Mobiles: Learn the Right Way to Use in Decoration! 🌟

Mobiles: Learn the Right Way to Use in Decoration! 🌟

One of the decoration objects that has been on the rise in recent times is the mobile. Leaving the children’s rooms, where it was best known, the mobiles left the ostracism and gained other places.

They are the darlings of the moment in the world of decoration and interior design. Stylish, dynamic, and fun, they are complementing the home decor by replacing pendants and frames.

Therefore, the mobiles ceased to exist only in the children’s room. They have broken into the office of teenagers and adults. Also, depending on the mobile model, they came to living rooms, reading rooms, and offices.

Another environment where mobiles are preferred is on the balconies. They are full of style and some meanings that bring good luck to the home decor.

In other words, the furniture ends up giving a special touch to the environment, wherever it is.

Easy to do, people have also been getting their hands dirty and unleashing their creativity when making their mobiles on their own. So we brought some inspirations for you to enjoy without moderation.

Mobiles Homes

Mobiles Homes

The mystique is that mobiles is just for baby rooms, decorating cutely and gracefully. The mobile homes gained air to whatever your choice. Whether living room, kitchen, bedroom, children, adults, or seniors, for example.

Variation and invention are really the best things about decoration, as we have said here before.

But, more than that, is proving an item, formerly known only for being in baby rooms. It can surprise and pop up anywhere.

Mobiles In Living Room

Mobiles In Living Room

One of the rooms in which mobiles are most commonly used is in the living room. They can be strategically placed to highlight a place or furniture and bring the environment to life.

The windows also gain more charm by being ornamented with mobiles. The wind causes the mobile to move, drawing more attention to this item.

Through a delicate and straightforward adornment, you can bring your home environment to life. Therefore, you only need to arrange all the necessary materials. And after all, create a balance between the environment and the mobiles.

Mobiles In the Bedroom

Mobiles In the Bedroom

In the bedroom, the decoration objects can also serve to illuminate. In addition to the mobiles, which look beautiful anywhere, that lamp that is glued to the ceiling can gain prominence. So, hanging it on the nightstands is best.

Mobiles In the Office

Mobiles In the Office

For offices, mobiles create a different and practical look. The only rule for them is to be careful about the height and location so as not to disturb the passage.

However, of course, the mobile must follow the same style of decoration as the environment.

Mobiles: How to Use on Balcony

Mobiles: How to Use on Balcony

The balcony stands out as a place of tranquility and calm. This is why mobile is an excellent element to decorate it.

There are thousands of pieces that match this environment and usually rely on birds and butterflies as pendant ornaments.

So if you’re decorating your beach house porch, how about betting on a shell mobile? The result is lovely.

Mobiles for Babies

Mobiles for Babies

The baby room is an environment that inspires charm and tranquility.

The decoration of the environment should contribute to this playful atmosphere. Providing a space that stimulates the child’s development.

And part of it starts with the crib, which can gain more functionality by installing mobiles.

The mobile is a very functional piece. Because it helps to stimulate the baby’s visual, motor, and hearing development, as well as complementing the room’s decoration.

This object stimulates hearing, sight, and touch and can be used in the early days of life.

So even if the baby does not yet have keen senses, the mobile can already help in creating these perceptions.

In short, although they have often considered just a crib ornament. Mobiles are an essential tool and must be purchased.

Mobiles Hanging – See models that are in High.

Mobiles Hanging – See models that are in High

Mobiles resurface as a decoration trend and as an alternative to smaller homes and apartments with little space. Therefore, you do not have to worry about separating space from the house to be decorated. But use the ceiling to make the home more cozy and beautiful.

To use the mobile in your home décor, you need to be careful about the height and location where they will be installed.

Therefore, there are models of mobiles and pendants of the most varied styles. They are retro, modern, minimalist, and so on. You can also create your own mobile if you prefer.

Mobiles Origami

Mobiles Origami

One of the first ideas that emerged in the transformations of mobiles was the insertions of origami. The folding paper that looks like a bird has gained color variations in different sizes.

Also, this mobile can be used for the room composition. Since it has a new meaning behind it. You can find on the internet how to make these folds and marvel at the end result.

Mobiles Butterflies

Mobiles Butterflies

The butterfly is a symbol of happiness, inconstancy, transformation, ephemerality, and beauty. Moreover, it also symbolizes freedom, purification, and liberation.

Having a butterfly mobile in your environment will stimulate metamorphosis. Therefore it will provide change and evolution for all people living in space. In addition to stimulating creative energy.

Mobiles Stones

Mobiles Stones

Pieces that look like crystals and stones are responsible for giving a chic and modern touch to the environment.

Therefore, the blending of different beads and beads make the difference to create simple and beautiful color and light effects.

Mobiles With Bells

Mobiles With Bells

Another exciting idea and simple implementation. The bells are great decorative props, whether or not they are in mobiles.

This is one of those wildcard models, which goes well in any room and anyone will like it. So why not use them in the free item? Look how cute they look.

Mobile with bells can be present even in the kitchen decor. It is very charming. You can use mobiles in a multitude of possibilities that just looking even to understand.

However, if you have keener creativity and like to get your hands dirty. So know that it is elementary to make a custom mobile.

Just a fishing line, which is very firm and transparent, a little bit of hot glue or tape and a wooden base. These are the only items needed besides the ornament. What’s up? Will you also try to do it?

Mobiles in Geometric Shapes

Mobiles In Geometric Shapes

They seem simple, but the effect can be fascinating and able to make the environment look more sophisticated. So opt for mobiles in circles, squares, triangles, or all together and mixed. They show that beauty can also be in simplicity.

Mobiles as a Dreamcatcher

Mobiles as a Dreamcatcher

The dream filter is a kind of mobile that consists of several layers. Usually, they are formed in a circle, traditionally made from fibers of a weeping willow.

It is covered with leather straps, to which several threads are tied, forming a kind of spider web with a circular opening in the center.

Also, the dream filter uses a bird’s feather (preferably owl, for “wisdom”). It is placed under the web, as well as other feathers and props. Therefore, the feather symbolizes breath and air, an essential element of life.

Then pleasant dreams would have the ability to pass through the circle formed in the center of the web. While all evil energies would be trapped in the threads of the internet.

Tradition still suggests that the dream filter be placed in a place that receives sunlight.

For this, all the negative dreams that would be caught in the threads of the web upon receiving the rays of the sun would disappear.

Nowadays this mobile can be found in any esoteric store. It is widespread for people to use it as a decoration object. Moreover, they often do not even imagine the meaning it has.

Mobiles as Mandalas

Mobiles as Mandalas

The primary function of mandala-shaped mobiles is meditation and relaxation. They are drawn from the center outwards, and the different shapes have different meanings.

Then, depending on your choice of one or the other, you can appreciate the artist’s mood, concerns, and interests. Therefore, creating a mandala is synonymous with relaxation and disconnection.

Mandalas have become very popular in recent years. These designs have their origins in India and are much more than decorative.

In short, the fashion of mandalas has made them present everywhere. So this mobile could not be left out in the decoration.

Mobiles Attracts Positive Energy in Your Home

Mobiles Attracts Positive Energy in Your Home

Mobiles are symbols that celebrate the air element and therefore stimulate the circulation of chi energy and strengthen environments with low vibration.

Therefore, they are meant to energize every environment of your home. These are balconies, windows, empty corners, very long corridors.

Also, this mobile model is suitable for vast spaces that have little circulation. Or even low energy rooms. They can also be used on windows and balconies to attract good winds and luck.

They can be made of many different materials, so choose the one that most appeals to you.

Mobiles Tips For Doing At Home

Mobiles Tips For Doing At Home

Materials: 1. Decorative Paper
2. Scrapbook
3. Scissors
4. Yarn
5. Adhesive Tapes
6. Glue
7. Ruler
8. Pencil

Choose colors

Choose Colors

Separate different scrapbook and/or decorative papers to make your mobile. You must choose a color palette to match the environment you want.

Cut the paper into strips.

Cut The Paper Into Strips

Then take the papers you have selected and cut them into 2cm wide strips. Then cut the pieces into different perfect squares 2 x 2 cm.

Cut The Paper Into Strips 2

Finally, take your scissors and cut the squares in half, forming small triangles.This process will take a little time, but it will make your mobile even more beautiful.

Cut The Paper Into Strips 3

Decorating the mobiles wire

Decorating The Mobiles Wire

Take your wire and cut it into different sizes. There is no need to use any specific measures. So follow your heart.

The idea is that you cut something around 18 wires. When you finish cutting them, take your glue and start pasting the triangles.

Then join them on either side of the wire to make them tight and beautiful.

But don’t worry about leaving the triangles at the same heights. Because it is their difference that gives charm to your mobile!

Set up your mobiles.

When your triangle wires are done, grab your wooden frame and wrap a piece of wire in it.

Then use duct tape or washi tape to secure your wires to the rack. Repeat this process by bypassing the rack until all cables have been used.

When you are done wiring your mobile, attach another 5 wires in the reverse direction and tie a knot.

Then they will be used for you to hang your mobile wherever you want!

How to make Mobiles To Cribs

In addition to leaving the room of the little ones beautiful. Mobiles are a great way to stimulate the development of babies. Among so many options, one possibility is to make the mobile by hand, in the DIY style.

But how to make a crib mobiles for your little one?

Because we love a Do It Yourself and are passionate about books, nothing beats a mobile book!

So prepare paper, scissors, and pens, because today’s tip is beyond exceptional.

1. First, you cut out molds of the animals you like best. It can be on a piece of sulfite paper yourself. Then set aside.

2. Then you cover a skinny EVA board with contact paper imitating wood. Do this on both sides of the board.

3. Then position the molds of your mobile on the coated plate on both sides. Durex each clipped figure over the board, so it doesn’t slip off your little hands as you cut.

4. Now the most important part: use very thin-tipped scissors when cutting. After cutting the figures, attach a nylon thread to each piece using a strip of cut contact paper as if it were an adhesive tape. Performing this work on a whim, it is virtually invisible.

5. Now just fasten the wires in a circular holder. Then use a metal rim painted with a copper metallic effect spray. Your mobile will be ready!

When choosing the mobile theme, give preference to objects that simulate some natural flow of things. Like birds, clouds in the sky, swimming fish, flying kites, for example.

Beware of the size of the mobiles. So before you do so, see where you will hang.

If it is on the ceiling, it does not matter the distance between the mobile objects and the stand.

However, if it is in the crib, you should note the best distance to the mobile and the objects hanging from it.

Always prefer color combinations with sharp contrasts. Because they help more in the baby’s development.

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