Kitchen Cabinets that are on The Rise 2022! 🍓

Kitchen Cabinets that are on The Rise 2022! 🍓

Kitchen cabinets are a must for decorating and keeping the kitchen in order. In the market, you can find models that suit all tastes. Also, there are options for modular and planned kitchen cabinets.

They are made to fit exactly the space available in your kitchen. So if you want to know which kitchen cabinets model will most suit your needs. So keep reading this article.

Remember also that before choosing the ideal model, it is essential to do research in various stores. So you analyze the finish, measurements, and materials that are used. See everything you will find here.

• Modern Trends;
• Wood;
• Glass Doors;
• Paint;
• White Trends;
• Black Trends;
• Pantry;
• Colors;
• How to Organize;

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A modern kitchen cabinet is undoubtedly the greatest success in decorative projects. They can combine durability, versatility, and style in composition.

It seems like a lot to behave in one furniture only. However, modernity has brought these versatile options, such as MDF, HDF, and MDP, for example. They are the preference for many people concerning planned kitchens.

Traditional materials such as wood are still in demand for the modern kitchen cabinet. You can color them to your personal taste and create custom furniture from them.

Kitchen Cabinets Modern

So you enjoy all the available space without losing the style and functionality that should give the environment.

Modern kitchens, however, have been betting on neutral colors for the walls. While appliances have been widely sought after in shades with stainless steel accents.

Kitchen Cabinets Modern 2

Therefore, the modern kitchen cabinet may follow the same trend of the moment. Then you can choose to have a contrasting effect, such as robust, vivid, or even dark colors.

The modern kitchen cabinet in these colors makes an exciting but bold balance. These experiences must be carefully and carefully planned.

Kitchen Cabinets Wood

Kitchen Cabinets Wood

Whether from original wood or just as an external covering, kitchen cabinets wood is always the right choice in different decor styles!

Being a natural material, it has unique characteristics for the environment. Therefore, these models of kitchen cabinets provide a warmer, more cozy, and elegant decoration.

Kitchen Cabinets Wood 2

Also, wood can be synonymous with ostentation, adding luxury to kitchen decor.
So the luxury wood kitchen cabinets are nobler. They are composed of more sober, dark, polished woods, which are more in style.

Other useful elements for this intention are the transparent glass or doors. So they get even more luxury with indirect lighting.

Kitchen Cabinets Wood 3

The wood kitchen cabinets that occupy the entire kitchen walls give a sophisticated air of grandeur. Therefore the decoration is even more striking if it is the furniture of straight lines and as large countertops.

Kitchen Cabinets Glass Doors

Kitchen Cabinets Glass Doors

Adding kitchen cabinets with glass doors to the decor is a great way to make the environment even more special.

As a versatile material, glass can be part of the project in different ways. For it always contributes to its qualities such as beauty, safety, and durability.

Depending on the type of material you choose, you can take advantage of having insight into the utensils inside the furniture.

Kitchen Cabinets Glass Doors 2

So you will give the kitchen the functionality it needs to have. If you like bolder designs, it’s worth betting on the enameled kitchen cabinets glass doors.

This way, you give style and modernity to the most varied projects. And it combines the other elements of decoration with the furniture.

In short, the kitchen cabinets glass doors is a choice that makes no mistake! Our tip is to opt for sliding doors if you have little space in the environment.

Kitchen Cabinets White

Kitchen Cabinets White

The bet on kitchen cabinets white is a sure choice for those who like to modify the environment with small details.

Plus, white is a strategy, so your kitchen doesn’t look so small. A kitchen with white floors, tiles, walls, and cabinets will undoubtedly look more extensive compared to one of the same size, but decorated in bolder tones.

Kitchen Cabinets White 2

So if the idea is to opt for kitchen cabinets white, the mix of white with stainless steel is a sure bet. If you use white counters all around the space contour. Then opt for the air cabinets.

Thus they create spaces to embed the stainless steel that highlights the decoration.

Kitchen Cabinets Black

Kitchen Cabinets Black

When we think about how to decorate a kitchen and what colors to use, it is common for light and brighter tones to come to mind soon.

But did you know that it is possible to design a black kitchen with excellent refinement, balance, and good taste?

Kitchen Cabinets Black 2

Yes, the kitchen cabinets black can be the difference between a very modern and bright decoration. Elegant, beautiful, and easy to clean, the kitchen cabinets black has conquered its space in decoration.

Then it becomes an excellent option for those who want a modern, practical, and functional environment. Also, having a black kitchen cabinet in your environment will bring a lot of advantages.

Among them, we can mention that your kitchen will look much more elegant and sophisticated. Without forgetting the practicality and organization so necessary for this room. The kitchen cabinets black also contributes to a clean feel and an immaculate organization.

Kitchen Cabinets Black Models

Kitchen Cabinets Black Models

You can choose custom cabinets or buy separate pieces to decorate the kitchen to suit your organization’s needs.

These kitchen cabinets can be used at the bottom of the countertop and can be used suspended. So to make better use of the space of the room.

If you are looking for even more modernity for your decorated kitchen. Then invest in stainless steel details.

You can find this stuff on appliances, on cabinet handles, for example. They will bring more brightness and clarity to your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets Pantry

Kitchen Cabinets Pantry

The pantry is the place of the house, usually intended for the storage or storage of food, among other products.

But for this place to be 100% efficient and to store the food correctly. So he needs to be close to the food preparation area. So insects and other animals do not take over the place. Also, the pantry needs to be easy to clean.

So opting for pantry kitchen cabinets is a great solution. It is also part of the decoration, leaving charm and functionality to the environment.

Kitchen Cabinets Pantry 2

The market also offers a variety of pantry kitchen cabinets. There are even tailor-made projects. There is also the option of developing, along with the professional, exciting designs for the kitchen.

So, you can leave this environment ‘clean’ and beautiful ‘and trendy. So, the news is not lacking in this sector. With creativity, you can plan organized, ingenious pantry kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Pantry 3

It has varied models, for example, wire with special measures. And the great advantage is that the customer can resort to a pantry with drawers. A beautiful and functional pantry kitchen cabinets should be appropriate to the characteristics of the place to be inserted.

Therefore, one must also analyze the number of people who make up the household core of the house. So you know the ideal space and the most suitable type of kitchen cabinets pantry.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

The trends for kitchen cabinets colors will turn to the most vibrant shades! They take over and are the darlings in the decorating world.

The details and the finishes bring that highlight. Besides, they also give a touch of sophistication needed throughout the kitchen.

To better keep up with this new trend, you need to invest in a combination of neutral tones. So they will balance and enhance the contrast of kitchen cabinets colors.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors 2

One tip is to use no more than three colors to make up the kitchen decor. Once you have defined the type of combination and what colors to use, start thinking about the details. After all, the kitchen will be colored.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors 3

So the tip for the full-color kitchen details is to use the subtones of the primary colors. So you do not overload the environment. With these tips, your kitchen cabinet color will stand out and make your kitchen even more beautiful!

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

We often want to give our home a fresh look. But we always think that this means making high investments. So we ended the idea without considering that several things can be reused at home.

With patience and dedication, you can change environments by making minor adjustments to existing furniture and items.

There is no better way to renew an environment than with a brush and a good can of paint! A dark kitchen, for example, may look entirely bright for the white kitchen cabinets paint.

If white is too basic for your style, you can opt for the kitchen cabinets painting trends that are on the rise! So how about painting inside a drawer or niche, or making a two-color scheme?

There are several reasons why we want to redesign our homes. Especially the kitchen, an atmosphere so related to family and friends meetings and cozy meals!

Not satisfied with your cabinets? Then quickly transform them with these tips, bringing essence and beauty back to the environment:

Advantages of Kitchen Cabinets Paint


Among the many advantages of choosing kitchen cabinets paint, the economy may be the main one.

Because painting allows an old piece of furniture to be renovated entirely without having to spend a lot of money.

So by choosing the right products, your kitchen cabinet can last for many years, even after painting.


If you have opted for kitchen cabinets, paint it is because you are undoubtedly tired of the current look of your furniture.

So instead of buying new kitchen cabinets, that would require a new installation and reorganization of the space.

It is more practical to paint the current cabinet so that you will have new furniture without having to modify the entire distribution of the environment.


When you go to a furniture store to buy a new kitchen cabinet, you are limited to the options offered by the retailer.

The market often does not meet your needs regarding the appearance of the furniture.

However, when deciding to opt for kitchen cabinets paint, the possibilities for renovation are endless. And that allows you to have creative and personalized furniture.


Kitchen cabinets are often tailor-made and explicitly designed for a particular environment.

To replace them would require a work to remove the structures from the current cabinet and replace them with a new one.

It is, therefore, much more comfortable to opt for kitchen cabinets paint current, which is already adapted to space. So you do not need to invest in new furniture.

Organize Kitchen Cabinets Never Mess More

When the kitchen is messy, it is much harder to do anything about it.

You need a specific pan, where is it?

Where’s the meter or seasoning you wanted?

Imagine preparing Sunday lunch or meeting friends and facing this kind of situation.

This is why it is so important to know how to organize a kitchen cabinet to make your daily life more comfortable and when you need it most.

Step 1: Get rid of what you don’t need!

It is a fact that the mess is almost always the result of kitchen cabinets packed with things we don’t need.

Therefore, the first tip is to look carefully at your utensils and crockery. Next, you must separate utensils, objects, dishes you do not use.

Ideally, you choose to donate what’s still in good condition and throw away the rest. It goes for the dining appliances, glasses, cutlery, serving dishes, and pots as well.

Remember that you need to match the number of utensils and crockery to the size of your kitchen cabinets.

So if you have more things than space to store them, it will be impossible to get rid of the mess.

Do not forget to do a good cleaning!

Before you begin to separate objects, you need to thoroughly clean the kitchen cabinets.

No matter how much you always clean everything before storing it in the closet. Inside also accumulates dust, bacteria, and fungi.

That is, if you do not clean properly, there may be mold formation and bacterial infestation. They contaminate your utensils and harm your health.

So remember to wait for the interior to be dry before storing everything in its proper place.

Step 2: Sectorize

Now that you’ve got rid of what was just taking up space, it’s time to sectorize.

First, think about the arrangement of utensils and crockery inside the kitchen cabinets. Think about the space you have available.

The tip is to sectorize, group the glasses in one place, the plates in another, the cutlery in another, and so on.

If your closet has 3 drawers, for example, then sectorize. In the first drawer, arrange the cutlery.

In the second drawer, kitchen utensils such as ladles and skimmers, for example. In the third drawer, the dish towels.

At hand level, but what is most used in everyday life for you and your family. Already on the higher shelves, separate what is used only on special occasions.

Separate into categories

Separating your kitchen cabinets by category is also a handy tip!

Imagine if in your wardrobe you kept each sock in a different place. Wouldn’t that make it hard for you to find your pairs?

Or think if the coins are in separate places. You wouldn’t even know how much money you have exchanged, would you?

So this reasoning also works in the kitchen. Leave objects that have the same function together. Dishes in one place, assembled glasses, plastic bowls, and their lids in the same drawer and so on!

Besides, the kitchen cabinets should always be well organized. This will also make it easier when organizing the kitchen drawers.

Set aside a place for the pans

Pans are essential when cooking. In contrast, they are usually large and take up a lot of space. That’s why you should reserve a space in your kitchen cabinets, especially for them.

First, find the largest division of your cupboard and put them all together. At the time of storage, you can set the smallest pans into the largest.

Then separate the lids and arrange so that you always know precisely where the containers are.

This also goes for home appliances. Always try to disassemble them after use and store the parts together in one place.

So whenever you need a mixer, blender, or your juicer. Then you know exactly where it is, even if it is not mounted.

Take this into consideration when you have questions about how to organize kitchen cabinets!

Step 3: Optimize the Space

To identify correctly, The reality of most environments is this:

Small kitchens where space needs to be maximized to accommodate everything in an organized manner. To do this, you can use organizers such as organizer baskets and even shelf and snap wire mesh.

They help you optimize your kitchen cabinet better so you can make the most of vertical spaces.

If the kitchen cabinets are small, ideally, you should make the most of the space. The potential of every area and surface in your kitchen.

Including walls and places for a possible shelf. You can make use of organizers to stack cups and cups, hang more giant cutlery on the walls.

Plus, you can wrap the dishcloths to fit in one place. And finally, until you store one container inside the other, according to the sizes. This is the time to use your creativity, finding solutions in every part of your kitchen!

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