Which Type of Loft Bed is Right For You? 15 Secrets That Stores Don't Tell You! 😍

Which Type of Loft Bed is Right For You? 15 Secrets That Stores Don't Tell You! 😍

If you are looking for solutions to get more space in a small room, consider replacing your regular bed with a loft bed.

Quite common in foreign houses, the model helps to optimize the use of each corner of the bedroom, in addition to gaining a few more centimeters of usable area.

Ideal to solve the lack of space, the loft bed makes use of practically all dimensions of the room, including the right foot.

When allocated to a higher level, the furniture leaves the bottom free to receive a new function or even a sofa, a bookcase, and even an extra loft bed.

They can be purchased ready-made in specialized stores or designed to fit your room. Check the gallery below for some rooms that received a loft bed and gained not only more space, but also a practical and functional decoration.

Loft Bed Mezzanine

Loft Bed Mezzanine

Here, the idea is to create a “mezzanine” inside the room. In other words, the loft bed is on a higher level than the floor and access is via stairs. This type of suspended loft bed is ideal for rooms with high ceilings. Because it is necessary that the person has space to also be comfortable sitting on the bed if he wants.

The mezzanine loft bed leaves the lower space totally free to be used and can be filled with furniture or even leave free for circulation, increasing the notion of spaciousness of the room.

If you have a small room, but would like a closet, the mezzanine loft bed is the ideal suspended loft bed. Because it allows both to coexist in a super functional way and without interfering in size or decoration.

Loft Bed Desk

Loft Bed Desk

This is the hanging loft bed dear to students and also professionals working at home. As the name suggests, this loft bed has a desk attached to the bottom and can also include some shelves or a bookcase.

It is a great choice for teenagers’ rooms, as it creates a favorable environment to focus on studies without having to leave the room itself.

Loft Bed All in One

Loft Bed All in One

This suspended loft bed can be everything, hence the name. There are several possibilities of “bed-all”, such as the bed-cupboard, which is a suspended loft bed with a built-in cupboard at the bottom. Or the bed-shelf, which has several niches and/or shelves to organize books, souvenirs, and other collectibles.

This type of loft bed is not always as tall (vertically) as the others, sometimes it can even look like a normal box for the inattentive. But its lower part is embedded with elements that help in the organization and, through this, optimize your space. They can be drawers, side bags, shelves, cabinets or several of these together.

Floating Loft Bed

Floating Loft Bed

The floating loft bed also called “swing bed”, is a good piece for those who have more space available. It is also used in the outdoor space, such as garden, backyard, gourmet balcony, etc.

This loft bed is supported by ropes or cables and hung from the ceiling and can be used both for one person and for receiving a group of friends.

It has the potential to transform the environment with a more welcoming, dynamic, young, exotic or even rustic sphere, depending on the material chosen for the bed.

A musket or fine fabric over the loft bed can give a special touch to the decor of the environment, in addition to being a great layer of protection.

Loft Bed in Double Room

Loft Bed in Double Room

The hanging loft beds look a lot like the bunk beds. However, they come with a very innovative design and with the objective of vacating the measures that a normal loft bed would occupy on the floor.

Thus, there is plenty of space to insert new furniture or to facilitate circulation. The interesting thing about this type of suspended loft bed is that they are not limited to decorating just the little ones’ room. They are welcome in the rooms of teenagers and even in the couple’s room. Just a little creativity and don’t be afraid to dare.

Who chooses the suspended beds wins not only in the use of space but also in terms of style and charm. These elements can also be used in a spacious apartment, where all environments are integrated into the same space.

There are not many rules for betting on this furniture. The recommended thing is to always invest in what suits the personality of the resident and take care not to overdo it.

Loft Bed in Children’s Room

Loft Bed in Children’s Room

With increasingly smaller apartments and, above all, extremely compact rooms, suspended beds are the perfect alternative for better use of space.

The loft bed allows the area below, which is of no use when it comes to traditional bed models, can be used.

The design for the bedroom can provide for varied uses for this new space created by raising the bed. For example, a closet, a study space, a library, or a place to play.

Children usually love the suspended loft bed models because they end up working as a kind of cabin, house or bunker.

How to Decorate the Bedroom with Loft Bed? Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes when decorating your room with a loft bed:

Loft Bed Decoration Coatings

Loft Bed Decoration Coatings

The most suitable for decorating the space are floors of the same type. Both for the floor itself and for the walls. The marking of the rooms, as explained above, is due to the colors selected for the decoration.

Have Only What You Need

Even though the distance between the floor and the ceiling is still quite long, the room only needs to have the necessary furniture, pieces, and objects.

Because, as there are no fixed partitions in this project, the optimization, circulation, and organization of the environment must be preserved. Keep in mind the concept “less is more” to set up the loft decor.

Strengthen Privacy

Two environments need enhanced privacy in the loft decor: the bedroom and the bathroom. In these rooms, it is worth installing sliding doors or choosing curtains made especially for spaces.

Strengthen Visual Loft

Strengthen Visual Loft

If you want to create a loft decoration as faithful as possible from the compositions made in the 60s, a good suggestion is to invest in bricks to create a unique wall in the furniture.

Opting for ceilings without ceiling, with apparent wiring and mezzanine in the metallic structure are other ideas that reinforce the most original scenarios in the loft decoration.

Invest in Mirrors

To give a touch of ample ambiance, a good suggestion is to invest in mirrors. The objects help to brighten the spaces, increase the lighting and give the sensation of spaciousness in the areas where they are installed.

How to Choose the Best Configuration and Room With a Loft Bed

How to Choose the Best Configuration and Room With a Loft Bed

The process of creating and planning a room, in most cases, is done in a basic way. That is, people do not usually have a broader view of the possibilities for changing the environment. For example, everyone thinks of a loft bed on the floor instead of a high or elevated loft bed.

But this scenario has been changing since houses and apartments have been built in smaller spaces so that the furniture is adapting to this reality.

Thus, to optimize the space better and create a more practical environment, some solutions are proposed:

First, it is necessary to have a basic condition so that it is possible to work with a loft bed in the heights. Which is to have the right foot (measure from the floor to ceiling) with a minimum size of 2.70 meters. Only then can the person sit in the loft bed without hitting the head on the ceiling.

From there, the project possibilities are numerous. Many of them choose to use the space below the high or elevated loft bed as an office or even a closet. That is, adding a new room and making better use of every corner of a room.

Questions and Answers About Loft Bed

Questions and Answers About Loft Bed

Here are some questions and answers about this type of loft bed that can help you plan your room better:

How do you access the suspended loft bed?

Most designs include a ladder, which can be fixed or movable. Depending on the layout of the house, which allows the resident to reach the bed. The types, models, and materials used are the most varied and can be chosen according to the decoration of the house.

Is it dangerous to sleep in a high or elevated loft bed?

As you will be more than one meter from the ground, it is advisable to build a guardrail on the side, to avoid the risk of falling. There are also projects that insert sliding doors (like a wardrobe) to hide the space and also have this utility.

Is such a project feasible?

Is such a project feasible?

If your space is very small, it is worth investing in this type of solution. Because trying to insert a standard loft bed or creating a room in an environment that does not allow good circulation and will compromise your experience at home may not offer an adequate quality of life.

With these high or high loft bed tips, you can already get a good idea if it is worth investing in this type of project and create a more flexible and practical environment in your home.

What are the advantages of using the suspended loft bed?

What are the advantages of using the suspended loft bed

There are many advantages of the suspended loft bed, especially for those with small space. But also for those who have plenty of space and love to decorate and organize! Here are some benefits we list:

1. Optimization of the environment, using the vertical area and leaving floor space to fill with other furniture or decorative utilities;

2. Organization potential, allowing to use the lower space to organize clothes, books, shoes or any other item, whether embedded in the loft bed or not;

3. For children, it makes the environment more fun and imaginative;

4. Perception of amplitude in space, reducing claustrophobic sensations;

5. It incorporates the decoration of the environment, being able to be personalized to give a minimalist, contemporary, modern, eclectic and even rustic touch;

How did this trend come about?

Initially, hanging loft beds were most famous in children’s and youth rooms. As the children’s room is usually smaller. The environment needed to be optimized and placing the loft bed above the floor left a great space to enjoy under it. In addition to making the decoration much more fun and interactive for the child!

It was common, for example, to incorporate the dresser or wardrobe under the loft bed. This piece of furniture is in great demand in children’s departments, where it is generally called an “all-in-one loft bed”. Another option was to leave the space free for toys, creating a play area for the little ones.

However, as the urban space was getting smaller and smaller and the stylistic potential of the loft bed suspended in the decoration was much appreciated. The concept was soon extended to adults in double or single rooms and even in the garden!

Suspended loft bed, suspended room, mezzanine or loft bed?

What is the right answer? All!! That’s because of what used to be the privilege of children’s rooms mainly. But today it is adopted as a solution to conquer some precious extra square meters in apartments with little space. We used to see this type of solution only on foreign websites. But it is now very easy to find mezzanine loft beds in apartments. Or small hotels for vacation rentals in several countries. Both in cities and farm hotels.

A basic condition to execute this type of space is that the right foot (measured from floor to ceiling). Be at least 2.70 m. This is because, in the upper loft bed, you must guarantee at least the possibility of sitting without hitting your head on the ceiling; ).

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