Kitchen design: Discover 35+ Decorating Ideas that Worked !!🍭🍎

Kitchen design: Discover 35+ Decorating Ideas that Worked !!🍭🍎

The kitchen is always one of the last rooms that come up when we’re decorating, right? But that does not mean that this environment requires less care or attention. Quite the opposite!
These cookhouse is like the heart of the house. Because that’s where almost everything we need in our daily lives for our survival. Big or small, the ideal is for the kitchen to be functional and to meet the needs of residents.

So if you are in doubt about how to decorate these home and make it beautiful and functional. We can help!

Kitchen Design


Kitchen design with custom-designed furniture offers many advantages to residents. Among the main ones, it is worth mentioning the use of space without compromising circulation.

However, it is also possible to customize more easily. Just choose the frame materials, the colors, the coating, and the types of hardware.

The decoration kitchen’s design is quite simple. In the project itself, you can already choose different types of materials and colors to compose your cookhouse decoration.

If the project is well thought out for your home and your taste, you will hardly have to change anything! So kitchen designs are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to worry about the future.

Small Design


Every house has a kitchen, being small, the distribution of furniture can become a headache.

Your small kitchen design needs to be non-standard and must meet the needs of its residents.

So our suggestion is that you opt for a planned kitchen. So even though your enviroment is small, it has all the features your family needs.

When it comes to a small apartment, opting for a custom-designed small kitchen is the best option. This is because they produce harmony between the environments.

So the super tip is to opt for a small designed kitchen design combined with the American kitchen style. So you can join the living room and kitchen in a single well designed and decorated environment.

Beware of Small Design Furniture

It is worth remembering that you need to pay special attention before choosing the type of furniture in your small kitchen.

This is because it is in an environment where food is made, and there is a manipulation of fire, water, and smoke.

Therefore, furniture designed for small kitchens needs to be thought of from the raw material. So they will not deteriorate over time. Also, they do not lose their original color or smell food.

Therefore, with the right furniture designed for the small kitchen, it is possible to allocate everything in an organized manner.

Kitchen Design in L


The L-shaped kitchen architecture helps to have some advantages at your disposal. Among them is the more massive workbench, which provides more space on the desktop and more support.

Also, an L-shaped kitchen design creates comfortable, fluid spaces for moving and working in harmony and tranquility.

Therefore, the furniture chosen should fit perfectly with storage needs. Another benefit of the L-shaped kitchen design is that walls can be used for cabinets and shelves.

So these features help in the organization by leveraging the walls to earn in circulation.

Tips for an L-shaped design


When organizing the objects in the cabinets, remember the corners. The corner of the L-shaped kitchen design cabinets always gets harder to access.

Therefore, we suggest using this space to store less frequently used ones.

Another alternative is to use custom cabinetry, which has the right solutions for corners and corners without losing useful spaces. Finally, you can also opt for an American kitchen in L.

This format may also allow, depending on available space, to arrange other furniture. It could be a dining table in the center of an island, for example.

Kitchen Design with Island


Let’s combine that an island kitchen design is much more sophisticated and elegant! The island kitchen design can be of all sizes, deluxe or straightforward.

So enjoy the functionality! Harmonize and fill the environment with the furniture that ends up being also a decoration piece.

What really matters is that the kitchen design with island meets your wishes! So the big tip here is to opt for a luxurious and minimalist kitchen island at the same time!

For there is room for cooktop and stools. Also, it will be possible to prepare all the meals! The added charm is the shelves decorated with plants, candles, and warm lighting that catches the eye!

Kitchen Paint Colors


Gone are the days when the kitchen was a forgotten room indoors! And it’s also past time that kitchen paint colors should always be white and bland.

Therefore, today this environment has as much personality and importance as any other room. That’s why the kitchens began to transform, gaining modern, elegant, and full of life visuals.

Also, there are no more rules regarding kitchen paint colors. Everything is permitted. Just bring harmony and practicality to your home.

Kitchen Mint green color trend


Besides having a candy color vibe, and making the environment more delicate, mint green is an appetite-inducing color. So this color is delicate and gives a whole more exciting mood to a kitchen.

Also, mint green is a tone that blends well with the environment. It is bold, of course, but combined with a neutral color. Combining with white, for example, looks fantastic!

Red Kitchen Color Trend


Red is known for its ability to stimulate appetite and increase energy levels. While bright reds are not the best choice for a kitchen environment, earthy or cinnamon tones make the room warm and welcoming.

Remember that reds can be used in large or small kitchens. Therefore, it should be combined with cabinets of neutral tones and natural materials.

Gray Kitchen color trend


Have you ever imagined using gray in the kitchen? Certainly not, as the tone is very closely linked to darker, more intimate environments such as the bedroom.

A grayer pull to blue gives a stimulating effect to cabinets. Besides, it can be combined with lighter colors for an elegant effect.

However, if you also decide to play with different floor tiles, the tone is great for a combination that runs away from the ordinary and highlights the pieces.

The Charm in the Blue Kitchen,


Light shades of blue make excellent kitchen paint colors. You can create a contrast with warmer colored cabinets, for example. Blue combinations with a touch of light green or gray are also good alternatives to the more common blue.

The Power Yellow Kitchen


If you want a cheerful and vibrant kitchen paint color, then yellow is undoubtedly the best option.

It is an effortless shade to match with other colors and an excellent choice to complement lighter tone cabinets such as white.

So be careful with the vivacious tone. Choose a more discreet or faded tone to make the kitchen environment more elegant and less tiring to the eye.

Kitchen light Fixtures


To highlight all its corners, nothing better than the beautiful and charming kitchen light fixtures. With such a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, lamps, and colors, it is difficult to choose the ideal model.

Kitchen light fixtures play an essential role in decorating the room. Therefore, the idea is to choose the models according to the needs of the room and the lighting objectives.

They enhance visibility and are also able to value a style and enrich the look of the room.

Besides, kitchen light fixtures are responsible for creating a more pleasant atmosphere with their lighting. Be it indirect or direct, besides providing beauty to the place.

Light fixtures pendant

The kitchen pendant lamp comes in many colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Therefore, there are numerous kitchen light fixtures options for you to achieve an environment with a unique decoration.

Pendant luminaires help compose indirect room lighting. They can be installed on different points of the environment.

The brightly colored models are perfect for brightening an entirely white kitchen or decorated in neutral colors.

But if you want to leave the kitchen with a sophisticated and glamorous air. So bet on installing a crystal chandelier on the ceiling, for example. This piece combines mainly with Provencal furniture.

Light fixtures – led.

The LED lighting is widely used in the ceiling and especially in the lower space of the cabinets with the use of tapes.

Among the advantages of the kitchen light fixture in led is the modern look. Also, they bring into space the possibility of choosing different colors.

So the kitchen light fixtures in led create very nice effects, not to mention the excellent economy and durability.

Light fixtures – Sconces

The wall sconce is a type of kitchen light fixture that is fixed to the wall. It aims to emit indirect light in the environment. Also, it provides warmth and sophistication in the decoration.

The sconces are especially suitable for kitchens that are installed in small environments. This reduces the number of items on tables and dressers. This frees up space, which looks bigger, cleaner, and more organized.

For large environments, they perform the function of giving charm and highlight to specific visual points. There is a multitude of wall sconce models in which they have different sizes, designs, colors, and styles.

So look closely at the style of your kitchen so as not to be out of step with the rest of the decor.

Light fixtures – spots

Spots can be distributed on the ceiling in every corner of your kitchen. Thus it enhances the lighting in certain places ensuring light for the entire environment.

The spots are models of kitchen light fixtures that can be found with lamps of different wattages. Thus they create a more cozy look.

Kitchen Rugs


Kitchen rugs can be used in kitchen decorations. They are even more than just ornaments. Also, they integrate the separate zones of the room, drawing a path between the leading equipment.
As the kitchen is a room full of equipment for cooking, preserving food, and washing utensils. So there is very little room left for other decoration objects. Thinking about it, kitchen rugs take up small space and are here to stay.

Moreover, they do not prevent the passage or use of other appliances and decorative objects. In other words, they are the ideal complement to make the room unique and elegant. Without reducing the available space.

Why choose rugs?

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shapes, kitchen rugs create hot spots of interest in the room. Then make the environment more elegant and harmonious.

Another benefit of this item is that it helps protect floor coverings from splashing from the sink or stove. Therefore, it prevents people who circulate in the place from slipping.

The Treadmills are on the rise!

Of all the kitchen rugs models, the one that best fits the layout of the kitchens is the treadmill. It is one that the shape is rectangular.

Usually, it is placed in front of the sink countertop. Some manufacturers offer smaller parts together to be set against other equipment. Therefore, their styles and patterns can dictate the style of room decor as a whole!

Kitchen tables


The kitchen table is the “companion” of all hours. Especially when it comes to a quick meal and a chat with friends.

She is the center of attention to the environment. Therefore, kitchen tables deserve recognition not only in choosing the design, size, color, and finish but in shape. Round or square, each has its pros and cons when choosing the ideal model.

Watch out for the size of the tables!

The positioning of kitchen tables is also super important to ensure the comfort and functionality of the layout.

The table must fit perfectly into the environment. It should be analyzed if it will not be disproportionate with the rest of the furniture and the room. In other words, a big kitchen needs to have a large table, a smaller kitchen, a small table.

When you choose the ideal kitchen table, there is no set rule. It is recommended to pay attention to the environment and its format.

Tables – Round

The rounds fit in any environment and facilitate movement. A small round table works well on small, modern-looking kitchens.
This type of kitchen table creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. Therefore, it is the best format option to serve a small group of people, for example.

Tables – Squares

Square kitchen tables can add a very different touch to the decor.

From the old, very retro, Provencal, and rustic models to the most modern ones. Therefore, you have a fantastic range of options to choose from. One of the main advantages of these kitchen tables is their versatility. Sometimes it is possible to put two square tables together.

So they make a rectangular table with more room for the guests. In short, square kitchen tables are indicated when the intention is to have four seats. So it can be placed next to the wall.

Kitchen sink


With different materials that are out of the ordinary, kitchen sinks can be the highlight of your decor.

The models are very varied, being able to please all kinds of tastes. Besides, modern cookhouse sinks are innovative in design and very sophisticated. They adhere to new details that the old sinks did not have.

It is common to use a granite countertop with a stainless steel bowl to accompany the cookhouse sink. However, be aware that there are other options.

The advantage of buying a unique stainless steel kitchen sink is that they have high durability. However, the disadvantage is that this type of material tends to scratch easily.

Already a granite kitchen sink composing the sink offers a small variety of colors. Thus, it is possible to choose a color that matches or contrasts with the furniture, creating a custom environment.

Kitchen Faucet


Kitchen faucets also have a decorative effect on the environment. Therefore, the chosen model that will compose the kitchen should not only be functional. Beauty is also a requirement to be fulfilled.

Choosing the cookhouse faucet is not a simple task!

So when it comes to finding the right one for your home, it’s essential to pay attention to both the function and how much it matches the space.

Depending on the style of your room, for example, you can choose more uncomplicated, more classic faucets. Or you can bet on different finishes, shapes, and bolder colors.

Analyze Your Space!

It is also essential to be aware of the space available for installing your cookhouse faucet at the time of purchase.

For besides being functional and beautiful, it needs to be in harmony with the rest of the environment. Therefore, the available space needs to be sufficient for the faucet to be used comfortably.

In more compact locations, the wall-mounted kitchen faucet may be a great option. This saves functional counter space by being installed directly above the sink.

Faucet Gourmet are Trend!

The gourmet tap has gained popularity in recent years and is chosen in many modern kitchens designs. In addition to being functional, they allow for greater flexibility in handling. So they are also imposing and catch the attention of those who visit the cookhouse.

Kitchen Remodel – Learn the Secrets no One Tells You!


Remodeling your kitchen and getting to work doesn’t have to be complicated. We will give you unique tips for converting your stylish kitchen into an original and beautiful kitchen. Want to know how? So keep reading!

Remodel Project

The first thing to do is to hire a professional. However, if your budget is short, then do the remodeling yourself.

When talking about kitchen remodeling, it is essential to know your cookhouse well. This is because you must draw a plan with all measurements of space.

So remember to note down all points of electricity, gas, and plumbing. So avoiding surprises, such as breaking a wall where they cross pipes.

Remodel – Work Triangle

The second step of a kitchen remodel is to keep the stove, sink, and refrigerator as close as possible. So the idea is to position them with the formation of a triangle. But why a triangle?

For those who often work in the enviroment, the elements mentioned above are the most used. So keeping them close together makes the kitchen more functional.

Remodel – Workspace

The third step in a enviroment remodel is thinking about your work area. So an excellent sized countertop is critical for those who cook frequently.

Regarding the lights, we suggest that the work areas are well lit. So the tip is to opt for direct lighting with white light. They should be positioned above the stove, countertops, and dishwasher.

Remodel – Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the key elements when talking about cookhouse remodeling. When choosing the style of cabinets, make an inventory of what you have or will need to store.

So reform is never too much. So we should think about how we will remodel the drawers and doors, for example.

Also, if you have little space, the cabinets in the remodeled cookhouse become a key element. You can paint the cabinets you already had, for example. It will give a new look to your enviroment decor.

Remodel – Finishes & Coatings

Opt for easy maintenance finishes in your kitchen remodel. Especially in wet areas. Several types of tiles can replace the old monochrome tiles.

So you introduce more sophistication and comfort in the environment. Another suggestion is to opt for decorative wallpaper. It is cheaper and is also a trend in the world of decoration.

Remodel – Decoration

Last but not least comes the stage of decoration. The enviroment has long since ceased to be just a space for service and cooking.

Today it has become the place where guests gather each time there are parties or dinners at home. So invest in comfortable chairs or benches. Also, corporate elements will give a unique and elegant touch.

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