+35 Nail Styles to Show your Personality at your Fingertips 💅✨

+35 Nail Styles to Show your Personality at your Fingertips 💅✨

What woman does not like to have her nail always well done, right?
Nowadays, what else is there are different options of colors and styles for nails, they stopped being just a “part of the body” for centuries and have become one of the main requirements in women.

Today we separated some ideas for you to decorate your nails with much more style. Then check out the photos below for inspiration!

Simple Decorated Nails to Make at Home

Nail Simple

Those small drawings are very charming and leave the result attractive and, at the same time, discreet.

They are made on the nail with fabric paint and a skinny toothpick, which will help you to keep the lines very uniform.

Simple Nail With Shine

Simple Nail With Shine

In this case, less is more! Choose one or two nails and abuse the shine.

You can use the same shade as the enamel, choose a gradient and paint or, if you want to be more extravagant, combine it with another type of decoration.

Simple Nail With Flowers

Simple Nail With Flowers

The flowers used in nail decoration should always be simple and delicate.

They can get a little gem, they can be drawn under the nail that is in another color and even is combined with another cute decoration.

French Nail

French Nail

The french nail doesn’t always have to be that traditional version.

Simply decorated nails can have a different appeal if you give them a special touch. Even a geometric game works very well!

Simple Nail With Multiple Colors

Simple Nail With Multiple Colors

Close tones or completely opposite colors work perfectly well when creating a differential for some nails. And you don’t have to stop there. Add a sparkle or geometric design to add extra grace.

Simple nail with stones

Simple Nail With Stones

If you really want to keep a simple style, use the stone in just one nail and without overdoing it. They will play a significant role in attracting the eye, without much exaggeration.

Nail Trends – Negative Space

Nail Negative Space

This is the new trend called negative space, in which some parts of the nail are without enamel.

And you can create a lot around the idea: from the beloved french nail, only with the colored tip (no need to stay in the basic white, see?), To the nails with very graphic designs.

The idea is to bet on triangles and squares for the hollow part, or paint just a “corner” of the nails. Extra tip: use a colorless base before and after the manicure, it will help seal the art.

Nail Ombré

Nail Ombré

This technique consists of creating a gradient in the nails, from the middle to the tips. You can choose to do with the same color, varying the tones (from light to dark or vice versa), or even mixing colors, as in the photo.

Start by applying a base coat, then apply two layers of enamel that will serve as a background, for example, red.

So, take a sponge (it can even be makeup) and apply the nail polish you want to the ends, for example, wine.

With the accessory, give a few taps of half the nails to the ends, until you get the ombré effect. To finish, apply a topcoat layer.

Nail Metallized

Nail Metallized

But if you want a nail that is pure glamor, go with metallic enamels. They are very different from sparkling and pearly coatings.

Besides, they have robust coverage and resemble steel and gold (in silver and gold versions, although today we have other colors as an option). You will be noticed from miles away.

Decorated Red Nails

Decorated Red Nails

Red is an intense color, it means passion, boldness, and contrary to what some women may think, it does not convey the feeling of vulgarity but of elegance.

Decorated red nails are ideal for parties, work occasions that require formality, dinners, and any other type of evening event.

The most common models of natural decorated red nails are the pallet. Some call it Minnie’s nail. Which is just the red enamel with white polka dots (sequins)?

Nail Red

Besides, there are the french nail models and the white flowers on the ring finger – a firm oriental reference. A design that goes well with red is the heart, especially in black, silver, white, or gold.

The combination is perfect and gives an extra touch to your traditional red nail. At the holidays, especially at Christmas, red nails are the trend not only for 2019 but any year.

These parties bring a sense of togetherness and family that red refers to with much objectivity.

Black Decorated Nail

Black Decorated Nail

This is for those who got tired of the basics, white and nude: check out 70 inspirations of black decorated nails to play next time.

There was a time when black enamel was synonymous with rebellion. Nowadays, however, color has entered the “hall” of the classics and darlings, and, as we have already discovered, it falls well on several occasions.

Nail Black Trend

Suitable proof of this is the selection of black decorated nails listed below. As you will see, even though black is the protagonist in nail arts, the possible models are numerous.

It has black decorated nails for the most romantic and the most daring. There is also for those who do not mind calling attention. And of course! for those who need to be classic and elegant for more delicate occasions.

Decorated Blue Nails

Decorated Blue Nails

If you have beautifully decorated nails are the blue ones. Although these enamel tones had a first difficulty to rise in fashion, the soap operas brought out that color. It has a mood for every type of skin tone, and the decoration is very subtle.

blue brings an air of sincerity and is one of the best colors to use at work, especially for those who work in attendance or in uniform.

Nail Blue

After all, it brings a tone of confidence and comfort. The primary mixtures of colors are black in the contours, white, some sparkles in silver, and other shades of blue.

Nail Designs

Nail Designs

Nails decorated with designs are more complex, as they require a higher degree of skill. Drawing characters or anything on nails can be a difficult task, especially if your nail is small.

Therefore, the first step in making nails decorated with designs is to keep them healthy.

If you need, you can use false nails or the great gel nail (which is a little longer-lasting). Thus, it has less irregularity of relief and greater length to develop your ideas.

Nail Design

The best design of decorated nails is those of characters. They are the fruit of several ideas and also show your personality. Besides, another thing that is in the 2017 trend is ethnic designs.

If you have difficulty drawing, then bet on animal art, it is something that never goes out of style and does not always need to be flashy.

It all depends on the colors you choose. A white leopard with black can be super discreet, for example.

Heart in the Nail Corner

Heart in the Nail Corner

For those who want to start training a little more to make the little hearts, this inspiration is very fresh.

Just use two glazes of contrasting colors, preferably a lighter shade for the nail and a darker one for the design. Then, make the heart on the outer corner of the nail, using a thin brush.

Colored French Nail

Colored French Nail

The french nail never goes out of style, but you can give it a “makeover” in this classic.

The idea here is to imitate the famous “Louboutin”, the black pumps with red soles that are a fashion classic.

To do this, make the french nail in red and highlight just one of the fingers, inverting the colors. You can make the french nail thicker or thinner, depending on your preference.

Nail Trends – Stripes with Glitter

Nail Trends – Stripes with Glitter

Another good idea for those who want to make simply decorated nails is to invest in vertical stripes.

You can do it in free strokes or use masking tape to separate the colors (in this case, you need to be more patient until the enamels dry to remove the tape).

Over time, you will acquire more firmness to make the strokes without having to use these “devices”.

Nail stiletto: Nail stiletto has taken over

Nail stiletto: Nail stiletto has taken over

the world and also won the hands of many women. With the most pointed shape, they need to belong and well cared for.

In terms of decoration, you can choose only to enamel them, or you can abuse your imagination. This format, not only is on the rise but is also great for those who can’t let their nails grow.

As the side is eliminated in length, the nail does not break as easily and remains stronger. You can choose to make it more rounded or very pointed.

Besides, you can invest in the format with your natural nails or use false nails, such as gel nails. Choose according to your taste!

Necessary Care To Have the Nail Stiletto

Necessary Care To Have the Nail Stiletto

1. A pointed nail can become a melee weapon! So be careful not to hurt the people around you.

2. If you have a baby at home and want big nails, choose the almond shape. Babies’ skin is susceptible, and you can easily hurt it.

3. When handling delicate things like contact lenses, tissue paper, and pantyhose, be careful not to tear them.

Nail Stiletto

4. If any nails break at the tip, you can sand them all in a ballerina shape and go, little by little, recovering the stiletto shape.

5. Use soft and delicate files as the thick ones create small cracks that weaken the nails.

6. Use moisturizing foundations to keep nails secure.

7. Invest in functional food, rich in vegetables, fruits, and vegetables. This will contribute to the health of your nails as well.

Disadvantages of Nail Stiletto

Disadvantages of Nail Stiletto

It is worth testing if you can and have the patience to keep nails in the stiletto format; after all, they limit some movements a little.

For example, typing texts on your cell phone, scratching your eyes, and even petting your boyfriend can become significant challenges. So, start using the shortest stiletto and gradually increase to your limit.

Nail for Brides

Nail for Brides

See how many color and decoration options there are for brides: from classic to modern! When exchanging rings, the attention of the guests (and the flashes) goes to them: the bride’s hands!

And since they attract so many looks, they cannot be careless, can they?

As the focus on nails is inevitable, for some years, many brides have invested in something more than the traditional white.

New shades, enameling techniques, accessories, and even shapes are already painting on the brides’ fingertips!

Nails for Brides Tips 1 – Discreet nail polishes that make a difference

Nails for Brides Tips 1

Although clear is the first option for brides when thinking about nail polish, which actually defines the tone of the nail polish is the style of the bride and the wedding.

The extremely classic bride, for example, can go to the altar even with red nails! However, most nails decorated for brides are in more discreet nuances.

But you don’t have to be stuck only with the white guy. Thanks to the fashion of nudes, there is an extensive palette of soft colored enamels, in shades ranging from beige and pink to gray, green, and blue.

Nails for Brides Tips 2 – Paint a Single Nail in a Different Color

Nails for Brides Tips 2

The idea of painting a single nail with a different color from the others fell into popular taste at least a decade ago and has never gone out of style.

Since then, there are no rules to attract attention: it is merely worth enameling with a more or less striking hue than the rest, making nail art, applying, applying a texture, a shine …

In the world of marriage, it is no different: you can bet on a multitude of beautiful contrasts in nails decorated for brides.

Nails for Brides Tips 3 – Lace and Ruffles

Nails for Brides Tips 3

The inspiration for brides’ nails adorned with fabric wefts comes from the idea of reproducing the same effect of the dress on the claws.

There are cases in which a small part of the lace is used as a cast mold for enameling. There are already several molds on the market for this, with different patterns. You can print the design on all nails or just one, everything will depend on personal taste.

Nails for Brides Tips 4 – Appliques and Jewelry

Nails for Brides Tips 4

Whoever wants something that goes beyond painting, can count (and be enchanted) with the appliques and jewelry available to decorate nails.

From heart decals, geometric motifs, and flowers to stones, sparkles, and small jewels. Feathers glitter, caviar, and fragments, such as mirrored ones, are also not left out.

Usually, brides choose to decorate only one nail, so as not to overload the look. However, depending on the applique or the jewelry, it is possible to make a more generous decoration.

Nail for Brides tips 5 – Flowers and Stripes

Nail for Brides tips 5

Romantic women often decorate their nails with flowers and leaves. But the geometric and sinuous designs also make the party on the nails painted for brides.

They should be painted in colors that contrast with the base enamel and can be done on as many nails as you like.

Nail for Brides tips 6- Formats and Lengths

If the intention is to use traditional nail polish, such as transparent or white, to leave attention only to the shape of the nails, consider what suits your style the most.

The square, round, and oval shape are easy to model in the natural nail, as it does not need a very rounded tip.

But if what makes your head are the stiletto, ballerina and almond shapes, there are two options to win them over: let your nail grow long enough to reach a considerably large tip, or invest in the stretching of pins in the gel.

The gel prosthesis is a method without contraindications and offers the impression of a natural nail.

Once placed, gel nails can remain applied indefinitely, as long as you do the proper maintenance with the professional manicure.

This means that it is necessary to visit the salon every 20 days, on average. Compared to natural nails, gel nails are much harder, allowing to give shapes that are only possible on resistant surfaces.

5 Tips for Nails Beautiful Decorated

If you are ready to start making your nails decorated then be sure to check out some tips that make all the difference in the result of your Nail Art:

1. Apply white enamel to make the enamel color you want stronger
2. Remove the cuticle all at once; this prevents skins from rising.
3. Have brushes to make drawings, and do not use the toothpick.
4. Mix the enamel with a little solvent or water to facilitate the creation of contours
5. Always colorless base on the drawing after finishing.

If you are interested in the subject and believe that it can be a good manicure for yourself or even for your friends, then keep an eye on the options of decorated nail courses.

Gel Nail – Understand everything you need to know!

If you want to have those nails that look like you just got out of the manicure always, you can achieve this with the application of gel nails.

The process is simple but requires monthly maintenance. So stay tuned for our tips for you to know everything about the application of gel nails.

How is the gel nail applied?

To start, the manicure will clean, polish, and sand your natural nails to make them uniform and hygienic.

Then a primer or PH controller is applied to start applying the molds that will model and define the size of the nails.

The technique itself consists of applying a special gel specifically designed for that purpose, with a translucent color.

After application, hands go to a device that emits UV rays for a few minutes to dry.

The last steps are to apply a sealer, sand, and decorate according to the client’s taste. The whole process takes about two hours.

Gel Nail Indications

If you have brittle nails, gel nails are a great aesthetic solution, as they will leave your nails looking beautiful and healthy.

For those who continuously gnaw nails, the application of the gel will inhibit the practice, since it is very resistant and does not peel off like the regular nail.

Gel Nail Pros

With gel nails, the enamel lasts for much longer. Also, even without paint, the nails look beautiful.

With gel nails, we can perform daily tasks and use cleaning products without worrying about peeling or breaking them.

Gel nails, if applied correctly, do not alter the structure of natural nails.

Cons of Gel Nails

The gel nail requires constant maintenance, every 2 or 3 weeks, on average.

Because as the nails grow, you will have to apply a new layer of gel to correct the imperfections and level the nails.

Besides, you will spend a higher amount than the traditional manicure.

How to remove gel nails?

The indicated is that the process is done in the manicure. You can even do it at home using concentrated acetone or sandpaper. But if you have no experience, it can end up damaging your nails and cuticles.

Once the gel is removed, the natural nail will need hydration and treatment. See how to take care of natural nails after removing the gel.

Final considerations

More and more women are becoming interested in this subject, the least that each one must do, whether male or female, is to keep their nails well sanitized to avoid contamination by bacteria, not least because it is inevitable, even if unintentionally, in us. Come across your hands in your mouth.

The brands are always innovating, creating different colors, different textures, winter/summer collections, with sparkles, in short, there is a product for all tastes and styles.

Not all women like to keep their nails decorated, some prefer to use the good old base, that colorless nail polish, not daring much in colors and designs.

Some like to take risks, in addition to decorating, they choose durable colored enamels, with a lot of shine and accessories.

Creativity runs wild, no matter if you are more discreet, there will always be a product that makes you feel with the hands of a diva.

Nowadays, it is elementary for you to do your nails yourself, whether with decoration or not, just access the internet, and you will have thousands of ideas.

But if you don’t like “do it yourself,” just save the one you like best, and ask a professional in the field to do it for you.

Mainly, I love this subject, and I even venture to play a little when it comes to decoration, colors, for me, it’s like therapy.

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