12 Kitchen Movie Turned To Fever in the World Decoration!🌈

12 Kitchen Movie Turned To Fever in the World Decoration!🌈

Have you noticed the decoration of kitchen movie?

When we are looking for inspiration, we use the internet and trade magazines, forgetting the ideas that movies can arouse.

So, we have separated some models of movie kitchen that will suit all styles and help you when decorating yours.

1 Kitchen Movie: The Father Of The Bride

Kitchen Movie: The Father Of The Bride

Big scenes played by the couple played by Diane Keaton and Steve Martin take place in the Banks’ home kitchen.

The decoration of the whole house is in colonial style. Then in the kitchen, for example, there is a window with a shutter-type curtain and a glass-fronted cabinet. The table, centerpiece, serves as the basis for family meals and also for discussions.

2 Kitchen Movie: 50 Shades Of Gray

Kitchen Movie: 50 Shades Of Gray

The 50 shades of gray film need no introduction. After all, you don’t talk about anything else right now. It is based on the erotic bestseller written by English author Erika Leonard James published in 2011.

It’s a box office and editorial phenomenon that has been stirring the imagination of many people…

And if you love cinema and decoration, you should pay attention to the decoration of the movie. A setting that oozes lust in good old Seattle.

Where the character Anastasia loses control and is dominated by Christian Gray, who shows him the perdition of the practices of sadism, masochism, and bondage.

Ah, Christian Gray’s apartment is a reflection of all this atmosphere of luxury and pleasure.

3 Kitchen Movie: The Kids Are Alright

Kitchen Movie: The Kids Are Alright

How about a central island filled with cookbooks?

In the movie, The Kids Are All Right has a movable island that houses crockery and serves as extra space for preparing meals.

4 Kitchen Movie: The Intern

Kitchen Movie: The Intern

Jules Ostin’s (Anne Hathaway) Brooklyn apartment is stylish as the young fashion businesswoman.

The design of your kitchenkitchen bets on open shelves with ceramics and glass pots, industrial stools, pendants. Also, the island is made of marble stone and enameled walls in a mixture of industrial and rustic style.

5 Kitchen Movie: Just Like Heaven

Kitchen Movie: Just Like Heaven

The protagonists spend much of the film inside the apartment. Also, for those who know the movie knows that the apartment has an important role.

As it is an older and better-known story, I will not tell anything about the movie, but if you did not see, we indicate. The apartment is enormous and has a lovely area too, style a terrace.

The part we set out to show you and also the one that most appeared in the movie in the living room and the kitchen. The house is wide open, and from the kitchen, you can see the living room, I love public spaces.

But let’s go to the kitchen, it has cupboards only on the bottom, and the rest of the utensils like jugs are on display on a higher shelf.

It has the style of American cuisine that is super trendy. Mainly because of the form of the wood cabinets.

6 Kitchen Movie: This is 40

Kitchen Movie: This is 40

The kitchen in the living room of This is 40 was designed by set decorator James Radin. The combined wooden floor and cabinet style give the space a sophisticated air.

7 Kitchen Movie: Julie and Julia

Kitchen Movie: Julie and Julia

The beautiful story of the famous cook Julia Child is told by the perspective of a young New Yorker. Julie Powell, who decides to test all of her recipes (over 500) in just one year. Posting your dining experiences on the internet on your blog.

Just to mention that the story involves cooking, you can already notice that the feature film offers several inspirations for this kind of home environment.

Space features a variety of decorating styles, ranging from 1940s French to the most up-to-date details that appear in Julie’s apartment: all simple but very cozy.

By the way, it’s the details that will catch your attention! The different size pans hanging on the wall, for example, are a charm.

So you can reproduce this in your kitchen without difficulty. Just choose the right models and compose the set harmoniously on your wall.


The film intersperses the story of Julia Child’s early career (Meryl Streep) with Julie Powell’s (Amy Adams) experience. An ordinary woman who commits to reproducing 524 recipes from a book and posting to a blog.

In France, Julia’s kitchen prioritizes functionality: the pegboard helps keep utensils and pans always at hand. At the same time, it can serve as a decorative element. 8 Movie Kitchen: It’s Complicated Streep owns a bakery and a handful cook. Therefore, this explains the kitchen being the main point of the house.

The charming décor features natural light, hanging pans, fresh fruit, open shelves, and a marble and wood countertop.

9 Kitchen Movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Kitchen Movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The cuisine of Jane (Angelina Jolie) and John Smith (Brad Pitt) is traditional and comfortable, like the whole house. Being a perfect cover for the job of hired killers.

The predominance of stainless steel and the use of dark tablets brings sophistication to the environment.

10 Kitchen Movie: The Help

Kitchen Movie: The Help

Another retro inspiration! The Help’s kitchen has earned the HSN website marketing a collection of feature-based decorative items.

Checkered vinyl flooring is a classic from the 60s, as are the colors and design of the furniture. Another movie set in the United States, “Cross Stories,” is a severe drama.

He discusses the civil rights of the 1960s from the perspective of black maids.

Despite all the social denunciation represented and racial discrimination, the production is softened by incredible scenery, with the vintage style we know and admire so much. Many decorative ideas unite pastel colors.

It ranges from colorful fixtures and floors, wallpapers, exposed brick rooms, old-fashioned moldings, and all-retro furniture.

Those who like this style of the decoration will have many inspirations with the film and will have the opportunity to reflect on important social themes.

11 Kitchen Movie: The Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

Kitchen Movie: The Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

Amélie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a shy and different girl who will live alone in Montmartre, Paris. The red color predominates in the girl’s house, and could not be different in the kitchen.

The retro style is in the furniture, the colorful tiles, the clothes rack, the beaded curtain, and the open shelves. Even with a lot of red, the lighter color of the wall makes the environment less tiring and more charming.

12 Kitchen Movie: The Ratatouille Movie Kitchen Stove

Kitchen Movie: The Ratatouille Movie Kitchen Stove

The luxurious yet cozy French cuisine of the movie “Ratatouille” is an inspiration to many chefs on duty.

The checkered pagination of the black and white floor, the white brick tiles painted in white, the reddish and carved wood, the stove.

Ah, the stove! This is the heart of French cuisine and the central appliance that sets the tone of the decoration.

Kitchen Movie: The Ratatouille Movie Kitchen Stove 2

Few know, but the company responsible for the fantastic design of this appliance is La Cornue. A luxury brand present in the market since 1908, founded by Albert Dupuy.

However, the author of the initial design of the product and its evolution was André Dupuy, engineer, and design lover. Today the stove is known worldwide as a piece of desire for lovers of fine cuisine.

With a range of models in the “Chateau” style, it is possible to customize the stove to the customer’s taste.

He can request technical specifications to satisfy his culinary arts in addition to the 25 colors available in the deluxe series. You can test drive the finishes on the company’s own website.

How to Put Kitchen Movie Ideas into Practice?

How to Put Kitchen Movie Ideas into Practice?

After this brainstorming that we gave you with movie tips, you might be thinking: how am I going to put it all into practice?

It is best to start by defining what you like best, and which style you want to use. After that, just get creative, get your hands dirty, and adapt your environments with excellent references from the big screen.

Some tips, however, will guide you better in this endeavor. See what they are:

1. Integrate Elements Of The Kitchen Movie Ideas Into The Decoration Of The Environment.

Integrate Elements Of The Kitchen Movie Ideas Into The Decoration Of The Environment

You don’t necessarily have to copy everything you saw in the movie. If you want to do that and have all the resources you need, great!

However, as this is not always the case, it is worth integrating only a few elements of the film scene into your decor.

For the more classic styles, today you can pan out significant objects, and even furniture, both on the internet and at antique stores and thrift stores.

Researching these items is a delight, and you can also find stores that produce new products in older styles.

After all, the retro footprint has come back in full force, and the decorators and architects have invested a lot in it.

2. Compose The Environment Of Kitchen Movie With Just One Dose Of Inspiration

Compose The Environment Of Kitchen Movie With Just One Dose Of Inspiration

As much as you can’t find that identical sofa, chandelier, or that exact shade of the movie’s setting, it’s interesting to bet on inspiration only.

Anyone who understands cinema or has watched the production in question, will undoubtedly appreciate the reference of its decoration, believe me!

Some ideas sometimes come only from details and not from the whole picture. It could be that object you noticed on the character’s desk, a picture, a window style, and so on.

Although it’s all fiction, you can bring a lot of things to reality in a practical way.

However, it is worth remembering that the success of your decoration is in balance: get inspired by the seventh art without copying everything to the letter.

3. Choose Just A Home Environment To Decorate With Kitchen Movie

Choose Just A Home Environment To Decorate With Kitchen Movie

Another interesting tip is to choose just one room of your home to apply the desired style.

You don’t have to leave the whole house with the look of the movie! If you want, by the way, you can decorate each environment inspired by a different production. What about?

Consider only the dimensions of the location so as not to render the space unusable. Remember that the practicality required for your daily life must prevail, as well as the style of those who live with you!

So, did you like the tips in the movies we selected for home decor?

Combine business with pleasure and brainstorm ideas while relaxing and having fun watching movies. We guarantee you will have beautiful results in your home environments and that your family will love.

Just be careful not to focus on the set and get lost in the plot of the movie, okay?

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