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Hello!! Today’s subject is money plants !!

Almost everyone lives thinking of ways to attract more money to live. For the superstitious, there are always those charms that help bring good luck, prosperity, and wealth in your pocket.

Examples are four-leaf clover, fig, and rabbit’s foot. But did you know that there are also plants that attract money?

It costs nothing to know what they are and choose a money plant seedling to grow at home. After all, plants are great for decorating environments, bringing more joy and purifying the air. If besides all this, helping to attract extra money, it will not hurt.

So if you have some kind of money plant at home, let’s harness their energy to drive financial success in your life.

1. The Powerfull Money Plant Orchid:💰


The first money plant that is already successful in many beautiful homes that squander prosperity is the orchid.

The white color of this plant is the one that most emanates the energy of prosperity. So use and abuse this money plan. You can have it as decoration both outdoors and indoors.

Money Plant Orchid Care:

So when we talk about white orchid, know that it is the prosperity that will flow in our daily lives. But we have to take some care with this money plant. Because at the same time that the orchid attracts prosperity, it also decreases the sexuality of the house.

So ideally decorate the environment with orchids in your room if it is significant. But if you live in a small space, it is best to opt for other money plans below.

2. The Kalanchoe Money Plant:💰


This money plant is widely used in shopping mall decorations. But it can also be used at home. So it’s super easy for you to find her at a flower shop, for example. You can buy it to decorate your home or give it to someone.

The colors of this type of money plant are red and yellow. So use and abuse this money plant inside your home.

The tip here is that you decorate it in various indoor environments. So it can be in your living room, office, or kitchen.

Also, remember that it is not recommended that you plant it in your backyard. If you plant it, it will not grow evenly.

The money plant Kalanchoe symbolism that attracts Fortune!

The money plant is the popular name for the Kalanchoe succulent, and this plant is an excellent option for you who don’t have much time to devote to cultivation. Very weather-resistant, the money plant adapts perfectly to indoor environments.

Because of its meaning of happiness, the flower of fortune is widely offered as a gift on special occasions to friends and family. The Kalanchoe flower also has great decorative appeal and can be placed on the shelf, coffee table, or side table.

In the garden, the flower of fortune is widely used to make colorful borders in the flower beds, compose gardeners, and as lining. The colorful Kalanchoe plant transforms the yard into a lively and lively environment.

3.The Beautiful Rosemary Money Plant:💰


Rosemary positively affects the environment, brings willpower to people and prosperity to the home. This money plant is commonly found on significant city avenues and in front of establishments. Rosemary is undoubtedly a great plant to grow and bring wealth to your life!

After all, this money plant represents luxury, wealth, prosperity, and abundance according to the traditions of the eastern peoples.

To enjoy this vibe, you can decorate your home with rosemary vases in the surroundings. Besides being a plant with a beautiful aesthetic. It will also spread your smell throughout the house.

This money plant is one of the darlings of the moment. This is because, in addition to attracting wealth, it also filters out the negative energies of the environment.

4. The Mystical Jade Money Plant:💰


This money plant already drags an aggressor of wealth and abundance and power. And nothing better than the dollar to represent value and prosperity for life.

In China, this money plant is considered to bring good luck. It is often used as a housewarming gift, as it is believed to bring wealth, fortune, and prosperity in the home.

The jade plant is an excellent choice to give away. The color of the leaves of these plants is fantastic. The color symbolizes renewal and growth. Meanwhile, the shape of the leaves is very similar to coins, so it symbolizes prosperity and material wealth of the person who owns the plant.

Jade – The Money Plant Symbolism

The position of the plant is essential to attract financial blessings. Place the pot with the jade plant in the southeast corner of your home. Each new leaf that appears will increase its material wealth.

The flowers of this money plant also have a symbolism. They represent a deep and long friendship.

The white and pink flowers show the care the owner gives to the plant, which is connected to the attention and care we offer to our friends. The jade plant is beautiful, it is worth having it in your home, the legitimate money plant!

Care of Money Plant Jade

Although widely used, this type of plant requires some care. As they are outstanding, you will soon realize that it will mirror and bring in the fallen branches. Therefore it is necessary to maintain them periodically.

While she’s round and pretty, you can keep her indoors the house. But if it starts to fall a lot, then it’s time to put this plant in your backyard or balcony. So ideally, you only use them outdoors.

5.The Orange Tree Money Plant:💰


The orange tree is a fruit tree, and you can use it in your home or on your land. But you can also use it on a floor and have it on your balcony or balcony too.

The orange tree is considered a money plant because it is used to bless the house with a spiritual connection.

So, in addition to working prosperity and abundance like every fruit tree, it also repels evil and negativity. Finally, this money plant is super complete and only has to add what is favorable for your life and home.

6. The Lucky Clover Money Plant:💰


The clover is a money plant that spontaneously sprouts everywhere where there are pruned weeds. But you can also grow it as it is one of the most popular plants that attract money and prosperity without even having all four leaves.

Clover can even be used in your recipes as it is edible, so there are only advantages to growing it in your home.

In addition to bringing financial gain, this plant also attracts luck and happiness. Therefore it is also one of the most suitable plants for your home.

This type of money plant can only be used outside the house. So put it in your backyard, or on the balcony or porches, for example. Besides being super easy to grow, it is also edible.

7.The Zamioculca Money Plant:💰


Zamioculca is the money plant that you can find in many places, including supermarkets. It is an African plant and fits in dimly lit and ventilated places. Then it can be used inside your home in places without windows or air vents. Remember that it is also a filter that absorbs negative energies.

In other words, you will notice that the plant will drop water droplets when the environment is charged. This is super cool because it really is the moment she is filtering out that most negative energy. So she ends up attracting wealth to her home.

8. The Rue Money Plant:💰


Although rue is known for energy cleanups, they also attract money because they open the way for you. In other words, rue clears negative energies to make room and attract financial success.

This money plant is also known as one of the most potent herbs to combat envy and big eye. The rue was already known and used in ancient Greece and Rome.

When placed in an environment, besides protecting, it emits vibrations of prosperity and enthusiasm. We can always have a rue branch close to the body to retain negative energies.

9. The Sunflower Money Plant:💰


This plant has a unique vital energy, and its yellow color draws attention and gives off good vibrations in the environment.

So its color makes people look happier and more positive and consequently attracts luck and success. In addition to representing fertility, desire, and wisdom, the sunflower is also considered a plant of fortune.

10. The Peonies Money Plant:💰


Peonies symbolize love and affection and are also considered the flower of the soul and wealth. The Chinese say that if the bush blooms and its leaves turn green, then you will be lucky very soon. So what are you waiting for? See how beautiful they will look in your home!

11. Pilea Peperomioides Money Plant:💰


Formerly from China, the Chinese money plant became known in 1940.

According to Chinese tradition, being a succulent plant, it attracts good luck and financial gain. It is ideal for growing indoors. Therefore, it is widely used as a decoration object in homes.

12. The Thuja Money Plant:💰


This beautiful tree also has this characteristic of being a money plant . It promotes the elevation of energies because of its shape, which grows upwards and not sideways.

Her scientific name is Thuja, and she can be placed in the gardens to adorn, or you can choose small size types to cultivate indoors in bright light.

13. Water Pachira Money Plant:💰

Frequently used in Feng Shui practices, the Money Tree is a powerful tool for attracting the energy of Wealth and Prosperity.

The currency area of your home or office is the best place to position your Money Tree. It is a tropical plant and a type of bonsai tree that can grow quite according to the environment. As a central feature, it has braided trunks and multicolored leaves, requires light and watering frequently.

Explore Feng Shui and achieve a happier, more harmonious life away from negative vibrations.

14. The Callisia (Callisia Repens) Money Plant:💰


Callisia is also known as “penny stocks,” is a delicate species plant and is widely used in magic and rituals where prosperity is the main subject. With a suggestive name, the plant attracts money, luck, and abundance to its cultivator, and this is not just a legend, the energy of this plant is potent. Given as a gift, its power is believed to be enhanced.

Callisia has beautiful, potent leaves behind his helpless appearance, money-of-the-pocket spells can hardly fail, you might believe. This is a straightforward plant to grow, is small, and will be your great ally towards prosperity.

A tip to continue cultivation after the sympathies are over, yes, you will need to continue taking care of the little plant, is to keep it in the shade, because the direct sun can burn its leaves.

Also, avoid placing it in air-conditioned environments, as it is not very resistant to cold either.

Why Do Plants Attract Money?

The plants cited in this article are considered magnets for you to attract money and good luck in your life. This is because plants can purify and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Also, they neutralize our magnetic field. This means that they can absorb negative energy. In this way, they end up leaving a favorable environment to attract abundance and prosperity in your life.

By growing money-attracting plants, it doesn’t mean precisely that money will start to grow in your wallet. What happens is that these plants attract good energy, improve mood, and bring well-being.

After all, that’s what you need to motivate yourself to find solutions to make more money, isn’t it?

Money Plant Care and Tips

The money plants have many benefits when it comes to feng shui home. They stimulate peace, pleasure, reduce stress, and especially improve air quality. So, check out all the essential tips, so you don’t go wrong choosing your plants or flower:

1. Pay attention and do not leave withered and dry leaves !;
2. No artificial plants! The important thing is that it has lived in the vessel, so the energy movement will be much more significant and positive. Even if you insist on artificial plants, they will only work when stones and crystals that transmute energy are placed;
3. Generally, those that have fallen foliage, or even those that are pointed, push their luck away. So avoid plants like bromeliad, fern, a lady of the night, avenca, with me nobody can, among others;
4. Remember the primary care with a feng shui money plant that works in your favor that is: lighting, pruning, and watering;
5. Know exactly where you should put your money plant, which is usually placed near the front door, or the place where people have the most passage.

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