🎬 💖 See the Movies that Served as Inspiration for Home Decor.🌟

🎬 💖 See the Movies that Served as Inspiration for Home Decor.🌟

Know all about movies that have trend in decoration! Do you want to know more about room decoration, and what’s the trend today?

If you like cinema, know that you can get lots of fresh ideas and inspirations from your favorite movies! You can transform your home using only useful references from some works of cinema.For sure, you and your family must have watched some of the film productions we will mention in this post.

If you think it’s worth watching again, hit play and look with more critical and keen eyes to get the most information on the architecture and decor of the scenery.

However, if you have not seen some, we promise not to a spoiler, combined?

Here you will learn how to go beyond the simple posters and themed decorative items of great movies in movie history to truly redesign the environments. With our tips, you will be able to take good references from different times and decorate your home in a very original way. Are you interested and ready to be inspired by the seventh art? So light, camera: action!

What are Movies Decorations for Homes?

When it comes to home décor, ideas abound, and this becomes a fun and even fun activity, isn’t it?

If you are inspired by some movies to decorate specific environments, you have a chance to include your personal tastes, and these gimmicks make you feel even more “at home.”

It was with this in mind that we selected the main films that, besides being successful in theaters around the world, also bring incredible decorations, worthy of being used as an allusion for furnitures and interior design projects. Check out which ones they are and extract the ideas you like best:

1 – Movies Decorations for Homes: The Devil Wears Prada


With a story seasoned with humor and irony, The Devil Wears Prada’s script basically portrays the life of a simple journalist who wants to write for a major fashion magazine. To do so, she must overcome one major hurdle: the snappy, mega demanding editor-in-chief.

Thus, the office of this ‘villain’ is what stands out most in the plot and which serves as inspiration for the decoration of the house.

With paintings scattered throughout the environment, the touch of modernity is the straight furnishings and cleans tones, such as off-white and white.

To top it off, flower arrangements are present in the space, bringing harmony and liveliness, and the bar chart (on the right side of the two images) takes on the functional work and organizing drinks.

Great ideas for those who want to create more contemporary home decor.

2 – Movies Decorations for Homes: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


One classic! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is practically a must-see movie for movie lovers. And no wonder, as well as Audrey Hepburn’s excellent acting, the sets give a tasteful show in the mid-1960s.

The style, by the way, was so successful at the time that it is copied to this day: the costumes, the decoration of Holly’s apartment, the character played by Audrey, the eccentric accessories and the classic elements demonstrated the strong personality of the socialite who lived in search. Of a husband.

The highlights go to Holly’s sofa, perhaps one of the most striking pieces that became fashionable at the time. A lot of people bought a piece of furniture to put at home!

In addition to it, other objects have become decorative items, such as antique suitcases, wooden crates serving as a coffee table, and so on. The unique charm of this cinematic classic is undeniable!

3 – Movies Decorations for Homes: Eat Pray Love


The decoration of this film is ideal for a country house, but it can be used in an urban house as well.

Lots of wood in the furniture, floors, and structure, curtains and straw rugs, plants to bring nature into the interior space and less obvious furniture, a different set, and ideal for those who lead a lighter life.

The film also shows an apartment rented by Julia Roberts’ character, decorated in earthy tones but with a more urban style.

The difference is the apparent brick, but the presence of the wood continues, as in the main house of the character.

4 – Movies Decorations for Homes: The Great Gatsby


Keeping the list in films that portray a very different era from what we live today, the film that has Leonardo DiCaprio as a protagonist has a luxurious decoration as a backdrop.

Exquisite and valuable chandeliers and rugs, plenty of wallpaper, leather armchairs, and the use of Provencal furniture make the atmosphere sophisticated.

Depicting the 1920s, the setting also has the presence of many flowers, smaller objects such as a lampshade, candlestick, and ashtrays.

5 – Movies Decorations for Homes: Julie and Julia


A story that also takes place in France and is an inspiration for those who want a well-functioning and stylish kitchen at the same time.

The story of Meryl Streep’s character takes place almost entirely in the kitchen, where utensils are always insight, as well as pans, combining practicality with decoration.

Pans of varying sizes, jars of groceries and spices, and a table in the center of the kitchen give it a modern look. While the kitchen seems to have many items and is full, the movement and activities are not impaired. Great for those who have a busy life.

6 – Movies Decorations for Homes: Sex and the City 2


If you’re in love with the sex show “Sex and The City” and have dreamed, at least once in your life, of living in Carrie Bradshaw’s small Manhattan apartment, you’ll freak out with the new home of the protagonist and her beloved Mr. Big in the second movie of the series.

The footprint is more modern, and the couple’s apartment is a glorious penthouse on the island of Manhattan, with some 18th-century inspirations.

There is a mix of textures and color palettes that blend neutral tones with brighter ones, making the environment warmer.

By the way, one of the most striking things is the old metal chandelier in the dining room, which contrasts with the white furniture, and also Carrie’s closet, which perfectly reflects her passion for fashion.

7 – Movies Decorations for Homes: American Hustle


The room décor in this movie is sophisticated and bold, mixing shades of gold, orange, yellow, and betting on the print mix.

The gold adds sophistication to the environment and, despite the unusual combination of colors and prints, the scenery is not over, and the result is incredible.

Pay attention to wallpaper and small objects that are few, ensuring balance to the set.

8 – Movies Decorations for Homes: The Danish Girl


Despite being a more accessible movie with “The Danish Girl,” we also traveled to a 1920s setting, almost in the 1930s.

The story, which was a hit in theaters this year and brought controversial themes, is about freedom, both gender and identity, and style.

That’s precisely what we should think about as well when decorating our home, right?
The drama, which tells the story of Einar Wegener, the first person to have sex-change surgery in the world, relives all the sumptuousness of Art Nouveau, a style that prevailed in both architecture and decor at the time.

There are many colors of nature, highlighting all that was new for the time, especially about the modern period.

If you want to reproduce something in this language, bet on wallpapers that bring these elements in, leaving a few sober tones and straight lines.

Movies Decorations for Homes Tips


Who never wanted to have the house inspired by favorite cartoons and movies, right?

Some people took this seriously and made this dream come true. They have turned their own homes into exact replicas of the houses of their favorite designs.

But, you don’t have to go that far to have your dream home, it can include some wild elements of decor such as movie posters, items such as movie reels, projectors and home furnishings that will make your home a real spectacle. Check out some inspiring tips from those who have done it in practice.

Movies Decorations for Homes Tips 1: Simpsons Kitchen!

Did you always think it would be great to have the most famous kitchen on TV?

A couple from Canada thought so too. They decided to remodel their kitchen by replicating in detail the Simpsons kitchen. And do you believe they both did the entire renovation on their own? The result was fantastic!

You can create such a kitchen for yourself as well, or use some wildcard elements that remind you of your favorite characters: such as superhero aprons, custom cups, wallpaper, wall stickers, and more.

Movies Decorations for Homes Tips 2: Movie Posters & Series


If you’re a movie fan, there’s nothing better than decorating your multimedia room and bedroom with posters of your favorite movies and series.

To look better, you can put your posters in frames with custom frames. One type of frame that is being widely used is those of plain wood in black or white.
Movies Decorations for Homes Tips 3: Home furnishings for Movie Movers You can also turn your home into a charming setting. For this, you can use the cinema reel decorators, projectors, custom cushions, and elements that resemble the cinema.

This way, you will have a decoration that reflects your personality, your personal tastes, and an atmosphere with your face.

Movies Decorations for Homes Tips 3: Movie Wall Sticker

Another decoration option you can use is wallpapers and wall stickers. They are great options for highlighting what your environment needs to be unique, eccentric, and personalized for movie lovers!

Take a look at some inspiring environments that have put this tip into practice.

Movies Decorations for Homes Tips 4: Get Inspired by SpongeBob’s Real House

If we take it literally: living in a pineapple on the bottom of the sea with a snail colleague is just a drawing thing.

But at least living in pineapple is no more extended fantasy. This replica was made in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The interior and exterior have been decorated to be a faithful replica of our friend Bob’s house. You can spend a night there, the daily costs 3.3 thousand euros.

But if you want to be inspired by this idea without turning your home into a pineapple or having to spend all your savings, you can adapt the facade of your home.

How to put the ideas of movie decoration for homes into practice? After this brainstorming that we gave you with movie tips, you might be thinking: how am I going to put it all into practice?

It is best to start by defining what you like best, and which style or style you want to use. After that, just get creative, get your hands dirty, and adapt your environments with excellent references from the big screen. Some tips, however, will guide you better in this endeavor. See what they are:

Integrate elements of the movie into the decoration of the environment.

You don’t necessarily have to copy everything you saw in the movie. If you want to do that and have all the resources you need, great!

However, as this is not always the case, it is worth integrating only a few elements of the film scene into your decor.

For the more classic styles, today you can pan out significant objects, and even furniture, both on the Internet and at antique stores and thrift stores.

Researching these items is a delight, and you can also find stores that produce new products in older styles.

After all, the retro footprint has come back in full force, and brands, decorators, and architects have invested a lot in it.

Compose the environment with just one dose of inspiration

As much as you can’t find that identical sofa, that chandelier or that exact shade of the movie’s setting, it’s interesting to bet on inspiration only.

Anyone who understands cinema or has watched the production in question, will undoubtedly appreciate the reference of its decoration, believe me!

Some ideas sometimes come only from details and not from the whole picture. It could be that object you noticed on the character’s desk, a picture, a window style, and so on.

Although it’s all fiction, you can bring a lot of things to reality in a practical way.

However, it is worth remembering that the success of your decoration is in balance: get inspired by the seventh art without copying everything to the letter.

Choose just a home environment to decorate

Another interesting tip is to choose just one room of your home to apply the desired style.

You don’t have to leave the whole house with the look of the movie! If you want, by the way, you can decorate each environment inspired by a different production. What about?

Consider only the dimensions of the location so as not to render the space unusable. Remember that the practicality required for your daily life must prevail, as well as the style of those who live with you!

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