Leather Sofa Recliner: Meet The Most Wanted Of 2021 ❤️

Leather Sofa Recliner: Meet The Most Wanted Of 2021 ❤️

The leather sofa is one of the noblest materials for decorating a sofa. The feel to the touch is smooth, regardless of the type of leather (there are three), and its presence in the room is essential to create a style that combines rusticity with modern concepts to compose your style in the dining or dining room.

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Leather Sofa Recliner

Leather Sofa Recliner

Nothing better than relaxing at home after a tiring and stressful day, isn’t it? And enjoying that moment of rest with the help of a leather sofa recliner makes the experience even better. That’s because it guarantees functionality, comfort, and well-being.

The leather sofa is the protagonist of all the comfort that a room can offer. Who doesn’t like sturdy, comfortable, and versatile furniture, right? The leather sofa fits all these characteristics and, therefore, it can be the ideal option to compose your living room decor.

Soft, fluffy and inviting to a post-work rest, or to bring popcorn and the best company to watch a movie, it helps in the composition of any environment that seeks to combine sophistication, style and, of course, a lot of convenience for a providential rest. And, among the many options available, the leather sofa is one of the most elegant and effective for the home.

Leather Sofa Recliner With Massage

Leather Sofa Recliner With Massage

To make everything even better, the piece allows you to adjust the inclination of the back and the height adjustment. Want to check out the colors and models? Then check out these models below. With these leather sofa recliner with massage, your leisure time is peaceful and cozy.

One of the biggest advantages of having a leather sofa recliner with a massage at home is practicality since it is always available for use. Also, you do not need to undress or use creams and oils to receive the massage. Thus, it is perfect for companies that seek the well-being of their employees.

It is worth remembering that having a piece of furniture like this at home provides you with benefits such as improved blood circulation, blood pressure control. However, these are not the only advantages since the piece also offers relief from muscle pain and increased quality of life.

With Cup Holders

With Cup Holders

When we go to the cinema we seek distraction and comfort, it is where we spend several unforgettable moments, whether with family, friends, or even alone. Now imagine all this in your home … That is why the leather sofa recliner with cup holders is different for you who like to leave the conventional. In it, you will have a product full of style and a lot of comforts.

We present the leather sofa recliner with cup holders, this model is perfect for your games room or cinema. Forget everything you’ve ever seen on sofas, this model brings a different system than the one on the market, it has a double mechanism that is used in armchairs, this mechanism reclines the entire backrest in a way that you can perfectly fit your back and doesn’t need pillows. It provides extreme comfort and those back pains will decrease, in addition to having the right space to have your favorite drink!

Leather Sofa Recliner With Chaise

Leather Sofa Recliner With Chaise

The leather recliner sofa with chaise is a trend for decorating your living room or TV. This provides comfort and tranquility to relax and is still a prominent piece in the environment. Therefore, pay attention when choosing to design harmonize with the style of the residents and the composition of the space.

Many end up opting for the traditional sofa thinking that space does not include a chaise. For those who do not consider this idea, an incredible suggestion is to invest in a retractable model, with a separate part where it can be flexible in the living room space. This is also ideal for those who like to receive guests at home, serving as a sofa bed, accommodating practically.

There are several models on the market. The most common is the leather recliner sofa with a three-seat chaise. This fits perfectly in small rooms and will always have room for the guests. If you prefer, choose fabrics with different textures or accessories that please your taste and personality.

Leather Sofa Recliner With USB

Leather Sofa Recliner With USB

The crowdfunding campaigns Kickstarter or Indiegogo proved to answer many small problems in our daily routine. And if you don't have a leather sofa recliner with usb, without a doubt, the charging of our mobile devices at any time.

If you use them on the sofa or while you are lying in bed, you will probably encounter that uncomfortable situation in which you will not be able to carry them after settling in.

Charge your smartphone in the comfort of your living room

Now that we can connect the smartphone to the television or the modular system, it is wonderful to have enough power to charge the smartphone’s battery on a leather sofa recliner with USB.

With the modern leather sofa recliner with usb., You can watch series, movies, videos, listen to music, or chat on your cell phone without worrying about the battery. From the USB port of technology sofas, enjoy family moments more.

Complement your work tools with your tablet in the office

If you want to check e-mail, read or view documents on your tablet, you no longer have to worry about looking for space in occupied power ports. Find out how you can improve your device’s performance with modern, comfortable, and quality sofa technology with different designs.

Enjoy music from your favorite device in your room

Have you ever thought of a leather sofa recliner with USB for your room? This personal touch now has another function: you can connect your favorite devices while you decide to disconnect from the world through music. Connect your device and rest without interruption.

Leather Sofa Sleeper

Leather Sofa Sleeper

One of the most versatile and interesting furniture to have at home is the leather sofa sleeper. As the name explains, it is a sofa that becomes a bed. It can occupy the same space as a conventional sofa, with the advantage of providing more comfort when watching TV or a great option for small houses that need extra spaces when accommodating friends and family on longer visits.

But it doesn’t have to be restricted to the living room. In the office, the sofa bed also goes beyond transforming the environment into a guest room. It can serve as a second job or resting place after a long work or study hours.

In the children’s room, it works as an extra space for games and excellent accommodation to receive friends, brothers, and cousins for slumber parties or for the afternoon nap. It is important to be able to accommodate the little ones well and guarantee good dreams for the whole group.

In short: the leather sofa sleeper is a practical and comfortable solution that can leave everyone feeling at home. Keep an eye on these tips to find the option that best suits your home.

Leather Sofa Sleeper For Small Spaces

Leather Sofa Sleeper For Small Spaces

When we talk about housing in small apartments, the difficulty with moving furniture calls for more practical solutions. A room that also serves as a bedroom, for example, brings the need for options that unfold intelligently, bringing different adaptations to space. And this is the main function of the leather sofa sleeper.

Multifunctional and adaptable according to your choice, leather sofa sleeper for small spaces are a reality that is gaining more and more fans in the market, mainly because of the smaller and smaller size of properties sold in medium and large cities.

There are excellent options for leather sofa sleepers for small spaces in different sizes and materials. Two-seat sofas offer a perfect unfolding for people who live alone and do not need to share the space very often. In addition to targeting the resident, this furniture can be perfect to accommodate guests in comfort. The adjustments are many, as we will see in the suggestions below and you can easily find an option that is ideal for space and decoration you maintain.

What Is the Best Leather Sofa Bed for Dogs?

What Is the Best Leather Sofa Bed for Dogs?

Giving a leather sofa bed for dogs even if he sleeps with you and has free access to the sofa in the house is a gesture of affection and gives him his own little corner that refers to safety and tranquility.

Nowadays, many owners share their own bed with their pets, and experts have different opinions regarding this matter. Letting the dog go up and stay on the furniture (bed, sofa, and armchairs) is your decision and that of nobody else, but regardless of whether he has free access or not, it is important that the furry has his own corner, with his own walk, comfortable and away from where he eats and does his thing.

The bed is the place that he will associate with safety, rest, and the moments he wants to be quiet and alone. And it is important to establish this “corner” since he arrives at the house, still a puppy. Dogs are not very demanding when it comes to sleep, but the hard floor is not the most suitable place, mainly because of the joints.

Advantages Of Leather Sofa At Home

Advantages Of Leather Sofa At Home


One of the main benefits of purchasing a legitimate leather sofa is the durability of the high-level material. With the right care, the raw material is one of the best options for the manufacture of this furniture.

Thus, you and your family will be able to use it for several years without losing its color or apparent tears and deterioration.

Because of the quality, the long-term cost-benefit is much higher, as you will not have the hassle of changing your sofa in a short period, especially if you have children or pets at home.

It’s easy to clean!

Contrary to what you can imagine, taking care of the leather sofa is very easy and fast. Especially if it is smooth or pigmented leather, as it does not absorb liquids. So don’t worry, you won’t have any more chores on your to-do list. Just wipe with a damp cloth that in five minutes you clean the furniture and you can enjoy and relax on your sofa!

High comfort and well-being

In addition to practicality, leather furniture is one of the most comfortable options, because while it is cute, it also offers firmness and supports a lot of weight. It also offers well-being in all seasons, goodbye to that summer heat that makes you want to get away from the sofa!

Since genuine leather is a thermal material, it adapts to body temperature. So it is ideal in both winter and summer!

Ideal for allergy sufferers

The sofa made of leather does not accumulate dust mites and is more resistant to dirt impregnation, which is a bonus for allergic or sensitive people.

Luxurious design

The leather sofa has an unmistakable beauty. With the furniture, your home is ready to receive guests, friends, and family at all times. Also, it harmoniously composes several styles of decoration and complements very rustic rooms very well, with elements that refer to nature or modern spaces that have a lot of black and white elements.

If you are looking for a sophisticated sofa model, you need to know the Clube Móveis options. We have more than 26 colors of leather to match any corner of your home! We also offer two, three, and four-seat models, retractable, reclining, corner sofas, with chaise and many more options!

Even if you are not able to try it at home, we have in great detail the size information on our website. You can still enjoy the super-quick exchange if you don’t like the model you buy from our store.


Some disadvantages to consider are:

1. High price: because it is a high-quality material, it usually has a very high price, reaching up to three times the price of a sofa with similar characteristics, but of a different material, such as velvet.

2. It is possible to find a synthetic leather sofa imitating genuine leather. In the end, it is an imitation that, on certain occasions, can be practically identical, but it can deteriorate more quickly. Of course, the price is lower.

3. The temperature affects you directly. Cold environments make the material adapt to this temperature and not absorb heat; that is, the feeling of cold will be present as soon as we come in contact with the sofa.

4. As for heat, leather adapts to room temperature. So in the summer, its texture can bother us more and make us sweat.

Why Should You Choose A Leather Sofa?

Why Should You Choose A Leather Sofa?

Stylistically speaking, the leather sofa generates a certain timelessness and blends perfectly in both a classic and a more contemporary style. This feature makes it a feature that never goes out of style.

There is no doubt that this material is the best on the market. Also, it is natural and offers incomparable quality. It is very resistant and requires only a few cares for its maintenance. Its resistance to the passage of time keeps the splendor of the first day.

What measures (height and depth) should a leather sofa have to be comfortable?

Check the actual seat depth (seated space), which must be at least 58 cm. The height (which supports the back) needs to be around 45 cm. The arrival of imported sofas with a depth of 1 m, much larger than the models produced years ago. “This does not mean that this type of upholstery is more comfortable, as the real depth does not always reach 58 cm,” says Alfredo Turcatto, partner at Artelassê. Thin arms save space – curlers can be used to cover the lack of volume.

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