🍎 Kitchen Island: Gorgeous models trends in the market! 🍴🍎

🍎 Kitchen Island: Gorgeous models trends in the market! 🍴🍎

The kitchen island is a type of cuisine that is increasingly adopted by all the public who build, renovate, or redesign their spaces. The kitchen island is a trend in itself.

A trend that is increasingly closer to the reality of the new inhabitants of the house who have been rediscovering this space. And diligently practicing the culinary hobby, as well as the diverse gastronomic practices.

Having a kitchen island is the dream of many people; after all, nowadays, the kitchen has become one of the primary environments of the house.

So, many times we even use this room to receive the visit of friends and family for lunch or dinner. Because of this, the kitchen island guarantees a more practical and functional space for both day-to-day activities and unique moments.

If you are thinking of renovating your home or are even looking for tips on kitchen models. With an island makes yours more beautiful and functional. We made this post with several inspiring ideas and pictures of the kitchen island. Check out!

Kitchen Island Center


To make the kitchen a meeting place, another encouraging trend is the kitchen island central. In other words, it is a kitchen that allows the user to face friends to interact with guests.

This format allows the cook (a) not to be isolated, participating in the conversation circles on the spot. Interact with your guests, who can even assist when needed.

The central kitchen islands facilitate access to the surrounding cabinet doors, allow for greater integration into the environment, and sectorize better the situation.

A touch of color will always bring playfulness. Therefore, it is essential that a color chosen by the inhabitants of the space appears in detail or even on the bench itself.

Kitchen Island Modern


I would say that a super modern kitchen island goes with everything! The island is already an element that brings modernity to the kitchen.

Space thus distributed proposes a different flow chart and a more daring circulation. The new kitchen facet can also present through the colors, materials, finishes, and design.

See how interesting! They are bold kitchens in design, style, and distribution. The modern kitchen with an island will undoubtedly present a bright layout, different from what we are used to finding.

Kitchen Island Gourmet


Even with some fear about the use of the term “gourmet” and the modern gourmet nation of everything. This type of cuisine is considered a separate trend.

After the increasing democratization of culinary techniques, the increase in the consumption of utensils and equipment increasingly elaborated.

As well as people’s own interest in getting to know the universe of gastronomy better, this style has been increasingly common in homes.

We even see this on TV programs in the area. Some channels devote much of their programming to the activities of an amateur or professional chef.

It has become a trend in television programs and the media.

They are a gourmet kitchen island of confectionery, haute cuisine, everyday cuisine. And even proof, competitions that are making the viewer’s head and influencing this habit a lot in our society.

They are well-equipped kitchens, full of personality, with sophisticated utensils, vegetable garden, wine cellar, and the best appliances.


he gourmet kitchen island is practically a fetish for food and decor lovers.

It stands out for providing a full service of materials well arranged so that chef no complaints, is not it?

Stainless steel countertops stand out on the gourmet kitchen island.

More or fewer professionals, it is widespread to use stainless steel countertops in the gourmet kitchen island.

As much as it resembles an industrial kitchen or that professional kitchen in a restaurant, asepsis, cleanliness, and hygiene are guaranteed.

Besides, taking this proposal to the homes is not frowned upon these days, even though they are different from conventional kitchens, to which we have become accustomed.

Kitchen Island Small


Your dream is to have a kitchen island, but is your small space? It’s all right! With the right appliances and planning, you’ll be able to make everything you want coming true.

Integrate environments

To have the feeling of a broader environment, you can have the living room and kitchen combined when adding a kitchen island small in your home.


With the sofa in view, you still have the advantage of chatting with friends during a visit while preparing the dishes, without anyone having to squeeze into one room.

With integrated dining area

To optimize the environment, you can opt for a kitchen design with an added dining room.

Thus, the counter is only available for the preparation of the dishes, and meals can be served at the dining table.

Living room with aggregate kitchen


Another idea to facilitate the organization of the space is the kitchen island small with an integrated living room. So, while you prepare food and drinks for your family and guests, they can be accommodated in the comfort of your living room.

Kitchen island tips: Value spaces


In addition to a table, your countertop can serve as a cupboard, a shelf for cookbooks, a place to support the blender, an electric mixer … Just use the bottom to meet your needs.

Island with sink or cooktop


Even if it doesn’t have multiple functions at the same time, the kitchen island small can have at least one sink or a cooktop.

But to do this, there must be an entire preparation in place, such as a water outlet for the sink or gas for the cooktop, for example.

And if the island is tiny, it may not be helpful to put a hood over it. The hood must always be smaller than the island, so as not to be disproportionate and to avoid hitting your head.

With caster

In kitchen island small, it can also be interesting that the island has a rotation. Thus the kitchen is more versatile, as the island can be removed or moved when needed.

An example of a situation where this may be necessary is when the kitchen is used by several people at the same time.

In this case, the environment should be free so that everyone can move around more easily.

What’s up?! Which model suits you best?

With so many models, you can even get confused or be in doubt. It is worth mentioning that yours can be a mixture of several trends because there are many models. It has for every pocket and every taste.

Kitchen Island: What do you need to know?

Nowadays, kitchen island models can be found from super modern designs to a small and simple kitchen island.

However, it is essential to know that despite being a working and functional environment, some care is needed to make a planned kitchen with an island at home.

Therefore, below we will talk a little about the criteria for having a kitchen island, so you can create a better project that meets your needs.

Can I have a kitchen island in my house?

For the kitchen island to be used, some essential characteristics must be taken into account.

Especially about the dimensions, avoiding that your kitchen becomes overloaded or that you have difficulties in traveling around the room.

Which ones are appropriate?

The most recommended is that your kitchen has dimensions between 60cm and 120cm between the counter at the corner of the wall and the island.

This distance depends a lot on the uses that your kitchen island will have and also on the number of people that will typically pass by.

For a single person, 70 cm is sufficient. Already on a kitchen island in which you will receive friends, and the island will be used for socializing, for example, the idea is to have 120 cm of the span.

It is also essential to consider the total size of your kitchen, as the islands are only compatible with rooms over 9 m² (and with the island installed at 1.20 m from the sink).

Allowing you enough space to open the cabinet door, for example.

And the dimensions of the island?

Another point that should be considered is about the dimensions of the island, always considering the uses that this space will have.

If the island is about 60 centimeters deep, for example, it can already accommodate a 4-burner cooktop.

But, if you are also going to have meals, this space should be more significant, so that you can accommodate a bench.

A comfortable width is about 1.60m, (the same as a spacious table for two).

The height also deserves care, as the ready-made islands usually have between 85 and 90 cm, ideal for use with medium stools.

If you want to use chairs on your kitchen island, the top must be at a maximum height of 78 cm from the floor.

What materials are used ?

Choosing the material for your kitchen island will directly affect the decor of the room.

Therefore, the model must be made of a material that harmonizes with the rest of the environment.

And the cool thing is that today in the tip, it is possible to use various types of materials for multiple models of a kitchen island. Such as wood, marble, granite, Silestone, Corian, and others.

But a tip for choosing the best material for your kitchen island is to think about your routine in that environment and select materials that are easy to clean.

Tips for Decorating a Kitchen Island


Before designing your kitchen island, some factors influence the final result of the project and must be taken into account so that everything is perfect.

Define the space

When designing planned furniture, the space that the island will occupy must be clearly defined in the plan.

Respecting the minimum distance between the bench and maintaining adequate circulation space. The minimum recommended size is 0.70 cm for areas without doors.


Lighting is another crucial point in this model project: it must be direct, with spots or lamps that leave the area well lit when cooking and making meals.

Use creativity

With a free countertop, the kitchen island offers many resources for you to use all your creativity. In this area, you can:

• Support kitchen utensils and place decoration items;
• Install the stove, cooktop, and sink;
• Think of new storage spaces, such as cabinets and drawers;
• Make meals, with stools distributed around the furniture;

There is no lack of good reasons.

There are plenty of reasons to convince you that the kitchen island adds comfort, elegance, and practicality to your project.

• With planned furniture and the help of a professional, this environment gains more sophistication and offers even more functionality.
• This type of cuisine ranges from classic to modern.
• In other words, it is an area that has everything to be your favorite corner.

Taking off the paper

In addition to the decorative and functional parts, it is essential to consider the structural aspects of this kitchen. Check these details before taking your idea of the paper:
• If you choose stools around the island, leave deep internal space to accommodate each piece and free the passage in the kitchen. Use 20 to 30 cm of interior area.
• On average, the bench is 90 cm high, different from a dining table, which is approximately 70 cm.
• When installing a hood, it is also necessary to relocate the pipes, such as the exhaust duct, directing the smoke away from the other environments of the house.
• If you choose the sink, pay attention to the hydraulic pipes.
• Remember the power points for the cooktop, for household items, and, who knows, for a cellar at the bottom of the furniture.

As you can see, the model is a great option to create an exclusive environment, inspiring and, most importantly, with your style. Now imagine all this accompanied by a project with planned furniture. It’s the kitchen of your dreams!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen island?

Like all design trends, they also has some advantages and disadvantages, which may be more or less attractive depending on your case. See in detail:


• More bench space, facilitating food preparation.
• Easy to receive guests and have company while cooking.
• Greater availability of space to place furniture and store kitchen objects, making this area more organized.
• Modernity, as the kitchen island is a type of project that is on the rise, helping to make this environment more differentiated.
• It allows for quick meals since it can work as a table or bench.


• More significant planning in terms of infrastructure, with the island, generally having a tap, stove, oven, and even a scrubber.
• Higher value, since this type of project, is usually more detailed and requires more furniture and appliances.
• We need to have a kitchen with space and an adequate format so that it can support the presence of the island without disturbing your daily life.

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