Peony Flower: The Best Guide With Awsome Pictures 2021 ❀️

Awsome Peony Flower Tips: Best Guide 2021 ❀️

Peony is proof that nature shows its perfection in detail. Majestic and robust flowers associated with its gentle scent bring to the fore an identity full of charm and elegance. Cultivated in several countries and can be found in different colors, one thing is certain: Peonies do not go unnoticed in the garden and in the decoration of environments.

That is why, if you, like us, are also curious to learn more about the characteristics and curiosity of Peony, you have come to the right place! In this post, we at My Easy Decoration will share with you a lot of information about this majestic plant. Check it out and get inspired!

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🌼 Can Peony Grow In Pots?

🌼 Find Out Why The Peony Bouquet Is The Most Desired Of Brides

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🌼 The Trend Of Peony Tattoo

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Peony Definition

Peony Definition

The peony definition, also known as peony is a plant of the genus Paeonia and is native to Asia, Europe, and western North America. Peonies are popular for growing in the garden and decorating the home, due to their sweet scent and large flowers with double flowers. Try these big, delicate flowers!

🌼 Botanical Name: Paeonia spp;
🌼 Plant Type: Flower;
🌼 Sun Exposure: Full Sun;
🌼 Soil Type: Loamy;
🌼 Soil pH: Neutral;
🌼 Bloom Time: Spring, Summer;
🌼 Flower Color: Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow;
🌼 Hardiness Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Special Features

Captivate visitors and neighbors with the beauty of peonies. These beautiful perennials are famous for their spectacular flowers, beautiful vegetation, and rich fragrance.

Available in a variety of shades of red, white, and pastel, peonies feature an abundance of large, sumptuous flowers that bloom amidst the lush foliage of deep green in a much-anticipated summer show.


πŸ‘‰ The peony flowering period occurs in May and June;
πŸ‘‰ Its flowers are large and have a huge variety of colors;
πŸ‘‰ Some have a delicate scent and there are varieties with flowers in different shapes;
πŸ‘‰ The flowers of the peonies are silky, delicate, majestic, and full of petals.

The Secrets Of The Peony Meaning

The Secrets Of The Peony Meaning

Peony meaning is associated with a happy life, but depending on the culture, it can have more other meanings and meanings.

πŸ‘‰ In Asian countries, such as China and Japan, Peony is a symbol of wealth and nobility;

πŸ‘‰ In China, Peonies are known as MudΓ‘n (which means Most Beautiful);

πŸ‘‰ In the year 600, the Chinese emperor Suiyang ordered the planting of peonies in one of his gardens, Xi Yuan, and, for the first time, this plant was part of a royal space;

πŸ‘‰ During the Tang Dynasty, Empress Wu Zetian contributed to the cultivation of peonies to become common in China, as it was her favorite plant;

πŸ‘‰ In China, the peony is known as the β€œQueen of Flowers” and is also considered the flower of good luck, honor, and beauty;

πŸ‘‰ In Japan, the peony represents luck, happiness, fortune, and prosperity and appears in symbols along with the lion Japanese, known as β€œShishi”, meaning the balance between beauty and power;

πŸ‘‰ In ancient oriental culture, the peony appears in artistic and written works;

πŸ‘‰ In Feng Shui, peony is used as a decorative and energetic element to soften the spirit of sentimental and loving problems.

This exuberant plant energizes us and the environment.

This exuberant plant energizes us and the environment

The peony meaning in the West is different, due to the Greek myths created around it.

In Greek mythology, the peony is related to Paeon, apprentice of Asclepius, God of Medicine, appearing in various stories and versions. One is that Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, transformed Paeon into a Peony to save him from his master's wrath, provoked by his disciple being more talented as a doctor.

The ancient Greeks used this plant for healing and medicinal purposes. There is another Greek myth referring to the nymphs that hid their nudity running after the bushes of peonies to avoid the eyes of men. That is why it is said that beauty is hidden in the peony, and this flower is associated with shyness.

Another type of peony meaning is that of protection. The ancient magicians planted the peony to ward off evil spirits and attributed this plant with the property of protecting against negative forces.

Peony Meaning Flower

Peony Meaning Flower

The main story of peony meaning flower is a traditional one of romance and prosperity, which symbolizes a happy marriage and good luck. An ancient myth tells the story that the mother of the Greek god Apollo offers a peony to the mortal Peon, doctor of the gods, on Mount Olympus.

The peony is a flower that starter with P and can also symbolize compassion, based on another legend that says that Peon became a peony, preventing his physical death. China, Mongolia, and the state of Indiana, in the United States, take the peony as an official flower.

Peony Meaning Flower Pink

Peony Meaning Flower Pink

Pink peonies are often the favorites alongside white peonies for flower arrangements at weddings. It symbolizes the beauty of the marriage union.

Although it is also related to love at first sight and the rapture between two strangers. It is the symbol of the power that beauty has in itself and of how it can dominate anyone's attention, being the most sensitive one who appreciates beauty.

Giving pink peonies is a clear sign of appreciation for physical beauty that you cannot find a comparison.

Peony Meaning Flower White

Peony Meaning Flower White

White peonies are those that are directly associated with shyness and embarrassment.

They are ideal to give to a person if you feel ashamed or if you have made them feel ashamed. Also, report regret or apologies for an embarrassing event. It also serves to express shy love or innocent flirtation.

Peony Meaning Flower Red

Peony Meaning Flower Red

In China, the color red is one of the most important with gold, it is the color that only the emperors and their family used. Red peony flowers mean wealth, prosperity, honor, and respect, at least in the eastern regions.

In the West, red is associated with love and passion, but the meaning of the red peony is more linked to shocking or unattainable beauty.

Peony Meaning Flower Purple

Peony Meaning Flower Purple

Peonies with lilac, violet, or purple hues are directly related to the Paeon myth. This denotes Asclepius 'envy, Zeus' Wrath, and Paeon's disgrace.

Depending on your interpretation, it can be a kind of insult or a compassionate tribute. After all, Paeon only proved himself more competent, and it was not his fault that it triggered the capricious misconduct of the Gods.

Peony Types And Their Varieties:

Peony Types And Their Varieties

Peony types, whose species differ in color and shape of buds, can impress even the most sophisticated flower producers with their diversity. They belong to one of the most beloved plants, which are used for gardening and country houses. In today's world, there are up to 5,000 very different varieties. At the same time, every year, breeders deduce more and more.

Herbal Peonies

Herbaceous peonies are perennials whose shoots disappear entirely during the bad season. Only the tension remains permanently, with its roots and "eyes", which guarantee recovery the following spring. These are the most common peonies and are very easy to grow. There are numerous cultivars, most of which are of the Paeonia lactiflora species.

Hybrid Peonies Itoh

In the 1980s, a new type of peony called 'Itoh' was created: it is a hybrid between herbaceous peony and shrub peony. Itoh peonies are a big hit and there are more and more varieties that bloom in shades of yellow, orange, or red. The vegetation is herbaceous (the plant disappears in winter), but the foliage and flowers are more reminiscent of the type of shrub. Check out the peony types with different flower shapes:

Simple form:

A single row of petals surrounds a heart of stamens, usually yellow.

Semi-double shape

This shape is close to the single flower, except that there are 2 or 3 rows of petals. We also frequently see some irregular petals in the heart of the stamens.

Japanese form

A single row of petals, as in the single flower, but this time the stamens are wider and larger. This is the first step in the evolution of the double form.

Anemone form

Always a single row of petals. The stamens got bigger and took on the appearance of short, narrow petals. They form a thick heart in the center of the flower. This is the next step for the double flower.

Double shape

This is the final stage of the evolution of the stamens in petaloid organs (similar to petals). The heart of the flower is no longer visible, completely hidden under a dense tangle of more or less regular petals.

The Main Tree Peony Types:

The Main Tree Peony Types

Florists in our country prefer to grow varieties of grass. But lately, tree peony types, grown for many years in Asian countries, have started to gain popularity. Flowers differ in a great variety and beauty. Today, breeders have created more than 500 different species of such plants.

Tree peony types are perennial plants with lignified shoots. Every year the bush grows more and more. For the successful winter of plants, they must be safely covered with suitable materials for this, such as wood chips, reeds, fallen leaves, and fir branches. Under such conditions, peonies tree can survive even very cold winters.

Variety of tree peonies

Tree peony types are divided into 3 main groups:

πŸ‘‰ Sino-European peonies with double flowers. This group is distinguished by its large and heavy buttons of the most diverse colors. Due to the severity of the flowers, the stems can droop, so the shrub usually requires additional support, which reduces the decorative qualities of the plants;

πŸ‘‰ Hybrids of yellow peony and Delaware, thanks to the bright yellow buds, are the most popular;

πŸ‘‰ Japanese varieties of terry and semi-double light shoots adorn. Shrubs of a plant in a compact way. Popular varieties of domestic breeding: Smolin, Augustus, Moscow University, Hoffman, Maria, Anastasia Sosnowiec, Mariana, Vladimir Novikov, Vadim Tikhomirov, Stefan, Pedro the Great, Vorobyevsky, Sergey Uspensky.

Can I Have A Peony Garden In My House?

Can I Have A Peony Garden In My House?

Many novice gardeners want to grow peonies by the window. Therefore, they wonder what internal peonies exist. However, it is worth noting that this flower is not intended to grow at home. It is capable of becoming an excellent element for landscaping. And in the room, you can only keep cut flowers.

It is worth noting that before having a peony garden, you will notice that the plant can have very different colors. There are white, pink, red, burgundy, purple, yellow, and lilac variants. White looks very solemn. Often, bouquets of these varieties are given to young women and girls.

Dark red flowers are quite suitable as a gift for a man. The crop is mainly represented by herbaceous plants. Although there are bushes. Today, the types of peonies are impressive in their diversity. And it is often difficult for a novice gardener to decide on a specific variety when thinking about a peony garden. To facilitate the selection process, it is useful to know which peonies exist and what are their distinguishing characteristics.

Among the many varieties of peony garden, some are popular around the world, for example:

πŸ‘‰ Pink peonies - Sarah Bernard, Princess Margaret, Livingston, Natalie, Goody, Cornelia Shaylor, Neon,

πŸ‘‰ White peonies - George Nichols,

πŸ‘‰ Red tones flowers - Helen Cowley, Rosa Vermelha, GraΓ§a Vermelha, Diana Parks,

πŸ‘‰ Peonies with dark pink outer petals and a cream center - Whitecap,

πŸ‘‰ Double yellow peony - Bartzella.

Peony Plant Tips:

Peony Plant Tips

The best form of peony plant is through seeds. Peony, once well established in the soil, requires little care.

πŸ‘‰ For peonies to grow better, the ideal time for peony plants in autumn, just before winter comes with its low temperatures. The place where the peonies are to be planted should have a sun exposure of 6 to 8 hours daily and the soil must contain plenty of nutrients. If your garden does not have these nutritious characteristics, it is best to contemplate it with a treatment of new soil and fertilizer mixed with the garden soil. Also, look for soil with good drainage so that water does not accumulate.

πŸ‘‰ Peonies should be planted 90 cm between each flower in the case of herbaceous species, and if they are shrubs 120 cm apart. When planting them make sure that they are at least 3 meters from trees so that the large roots of the trees do not steal nutrients from the peonies. Also, take the opportunity to plant the peonies in a place protected from strong winds.

πŸ‘‰ Depending on the type of peonies, there are differences in planting. Herbs should be placed at a depth where the bud is no more than 5 centimeters from the surface.

πŸ‘‰ For shrubs, they usually come with a wooden stem, in which case you should make a hole in the ground to place the roots facing down, the stem on top, and the graft should be 10 to 15 centimeters below the earth surface. A little of the stem will be visible.

πŸ‘‰ Place earth until it covers the hole and carefully compact it so as not to leave air pockets on the earth. Then water the places where you planted the peonies well so that it is wet but not flooded.

πŸ‘‰ At the time of winter, you can use the blanket technique to protect them from the lower temperatures, however, at the beginning of the next season remove them. During this winter period, it will not be necessary to water the peonies due to the condensation effect and because they are in a dormant phase.

Peony Care Tips:

Peony Care Tips

We love peonies! In addition to being beautiful, they are colorful and fragrant. Therefore, we have separated some essential peony care tips to make your flowers last longer and beautify your home for a long time:

πŸ‘‰ The best time to apply fertilizers is in the summer (and sparingly); Sometimes, your flowers may suffer some kind of weakness in the structure. If it does, fortify the stems with some method of flower hardening;

πŸ‘‰ Peonies are susceptible to attack by various pests, such as beetles, rot, some viruses, and insects. You can handle most of them using gardening techniques. However, there is no need to worry about ants, as they usually only feed on the nectar of the peony and attack some of the pests that parasitize the buds. In other words: ants are the best friends of their peonies and should not be a cause for concern;

πŸ‘‰ Peonies are particularly resistant and do not need a lot of water, for example, in summer they only need 2.5 cubic cm of water every seven days. If there are cases of dried or wilted flowers, check that it is not a fungus, and increase the water dose;

πŸ‘‰ In the winter season, you can use the peony care technique to use a blanket to protect them from the lower temperatures, however, at the beginning of the next season remove them. During this winter period, it will not be necessary to water the peonies due to the condensation effect and because they are in a dormant phase;

πŸ‘‰ To preserve peonies for many years, treat them, namely by removing dead leaves and also flowers, so that they are not β€œstealing” nutrients from the rest of the plant;

In this way, the peonies will grow lusher. Also, each autumn you must remove the leaves of the bushy peonies, just before the beginning of the cold season. Leaving only the stems whole and untouchable to flower again, check the stems if they do not contain fungi and parasites.

Peony When To Cut Back?

Peony When To Cut Back?

Flower growers know that the most attention should be paid to peonies in the fall to obtain a luxurious flowering next year. One event that should not be overlooked is the trimming of peonies in the fall. This allows the flower too:

πŸ‘‰ Rest after intense flowering; πŸ‘‰ Recover before the winter cold begins; πŸ‘‰ Accumulate enough moisture for future shoots.

So if you're thinking about When to ut back peony, then the best time is in the fall. The main parameters that flower producers pay attention to are when and how to trim peonies in the fall.

Inexperienced gardeners doubt the need to prune a flower in the fall. They cut off the heads with faded flowers immediately after the bush bloomed.

It is worth remembering that peony does not like the frequent removal of branches. The pruning of a peony in the fall is not recommended, as abundant flowering gives buds to last year's buds. Formation forms are made in the spring before the buds start. This must be done every few years.

All other procedures refer only to damaged pruning and weak buds, branches growing in the bush. The weak branches must be cut to six inches, young shoots sometimes remove some shoots so as not to weaken their development.

When To Transplant A Peony? 🌼

When To Transplant A Peony?

If you are thinking about when to transport a peony, then consider the best time in the fall. If everything is done correctly, in the spring, from a bush, you will be 3-4 and will be blooming! Great, right?

But it is worth remembering that as this plant is a little demanding and does not like to be transplanted, you must keep it in the same place for at least 7 to 8 years. So it will not hinder the growth of the flowers. If you move the plant before this period, it can prevent flowering for 2 years.

If perennials still need to be transplanted, the following aspects must be considered first:

πŸ‘‰ Transplant only when the plants lose the will to bloom;
πŸ‘‰ Previously, a split is absolutely necessary;
πŸ‘‰ Branches of very large plants usually bloom sparingly;
πŸ‘‰ Division is best done in late summer and early fall.

How To Transplant A Peony? 🌼

How To Transplant A Peony?

You can know how to transplant a peony with these easy steps:

1. Digging and preparing the plant

To achieve optimal division and transplantation, the peony must first be carefully excavated; It is important to remove the remaining leaves. Now there is the rhizome, which consists of thickened storage organs and can be disassembled in several parts.

Before dividing, it is important to wash the rhizome; this works best with a directed water jet. In this way, the hobby gardener can recognize shoots and branches better; it is clear where to cut.

2. The division process

For all types of perennial peonies, the following aspects should be considered when dividing:

β€’ Work is done with a clean knife;

β€’ The blade must be sharpened recently;

β€’ When cutting, care must be taken not to damage the surrounding skin The division occurs in different ways - depending on the variety. The farmer's peony, for example, has several sleeping eyes; these are buttons that are under the shell, you hardly recognize them. If pruning hard, these buds are stimulated to sprout. The farmer's peony is, therefore, able to expel all sections of the root.

Unlike peonies: here the gardener must make sure that each individual root piece has at least three buds. The reason: these varieties predominantly target only the buttons that you can already see well - they are reddish in color.

3. Soil And Ideal Location:

Peony is a subtropical plant that loves light and therefore has special requirements for the planting.

β€’ Illuminated by the sun for at least 8 to 10 hours, possibly with slight shading for 3-4 hours a day.

β€’ Protected from the wind, but with free air circulation.

β€’ Away from large plants and buildings.

β€’ Without a closer approach to groundwater.

β€’ On a hill where water does not accumulate after rain and snow have melted. The peony is good at any time: its sculpted leaves are attractive, the beautiful shape of the shrub. It will maintain these advantages in the event of an inappropriate landing site. However, it will not flourish in shadow and draft.

β€’ Before the soil is prepared in advance, at least 2-3 weeks: from the garden soil, sand, peat, and humus in equal proportions.

β€’ The soil is dug in a bayonet shovel, carefully choosing weeds.

β€’ They bring organic matter - rotten compost, leaf humus. The introduction of manure or bird droppings leads to the appearance of spots on the leaves and a decrease in the plant's immunity to fungal diseases.

β€’ Dig holes of size 60X60 cm.

4. Graft and Care:

Before planting the root part, the soil must first be loosened; Also, care must be taken to ensure optimal drainage. When transplanting individual parts, it is important to ensure that rhizomes are not used too deeply in the soil.

Otherwise, the peony becomes lazy. The peony is well served - and it takes a lot of patience. After division and transplantation, it takes an average of two years for the plants to flower again. The amateur gardener needs to adapt to this familiarization period.

But if you take care of your peony up to that point, cut it off if necessary and ensure ideal growing conditions; after the acclimatization time has elapsed, you can expect sumptuous flowers in the garden!

Can Peony Grow In Pots?

Can Peony Grow In Pots?

If you're wondering if can peony grow in pots, then the answer is yes! Peonies are not very demanding but choose their location wisely, as they resent disturbances and do not transplant well. Also, Peonies bloom best in a sunny location.

Therefore, provide shelter from strong winds, and plant it away from trees or shrubs, as peonies do not like to compete for moisture. It is worth mentioning that, to grow peonies, the soil must be moist, rich, fertile, and rich in humus that drains well.

Step by step:

1. Choose a peony that fits in a vase;

2. Choose the correct vase for your peony. Grow the peony in early spring and in a pot that is at least 30 cm in diameter and 45 cm to 60 cm deep to give the peony enough space to grow;

3. Fill about half the pot with a peat-based compound;

4. Add a little fertilizer to the soil;

5. Place the tuber of the peony on top of the moist mixture, with the "eyes" or buds facing upwards.

Learn Why The Peony Bouquet Is The Most Desired Of Brides:

Learn Why The Peony Bouquet Is The Most Desired Of Brides

Did you know that peony bouquet is more suitable for certain wedding styles? And that depending on the location, or the date of the ceremony, you will not be able to find intact and β€œhealthy” peonies?

One of the great advantages of the peony bouquet is that they allow an immense range of options of combinations with other flowers and colors in a harmonic way. More daring brides can mix with wildflowers, while traditional ones, can follow a gradient line of tones and flowers, using lisianthus and roses.

They can be found in various shades of pink, lavender, violet, white or red. Its volume is so dense that it will always be the highlight of the bouquet, even when used with larger flowers. If you prefer, use only peonies, your bouquet will be a luxury!

Every Bride's Dream:

It is nothing new for anyone that, despite its fragility, the peony bouquet is an advantageous alternative. The vicissitudes of his arrangements are notable in creativity and whimsy. Its peculiarities offer a vast chain of authentic options, leaving room for harmonious combinations with other flowers.

For classic brides, the tip is to bet on a gradient of peonies in a round and symmetrical bouquet. The color palette can range from lavender and violet, tea rose and white or red, coral and magenta. This arrangement may also include the addition of roses and lisianthus.

Brides with a modern and unconventional personality can dare to mix using the stripped wildflowers. Due to the density of the volume of their flowers, peonies make the bouquet even though they share the stage with other flowers. So don't worry, it is possible to dare in the arrangement without losing the luxury and grandeur of the bouquet!

Are Peony Poisonous To Cats?

Are Peony Poisonous To Cats?

Some of the ornamental plants we grow at home may seem harmless, but there are species that, when ingested, become toxic to animals and sometimes even people.

Many pets, especially cats and dogs, have the habit of ingesting elements of nature, either out of curiosity or when they are not feeling very well.

And unfortunately yes, peony is poisonous to cats. In animals, especially domestic cats, coupled with vomiting and diarrhea can cause the animal to show signs of severe depression.

Symptoms of poisoning due to poisonous plants for cats: Many cats love to nibble on plants and play with them, especially when they are aromatic, as they are much more attractive to them.

This harmless activity can cause intoxication, which can have different symptoms, depending on the type of plant. Some are produced by direct contact, causing skin reactions, and others by ingesting the plant. The most common are:

πŸ‘‰ Vomiting; πŸ‘‰ Diarrhea; πŸ‘‰ Abdominal pain; πŸ‘‰ Excessive salivation; πŸ‘‰ Lack of appetite; πŸ‘‰ Weakening; πŸ‘‰ Breathing problems; πŸ‘‰ Irritated eyes; πŸ‘‰ Skin reactions.

Are Peony Poisonous To Dogs?

Are Peony Poisonous To Dogs?

Peony is extremely toxic to dogs. Often, pets that live indoors enjoy chewing on green plants and leaves. When you take your dog outdoors, make sure the area remains free of any harmful plants.

Although a beautiful, fragrant flower, avoid including peonies in arrangements that reside inside the house. This will prevent animals and children from becoming curious and tasting them. Like many, you can choose to grow peony shrubs in your garden.

If you decide to plant peonies, plant them where your pets will not have any access to them.

If there is a suspicion that the animal may have been intoxicated by some plant, it is recommended to talk to the veterinarian. In case of intoxication caused by cleaning products or chemical agents, it is recommended to take a photo of the product label.

You must take the animal to the vet as soon as possible. Without trying to induce vomiting, give milk or water. Depending on what intoxicated it can worsen the pet's condition.

The Fashion Of Peony Tattoo:

The Fashion Of Peony Tattoo

Peony tattoo can be portrayed alone or can be mixed with several other designs that go well with the flower itself. The peony flower is also very rich in symbolic meanings and for this reason, it is considered one of the most significant tattoos in Asian countries.

Usually, the peony tattoo is done in dark red color, as it is more striking and exotic. The designs of the peony tattoo, in addition to all the meanings already described, are also used by women as an expression of femininity and delicacy.

There are tattoos composed, in addition to the flowers of this plant, by foliage, branches, and stem, and other details to suit everyone's taste. Also, peony tattoos can be easily merged with other tattoo designs and symbols.

Panda bears, dragons, tigers, etc. are some of the designs that go completely well with a peony tattoo.

Then you will be getting many options related to peony flower tattoos. But finally, let's suggest that before getting a tattoo, you should obviously think about some research related to it.

See many designs and finally create your design with your own creativity. After all, your tattoo must be completely different from the others and look absolutely unique.

The images that serve as a model for a peony tattoo are usually Japanese or Chinese drawings or paintings with their flower.

If you intend to get a tattoo, it is recommended to read these two articles: Vegan Tattoos and the Toxicity of tattoo inks, to broaden the understanding of the care and the best way to tattoo.

Peony Tattoo Meaning:

Peony Tattoo Meaning

How do you know that a peony tattoo meaning symbolize different attributes and meanings linked to the flower itself? So, before using the tattoo, you must know the meanings that are mainly linked to it. It has the same symbolic value for both man and woman whoever uses it.

People associate peony flowers with wealth and honor. The floral designs include the traditional Chinese floral symbols, the Indiana state flower, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower. Peonies embody prosperity and romance, and some people see them as symbols of good fortune and happy marriage.

In addition to the peony tattoo meaning wealth, good fortune, and prosperity, the peony is a strong symbol of beauty, fragility, and the transitory nature of existence. Also, they show that obtaining great rewards is only possible at great risk.

Another point of view about the peony tattoo meaning is that among the Chinese representations of the seasons, the peony corresponds to the end of spring-early summer, together with the lotus, chrysanthemums, plum blossoms and becomes a metaphor for beauty and female reproduction. Vibrant and lively plant, full of magnificent flowers and green leaves, it is often combined with birds and bamboo depictions.

Peonies are also said to represent female beauty and fertility. As for the connotation negative of the peony, it can mean indignation and shame unintended, the latter as shyness.

Peony Flower Tattoo

Peony Flower Tattoo

Behind each flower and the Meaning of the Peony Tattoo, in this case, there is a story, because a flower is not just an image, but a word transmitted with docility, hidden behind a symbol.

Peony tattoos can be designed in several different ways and so it depends on the choice yours. Traditionally, peony flower tattoos are dark red, but over time several colors developed by hybrid technology. Some of the most common colors today are white, orange, pink, yellow, etc.

Each color carries a different energy and gives this flower a different meaning :

Peony Flower Tattoo White

The white peony flower symbolizes the purity of the girls who stand out not only for their beauty but mainly for their humor. Freshness and clean soul, positivity, lots of energy, freedom, peace, and light. This color radiates positive energy. The white color also symbolizes knowledge and progress.

Peony Flower Tattoo Red:

Honor, respect, respect for strong ties. Wealth and prosperity. The color red is also the symbol of erotic femininity, of the female genitals.

Peony Flower Tattoo Pink:

A pair of pink peonies is an energetic catalyst, improves love, and promotes romance. Shyness, innocence, uniqueness, and femininity. This color inspires relaxation, peace and through the pink peony, people express their positive and serene character. Mental peace, positivity about the events of life.

Peony Flower Tattoo Yellow:

Wish for good luck and life force, energy, and a new beginning, but it also represents a carefree youth. In a negative sense, it represents anger, the desire for revenge. The yellow peony represents the artistic soul and the people who can enjoy life.

So, due to the variety of such variety of colors, you can choose any color in your tattoo design to make it attractive and colorful. The more colorful your tattoo is, the more unique your tattoo will be.

Peony Japanese Tattoo

Peony Japanese Tattoo

The peony Japanese tattoo is a very old symbol among the samurai who liked to decorate their bodies with tattoos of peony flowers.

No flower tattoos Japanese traditional as prestigious as the peony - known as the bud in Japan - "the king of flowers". This plant grew out of the fertile soil of the mainland of China, cross-pollinated with Japanese culture, and appeared in various forms of art, including Irezumi.

Now they are one of the most frequently depicted flowers in the world of tattoos. Its natural shape, with flowers of up to six inches, lush lobed petals, and a wide range of colors - translates perfectly into body art. Just take a look at these pieces with the famous flowers and you'll understand the appeal of the peony tattoos.

Favorite Japanese Peony Tattoo:

Choosing the floral component to match your Japanese tattoo can be quite difficult when you educate yourself about the meaning and symbology behind each motif. Some basic pairs work together, they just work. Like tiger and bamboo. They are a harmonious combination. But what about everything?

Cherry blossoms are among people's favorite peony Japanese tattoos. They represent the beauty and fragility of life in Japanese culture. They are spring flowers that bloom in abundance throughout Japan and are the center of your festival culture.

The flowering period is quite short and they are susceptible to wind and rain. The flower falls from the tree in full bloom, each perfect and shiny petal falling to the ground. The use of this flower in Japanese art or tattoos symbolizes the transience of life and has often been used as a metaphor for a warrior killed early in life.

This flower can be used to represent life after illness or to honor lost love. It is a symbol of femininity and grace and can be combined with most Japanese tattoos.

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