Party Favors: Trends that have Fevered at Parties 🎁

Party Favors: Trends that have Fevered at Parties 🎁

Find out which party favors will delight your guests !! See all the templates you will find in this article:

♥ Party Favors Baby Shower
♥ Party Favors Wedding
♥ Party Favors Adults
♥ Party Favors For Kids

Party Favors Baby Shower

Party Favors Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby in our lives is always fascinating and remarkable! And to make this moment even more unforgettable,

Party favors are kind to friends and relatives who set aside time from their day. So nothing fairer than lovingly welcoming them, making the moment even more special.

Party favors Baby Shower is a loving and straightforward way to thank your friends and close relatives for a visit in the early days of your baby.

Many moms like to get party favors ready at home anyway. Others like to buy party favors, but without forgetting the affection deposited in the pieces.

1 Party Favors Baby Shower With Room Flavor!

Party Favors Baby Shower With Room Flavor

A great party favors baby shower for the home are the flavorings! The room flavor or gel alcohol pot has also been widely used as a baby shower souvenir.

Just think of a package that can be customized to keep your face! The essence should be very soft, and you can customize it with labels and stickers.

If you want to add an extra touch, consider packing the souvenir in sachets or boxes.

How about sewing a felt heart to serve as a fragrant sachet for your closet or clothes drawers?

Excellent and simple idea to make at home. If the future mom is more arrested,

2 Party Favors Baby Shower: Cute Keychains

Party Favors Baby Shower: Cute Keychains

Everyone likes to get a keychain, especially with such cute formats. So know that betting on crucial chains is a great option for party favors baby shower.

In this case, the tip is to use the felt, a material that is easy to handle and still ensures a cute look for the keychain.

3 Party Favors Baby Shower: Note Pads And Pens

Party Favors Baby Shower: Note Pads And Pens

With the rush of everyday life, many people forget to carry a pen and paper to make quick notes, right? How about gifting visitors with such a kit?

Notebooks are always handy, and you can make them at home, in printers or craft stores.

Most of the time, the cover of the pads is personalized and contains necessary information such as the baby’s name and date of birth.

To make the party favors more complete, you can put a custom pen or pencil next to the pad, pack them in plastic, organza, TNT, or kraft paper bags and close them with a beautiful ribbon.

4 Party Favors Baby Shower: Mini Soaps

Party Favors Baby Shower: Mini Soaps

Still thinking about the issue of not giving party favors to be useless in the drawer.

So other fresh options are soaps and creams or even alcohol gel for hands. This will give you a reminder that people will use in their daily lives.

If you want a more personal touch, you can decorate the package with your baby’s name or some kind of message.

There are also options for handcrafted soaps that can be in the shape of some maternity items like a baby bottle, diaper, or the baby itself.

5 Party Favors Baby Shower: Eva Party Favors

Party Favors Baby Shower: Eva Party Favors

With EVA plates, it is possible to create numerous decorative pieces such as little shoes, pacifiers, baby bottles, and diaper rails and leave them exposed on the bedroom dresser.

Also, it is possible to make supports that serve as a base for chocolates and beautiful engravings to decorate notebook covers.

It is worth mentioning that the most common materials for working with this EVA material are stilettos, scissors, molds, and glues.

4 Party Favors Baby Shower: Edible

Party Favors Baby Shower: Edible

It is worth the versions are known as spoon candy, in this case, the tip is to offer them in glass jars, with the little spoon attached. Or even porcelain mini cliques, for those who want a more refined version of party favors.

In addition to the gourmet candies, another edible maternity party favors that are very pleasing are the colorful confectionery cans. Adhesive with the baby’s name is a charm!

But the sweet cupcakes are also excellent choices because they allow the possibility of various and colorful toppings.

Another party favors that are also charm are the brownies. This typically American cake can be wrapped piece by piece in colorful fabrics. It will be beautiful!

In addition to brownies, honey bread also allow this wrapping. But if parents prefer both recipes, they can be offered in transparent packages as well, such as boxes or cellophane papers.

Party Favors Wedding

Party Favors Wedding

Party favors wedding may seem like a mere detail on party day, but not quite!

Not only do guests expect to receive a treat from the bride and groom, but they get together before the day to know what they will get.

Party favors wedding is known as a way for the bride and groom to thank the guests who attended the Great Day.

Although not a rule, the practice remains high and is considered a very common item to return the affection of all. But one key piece of information right now is that your treatment needs to be useful.

It is no use sending a gift with the photo of the bride and groom, date of the ceremony, and thinking that this memory will stay in your guest’s house for a long time.

Practicality and usefulness here make the difference to really please who attended the event.

If you think that way, how about choosing party favors that are here to stay in the heart, mind, and life of your friends and family?

1 Party Wedding Favors: Edible

Party Wedding Favors: Edible

Party favors wedding is trendy and probably one of the most present in marriages today.

Besides delicious, is success guaranteed among the guests, after all, who does not love delicious food to taste at home the next day?

Edible party favors wedding is one of our favorite bets for gift giving guests. Take the opportunity to use that special family recipe to add a special touch to your gift!

2 Party Favors Wedding: Mini Plant Pots

Party Favors Wedding: Mini Plant Pots

For lovers of succulents and natural elements, a great option is to bet on souvenirs with this touch! Gone is the era when this kind of arrangement was reserved for nature lovers only!

Nowadays, it is increasingly common to bet on green elements. So don’t go with the style of your party, believe this kind of party favors the wedding can surprise the guests.

An excellent reference that I found in a very rustic wedding is the succulent or cactus type plant in small pots, made of rustic ceramic or even brown paper.

Put in the party favors wedding the initials of the couple or a beautiful message that propagates the love involved in the ceremony.

3 Party Favors Wedding: Mini Beverage Bottles

Party Favors Wedding: Mini Beverage Bottles

To escape a bit of the home universe, a party favors a wedding that will surely please the male audience: Mini bottles with drinks.

It can be a good vodka, a good wine, Gin, sparkling, among unique. A unique example for collectors, and a taste of good taste for those who enjoy a great drink.

3 Party Favors Wedding: Personalized Cups & Mugs

Party Favors Wedding: Personalized Cups & Mugs

Like the previous items, the cup can be customized in many different ways.

A custom glass beaker is a versatile item and, therefore, one of the best for giving party favors to wedding groomsmen.

Another good option for groomsmen’s wedding party favors for groomsmen is a personalized beer mug. The mug can be personalized in the same way as the glass cup, and still has its own personality.

A pint of beer pleases those who enjoy the drink, or even those who like to drink the weekend beer in a mug. It is a surefire choice.

Party favors wedding should match the style of the party and should also reflect the form of the couple. If it is to be part of the decoration, it should be placed at the exit and in a conspicuous place.

Party Favors Adults

Party Favors Adults

For now, the idea of party favors adults is a way of demonstrating that you remembered that person and decided to surprise him.

Party favors are part of every party, from wedding to birthday, especially at children’s parties, and are eagerly awaited by kids and adults alike!

That’s right! Who says grownups don’t like party favors? So the party favors adults became severe, and you can’t miss it!

In fact, party favor often ends up being aimed more at adults, as a way of thanking guests for attending the event… Are you going to say that you don’t love to take these treats home, either ?!

How to Choose Party Favors Adults Ideal?

One tip we give you is to choose and buy your party favors in advance so that you can get precisely what you want for your party, making sure it works. Align the memory you want and the delivery time.

1 Party Favors Adults: Drinks

Party Favors Adults: Drinks

Giving your guests drinks is also an elegant option that is likely to please both men and women. Not to get too expensive or clumsy to carry, invest in small doses. Mini bottles of liquor are a charm!



Simple and useful, a bookmark has the advantage of being compact, perfect for those who want to offer a simple and affordable party favor… There are several types of markers: origami, felt, fabric… You can create your own.

The chances of success increase if your guests have a habit of reading, however, as has been said, affection and whim count a lot.

So even that person who is not a fan of reading will appreciate the gift if he feels that it was made with an appreciation for her.

3 Box Or Canister

This is another alternative that pleases adults, especially women.

If you choose this kind of party favor, give up the kids’ decor on these pieces and adopt a more sober, oversized finish and may even stuff with chocolates or truffles.

4 Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit

A beauty kit can involve soaps, moisturizers, nail polish or make-up items, and anything else related to skincare or beauty.

It’s refreshing to think of alternatives that can also give men, and invest in individual packaging, to please the eyes and the heart!

5 Mini Plants

Mini Plants

Succulents, cacti, and other small plants can make for a lovely little souvenir. Invest in a vase decorated according to the decorative line of the party and add a tag with a beautiful phrase or a thank you.

Naming the little plant can also add to the charm of the gift!

When is the best time to party favors adults?

I think this is precisely the question you just asked after reading the first considerations I shared with you. Well, the best time to give party favors adults is today and now!

If you stop to think about the meaning of the word souvenir, you will soon refer to the verb “remember” which, among various purposes, is attributed to remember, act or effect of remembering.

In other words, pay attention to that or someone special that marked you.

How often do you not go anywhere, see something, or experience a sensation or even food that reminds you of someone? So much so that it is common to think: “Wow, I just remembered so-and-so now due to…”.

At times like this, one has the answer to your question: The time to give someone a gift is when you remember the person and want to show gratitude and affection.

Party Favors For Kids

Party Favors For Kids

When organizing children’s birthdays, a common question is regarding party favors for kids. After all, this is a tradition, and many guests eagerly await the treat.

In addition to the traditional jelly beans, there are many other ideas that you can get inspired by, which are just as easy to make and cheap.

But the most important thing here is to keep the tradition of distributing beautiful and personalized party favors to the guests so that your party is marked for everyone.

1 Sweets


Every child melts for candy, and this party favor is almost a tradition on children’s birthdays. It’s nice to think of a souvenir that speaks to the theme of the party, but the taste is also essential.

After all, we know that what really matters to the kids is whether the candy is tasty or not.

The candy bags are a sure alternative, but you can choose from other options such as cupcakes, fun-shaped treats, giant lollipops, cookies, and even versions of the dear gourmet candy.

Simply define what best suits the party and the taste of your child and his guests.

2 Puzzle And Building Blocks

Puzzle And Building Blocks

A great tip is puzzled to encourage thinking. In addition to being very colorful, the pieces also help children learn the letters. I found some more inspirations besides the famous “Lego” style blocks.

The first, dinosaur, is a simplified version of my first suggestion (above) and still goes with the paint for the child to paint and use his creativity.

3 Coloring Kit

Coloring Kit

If you want to get out of traditional gift ideas with bags and candy, a super cool inspiration is the coloring kits.

You can produce them right at home by selecting a series of images related to your party theme and then printing in A4 size. On the internet, you can find several images ready to color.

Finish the kit by including crayons, crayons, and pens or by assembling small booklets with these drawings.

What’s cool is that kids will have a good time with the party favor, and you can include even those who have some kind of food intolerance or restriction (and in this case, they couldn’t enjoy traditional sweets, for example).

4 Character Cups

Character Cups

Character cups are well ordered as well, a party favor that will be well used by the guest.

You can take to school, be part of meals, a lot of cool and fun things that your souvenir can be useful for their lives.

What Do I Need To Know To Choose Party Favors For Kids?

What Do I Need To Know To Choose Party Favors For Kids?

Before choosing the party favors for kids that you will put on your party, pay close attention to these tips:

1- Get inspired by the party theme

There is nothing more fun than a party favors for kids that is creative and inspired by the theme. When organizing the party, be aware of the details and context of the party.

For example, a children’s party with the theme “Masha and the Bear” might have as a souvenir a teddy bear. Your little party will be remembered much longer, even by the children.

2 – When in doubt, choose for food

There is always that different theme, which leaves us in doubt when choosing children’s souvenirs, right? But one thing is sure: everyone LOVES to eat. Use it to your advantage!

The options are various. There are ready-made kits that are sold by candy shops, or you can use your creativity and assemble one with your face!

A box with a piece of cake and sweets, baskets of cupcakes, candy jars, mini dreams in special packaging…

Just choose an option that is striking for that moment, so your little party will be well remembered by the palate.

3 – Whenever you can, make a mystery about the souvenir

Do you remember when we were little, and we were anxious to open the surprise packages to know what was inside? This works with adults as well.

Party favors for kids should be fun for kids and interesting for adults, so there are a few options you can explore.

4 – Don’t forget to always do the extra.

Of course, in every children’s party, there is a guest list, but there is always that person who takes the child’s classmate or a nephew who came to spend the weekend.

It is, therefore, essential that you always have more party favors for kids to hand out to all guests.

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