Which Mudroom Model is Right For You? 5 Ideas That Work 😜

Which Mudroom Model is Right For You? 5 Ideas That Work 😜

Leaving home can often mean facing a day that can get hectic quickly. So why not give yourself an ideal mudroom area that will make your day to day easier?

Enter the concept of the mudroom. With the right planning, you can create a change location design that makes a great first impression, reduces confusion and improves organization. Keep reading to get great design ideas for your mudroom and new inspirations for your entry.

What Is Mudroom?

What Is Mudroom?

You may ask yourself: what is a mudroom? An American term, a mudroom is traditionally the casual side entrance to a home. It is a dedicated space to remove (muddy) boots, coats, and wet clothes before entering the main house.

Therefore, it is intended to provide storage and ensure that the main areas of the house are clean and tidy. Mudrooms were originally designed as a place for those in cold climates to shed their heavy winter gear. But, given the right organization, you can create a convenient prep area for jackets, backpacks and more.

Small Mudroom Design

Small Mudroom Design

If you want to deal with limited space in your home, choose a small place for your mudroom. There are white walls with a wooden shoe rack in the mudroom, along with a wall-mounted hanger. The large glass panel on the outside allows sunlight to enter and you can provide a bench for the session preparations.

Small Multifunctional Mudroom

Small Multifunctional Mudroom

Why make your mudroom a “single-use” environment when you can have a multipurpose/multifunctional space. Use it as an extra living area, a washbasin and/or even a reading nook. The ideas are endless when you are creative and build a personal space for yourself and your home.

Mudroom With Refrigerator

Mudroom With Refrigerator

Consider a second full-size refrigerator or even a compact mudroom refrigerator. An extra cooler is perfect for canned and bottled drinks.

In addition to other food items that need cold storage or long-term freezing. But they take up too much valuable property in the kitchen refrigerator. It’s also great to have that extra cooling for those times when you have big meetings.

Mudroom With Laundry

Mudroom With Laundry

It doesn’t have to be huge. A corner of the laundry or room pantry can also be functional for storing bags and shoes. One of the best rules for an organized home is to make sure everything has its place, and the laundry room is a great place to live these things!

Whether small or cavernous, mudrooms are where the work is done. Often equipped with a washer and dryer, maybe even a sink, this is a space that can take advantage of storage, with plenty of shelves, cabinets, and countertops to take into account.

In addition to the personal items you will need to pick up when you leave, this room is home to all types of household items, so you should consider the best ways to incorporate a variety of functions and needs.

Active families may find that they can also store soccer balls, skateboards or even a bicycle or other sports equipment.

Mudroom For Dogs

Mudroom For Dogs

Most dogs are, however, valuable members of the family. An owner must be able to show his sense of style while considering the needs of his pets.

A good place to start – the toilet. The mudroom is an excellent space for owners to start decorating with the dog in mind. Mudrooms for dogs are typically informal spaces located near a back entrance – a perfect place for a dog to dine or have his dirty paws cleaned.

There are five important factors to consider when creating a dog-friendly mudroom: walls, floors, security, storage, and style.



Choose satin paint for your mudroom walls. Dogs drool. Dogs stir the water on the walls on rainy days. Walls painted with satin paint are much easier to clean than walls painted with flat paint.

To really design the mudroom with your dog in mind, consider painting the walls yellow, blue or gray. Those are the only colors that dogs can see. Currently, grays are a popular color in home decor.



Choose a durable, scratch-resistant floor for a mudroom. A ceramic tile is an excellent option as it is easy to clean, difficult to scratch and resistant to most animal stains.

There are many excellent tile options available to fit almost any decor. Wooden flooring would be your next best option. Wooden floors are easy to clean but are easily scratched by larger dogs. If you choose hardwood floors, choose a light to medium finish.

Low gloss or distressed wood is less likely to scratch animals. Regular cleaning of your pet’s nails will also help to keep the wooden floor looking its best.

The carpet is not recommended, as it is difficult to clean and absorbs animal odors. If you choose carpet, consider tiles that are easy to replace.


Organize your dog-friendly mudroom to keep it clutter-free. Often, the mudroom ends up being a space for towels, shoes, plastic bags and bags.

Dogs like to chew on things they shouldn’t. Design your mudroom to minimize the amount of opportunity for a dog to ingest something it shouldn’t or get hurt. An important part of a secure mudroom is the abundance of storage.



A mudroom is a great place to store your dog’s belongings. Remember that you will need a place to store a dog’s collar, food, treats, towels, bones, medicine, and paperwork.

A cupboard is a great place to store items such as medicines that must be kept out of the animal’s reach.

Baskets on the shelves are an inexpensive solution for storing toys and treats for dogs. Vintage egg boxes are a great storage option for dog toys.

Keep sealed food in a cool, dry place. Store towels in an easily accessible place after a trip abroad. I also recommend storing easily accessible leashes. A special hook next to your coat is an easy and elegant solution for storing the leash.

Store food and water dishes underneath a mudroom bench to keep them out of the way of humans, keeping them easily accessible for your dog.

Garage Mudroom

Garage Mudroom

In many modern homes, mudrooms garage turns out to be a very useful chamber.

These rooms have tiled floors with white cabinets. The polished wooden steps that lead outside seem compatible with the white walls and the dark floor. You can place different accessories, such as a laundry tube and loading drawer, in the room.

Benefits of a Mudroom

Although mudrooms modern boost great aesthetics, their purpose is still very functional. If you are considering whether to invest in a mudroom, consider its many benefits.

It provides extra storage space.

It Provides Extra Storage Space

“Storage, storage, storage” is the mantra for a clean and healthy home. You can never have too much of it. A mudroom expands your current storage area, providing extra space to store your things. In addition to being an extra storage space, it is also convenient.

Instead of opening cabinets and shelves inside the house to put things in, just hang them on low hooks or place them on an open shelf even before entering the house. This is especially useful when you have children too lazy to open a closet and hang up a coat.

Better Organization

Better Organization

Without all of those things that go into the main living room, your home looks more organized and organized. You no longer need to rush to collect things when a guest suddenly appears.

With the improved organization, it is easier to find things quickly, without wasting time checking under the sofas and behind the furniture.

Less maintenance.

It can be tiring to have to clean the house every time people and animals enter, dragging the dirt with them. A mudroom provides a place for people to take off their dirty shoes and even pets can wash before entering the house.

Larger houses with larger families are likely to benefit more from a mudroom. But even smaller homes can take advantage of the organizational and storage benefits that come with that space.

There are several small models of the mudroom that can work perfectly for smaller families that may have space limitations or do not need something big.

How To Make Mudroom Multifunctional?

How To Make Mudroom Multifunctional?

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when planning your mudroom. Make it multifunctional.

The mudroom is not just for storage.

For example, there are many mudroom ideas for laundry that you can integrate into your space. If you are outside the kitchen, it can also function as a pantry.

If you have a dog that loves the outdoors, set up a washing area where you can clean it before it enters the house. As long as space allows, think of the different ways in which you can use the mudroom.

Have the right floor.

Select a floor that is easy to clean and maintain. Stone, tile, vinyl, and concrete are some of the best flooring materials for a mudroom.

Consider putting a rug or rug on the front door so people can get the dirt off their feet.

Add a mirror.

You will appreciate being able to take a last look at yourself before walking out the door. Add a message board where you can write down tasks, important phone numbers and other important messages for the family.

Protect the walls.

For exposed walls, consider adding plank wainscoting to protect the walls from scratches and dirt. Ventilation is important to keep the room cool and comfortable. It also prevents the formation of mold due to excessive humidity. Consider adding a fan.

Don’t forget the aesthetics.

Make sure the color of the walls, floor, and cabinets is coordinated correctly. Add a rustic white mudroom bench, some art on the walls, and a potted plant or two.

Each home will have its own storage and organization needs. Fortunately, this guide will help you design a mudroom that works perfectly for your family’s needs.

Adding A Mudroom To Your Home

Adding A Mudroom To Your Home

According to interior designer Emma Bloomfield, if you are adding a toilet to your home, “you will need to ensure that you have adequate space allocated in your new building or reno.

Less is more when it comes to storage, so don’t skimp on storage space and make sure you have a place to sit,” she says.

What should a good mudroom include?

1. Bench / seat

No mudroom project is complete without a bench or some kind of seat to sit and remove shoes.

Apartment Therapy suggests that you have your stool “do two tasks by placing a boot tray underneath or using a stool with a folding seat for extra hidden storage”.

2. Furniture

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you will need to add multiple items of furniture to create a mudroom. Ideas for moving house include a bench, cubicles or cabinets, a shoe cabinet and a closet for jackets and off-season items.

3. Storage

According to interior designer Emma Bloomfield, “it is important that all items used in a mudroom are practical and durable”.

Make sure everything that goes in and out of the house has a place. Adding a storage box or basket for each family member is one way to stay organized.

Emma also suggests that “in addition to hooks for coats or raincoats, holes could be used to store shoes and” drawers or doors for various items, such as soccer balls and tennis rackets “.

4. Lighting

You will need indirect lighting and tasks in the mudroom design. According to Emma Bloomfield, “you can have some fun” with the lighting and “hang a beautiful pendant to compensate for all the inlaid carpentry that is not particularly decorative or some sophisticated-looking wall sconces on the walls”.

5. Floors

Hard flooring is preferable to carpet in a mudroom design, as it is a high traffic area. Emma Bloomfield suggests that you have durable flooring “like polished concrete or floorboards to withstand daily use”.

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