Incredible Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You

Everyone must agree that the heart of a home lives in the kitchen, right?

Preparing and sharing a meal, either on a regular basis or on special occasions, in the presence of friends and family is a simple way to show affection, care and love.

That is why decoration is an important part of the composition of this space, which must reflect these feelings, welcome and still be functional.

Integrated, American, large, narrow kitchen ... No matter what model, all of them can benefit from an accurate choice of finishes.

Start by thinking about the pediment lining, that wall behind the sink that is usually the focal point of the room.

Nowadays, it is easy to find a multitude of tiles and hydraulic tiles manufactured especially for this function.

The cool thing is to bet on a cheerful and different composition, using unusual colors, patterns and formats, such as hexagonal or rectangular.

To choose kitchen furniture the first step is to know the measurements of the environment. Look for inspirations to define the style you want to follow. Enjoy all spaces is an infallible tip, especially if you have a small kitchen. .

Invest in furniture that matches your personality, think about whether you prefer a modern and complete kitchen or a simple and functional kitchen?

But the most important thing when choosing furniture is always to think about the practicality and functionality of the environment.

How to Decorate a Kitchen

Whether it's a small or large kitchen, you'll need some items that are essential to furnish it, from appliances like a stove, refrigerator and microwave to cooking items like pots and appliances.

The ideal furniture for this space should be practical and functional. For an optimized kitchen it is necessary to invest in suitable accessories and utensils and in this way make the perfect environment to prepare meals at will, with convenience and practicality.

In addition to having a decoration that reflects our personality, tastes and interests, it is also necessary to contain accessories and adequate lighting, as well as good organization. Excited to start building the kitchen of your dreams?

Kitchen Cabinets as Social Separation

The Kitchen Cabinets can serve as a social separation, as is the case with American kitchens and kitchens with integrated living room, whether a simple or modern kitchen. It physically and visually separates the environment, without the need for walls.

This shape can be interesting to optimize the space of the small planned kitchen and make both environments more airy, in addition to serving as an extra surface to help in the preparation of food or even to feed while sitting on kitchen stools.

The Power Of The Modern Kitchen Island

In the modern kitchen island decoration always opt for cabinets with a cleaner design, very characteristic for its straight lines and even with some geometric shapes.

In addition, it is also possible to play with the choice of coatings for modern kitchens with an island, since they can be from simpler models to even with varied textures and colors, which guarantee an extra touch of personality to the decorated environment.

For those looking for inspirations of modern kitchens with island the photo below is a great idea. The planned cabinets have a very contemporary design, mainly due to the matte finish, since the island has different contours, which makes it the highlight of the environment, and to make the modern kitchen with a little more sophisticated, items were used with golden finish as the lamps and faucet of the kitchen sink.

Kitchen Backsplash Modern: Choose wisely

The kitchen backsplash modern needs to be chosen according to the personality of each owner, in addition it must present functionality and comfort and combine with the rest of the decoration of the environment such as cabinets and appliances such as refrigerator and electric fryer. With a few small changes and without spending a lot, the kitchen wall cladding can ensure that your room looks modern and completely different.

There are several models of cladding in different colors and shapes such as tiles, tiles, tiles, stone, porcelain that reproduces wood, marble, among others

Why Get Inspired by Kitchen Movie

Those who want to decorate the house usually look for inspirations on the Internet, physical stores and even in specific magazines. However, what few suspect is that several films can give valuable tips on trends, colors and furniture distribution in the environment.

So it’s worth checking the best kitchen movie before making any decisions

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