Living Room Decorating Ideas: Inspiration For All Styles

Setting up the decoration of the living room is a very fun task since you can show all your style and personality in it.

From sofas and armchairs to lamps and vases, there is a wide variety of furniture and accessories to choose from when decorating your living room to receive friends and family in the best possible way, in addition to providing individual comfort desired for the purpose each day when you get home.

Deciding the style of the decor is one of the first steps when setting up your living room or even redecorating an existing room. Details such as the size of the space and the routine of the residents must be taken into account when planning the decoration of the room. Check out below tips for decorating different types of room and several photos to get inspired:

How To Decorate Small Living Room Ideas

If you can’t imagine where to start when it comes to decorating the small room, then try to create a sense of spaciousness.

Many architects break down the walls and integrate the living room and kitchen to achieve this. Therefore, light colors on the walls help visually enlarge the space.

If you want to insert some vibrant tone into the room, choose to use it in a small piece or accessory. Also, using Mirror is the main ally to give a feeling of spaciousness in a small living room ideas.

Less is More

In small settings, that old saying, “Less is more.” It makes perfect sense. In small apartments, the room can also assume various functions. Like home theater, living, home office, and even dining area, for example.

Therefore, the use and abuse of multi-use parts. Examples are removable-top beanbags for object storage. Or even sideboards that can serve as banks.

The smaller the number of things in the room, the lighter the room will be, and consequently will appear to be more significant. And that is a principle that many people ignore.

So be simple. If your living room is small, try to use there only what is really needed for the welfare of you, your family, and your friends.

Of course, each case is a case. But here are some excellent small living room ideas you can use while respecting the space:

1. Sofa
2. Armchair
3. Chair
4. Pouf
5. TV rack or panel Coffee
6. table (More recommended for not so small environments.)
7. Carpet
8. Curtain
9. TV, DVD, TV
10. Decorating objects
11. Lighting

In short, the cleaner the decor of your living room, the more spacious it will be. So practice detachment and know that you may have to give up some things. The minimalist decor fits nicely in reduced-film environments.

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