and tiles.

The wood finishes are quite varied, offering very faithful reproductions of various types of wood, from the cleanest to the most rustic. But be careful, the application of this type of kitchen backsplash on the walls and floors can result in a loaded space.

To avoid the feeling of being cramped in a sauna, add contrasting white surfaces to balance and highlight the natural look of the flooring.

Decorating Tips

1. When it comes to wood-looking coatings, the color must match the mortar and make the mortar as inconspicuous as possible to obtain a uniform appearance;
2. Buy extra parts in case you need to do repairs in the future – add 10% more to the order quantity for this;

3. Before installation, arrange the pieces with a wooden appearance and adjust their placement to ensure that there are a natural flow and a variation of details.

5 Kitchen Backsplash by Metro


The omnipresent white subway tile was tired, so it gained reinventions. There is already a wide variety of kitchen backsplash styles and applications available to replace the classic 75 x 150 mm white tile, but of course, of course, the iconic subway!

The first change is the transition from a shiny, enameled tile to a matte finish.

He also won handcrafted varieties, which have an organic appearance (similar to Zellige) and which offer a nice break from the uniformity of porcelain styles!

The new colors are another point to highlight. With beautiful shades, such as soft pastels, it is difficult not to want to replace white.

In addition to the new colors, glass tiles are also coating trends. They have an impacting affect and give amplitude to any environment.

Decorating Tips

1. Highly contrasting grout color can stain the tile if not appropriately applied, do a test to avoid headache;
2. A homemade cleaning recipe that leaves no residue: use hot water and a little alcohol;
3. Rectangular tiles arranged in a vertical pattern give the illusion of a taller ceiling. In contrast, a horizontal design makes space appear larger.

6 Stone Kitchen Backsplash:


The kitchen backsplash between the counter and the cabinets have been in trend for some time. The novelty of 2020 is kitchen backsplash from a single granite or marble plate that looks like an extension of the counter.

In addition to the beauty and sophisticated appearance that ensures the kitchen, this trend is an ally in maintaining the cleanliness of the environment.

7 Kitchen Glass Backsplash


Another strong trend for kitchen backsplash is the use of glass tablets. This material is elementary to clean and can be used to compose different styles in the kitchen or bathroom.

Hexagonal ones are widely used to create an elegant atmosphere, especially those in copper or bronze tone.

The exciting thing is that the hexagon was widely used in decoration in the 50s and 60s, and, now, it has returned as an icon of modern decor.

Which Kitchen Backsplash is Easiest to Clean?

Porcelain tiles look good in the kitchen, both for their aesthetic and functional looks, as they are easy to clean. The composition of the porcelain itself already indicates that you can use cleaning products in this coating, as it is not damaged and has no problem with humidity.

The rectified porcelain kitchen backsplash models (those with a straight edge) are better. This is because it does not mark the grout, so the dirt is not impregnated.

Light colors should be avoided since the kitchen is an environment in which there may be splashing of liquids. And where there is a circulation of many people, which can mark the footprints.

Kitchen Backsplash on Countertop Sink

The granite Kitchen backsplash is easier to clean than marble. For the second is a “softer” stone, which starts to crack and breaks easily.

Therefore, the darker colored granite is more suitable, as it does not show so much dirt while having a cool visual aspect. Those who have a light shade stain quickly.

What is the Cheapest Kitchen Backsplash?

Fortunately, there are many options for kitchen backsplash materials whose price is moved.

Ceramic tile, one of the most popular options, is also one of the cheapest. It is so widely available and comes in so many different styles, colors, and textures. That you will probably have no trouble finding the right option for your kitchen design and budget.

Also, ceramic tile is available at various price levels, each of which corresponds to an increasing level of quality.

The glass tile can also be an option for a cheap backsplash. Like ceramic tile, it is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures. It can also be found at various price levels.

At the highest end of the backsplash, tile pricing spectrum is natural materials like granite or travertine.

These are significantly more expensive than ceramic or glass in general. So if you are trying to stick to your budget, it can be a challenge to find them within the price range.

How to Choose the Ideal Kitchen Backsplash?

The kitchen backsplash for the wall needs to be chosen according to the personality of each owner. Also, it must present functionality and comfort and combine with the rest of the decoration of the environment, such as cabinets and appliances such as refrigerators and electric fryer.

With a few small changes and without spending a lot, the kitchen backsplash for kitchen wall can ensure that your room looks modern and completely different.

There are several models of kitchen backsplash in different colors and shapes such as tiles, tiles, tiles, stone, porcelain that reproduces wood, marble, among others.

Useful Tips for Choosing Kitchen Backsplash

The following are some tips that will help you when choosing the best material for your kitchen backsplash:

Invest in durable kitchen backsplash materials

The floors and kitchen backsplash need to be practical and resistant, so you must know how to choose suitable models for your day today.

As this environment is one of the most used spaces in the house, the choice of floors and coatings for the kitchen must prioritize two factors: Durability and easy maintenance.

Ceramics are the most widely used kitchen backsplash materials today. But you must search the market for materials that also guarantee the safety and durability of the construction.

Large floor tiles and kitchen coverings are the most popular models.

There are several types of kitchen backsplash on the market with different patterns and colors that can blend perfectly into the environment.

Choose Area

It is natural that in some houses more frying is done than in others, for example. Therefore, before choosing the material and its quantity, it is necessary to define the area covered by the kitchen backsplash.

In this case, the number of residents and the frequency with which must be taken into account washed dishes are, and meals are cooked.

The same goes for bathrooms and other wet areas. In this case, it is also recommended to place the backsplash behind the sinks. However, inside the box, it is recommended to cover all the walls, to avoid problems with water and mold infiltration.

Opt for Easy-to-Clean Kitchen Backsplash

The material of a kitchen backsplash must be easy to clean. After all, it will be in contact with frying sauces and splashes, substances that easily stain and “stick.” If many fries are made in the kitchen, it is recommended to choose a more resistant material.

This is because although the vast majority of cleaning products do not harm the coating, cleaning frequently, and even oppressive. You can more easily wear more delicate kitchen backsplash materials.

Opt for a Low Porous Material

Low porosity materials are ideal for wet areas, as they do not absorb substances and thus will not form stains.

This is important because, during the preparation of meals, highly-pigmented liquids can be splashed, which would easily stain porous walls and materials.

Think Kitchen Style

Among the various possibilities of using kitchen backsplash, the material chosen must follow the style of the appliances and furniture that already exist. So it creates an environment with a harmonic look.

Modify and Enhance Your Environment

Before purchasing any product, you must research the market in which the kitchen backsplash model matches your home decor.

It is possible to find different types of kitchen backsplash, such as every day, decorated and pastilles.

A model of kitchen backsplash widely used is the bare wall covered with a concrete floor that leaves the environment with a sophisticated and straightforward look.

Another model of the coating in a modern style is the geometric tiles that can be placed to decorate a simple white wall.

The exposed brick is a kitchen backsplash model also widely used to create interesting effects on the wall. This type of material can be raw or painted in varnish.

Consider Coating Quality

The kitchen backsplash you choose must be of quality. After defining the material that you will use in the coating of the space, you will have to choose between several suppliers that work with that specific product.

Some companies are specialized and, therefore, develop higher-quality parts.

For working with a specific material (for example, ceramic). They have the know-how to create more durable, more resistant, and more beautiful pieces. Therefore, they produce coatings with a better cost-benefit ratio.

Therefore, before choosing the supplier of the kitchen backsplash in your home, find out how the process of manufacturing these pieces is. Whether the company is specialized and recognized as an authority on the subject.

This way, you guarantee that you will receive the best product for your renovation.

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