Picture Frames: Meet + 35 Trends and Tutorials 😎

Picture Frames: Meet + 35 Trends and Tutorials 😎

Thinking about buying picture frames? Check out some fresh models to buy or do at home.

Looking to buy picture frames to decorate your home or office? So check out these super cool tips that we separated for you to get inspired!

Some models you can get inspired and make at home decor. Make picture frame templates yourself that you can customize and make your own style! See what you will see in this article:

• Picture frame models that are trending this year
• How to Use Picture Frames in Decoration;
• How to decorate picture frames with stones;
• How to Make Cardboard Picture Frames;
• How to Make EVA Picture Frames for Kids.

Trendy Picture Frames In The Kitchen

Trendy Picture Frames In The Kitchen

Ideal for fun and delicate picture frames. For traditional kitchens, use options on brushed metals like steel.

If the kitchen is modern with metal appliances, a retro picture frame is a great choice to complement the look.

Picture Frames In Dining Room

Picture Frames In Dining Room

This is the environment where family and friends gather to share stories and have a nice meal.

So the options for this space is to hang the picture frames on the wall or put them on shelves and sideboards with creative and elegant structures.

Picture Frames In Runner

Picture Frames In Runner

This is a transition and motion environment. So ideally, picture frames should be hung directly on the walls with simple structures and landscape photos to bring beauty to space.

Picture Frames In Living Room

Picture Frames In Living Room

These are considered family meeting places, so they are the best way to use picture frames.

In these environments, they can be hung on the walls, combined with other decoration pieces such as vases, coffee tables, racks, shelves.

The important thing is to harmonize with the decoration of the environment. If the walls or furniture in the room are of stronger colors, it is best to use lighter and softer colors in the frames.

If the decoration is softer with light and neutral colors, picture frames can be bolder, creative, colorful, and with different textures.

Picture Frames In The Wall

Picture Frames In The Wall

Have you ever imagined reserving a whole wall just to save your best photos? To do this, take your foot off the picture frame and fix it to the wall. You can use the good old folds or buy a sturdy double-sided tape.

The idea is to put photos and frames of different colors and sizes. In addition to making your living room or bedroom happier, you will have more space on your shelves and counters.

Another tip is to mix the photos with other objects such as comics and mirrors in fun frames. If you have colored walls, the result is even cooler. Try without fear!

How To Use Picture Frames In Decoration

How To Use Picture Frames In Decoration

We know that the picture frame is one of the most coveted objects when it comes to interior decoration.

In addition to leaving the environment personalized with photos, your style should talk to other objects. In other words, the frame must be in harmony with the decoration and the details of the environment in which it will be inserted.

With that in mind, here are some valuable tips to help you choose the right style for your frame and rock the wall! Come on? Then write down these tips!

Picture Frames Size

Picture Frames Quality

Picture frame sizes may vary as long as they have standard features that match one another.

Here the only rule is to favor the visual balance of the composition. In other words, if your environment is small, you should dispense with large picture frames.

On the other hand, in more substantial or even conjugate environments, pay attention not to choose too small pieces, at the risk that they “disappear” in the decoration of the room.

Picture Frames Quality

Picture Frame Size

This item is all about frame quality. After all, pieces with excellent quality materials and finishes tend to have more beautiful and sturdy frames.

The choice of frame is a personal matter that will depend, above all, on the style of decoration of the environment. In other words, they should follow the same pattern as the rest of the decor to favor the harmony of the room.

Picture Frames Theme

Picture Frames Theme

To create a more harmonious decoration, it is ideal that the chosen photos follow specific themes in the composition. For example, family, childhood, travel, friends, etc.

Think about the themes that represent your best moments. Overlap each theme group in specific locations, such as corner furniture, bookshelves, shelves, or nightstands.

Picture Frame Lights

Picture Frame Lights

Lighting Good lighting is closely tied to any interior design project, enhancing every detail of the décor. And with picture frames could not be different!

Therefore, position the pieces so that they are favored by indirect or diffuse lighting. This prevents the reflective material from photos from creating unwanted light spots around the room.

Picture Frames Environments

Picture Frames Environments

There is no rule to follow as to the rooms where picture frames will be used.

Generally, the most desired environments with these objects are the living room, living room, dining room or TV, the lobby, and the bedrooms.

But it’s worth the suggestion: Photographs of more private family moments harmonize better in the intimate areas of the house, such as the bedrooms and hallways.

In the social areas, which are the places where the guests are received, prioritize photographs of broader themes.

So if you live alone, it’s even easier to think of alternative topics like travel and friends.

Finally, it is interesting to use black and white images in the office or home office. In other words, this kind of composition contributes to the sobriety needed by work environments.

Picture Frames Layout

Picture Frames Layout

Rule Number One: Think about arranging picture frames as if you were playing the gallery where all photos should be viewed at the same time.

To achieve this result, simply arrange them so that the larger ones are behind and not hide the smaller ones, who must come forward.

The most common mistake in this type of decoration – the so-called “altar effect” – occurs just when the above rule is not followed.

This is because people tend to make everything very symmetrical and end up dividing the pictures evenly by the counter. Interspersing them with one or two objects as on a church altar.

You certainly don’t want to turn your bookshelf into an altar, do you? So forget about this symmetry concern.

Understand that in this case, the irregular arrangement of picture frames creates a much more exciting and imposing visual effect.

It is also not recommended to arrange objects diagonally as this makes it difficult to view photos. The only exception is when the photographs are on some round and corner furniture.

In this case, the arrangement of the picture frames should form a triangular line with the corner of the two walls, all facing the same side.

Picture Frames With Stones

Picture Frames With Stones

How about decorating your picture frames and leaving it just the way you like it? Do you know that square frame you have right there in your house?

Those old picture frames stored in the drawer can become beautiful and unique with these super tips we have prepared for you. Before that, look at these beautiful models for your inspiration:

To decorate a picture frames with stones, you will need:

• MDF picture frame;

• Glue everything;

Spray paint the color you prefer;

• Old newspaper, to line the place where you will work with your piece;

• Stones of your choice and with the colors of your own.

1. You can start by separating all the materials you will use in your craft.

2. The line where you will work with your piece, with old newspaper, old paper, cardboard, old fabric, or plastic.

3. Paint the frame any color you like.

4. Let it dry.

5. To finish your piece, simply glue the chosen stones around the entire frame.

6. And it’s ready!

7. Just use your imagination and create unique picture frames to suit your style!

Picture Frames Using Cardboard

Picture Frames Using Cardboard

Let’s start with the materials you will need:

1. Glue
2. Roller (small paint roller)
3. Stylus
4. Ruler
5. Cardboard
6. A two-color coated paper of your choice
7. Brush
8. Scissors
9. Pencil

Now the next step is to make the templates to build the structure of your picture frames:

Picture Frames Mold

To begin with, we will use the cardboard, ruler, pencil, and stylus, and we will cut the bottom (figure 1) with the following measures: 17 centimeters for width and 20 centimeters for height.

Next, we will cut the cardboard in the shape of a tape (figure 2) with the following measures: 8 x 14 cm (the smallest part should be 4 cm wide).

After that, we will make the frame (figure 3) by cutting the cardboard at 15cm wide and 19cm high. In this part, it is essential to leave 3 cm thick on each side when cutting the inside of the frame.

To finish the molds, let’s cut the edge (figure 4) that will hold the photo in the frame. For this, follow the cutting measures: 11 cm wide and 16 cm high.

With the molds ready, the next step is to assemble the picture frames:

Riding the Picture Frames

Let’s start with the bottom mold. Cut one of the decoration papers you chose to the same size as this mold, however, leaving 1cm more on each side.

With the roll, we will glue the cardboard, taking care not to form bubbles. And then let’s paste the decoration paper. After that, we will cut the cardboard ends triangularly.

Now, let’s cut another piece of paper that is the same size as the mold but with 1cm less to cover the uncovered part of the cardboard. Again we will use the roll and glue the cardboard.

To continue mounting the frame, we will glue the edge and paste it to one side of the frame.

Then you must also glue the side of the frame where the edge was not fixed. On this side, we will paste a decoration paper of a different color.

Inside, leave 1cm wide, cut the paper leaving the triangular ends (as was done with the bottom) and glue.

Now we just need to wrap the tie with the decoration paper and paste the frame we made on the bottom of the picture frame.

Finally, just put the tie on the bottom of the frame. What’s up? Did you like our tip? Now just use your imagination and decorate as you like.

You can also use other materials such as Eva and MDF, to make the same mold. Also, you can use your creativity and invent borders with different cutouts and even decorate with stones.

EVA Picture Frames

EVA Picture Frames

What involves kids to assemble picture frames in Eva?

I bet they’ll be enchanted by the activity.Let’s get started?

We’ll show you a step by step to make an EVA picture frame that serves as the basis for various themes. So, abuse creativity to create templates of your choice.

You can use the tutorial template to make the picture frames in Eve. The secret here is to use creativity and make cutouts with different colors and shapes according to the chosen theme.

Next, let’s use the graduation theme as an example of the tutorial.

Riding EVA Picture Frames

Riding EVA Picture Frames

1. Start by defining Eve’s colors and cutting out the molds.

Riding EVA Picture Frames 1

2. You can make the shapes and cutouts as large as you like, the colors are also optional.

Riding EVA Picture Frames 2

3 Glue the edges to the base rectangle of the frame. Pay attention to this process. Invest in the layers of glues so that the material does not come apart later.
Riding EVA Picture Frames 3

4 Let’s paste the last strip on top of the frame leaving the central opening to place the photo. Look at the following figure and see how to do it: 5 To make the support, we need to cut a rectangle and also create two corresponding tabs. You can reduce these tabs using the stylus. 6 Now you need to define whether you want a horizontal or vertical picture frame. Then glue the center of the bracket to the bottom of the picture frames at the desired position.

7 Then stick to the picture frames the ends of the bracket tab, forming a curve that will make the support. In this step, you can also use magnets.

Characters from Picture Frames in EVA

Characters from Picture Frames in EVA

1. Now it’s time to assemble the characters.

2. Use paints, sparkles and other materials to make the details that will make all the difference;

3 Sticking a circle behind the characters makes the aesthetics of picture frames more beautiful.

4 Then make the dolls’ eyes, little mouth and nose with the permanent pen, and the other details with three-dimensional ink.

EVA Picture Frames Final Result

EVA Picture Frames Final Result

Did you like the walkthrough?

Call the kids and invite them to assemble the picture frames together with you! Choose your favorite cartoon character and make picture frames according to the theme!

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