Lavender Meaning: A Special Guide To Its Magical Properties 2021 ❤️

Lavender Meaning: A Special Guide To Its Magical Properties 2021 ❤️

Lavender enchants and seduces. Its perfume, in a way, penetrated entire regions of Europe, contributing to the cultural formation of most countries.

It is a very beautiful flower and application which is hardly comparable to the number of fairy tales and legends composed about it! Scented lavender fields are a very inspiring image. The color of lavender is soft purple, its scent is delicate, fresh, spicy that is harmony in itself!

There is no doubt that this flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. When it comes to lavender flowers, there are many different types and names, such as English lavender, Spanish lavender, French lavender and many others. Check out a complete guide that My Easy Decoration has prepared for you to make the most of everything lavender has to offer!

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Lavender Features: 🌼

Lavender Features

🌼 Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia (other species: Lavandula spica, Lavandula vera, Lavandula officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia.);
🌼 Common name: Lavender;
🌼 Popular names: Lavender, Lavender, Lavandula, Nardo;
🌼 Family: Lamiaceae;
🌼 Origin: Western part of the Mediterranean;
🌼 Climate: mild temperate;
🌼 Sun exposure: Half-shade and full;
🌼 Propagation: seeds and cuttings of new branches;
🌼 Soil Type: light, rich in nutrients, well drained and with pH 6.7-7.3;
🌼 Fertilization and correction: tanned animal manure, humus or organic matter incorporated at a depth of 30 centimeters.
🌼 Water requirement: Moderate.

Botanical description

Lavender is a shrubby plant, perennial cycle and reaches up to 1 meter in height. The leaves are small and linear. Its flowers are usually pink or blue in color. In the aerial parts, it has aromatic glands, mainly concentrated in the flowers.

Chemical Composition

Linalyl acetate, rosmarinic acid, camphor, cineole, coumarin, phytosterols, flavonoids, geraniol, limonene, linalool, bitter principles and tannins.

Parts Used

Leaves, Flowers, Essential Oil and Stem.

Medicinal Properties

Analgesic, Antiseptic, Antiemetic, Antispasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Antiperspirant, Aromatic, Soothing, Carminative, Healing, Deodorant and Tonic.

Lavender Meaning 🌼

Lavender Meaning

First of all, we have to say that lavender meaning is a symbol of something pure and graceful. In the past, lavender flowers were used on many occasions where purity and innocence were celebrated. It is no secret that lavender flowers were part of many religious ceremonies.

Each type of flower that starter with L has a specific meaning and symbolism. Just as a red rose symbolizes romantic love, all other flowers carry important mystical meanings. Check below the opportunity to read about the diverse lavender meaning and the occasions when the flower can be used.


Levender flower meaning is also believed to be a symbol of serenity. The scent of these flowers can relax us and make us feel good. That is why lavender flowers are often used in aromatherapy and also in other relaxation techniques. In addition, this flower can symbolize silence, calm, caution and devotion. In many cultures, lavender flowers are used as a symbol of caution.

Lavender's healing and magical powers

Lavender is an ancient magical and healing medium. In magic, it symbolizes protection, sleep, longevity, purification, happiness, mental balance and money and attracts forces of good and romantic love. There is an old belief that lavender meaning promotes self-knowledge, rapid recovery of strength, in addition to providing complete relaxation of energy, reducing aggression and helping to cure envy.

There is also the belief that the herb helps to invoke dreams about the past life. Lavender is considered one of the sacred plants by the American Indians: the native shamans of that region burn the plant to clean spaces or souls, to create a suitable environment for witchcraft and to ward off evil spirits.

Lavender Spiritual Meaning

Lavender Spiritual Meaning

Lavender in addition to health-related benefits, lavender meaning linked to spirituality as well. It has a hidden power that makes the person able to deal with stress and know how to deal with decision making. We know that each plant has chemical compounds that govern its respective benefits in its various applications, but these also have energetic principles.

In addition to the chemical composition of plants, they have a hidden field, which is characterized as a strength and energy of each, just as each individual has an energy field and has its own identity, each plant has its own field as well.

This is something that goes beyond the chemical, and this plant energy is a treatment system that helps to establish emotional balance, calm the mind and restore health in an integral way. It helps to overcome insomnia, depression, anxiety, and lavender is a plant that works mainly in the throat region, the fifth chakra.

And the energy center, the fifth, is mainly responsible for the communication, expression, fulfillment and realization of our dreams in the world. And so the lavender helps to unlock, helping to calm down and choose the right time to say things, avoiding impulsive and energetic speeches.

Saving with balance in all aspects of life, generates inner peace, completes the inner self, favors dealing with many tasks at the same time, helps to plan the future, strategic vision of life and does not judge the next.

Lavender And Love

Lavender And Love

Lavender is the flower of love and is used in relevant spells: if, before separating from her beloved, the woman places flowers of the herb under his pillow, then her wish will come true. To improve intimate relationships, always keep a sachet with the plant in the room.

Lavender is not only a perfect relaxing medium: it relieves symptoms and cures many diseases.

The curative oil made from the plant's flowers can be used to treat heart disease and restore memory.

It is also widely used by homeopaths and aromatherapy specialists to treat depression. However, the healing properties of the plant also help to treat various physical ailments, as well as to relieve pain.

The lavender essential oil is used asmassage oil: it relaxes the muscles and gives the feeling of lightness. Its strong antiseptic action is effectively used to treat acne and burns.

Lavender In The Marriage 🌼

Lavender In The Marriage

Lavender has several meanings at marriage, being a very suitable flower to decorate a party, in addition to its lilac beauty, the wonderful aroma of lavender would decorate the place in another way besides the visual. Lavender is becoming increasingly popular at weddings, especially inweddings, vintage the"mini-weddings"and weddings to uncovered.

You can find different meanings for lavender marriage, meanings in bouquets, decorations and more. The bouquets had their origin in Ancient Greece, at a time when the bouquets were made of herbs and garlic to attract good fluids and ward off “evil eye”.

Already in the Middle Ages, brides made the journey to the church walking, and on the way they received flowers, herbs and spices, being a way to wish the bride luck and happiness, because when she arrived at the church she had a bouquet formed, and it was in Europe that the arrangements became more sophisticated, using rare flowers.

In Victorian times, it was inappropriate to declare one's feelings openly, so the language of flowers was created, where the flowers of the bouquets came to be chosen to convey a message.

Lavender received the meaning of "calm", but over time other meanings were attributed to the lavender flower, and one of them was "distrust", but it also meant balance, peace and comfort.

Lavender Benefits For Your Daily Life 🌼

Lavender Benefits For Your Daily Life

Since Classical Greece and later also in Ancient Rome, Lavender is synonymous with well-being, health and beauty. Here's how it can improve your life ...

Famous for its magnificent perfume, Lavender has extraordinary properties, many of which are still unknown to the general public. Find out below the benefits that this wonderful plant can bring to your day to day and how to enjoy them:

What Science Says to Us

In 2017, an article was published, in which they suggested that essential oils should be “developed as multi-potent agents against neurological disorders, with better efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness” (1).
So, can we use lavender to protect against damage from neurological disorders?
There is certainly a case of preventive medicine in all its forms. And we can start looking at plants from a scientific perspective. Clinical trials mainly use essential oil, either in capsule form, inhaled or applied topically.

Although many of these studies use small samples, the prospect of lavender is very promising.

Since ancient times, lavender has been used to treat many different diseases including:

· Mental healthproblems;
· Anxiety;
· Insomnia;
· Depression;
· Headaches;
· Hair loss;
· Nausea;
· Acne;
· Toothache;
· Skin irritations;
· Cancer.


What is aromatherapy and what are its benefits?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic area in which most lavender and its essential oil are used. Its fragrance is believed to help promote calm, well-being and reduce stress, anxiety and possibly even mild pain. A study by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded that topical application of lavender, in addition to sage and rose, could reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

Researchers in Florida found thatessential oil lavender can reduce anxiety and pulse in nursing students who took stressful tests frequently. In hospital settings, aromatherapy has been shown to decrease preoperative distress and relax more than massage or just rest. Reduces side effects of cancer treatment

According to the National Cancer Institute, aromatherapy can help patients control the side effects of cancer treatment. Smell receptors send messages to the brain that can affect mood

Helps sleep

Lavender is recommended for people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Usually branches of the flower or its essential oil are placed in the pillowcase at night.

Aromatherapists use lavender to treat headaches and nervousness or restlessness. Massage therapists sometimes apply lavender essential oil to the skin, which can work both as a calming agent and as a sleep aid. In Germany, lavender tea has been approved as a supplement to treat sleep disorders, restlessness and stomach irritation.

Good for skin and hair

Topical use of lavender essential oil can help treat a condition called aerated alopecia, which causes a person's hair to fall out. In a study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, people who rubbed the essential oils of lavender, thyme, rosemary and cedar in the areas where the hair had fallen out showed hair growth over seven months. However, there was no way for researchers to determine which oil was responsible.

When applied to the skin, lavender essential oil has shown positive results against eczema, acne, burns and diaper rash. One way to use it is by diluting it in coconut oil.

Treat headache

essential oil Lavender can help restore balance to the body and is considered a great treatment for tension headaches, which are usually caused by stress, dehydration and tension.

So, to reduce stress, you can spread 10 to 12 drops of lavender essential oil in your home air - or any environment - or add five to six drops to your relaxing bath.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits For Skin 🌼

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits For Skin

Lavender oil can benefit the skin in several ways. It has the ability to reduce acne, helps to lighten the skin and reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Lavender is a potent source of antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals, making its essential oil very useful to combat the signs of premature aging. Antioxidants fight free radical damage, caused by environmental stressors, such as UV rays and pollution.

According to a study published in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine with Evidence, lavender essential oil successfully inhibited the acute inflammatory response, probably due to the way it influences nitrogen oxide, cytokines and histamine.

This makes it a powerful ally in fighting acne, as well as preventing itchy scalp while treating dandruff and other common infections in the region.

Powerful astringent

Rich in tannin, lavender oil combines very well with the step between washing and hydrating the skin in the care of the daily beauty routine, as it acts in a balanced way on the fat produced by the sebaceous glands.

Preventing premature skin aging

The antioxidant function of lavender oil also comes from tannins and helps prevent premature skin aging, as it fights free radicals.

lavender essential oil benefits for skin as aeffect healing

scars Acne and marks on the skin in general are greatly attenuated with the topical application of lavender oil, as it is rich in vitamins and restorative anti-inflammatory acids.

Active ingredient that prevents the proliferation of skin ailments

A recent study by the US National Center for Complementary Health found that when applied directly to wounds, lavender oil acts as a strong antiseptic that prevents bacteria and microorganisms from proliferating through the skin. In addition, it appears to be of great importance in the regression of these same wounds.

lavender essential oil benefits for skin as Skin Soothing

Like chamomile, lavender soothes the skin in the post-depilatory, in the after-sun and in areas that suffer a lot of friction (inner thighs and armpits, for example). A moisturizer with lavender oil in its composition is a holy remedy to remove redness and irritation very quickly in these situations.

Lavender Tattoo 🌼

Lavender Tattoo

A characteristic image of lavender is a handful of thin branches covered by small green leaves, completely bathed in beautiful purple flowers... The design is dominated by long and elongated lines, so the tattoo is applied to the legs, shoulder blades, arms and sides.

The lavender flower tattoo is an excellent way to encapsulate some personality trait that the individual wants to signal:

👉 Purity - This may mean that the owner of the tattoo discovers that one of his best traits is to be a healthy individual, or he can mean that they are trying to live healthier lives than before;

👉 The silence - If you value the moments when you can be away from the world, either in nature or even in your own home;

👉 Devotion - If you are proud of your devotion to your family, your religion, your job or anything else, then the lavender flower tattoo can be one of the best ways to show this in the form of a tattoo;

👉 Healing power - those who practice medicine or consider themselves healers in some way may find the lavender flower to be the best flower tattoo for them.

The colors of the lavender tattoo and their meaning:

Meaning of the lavender tattoo depends on colors, which is preferable when drawing a pattern.

👉Purple: The richer purple tones of the flowers evoke thoughts of balanced character and tranquility

👉 Blue: Delicate lavender blue testifies to a serene nature, readiness for adventure and a penchant for romantic dreams.

👉 Green: The rich green color of the stems speaks of joy, the desire to learn new things.

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